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Pudding Cup

Chapter 9


I want to smack Angela for hitting me and making a scene as I try to take Puddin' somewhere quiet to talk. When Bella put her phone in my face showing me what had her so upset, the anger that grew inside me was insurmountable. I want to kill the motherfucker that sent that fucking picture to her. It must have been snapped at just the right moment because I swear Gianna was only on my lap for a few seconds—thirty tops.

There's no way I can smooth things out with Bella while we're at school and I know she is comfortable at my house, so that's where I'm taking her. We need some space from everyone around us.

After fighting with Puddin' to get in the car she finally gives in. I didn't want to go all caveman or anything, hauling her over my shoulder and stuffing her inside, but I would have just so we could talk and get this misunderstanding out of the way. I fucking missed the shit out of my girl while she was wherever-the-fuck she was for the past three days, and if I can help it, I'm not going to let this go on another minute. In addition,I'll be getting to the bottom of the sticky note that Angela left for me in the locker today.

"You okay?" I ask her while we wait at a stop light. She shrugs but doesn't give me a verbal answer. Her eyes are focused straight forward and her bottom lip is firmly tucked into her mouth, biting hard into it with her teeth. I take it for what it's worth. She's pissed and honestly,I don't blame her one bit. I do,however,blame someone for putting us in this situation,and I'm going to find out who's trying to sabotage our relationship.

Texting Emmett, Alice and Rose each time we stop, I have them on the hunt for the asshole that put me in this predicament. I took a screenshot of the text Puddin' received and sent it to myself, which I then in turn, send it to my friends. It's not long before I have my answer. If it were possible for steam to blow from my ears, it would be at this very moment. I have some revenge to take care of, but my first priority is Bella. I am bound and determined to fix this shit because I am not going to be without my Pudding Cup for one more day.

After pulling inside the garage, I hop out so I can open the door for her. As it turns out, she is hesitant to get out of the car.

"Come on." I pause, squatting down next to her. "We need to talk." I place my hand over hers, the one on her leg, hoping to soothe her so she'll get out of the car.

"I don't get it, really."Shaking her head and biting her lip again, her brows furrow and it makes my heart hurt knowing she's upset.

"Just give me time to explain. If you want to leave when I'm done, then I'll take you back to school." I give her hand a tiny squeeze so she knows I'm sincere.

Huffing out a breath, she nods in agreement.

Knowing that I've overcome the first hurdle of getting her out of the car and into the house, I give myself an imaginary pat on the back.

Once we are in my room,she finds a seat on my couch and tucks her feet underneath her. The pillow next to her is now firmly in her lap and she's hugging it for security. At least that's how it looks to me.

Pacing the floor and gripping my hair in frustration, I blurt out several things.

"I missed you so much, Puddin'."

There is no response, so I keep on going.

"I was about to lose my mind not knowing where you were."

Still nothing.

"I'm sorry."

I pause, until I can think of how to tell her about Gianna, but still pacing with worry. It's more than just the picture that needs explaining.

"Sorry for what? She speaks, stopping me in my tracks. I turn and face her so I can gauge if I can sit next to her on the couch or if I need to keep a fair amount of distance between us.

Bella is picking at the fringe on my pillow, her silky hair falling in front of one of her eyes. I can see the other one tear up and it breaks my heart, so I rush to sit beside her.

"Don't cry." I wipe at her tears, and she turns her face away from me. "I want to fix this. I'm sorry." I place my hand on her cheek and gently turn her face back to mine, her eyes still glisten with sadness and her chin quivers.

"I want the truth, Edward," she sniffles, straightening her back, trying to be strong. "Who was that girl on your lap?" I can feel how deeply she is studying me, my eyes; and it's intense. I feel her pain along with my own.

"Gianna," I say quietly. I don't have anything to hide from Friday night, but I do feel the need to come clean about the type of relationship Gianna and I have had in the past.

"Gianna?" Her brows pinch together and the hurt in her eyes is still there.

I nod. "Yes. Trust me when I tell you this." I move to the floor in front of her and take hold of her hands, rubbing my thumbs over them. "I told her I was taken." I give her a small closed mouth smile.

"Your hands were on her and she was touching you." Bella looks down, her chin almost resting on her chest.

