Chapter 1: Fated to Meet

Author's note: This is my first fanfic(also hopefully, not my last), so don't expect anything too special. I wrote this fic as inspired by several other works, most notably Katawa Shoujo and other Pokémon romance fics on this site(in fact, one of the authors I took my inspiration from encouraged me to write this), as well as due to the lack of any "good" Nate/Yancy stories at the time I had started writing this. Enjoy!

The story begins in Nimbasa City's amusement park, where our hero, Nate, has just earned his fourth Gym Badge. As he exits the gym, he encounters his childhood friend (and long-standing crush) Rosa. Hoping to finally confess his love for her, he invites her for a ride, knowing that she herself is huge fan of the Ferris wheel as well as helping him "set the mood" for the moment. However, the mood of said moment changes when things suddenly turn out for the worse, starting with Rosa's reply …

"Sorry. I can't." Rosa said to her childhood friend Nate while both of them were riding the Ferris wheel.

"What?" Nate replied.

"As much as I'm flattered by your offer, I can't…"

"W-why? Am I being too nice or something? Or is it because of someone else?"

"…" She went silent.

"…Is it because of Hugh?" He suddenly began to realize the picture.

"…I…don't…know…" She replied reluctantly. He could sense a tic in her tone and immediately he felt negative emotions coming through him.

The awkward silence continued for what seemed like minutes. Finally Nate decided to break it.

"I-it's okay. I understand." He said in a slightly disappointed tone.

"W-we…can still be friends r-right?" She said worriedly.

"Of course. There's no changing that. We'll always be friends." He said to assure her.

Friends. That word hit him like a Bouffalant to the chest as they exited the Ferris wheel. By then their ride was already over.

"So, what are you going to do now?" Rosa asked Nate who was obviously in a daze from what she said to him.

"I…I think I'll continue the Pokémon League challenge. W- what about you?"

"I'm most likely going to stick around Nimbasa for a while. I really plan on beating the Battle Subway after that battle we had with the Subway Bosses the other day. And I'm also currently performing in the Musicals."

"I see. Well good luck with the Battle Subway. I personally wouldn't go for it until after I beat the Pokémon League. I hear even Veterans have trouble maintaining win streaks. I'd train first if I were you."

"Yeah, I think you're right. I think I'll follow on what you said about the Subway Bosses by training on Route 16. Thanks for the advice. Oh, look, I'm already late. I still have a Musical to attend. I've got to get going. See you around." She then ran as fast as she could toward to the building where the Musicals were being held.

"Man, she didn't even let me say goodbye. *Sigh*" Immediately after she left, Nate continued going around the amusement park to get over both Rosa friendzoning him and his surprise towards that answer from her.

Darn. After all these years of wanting to admit my affection for her, I get that reply from her, of all things…, Nate thought. Despite his high hopes earlier that he could court Rosa, on the Ferris Wheel of all places, and having just earned his fourth badge at the gym prior, she turned him down, presumably for his best friend (and rival) Hugh.

"Oh well. Guess I can't have everything in life…" Nate said to himself as he realized that he was already at the Eastern end of the amusement park, and that it was already late afternoon. No point in dawdling here all day long, might as well continue on to Driftveil.

Just as he was about to leave the amusement park in disappointment and haste, he noticed a bright and shiny object on the ground. When he picked it up, he noticed that it was a custom Xtransceiver. Based on the design, he assumed that it must belong to someone rich or famous. For now, he decided, he would keep it until the time came.

Not long after exiting the amusement park, he heard a ring, not from his own Xtransceiver, but from the one he had just picked up. "I'm guessing this must be… the owner?" he said to himself.

"Um…Hello?" the voice on other end said. What Nate immediately noticed was two things: the voice of the caller was female and the lack of a profile picture on her end.

"H-hello. Uh…umm…are you the owner of this Xtransceiver?" Nate replied.

"Yes. That's right. I'm the owner of that Xtransceiver. I'm using an old Xtransceiver right now, so it's audio only. Sorry." The owner replied.

"Oh. I see. About that, I found it near the Ferris wheel just as I was about to leave the amusement park. I thought it would be good to hold onto it until the time came when you would look for it."

"Thank you for finding it. Truth is, I want to come pick it up right away, but... Right now I'm very busy with work, and I'm not in a place where I can stop and come get it. If you don't mind, could you hang on to it for a little bit?"


"Really? You don't mind? Thank you so much. My name's Na... Er... sorry... Yancy. And you are?"

"M-my name's Nate. Nice to meet you, Yancy."

"Nate? OK. When work calms down, I'll come pick it up, so please take care of it for me! Also... I'm sure you'll want to keep in touch until I can pick up my Xtransceiver. So I'll call your Xtransceiver often. Bye, then. Thanks again." She then hung up.

*Sigh* I still can't believe that was fast . Nate thought to himself as he left Nimbasa City en route to Driftveil Drawbridge to obtain his next badge.

This could be the start of something good…He thought to himself as he made his way through Route 5 towards said bridge.

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