The Flower Boy

Chapter 1: A Peaceful Morning

The rays of the morning sun shined its way into the room of Yuuki Rito, as the boy in question was waking up, the door to his room opens. Rito then smells a sweet aroma, What's that smell? Is it... He thinks as he opens his eyes to see the smiling face of Celine, "Good morning Celine." He says with a smile to the little girl sitting next to him.

"Mau." She says happily.

Rito then looks around the room and sees no sign of Lala or Momo, "What a nice way to wake up?" He says as he pats her head softly causing her to coo happily. Rito then picks her up and gets out of bed. "Is Mikan down stairs?" He asks.

"Mau." She says with a nod.

Rito exits his room and makes his way down stairs where he meets his little sister Mikan cooking breakfast, "Good morning Mikan." He says with joy in his voice.

Mikan looks at her brother and smiles, "Good morning Rito. You seem like you're in a good mood, sleep well?" She asks then returns to her work.

Rito sets Celine down in her high chair and looks back at Mikan, "For once, yes. Celine was the one who woke me up today, how can I not be in a good mood after seeing her smile first thing in the morning?" He says with a smile.

As Mikan finishes making breakfast she looks at Rito and smiles, "I feel the same way when I see her each morning." I wonder if this is the way mom and dad felt when we were little? She thinks. "Rito breakfast is ready so go get the others and get dressed for school too, okay." She tells him as she begins to set the table.

"Okay Mikan, I'll be back down later." He says as he heads back up, but at the top of the stairs he stops when he sees a long black Devilukean tail coming out of his open bed room door, Okay, which one is it? He asks himself. He looks in to see the back of Nana looking around the room. "Looking for something Nana?" He asks startling the second princess.

Nana jumps at the sound of his voice, "Rito?... I wasn't looking for anything." She says as she turns to face him. "So, why weren't you in your room?" She asks.

"Celine woke me up earlier and I took her down stairs." He says. "Which reminds me, breakfast is ready. Do you mind telling you sisters for me, while I get dressed?" He asks.

"Okay Rito." She says as she walks past him towards her sisters' rooms in the attic. He seems like he's in a good mood today, I wonder why. She thinks.

Rito goes into his room and changes into his school uniform, afterwards he heads back down to the kitchen and helps Mikan set up the table for breakfast. Moments later the Devilukean sisters come down stairs and start eating; with Rito sitting in between Mikan and Celine, Nana sitting on Mikan's left and Momo sitting to the right of Celine with Lala sitting between them.

"Mau." Celine says happily after taking a bite of her food which causes Rito to look at her and smile.

Momo looks at Celine with a smile as well, she then looks at Rito, "She says the food is delicious." She says then continues eating.

"I can tell, Celine loves Mikan's cooking." Rito says then continues eating. Afterwards when everyone's done Rito collects the dishes and washes them.

They then leave the house and head to school. Rito and Lala leading the way, Momo holding Celine with Nana behind them. "Mau?" She asks looking up at Momo.

Rito stops and looks back to see the two of them looking at him, "Rito-san, it seem Celine-san want you to carry her today." Momo says.

Rito smiles and turns away, "Okay, hop on Celine." He says kneeling down.

The flower girl then jumps out of Momo's arms and on to Rito's shoulders, "Mau." She exclaims happily as Rito continues walking.

They arrive at school and separate, "I'll meet you in class Lala, I'm taking Celine to Mikado-sensei's office." Rito says as he heads off towards said doctors office.

"Okay Rito, bye Celine see you later." She says with a wave just before she heads to class.

Rito enters the nurses office to see Mikado working on her computer, "Good morning sensei." He says placing Celine on the ground and she runs towards Mikado.

Mikado turns to see her visitors, "Good morning Yuuki-kun." Celine then jumps up and starts to hug her, "And good morning to you too Celine-san." She says returning the hug.

"Mikado-sensei, I'd just like to say 'thank you' for watching over Celine for us during school hours. Since there's no one to watch her at home, I'm really grateful to you." He says as he bows his head.

The school nurse looks at the boy in front of her, "It's no problem at all Yuuki-kun, I enjoy looking after her. She's just so cute." She says giving Celine another hug.

Rito straightens up, "Well, thank you sensei. I'll be back later Celine." He says as he leaves with a wave.

"Mau." She says with a wave.

Class for Rito goes by without a hitch and before he knows it, it's lunch time, "Rito, we're going to meet up with my sisters at the roof, you coming?" Lala asks as she and their other friends approach Rito.

Rito stands up, "I'll meet you guys there I need to go check on Celine." He says as he leaves.

Rito exits the classroom and starts walking towards Mikado's office, he then stops at a vending machine with the word 'Coke' on it, "This is new, when did they put this here?" He asks out loud. "I am a little thirsty, why not?" He says as he put some coins into the machine and presses a button causing a Coke bottle to emerge. He then puts it in his bag and starts waking again, but stops when he notices something to the left side of the vending machine, "What the?" Rito asks as he sees a large pile of empty Coke bottles on the floor, No, she couldn't have... He then feels the ground shake.

He turns around to see a mob of random students with flowers on top of their heads and hearts in their eyes, "Yuuki-kun I love you!" They shout together as they run towards him at full speed.

She did. Rito in turn runs down the hall as fast as his legs can carry him.

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