Chapter 31: The Fated Final Fight Act 4: Eye of the Storm Part I

"With two wins so far under her belt, this former idol singer looks to be a promising new contender. Let's give a round to...Yancy!"

And with that, she makes her way up to the arena, with several people in the large crowd cheering for her, many of them being her long-time fans.

"Go for it Yancy!"

"We love you!"

"Yancy! Yancy! Yancy!"

"The World Leaders Tournament! The final round! The opponent is entering the arena!"

"The return of one of our first contenders! Will she blow away the competition again this time!?"

"Yeah! Do it, Rosa!"

"You're doing great!"


"The final round! Yancy vs. Rosa!"

"Well, Yancy…Best of luck to the both of us." Rosa tells her opponent as she readies a battle stance. "If you were expecting some grandiose speech, forget it. I think we already know what we both want."

"Ahaha, pretty much." Yancy herself then assumes a similar stance as her opponent. "Now then, shall we?"

Satisfied with each other's responses, both Trainers begin the final battle of the World Leaders Tournament.

*Pokémon Trainer Yancy is challenged by Pokemon Trainer Rosa!*

*Pokémon Trainer Rosa sent out Conkeldurr!*

"Go, Togekiss!"

*Togekiss used Air Slash!*

*The foe's Conkeldurr flinched and couldn't move!*

*Togekiss used Air Slash!*

*The foe's Conkeldurr fainted!*

"Not bad, Yancy! Not bad." Rosa tells her, clearly impressed at her opponent's Pokémon. "But...I didn't come all the way here just to get curb-stomped!" It's then that Yancy notices a familiar glint of metal on Rosa's right hand.

"Ah! That device…"

"What? You thought you were the only one with access to Mega Evolution here?" Shen then shows off her own Z-Power Ring, matching her outfit's colors. "You can thank Professor Kukui for giving them away like hotcakes back at the con. Now then..."

*Pokémon Trainer Rosa sent out Audino!*

*The foe's Audino is reacting to Rosa's Z-Power Ring!*

*The foe's Audino Mega Evolved into Mega Audino!*

*Togekiss used Air Slash!*

*The foe's Audino used Thunder!*

*Togekiss used Air Slash!*

*The foe's Audino flinched and couldn't move!*

Yancy, already shocked by Rosa's nasty wake-up call, contemplates on what to do next.

("With a Special Defense stat like that, I won't be able to do much at this rate…")

Togekiss used Air Slash!*

*The foe's Audino used Thunder!*

*Togekiss fainted!*

"Darn…" Yancy then frantically grabs one of her Poké Balls, deciding to go all-out now that she's being pushed into a corner. "Go for it, Mawile!"

"Now that's more like it!" Rosa screams, clearly enjoying every moment of the battle.

*Mawile's Mawilite is reacting to Yancy's Z-Power Ring!*

*Mawile Mega Evolved into Mega Mawile!*

*The foe's Audino used Simple Beam!*

*Mawile's Ability became Simple!*

("Rosa's definitely making this hard, alright…") Despite this setback, Yancy orders her Pokemon to continue attacking its opponent.

*Mawile used Iron Head!*

*The foe's Audino used Dazzling Gleam!*

*Mawile used Iron Head!*

*The foe's Audino fainted!*

"Yes!" Yancy screams, clearly relieved. Despite this setback, however, Rosa refuses to throw in the towel.

"Guess I'm backed into a corner, then." Rosa tells Yancy, clearly resolved into continuing the battle. "You may have knocked out my Mega Audino, but I still have one last trick up my sleeve." She then grabs her last Poké Ball out. "Go for it, Serperior!"

This surprises Yancy, who had been expecting a different starter Pokémon from her. "Wait, I thought your starter was Tepig…"

"Oh, I did start with Tepig." Rosa replies smugly. "I just didn't bring my Emboar to this battle."

*The foe's Serperior used Leaf Storm!*

*The foe's Serperior's Special Attack rose sharply!*

"Contrary!?" Yancy asks, clearly surprised at the fact that her opponent's Pokemon has its Hidden Ability.