I can't take it any longer so I sit next to her once more, pulling her into my lap. She lets me, and in fact, she lays her head on my shoulder. I wrap my arms around her and hug her tightly to my body. It's been too long since she's been in my arms and my body shakes from the contact. It's as if I'm in some sort of withdrawal and need my fix. Her hand rests over my heart and I'm sure she can feel the thumping through my chest. It's beating me from the inside with hard, rhythmic pounding.

"I'm not going to lie; I'd never lie to you. I was drunk and high. When she sat on my lap, I told her I was taken and she asked for a goodbye kiss." I hold a breath because I'm not sure of how she's going to react, but also I need to tell her all about Gianna and I'm scared.

"A goodbye kiss?" I feel her become ridged in my arms and I rub her back trying to relax her.

I nod my head and say, "We used to … Fuck."

Damn, I could have said that better.

Tactfully at least.

Bella's hand falls from my chest and rests limply in her lap. I squeeze her tighter, silently willing her to say something, to put her hand back on my chest, or slap the shit out of me. I'll take any reaction over nothing.

"She doesn't mean a thing to me." I try to make it better,but I sound like such a dick.

Finally, her hand is firmly on my chest but instead of wanting to stay, she's pushing away and unfolding her legs to stand. All the while, she is shaking her head and I feel like a child being chastised by my mother. I stand to face her, but she put her hand out to stop me from advancing any further.

"That's even worse, Edward."


"That poor girl probably has feelings for you, and you just used her?"

I hadn't thought about her feelings, really. Gianna was always down for a good fuck and she never acted as if she wanted more than just my dick. We were only a thing when we were at the same parties or when I called her to satisfy my needs.

"It wasn't like that." I try to explain that what I had with Gianna wasn't a relationship. It was more like an unspoken agreement. She wanted me the same way, and we both satisfied an itch, so to speak.

But my sweet Bella doesn't understand things like this.

She's a romantic.

I knew it the first time we hung out. It's one of the reasons I fell for her.

She is different.

A lady.

Classy as fuck.

Bella covers her face with her hands, wiping away a few tears that roll down her cheeks.

Her voice is weak, the pain evident.

"Please take me back to school, Edward." Her shoulders slump and it takes everything I have not to lock the door and make her stay.


The crushing feeling in my chest is crippling. I've never cared about anyone like this. I'm rooted in place for a second as her words sink in, and for fear I'm losing the only girl I've ever loved.

All I can do is nod.

I promised her I'd take her back to school if she wanted me to, but I had hoped I could get things worked out and she'd want to stay.

My tongue is rapping out a nervous tap against the back of my teeth, the barbell clicking loudly in the silent stairwell. With each step we take to the car, I feel like I'm losing my Puddin'.

My phone has been going crazy. Texts are coming in one after the other. I know it's either Alice or Rose letting me know they have taken care of the 'situation'. The person who sent that text to Bella is going to pay, especially since this day has turned out so badly.

That person, better watch her back.


The silence in the car is deafening. I can't look anywhere but straight ahead. Leaving school with Edward wasn't a good idea, but a small part of me needed to be in his presence and feel him next to me.


Unfortunately,nothing was resolved.

The fact that Edward is as much of a bad boy as I envisioned and it's being shoved in my face one more time, hurts. Edward used Gianna for sex, and that doesn't sit well with me; in fact,it churns my stomach. I feel as though I would have been the next one in line for that kind of treatment. As much as I like Edward, I have much more self-worth than to drop my panties and let him fuck me to fulfill his teenage cravings.

I should have known, once a bad boy, always a bad boy.

"Thanks for bringing me back." I don't look at Edward, but open the door clutching my backpack as I begin running toward the building hoping I don't get caught. This time I don't have Edward to slyly sneak us inside. As I open the door, I hear the Camaro peel out of the parking lot. I figured he wasn't staying since he dropped me off at the curb.

When I'm back inside the school, I'm startled when someone grabs my arm from behind.

"Shit! You scared me." My heart momentarily stops; my hand grips my shirt over where it is now racing. I'm staring up into the crystal blue eyes of Rosalie. She's much taller than me with gorgeous hair and milky, smooth skin. Her makeup is perfect, and for a moment,I wonder why I never really noticed just how beautiful she really is. Her face is stoic and I can't read her but I'm pretty sure she's not here to dome harm.

