Author Notes: Hello, everyone! I know I should be working on TMS and Punishment, but my muse has packed her bags and disappeared thanks to recent bad weather (scorching hot sunshine alternating with gray haze). Once again, I turn to poetry in a desperate attempt to woo her back. Enjoy... and do let me know what you think :)

Summary: The story of Kagome's hands from the POV of a certain half demon.

Rating: 'T'

Disclaimer: Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi.

- Start -

Her hands were once smooth and soft
Free of callouses or scars
They had not yet borne the cost
Of a single wound that mars

Her hands were once so clumsy
At wielding bow and arrow
As though they were so heavy
Each try fell short, aimed too low

Her hands were tested each time
She chose to jump in the well
Fighting both battles and crime
Gaining cuts, bruises that swell

Her hands were slow and untried
The hands of a mere schoolgirl
Now she takes each task in stride
Both a miko and healer

Her hands are now scarred and rough
She'd practised for hours on end
Now they're skilled and strong and tough
Able to kill and defend

Her hands haunt my dreams at night
For she has captured my heart
I confessed my love one night
And prayed that we'd never part

Her hands frame my face and chin
As we exchange vows of love
They caress my heated skin
Soft, like the wings of a dove

Her hands have become my joy
Kagome is now my mate
As they hold our baby boy
So they also hold my fate

- End -