"Oh, so you know about this Ability." She then continues with "I did tell you I have one more trick up my sleeve, after all."

*Mawile used Play Rough!*

What Rosa does next surprises everyone in the audience. The only one who isn't is Yancy, who had been suspecting her opponent of having more than she had let on.

*The foe's Serperior surrounded itself with its Z-Power!*

*The foe's Serperior used Bloom Doom!*

*Mawile fainted!*

Now backed into a corner herself, Yancy, with no other choice, sends out her last Pokémon: her Sylveon, Eve.

"I'm counting on you...Go for it, Eve!" Compared to a few minutes ago, where she was struggling, Yancy now has a far more determined look on her face. Rosa immediately notices this change.

"Guess that's both of us in a tight spot now, huh?" She asks her pink-haired opponent. Without a word, Yancy nods in agreement.

*The foe's Serperior used Iron Tail!*

*Eve evaded the attack!*

*Eve used Attract!*

*The foe's Serperior fell in love!*

In just a few turns, Yancy has managed to turn the tables in a battle now becoming even more heated. Despite this setback, however, Rosa refuses to give in.

*The foe's Serperior is in love with Eve!*

*The foe's Serperior is immobilized by love!*

"Drat." Rosa mutters, clearly frustrated.

What Yancy does next, however, finally breaks her opponent's resolve.

"Wait, no. You didn't…"

"Oh yes, I did." She then finishes the final part of her Z-move pose, complete with a smile.

*Eve surrounded itself with its Z-Power!*

*Eve used Twinkle Tackle!*

*The foe's Serperior fainted!*

"What!?" Rosa exclaims, clearly astonished at what had just transpired before her eyes.

*Pokémon Trainer Yancy defeated Pokémon Trainer Rosa!*

"Sigh...I guess I have no choice but to admit and accept defeat. Congrats on your first PWT win."

"The winner is...YANCY!" The announcer shouts. This is immediately followed by the crowd's loud cheers and applause. "What a spectacle, folks!

"Congrats on your first victory in the PWT. You've earned it." Rosa then extends her hand out Yancy, to which the latter responds by shaking her hand once more.

"Thank you, Rosa. For not holding back on me." Yancy replies.

"And thank you, Yancy, for proving yourself to me, and for being a good friend."

Instead of replying, the pink-haired girl smiles.

"And this, ladies and gentlemen, concludes this year's World Leaders Tournament! See you all in the next tournament, same time next year!"

"Congratulations, Yancy, on your first victory at the World Leader's Tournament." The receptionist tells the young lady. "And so, as a result of your well-earned victory, we award you these Battle Points. We hope to see you again, in next year's PWT."

Just as Yancy thanks the receptionist, she's then greeted by several people in the main hall, including several of the World Leaders Tournament participants.

"Hey, it's Yancy." Bianca says as she waves at the winning Trainer. "I was really hoping I'd get to battle you, but I got beaten before I could face you. Anyways, I came here to say thanks for signing that autograph for me a while back."

"You're welcome, ahahaha."

"A-anyway, I wanted to meet you because…" Bianca then pulls out a Nancy album, specifically, her last one before her recent retirement, as well as a marker. "Do you think I could ask for another autograph, this time on the CD cover?"

"Sure." Yancy then signs her Nancy signature onto the CD cover. "Consider this as a make-up for not being able to battle me."

"Thanks again." Bianca then leaves, satisfied that she was at least able to at least walk away with another autograph.

Just then, a familiar voice greets her from behind.

"Yancy!" Lisia says as she approaches her. "Congrats on your victory back there." She then changes her cheerful tone to one of regret. "And...I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise to you. Rosa got me good back there."

Rather than be disappointed in her mentor, however, Yancy accepts her apology wholeheartedly. "It's fine. We could always battle again somewhere else. And, I really enjoyed my battle against Rosa."

