The dormitory is, delightfully and shockingly, empty; cool evening wind is flowing through the open window, and wrapping itself around my naked torso. Tobias is lying with me on my unreasonably small cot. His head is cradled in my lap, and as his calloused fingers trace soft, lazy circles on my stomach, I can't stop myself from closing my eyes and smiling a smile full of pure contentedness.

I keep my eyes closed, letting the Spring air seep under my skin.

"Tris?" His tone is gentle; it is a tone that only I get to hear, and a side of him that only I get to see. I find myself continually torn between wanting everybody to know that this Tobias exists—this occasionally serene, tender wonder of a person—and wanting to keep him all to myself.

My reply is barely a mumble. "Yeah?"

"I love you, you know."

My smile widens. I will never tire of hearing him say those words.

He moves automatically as I sit up, spinning himself around and adjusting, so that my now upright body fits perfectly between his strong legs. Despite the closeness we already share, he doesn't object when I go to move forward, leaning my forehead to his. "I love you. Always."

I don't have to tell him that. He already knows. He knows that with every fibre of my being, that I am his, and that he is mine.

I lay back down on the firm mattress, and he follows. He moves next to me, and when he rolls onto his side, he wraps his arms around me and curls up, pressing against me so that we are moulded together.

We stay like that for an eternity. When I'm just about to drift, I can't help but think—I am home.

Author's Note: I'd say I'm sorry that this is so corny, but I'm really not. I am sorry, however, for the quality. I'm dead tired from work, but I really couldn't stop myself from banging out this thing, while the mood struck.

I know this is only little—but I had to get it out my system, anyway. I do know that there was a reason for Tris dying, and everything in Allegiant happening; however, that doesn't change the fact that it made me miserable to see Four and Tris not getting their happy ending. Whether it is set in an alternate universe where Tris isn't killed, or just in some random moment before it happens, I don't know—I just wanted to capture a moment of their happiness.