"Keep quiet and follow me." She commands, leading the way as I follow. Out of the shadows Alice appears, she's looking over her shoulder giving me a smile, putting me at ease. They are leading me in the opposite direction of where my next class is, down a darkened hallway on the other side of the building.

Far away from the office.

Classrooms down this stretch of hallway aren't in use, hence the reason no lights brighten the corridor.

We come to a restroom and all three of us enter. It's desolate and I wonder why they've brought me here.

"Okay, Pudding Cup, or whatever the fuck E calls you." Rosalie says and my eyes widen slightly with fear. I'm thinking twice about bolting, but I'm sure I wouldn't make it very far. Her legs are much longer than mine and I'm sure she'd snatch my hair and drag me back to where she thinks I'm supposed to be.

In an empty ladies room in an out-of-the-way hall.

She's leaning against the sink, taking a cigarette pack from her purse. Her bright purple fingernails pluck one out, placing it between perfect plump lips and lighting it—eyes squinting as she inhales. I watch as she takes a few puffs.

The expelled smoke rushes out of her mouth and circles her face making her look mysterious, and right now I'm mystified as to why I'm here. The corners of her lips are turned up into a smirk.

Alice leans over the sink, her face close to the mirror as she applies bright pink lip-gloss. She's mashing her lips together and watching my reflection in the mirror. I shuffle from one foot to the other waiting, and wondering why they've brought me here.

"Okay, here's the deal." Rosalie sets her cig on the side of the sink and then fluffs her hair in the mirror, but keeps talking. "Alice and I figured out who sent you that text of E and Gianna."

"Who?" I ask,suddenly thankful I'm standing in a dimly lit restroom getting answers to the question that has played in my mind for days.

"Not so fast." Rosalie says.

"Just tell her." Alice says as she turns to me. "Edward is innocent."

"The bitch that sent the text is going to regret ever knowing us." Rose promises.

"Is she a friend?" I ask because Rosalie acts as if she's hurt by what happened.

"Not anymore." Both Alice and Rose blurt out in unison.

Gumming my lips for comfort, I wait for the answer of who would have been so cruel as to send me that awful picture.

"It was Jessica Stanley."

I gasp when Rosalie tells me the name. It seemed to me that Jessica was always on Edward's arm and I even asked him if they were a thing. He denied it, but now I question if he was telling me the truth.

"She's a bitch, Bella," Alice says, I think she must see the look of contemplation on my face. "Jessica has always had a thing for Edward, hoping he'd like her back." She's now standing next to me rubbing my arm in an attempt to soothe me. "He's never thought of her as anything other than a friend." Her smile is bright, the studs in her cheeks dance as she giggles, tucking a wisp of dark hair behind her ear. "It's stupid, really. She's pined for him forever, and he's not interested. You'd think she'd get the hint."

"Bella."Rosalie cuts in, "Jessica did something she's going to regret. An evil smirk appears on her pretty face. "Edward is so in love with you that he's not gonna let her get away with what she did."She says matter-of-factly.

"But … Even if it's not what it seems," I pause, "He used Gianna for sex in the past." I drop my backpack from my shoulder, needing to splash cool water on my face. I feel nauseous thinking of Edward using girls, and embarrassed that I almost fell for his smooth ways.

"OMG, Bella," Alice says. "We aren't living in the 1950s. Kids fuck, and sometimes it doesn't mean anything, except just that." She hands me a paper towel to dry my face.

"You are sheltered aren't you?" Rose says as she walks to one of the stalls.

"Um … I just think that making love should mean something."

Again from behind the stall door I get a reply, "It's fucking, Bella. He's an eighteen-year-old boy. They fuck. That's all. The end." The toilet flushes and then the door swings open, Rose is buttoning her jeans as she walks back over to the sink to wash her hands. "But you're the exception."


"No. The wall over there." She flicks water from her hands before reaching for a paper towel. "Yes, you. That boy is so head over heels in love with you, it's not even funny."

"It's true, Bella." Alice's sweet voice chimes in. "He's never acted this crazy over anyone before. He's usually chill. But since you came along …" She raises her eyebrow giving me a wink. " … He's out of his mind for his Puddin'."

A smile spreads across my face, the first real one in days. I feel a little bit better, but I still have issues with the whole sex thing.