"Whew...That's good to hear." She replies as she sighs in relief. "Anyways, with that out of the way, I have some good news for you."

"What kind of good news?"

"Apparently, thanks to how fast the World Leaders Tournament went, the Champions Tournament is only just starting now. Which means…"

"I can watch the Champions Tournament?"

Just before Lisia can answer, however, Yancy is soon confronted by a bunch of Trainers in black and pink clothing.

"You!" The leader of the pack shouts at her. "We wanted Marnie to win the World Leaders Tournament!"

Another weirdly dressed individual then confronts her. "And you made all those months of training she took pointless!" Before the situation escalates any further, however, a familiar face intervenes.

"You idiots!" Marnie tells them, now wearing a leather jacket and a dress. "I told y'all not to do this kind of stuff here! This is the 3rd time..."

Immediately, they relent, and begin apologizing to Yancy. Marnie then reintroduces herself to the clueless Trainer.

"Let me formally introduce myself this time. I'm Marnie. An' these idiots accompanying me are Team Yell."

"Team...Yell!?" The pink-haired girl asks nervously, remembering what had happened to her not long ago. "Don't tell me you guys are in league with Team Plasma?"

"No, nothin' like that." Marnie replies with reassurance. "They're just my Gym's Trainers. Although...You're honestly not the first one to ask me that question. Several of 'em in fact have been questioned by the cops and even detained."

"So they're more like...your own personal fanclub?"

"Pretty much…" Marnie replies, clearly embarrassed to admit it. "A-anyway. I came to see you to ask you for this..." She then hands Yancy a picture of her in the dress. "I, uh...have to admit...When I said I liked that dance, I may have understated what I meant...So, uhm…"

"Sure, ahaha!" Yancy then signs her Nancy signature on the picture, complete with a compliment, before handing it back to the embarrassed Gym Leader.

"Thanks. Um, take a gift in return." Marnie then hands the pink-haired girl a card with her Gym Leader picture on it. "This is a copy of my League Card. Should allow you into the Galar League if you're ever interested. I should probably get a goin' now...Cya!" Marnie then leaves, with her entourage of Team Yell members accompanying her not long afterward.

"I'll...consider the offer in the future if ever." She tells the leaving Gym Leader, who briefly smiles as she parts ways. Not long afterward, she gets back to Lisia's offer. "So, uh, Lisia…"

"Looks like your fanclub isn't going to die anytime soon, haha…" She says while chuckling. Clearly, she had witnessed everything, and was pretty amused by all the people still asking for her mentee's autograph. "Anyway, yeah, I can get you a seat at the Champions Tournament. Mine specifically."

"You're not going to watch your Uncle Wallace?"

"I'll pass...And besides, I already got to meet you again. Not to mention that I had promised my fans back in Hoenn I'd scout for potential contest participants here."

"I see…"

"Oh, and before you go, you'll need this." Lisia then hands Yancy a special pass marked "VIP" on it. "This should get you into the VIP lounge at the Champions Tournament arena. It's got a nice view from up there."

"Thanks. And, Lisia…"


"Maybe at the next World Leaders Tournament, we can have that battle."

Without a word, Lisia smiles back, nods, and then waves goodbye to her, before making her way out of the PWT.

Not long afterward, Yancy makes her way to the arena where the Champions Tournament is being held. Upon making to the entrance to the VIP lounge there, the guard immediately allows her upon presenting the pass, just as Lisia had said it would.

Unknown to her, a familiar face had been watching her, content to stay out of sight for the time being.

"(Enjoy the spectacle, Yancy.)" Rosa mutters to herself. "(After what you've been through just now, I'd say you've earned it.)"

"Aren't you going to congratulate her or something?" Hugh asks.

"I already did, when I lost the final round." She replies to him. "And besides, I came to congratulate you on your win at the Unova Leaders Tournament, so here I am."

"And thanks for that. So, now what?"

"How about going on a date for the rest of the day? I'd say you've earned a big break after that ordeal."

"Sure." Both of them then leave the arena, and then Fly out of the PWT.