When the Light Begins to Fade

Note: This fic was a little project of mine, inspired by the game of KH. I just wanted to extend upon the relationship between Cloud and Sora, since the two seemed to have a unique understanding of each other. All characters in this story belong to the godly talented people of Square soft and Disney, and are in no way mine.

How long has it been? Since my world was destroyed? I can't remember really. It's a terrible shame. After all, when you fight so hard to protect the only world you've got and it's suddenly taken from you with such ease.

You'd think a person would be hell bent on trying to restore it.

But for some reason, it doesn't really bother me in the least. Okay, maybe a little, I mean, all my friends were there.People who actually cared about me, and fought be side me to protect our world from sinister corporations, monsters, and meteors. But since the day the heartless took over, I haven't seen them. It all happened so fast, that before we knew it, our world was gone. Everything that meant anything to me.was gone.

And thus, my light was gone as well.

I was incomplete, and for some strange reason, I began to wander, looking for my light. At one point, a dark figure by the name of Hades, said he could give me my light, IF I did something for him in return. It was hope that he gave me. Not light. I was bound to fight for a time at the coliseum. But with the recent termination of the contract, I was free to continue my endless search.

And here I am now.Travers Town. A place where I have found many people like myself, who by some strange fate ended up here when their worlds were destroyed. It's such a sad place, despite the bright lights and such, this town had seen too many tragic figures and heard too many sad tales. I don't even know why the heartless continue to torment the place, for as it is right now; there isn't a heart worth taking here.

Still, regardless of the fact, I still had to search this town, even if there was no light to be found.


The rain began to fall, as it does so many times. Cloud could not remember ever seeing the sun, as the skies were always bleak. It tended to pour torrents of sorrows as if trying to drown the world of its pains. Cloud sat sheltered in a tavern, glowing sea-blue eyes lazily watching the dull pitter-patter of drops against cobblestone walk ways. Few people who were caught in the downpour scampered past to seek shelter elsewhere. The air was cold, miserable. And he thought he heard the rumble of thunder somewhere far off.

He had been in this town for a few days, searching aimlessly, and finding less. He happened upon this district in his wandering, and this tavern when the rain had began to fall. Though the rain did not bother him, he allowed himself to stop his searching for a while and rest. Another day gone by, another fruitless search.

But something different happened today.

A faint glint nearly masked by shimmering drops of rain, caught his eyes. The dreary day could not hide the deep and bright colors that spoke of life foreign to the town. Spiky brown locks of hair were nearly matted down by the rain, obscuring the young face. Cloud continued to watch intently, as the figure moved with no haste or no purpose in his steps.

Something about the youth beckoned to Cloud, and Cloud considered if he should answer.

Though he had no interest in meddling in other people's affairs, he felt that this child had come for a reason. And it was by no coincidence that he was here. Silently he rose from his seat and stepped out into the falling rain. Steady and slow, he made his way to the boy who was walking slower. But it seemed he did not even hear him approach. His head was lowered as if weighed down by many thoughts, and shoulders sagged as if tired from carrying so much burden. Cloud walked along side the boy for a while matching strides, but still the boy said nothing.

"It's raining." He said in a lowered tone. And the boy answered just as plainly

"I know.."

"You shouldn't be out here alone. It's dangerous." Cloud continued, not even sure why he was so concerned.

"I'll be alright." The boy said in a decrepit voice.

"Where are you're friends?" Cloud asked in an even voice. The times that he saw the child he was always accompanied. It was a strange sight to see.

"Some where, I don't really know." The child continued to walk with out hesitation.

Cloud knew did not know much about the boy but he knew enough that the answer could go two ways. But he was not discouraged, respecting the boy's answers. He deserved this much.

And without pause Cloud said; "Then I will accompany you."

Through force of will and compassion, a small gust of wind howled answering a silent call, and the wing of a guardian covered the boy. It guarded his head from the rain and held him protectively close. The boy would not walk any further. Never lifting his soft gaze from the boy, Cloud said; "I can see why you welcome the rain."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Came the reply, though it was hallow one.

The winged guardian continued as though he hadn't heard. "It masks the tears upon your face."

Once again the boy spoke up but a little more quickly "I'm not crying." He denied. " I'm fine.I don't need to be protected.so don't worry about me." It was just as empty.

But Cloud continued rather amused by the boy's attitude. "Precautions must be taken, especially when your light is in concern." At this, the boy finally looked up slowly with fiery blue eyes.

"My light?" The boy repeated. Cloud nodded solemnly, causing rivulets of drops to fall from golden locks, now also wet by the tears of the sky.

"It looks like it took you quite a bit of time, but it seems like, you've found your light." Cloud said plainly, and perhaps with a bit of envy hidden beneath. But it did not show as the man was used to hiding such emotions. And as the boy looked on, he continued feeling that there was a need to continue, "It would be a shame, if such a light were doused so easily by the rain.Especially rain as pathetic as this, it's not even a storm."

The boy watched Cloud with those fire blue eyes and he seemed to finally understand. The boy asked respectively; "What about you? Won't your light go out as well?"

This oddly struck Cloud as amusing. "I do not worry for things I do not have." He answered. And in return the boy had also found this oddly amusing. A little uncertain smile formed at the corner of his small lips.

"But you will have it soon, so you should be thinking of yourself." The Boy reassured him. For some strange reason, the child seemed to be so sure, and Cloud for some strange reason believed him.

Cloud cocked his head to one side ever so gently, causing the wet blond lock of spikes to stick to the sides of his wet face. He closed his eyes to all the rain and remembered a time when he did possess such a light. It was a wonderful feeling that he had not felt in a long time. And when he opened his eyes again, he felt that his light was a million miles closer than it had been before. Cloud placed a hand upon the boy's head still damp from the rain, but a lot warmer now, and returned the smile. It was really all that he could give to him in return, it was all he had.

"Thank you, Sora." He said in a lowered tone. Though he cared not to explain what for, Sora smiled as Cloud had seen him smile so many times before. It was a beautiful smile, impish and cheeky but still beautiful all the same. It was then that Sora looked away distracted for a moment.

"Hey.the rain's stopped." He said and he held out a hand not even believing his own statement. Cloud looked away as well, eyes gazing heaven wards.

"The rain has stopped." He confirmed. "It will always come but it will always stop."

Sora nodded his head curtly. "Yeah.it will." Both were now looking up towards the skies. The walls of clouds had begun to break and fade to reveal the twinkling light of a million stars. And like the clouds, the protective black wing removed itself from around Sora and disappeared like that of a dream.

The two stood there in the stillness of the evening, enjoying the light display far more dazzling than the superficial town lights. Both respected the other's silence. But in the silence it was clearly felt, the beating of two strong hearts broken and healed anew, bonded by the timeless struggle for a light that was kept alive only by hope.