"Why didn't Edward tell me all this earlier?" My smile falls and once again, I'm chewing on my lip.

"You weren't gone long, are you sure you gave him a chance to explain?" Alice asks.

I shake my head because I know I didn't give him a chance.

"See." She says.

I nod. I know now that I should have given him the opportunity to come clean. But I was so taken aback at his admission of a fuck-buddy that I couldn't see past my own hurt.

"Let's go. It's lunchtime and I'm starving. Plus, we have some revenge of our own to plan." I'm surprised when she links her arm through mine as we walk toward the cafeteria.





When Em got the text that I was taking Bella back to school, and she was still fucking pissed at me, he asked me to meet him at his house. He said he had a plan to get Bella back into my good graces.

Honestly, I didn't think it would be hard to persuade her that I was innocent and being framed, but damn, that girl was a tough nut to crack. She wasn't crumbling under my charm and I had serious doubts whether there would still be a Puddin' and Cookie combination after today. The thought of Bella not forgiving me made me sick.

Punching the gas so I could get to Emmett's house to hear the details of his master plan, I try to banish the thoughts of Bella not forgiving me. There has to be something I can do to show her how much I care.

Emmett's waiting for me on the front porch of his house holding something pink while he smokes a doob. His mom must be at work.

"What's the plan?" I say as I'm getting out of the car. To say I'm curious is an understatement, and pink isn't Emmett's color, so I wonder what's in his hand—the one not holding the joint.

I eye him skeptically.

The goofy-ass look on his face tells me I'm probably going to be doing something crazy, and it involves the pink thing.

"You'll see." He motions for me to come inside.

"This better work," I snap. I have no reason to be shitty to him, but I'm on edge.

"Or else?

I shake my head.

I have no comeback.

I'm just fucked if his plan doesn't work.

"That's what I thought," He says and then tosses me the wadded up cloth he's been holding.

I catch it before it hits me in the face. "What is this?"

"The plan, dumbass."

"This? …" I see it's a shirt as I'm holding it up by the shoulders. " … Is the plan?"

"Turn it around and look at the front."

Emmett's smile is larger than before and I know when I turn it around I'm going to see just why this shirt amuses him so much.

There is lettering on the pink shirt, and now I know why he's snickering like a little dork.

"Addicted to Pudding Cup?" It looks as if he's drawn it on with a hot-pink Sharpie.

Emmett laughs harder.

"This isn't a joke, dude." A scowl is now firmly fixed on my face. I'm officially more pissed off, throwing the shirt back at him. I'm quicker than him since he's high, and when I throw it, it hits him dead in the face.

"I know, I know." He falls into the recliner as if I've knocked him over. He's laughing as he runs his hand over his face wiping the grin into a more serious look.

"My plan is for you to wear this today in the parking lot when school lets out."

"I don't see the point."

And I don't.

"How is a fucking, pink-ass shirt going to help my situation?"

"Girls fall out over romantic shit and this shirt I made for you is the key to your Puddin' problem."

"So I wear the shirt, embarrass myself in front of all our friends and God knows who else, hoping Bella thinks it's romantic?" I've been talking with my hands and when he throws the shirt back,it hooks on one of them. I take a closer look at it hoping to see why this would ever seem romantic to anyone.

"Dude, you're going to be front and center in the parking lot wearing that shirt. It's like declaring your love for her." He kicks his feet up and pulls on the recliner handle. "When Bella see's you, I guarantee she'll be putty in your hands." He's all smiles and all I can do is trust.

Taking a seat and leaning my head against the couch, I decide to take the chance. Doing something is better than doing nothing.

"We've got a few hours until school lets out," Emmett says. "Take a couple hits and relax." He leans forward and hands me the joint. I can't resist because I really need to take the edge off and I know this will help.

"Thanks, man." When the familiar smoke hits my lungs I close my eyes picturing Puddin'. The vision of her running away from me hurts. I cough, exhaling the earthy pungent smoke, wishing that she would have understood what I was trying to say about Gianna. I realize that no good girl would ever be okay with what I've done in the past, so I'm willing to do whatever it takes to show her how much she means to me … Even if it means wearing a Pepto Bismol colored shirt.

