Well, here it is. My first fanfic ever. Never thought I would write one myself. But here I am. Comments and suggestions for improvement are more than welcome. I will add more chapters soon, chapter 3 and 4 are actually already done but I'm not safisfied with number 2 yet... so you'll have to wait a little while longer.

All the characters belong to Trudy Canavan. Fanfiction for me is a sign for the excellent work of a writer since he or she created a world / caracters so well defined that they live on in the mind of the readers...

They went back to the residence in silence. Akkarin sent away their guide as soon as they entered a familiar tunnel. When they crossed the door from the tunnels to the underground room, Takan was already waiting for them, relief showing in his face. They climbed the stairs, and when they arrived in the guest room, Akkarin put a hand on Sonea's shoulder. ‚ÄěCome, sit with me for a moment." Sonea hesitated, then sat on one of the chairs.

Akkarin took two glasses and filled them with his favourite Anuren Dark, handing one glass to Sonea, and sitting on a chair facing her. "You did well tonight, Sonea. Thanks to you, we were able to kill a fully-trained Ichani. Hopefully the other Ichanis will be discouraged by her failure. We will have peace, at least for a little while."

Sonea nodded, eyes cast down. She looked tired. "Go sleep now. I know it was a difficult night for you. Do you want me to excuse you from classes tomorrow?" Sonea shook her head. "No, I think I can use some distraction." She stood, and turned to the door. "Good night, High Lord." "Good night, Sonea."

As soon as he heard the door to Sonea's room closing, Takan appeared next to Akkarin. "Is she all right?" he asked. "I think she will be. It was not an easy night for her. For both of us," he added more to himself than to anyone, and stared at his glass of wine, lost in thought.

"What happened?" Takan asked. Akkarin pondered in silence. At last, he looked at Takan. "We were lucky. Sonea was lucky. For a moment, I thought I would lose her. But she is strong. So intelligent and strong. She did the right thing at the right moment and killed the Ichani without hesitation."

Takan watched Akkarin's face which lightened up for a moment. "You feel for her." It was not a question. Takan looked at Akkarin, who again seemed to be lost in thought. "Yes. There is no denying it any longer that I love her. When I saw her today, struggling with the Ichani... I haven't felt like this since..." Akkarin sighed. "But it doesn't matter. I'm her guardian. I'm not sure if she even likes me. I have to try and get rid of these feelings as soon as possible."

Takan looked as if he wanted to say something, but then just shook his head and sighed. He knew it was pointless to argue with his Master about such things. He quietly slipped out of the room, leaving Akkarin to his thoughts.