I still have Jessica to deal with, so while Emmett and I wait until school is out, we throw around ideas of how to get revenge. I have to say, Jessica is going to wish she never sent that text.




There isn't a parking space in the lot at the school when Emmett and I get there. He suggests that I make my own space by pulling in front of Tyler Crowley's Toyota Tercel, blocking him in. At this point, I'm following everything Emmett tells me to do, even though he is the dumbass that got me in trouble by staying at the party last weekend.

I back up until my bumper is almost touching the hood of Tyler's car.

"Put this on." Emmett directs, handing me the shirt once I turn the ignition off.

"If this doesn't work, I swear I'll kick your ass." I'm on edge again, the weed long gone from my system.

"The bell rings in two minutes. Stand on the hood of your car."

"The fuck?" I can't even believe he suggests for me to stand on Black Beauty—I'll dent her.

"You want this to be so-so or epic?"Emmett asks, giving me a raised eyebrow.

I throw caution to the wind and do as he says. I pull the shirt on over my head not bothering to remove the one I'm already wearing. I replace my snapback, the yellow clashing with the shocking pink of the shirt, but not giving two fucks either.

Emmett stays in the car as I shut the door and walk around to the front of the Camaro. I take my DCs off, hoping to make the climb on top of BB a little gentler. I cringe at how the metal bows under my feet but I figure I'll have Jasper push any dents out if it gives under the weight of my body. The car shakes as I turn and face the school. Emmett is laughing like a two-dollar whore who just scored a fifty. I'd punch him right now if it meant that I wouldn't have to get back up here on the hood and risk making any more dents. Instead, I try to block out what's going on behind my back as I wait.

The bell rings and our classmates are filing out of the school.

My arms are crossed waiting until I see the girl that makes everything brighter in my world. I don't have to wait long before I see her, flanked by none other than Angela, Rose and Alice. Emmett made sure to text Rose before we left his house, letting her know to get Bella in the parking lot ASAP.

I'll never live this down and I know it.

Rose and Alice are shaking their heads and laughing and when Bella finally spots me, Emmett cranks up my stereo blaring Buckcherry's I'm Sorry. I was unaware of the musical accompaniment, but I open my arms showing her the wording on my shirt and essentially letting her know I'm all hers,and just how sorry I am.

The crowd of people separate and it's like it is in the movies … Just my girl standing yards away from me, onlookers stopping to see what's happening.

She's looking at me and I'm looking at her.

I'm sorry written all over my face.

I will her with my eyes to walk toward me.

The neediness they portray telling her I can't live without her.

And then, she does.

She moves.

I can see it in the way she hugs her arms around her waist that she is a little unsure.

It's one tiny step, but I'm smiling none-the-less, willing my energy to pull her closer to me.

And then another.

This time a more confident step.

And then another, and I'm jumping off the hood of my car and she's running to me.

My arms are still open.


Wanting her softness wrapped inside them.

It's exactly what movies are made of, and the music says the words for me.

I love how you kiss, I love all your sounds, and baby the way you make my world go round.

And I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, baby.

I'm sorry, baby.

I'm sorry.

She stops inches from me.

I see the tears staining her pretty face, and I want to wipe them but my arms are still stretched out wide.

Wanting her.

Welcoming her.

I mouth the last of the words of the song.

I'm sorry …

She's closed the gap between us and we are toe to toe.

My arms relax, wrapping around her back and she's hugging me in return. The smell of her hair is ecstasy, and I bury my nose in the sweetness of her scent. I don't even care how much of a pussy I look right now and if my bad boy status has changed for the worst, because the only thing that matters in this moment and for the rest of forever is this girl that has so sweetly accepted me back with all my flaws and rough edges.

When the song is over and the gawkers disperse, thanks to Emmett and his get the fuck outta here's, I lean down, my lips finding hers, wet from her tears; salty-sweet.

"Forgive me?"

Her answer comes as she jumps up, wrapping her legs around my waist, deepening our kiss. One of the best make-out sessions I've ever encountered.

Our tongues taste and twist as I moan.

She takes and then gives, and I do the same.

She's passionate; the feeling of all-consuming love clouds my soul.

Hoots and hollers erupt around us.

I don't want this moment to end, but I need to get her outta here.

I need to have more and I need to show her that ….

It's never too late to make it right.

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