Sora felt so cold he wasn't sure why, and his whole body was shivering.

"What happened? Where am I? Am I dead?" He thought his eyes slowly opened and he found himself floating upon his back as if falling, only he wasn't falling anywhere. As far as he could see was total darkness, but for some strange reason he could see himself just fine. His whole figure was lighted, like there was a light with in him shining.

"A light with in? Sounds familiar." The boy mused to himself. But the thought floated away as if unimportant and the boy simply couldn't remember why it seemed so important in the first place.

His thoughts wandered and floated about him, strangely even the questions that he thought were important, like where he was and what happened , and how he got here, didn't seem to matter so much, and he felt like he was being lauled into to a deep nothingness. Empty, void, Sora felt as if he were being drained of everything and he had not the strength do anything about it. Did he even care?

Sora furrowed a brow. "Yeah, I do. But I can't remember why? I just do." And the Key bearer held onto that thought. It was then he noticed that his form was beginning to darken, like the darkness all around him was swallowing him up.

"Or the light is fading within." Sora said softly.

In the next second he heard a deep pulsing beat.

A heart beat to be more exact, and then a voice, echoing at first, but it quickly spanned the distance hitting him full force.


The voice was powerful and commanding and it caused the boy to jolt upwards, eyes wide.

Like a flash, everything came back to him, overloading his mind and causing his heart to jump start. It was then that Sora opened his eyes.

"What?! What the?!?!" The boy stuttered shocked.

Sora struggled but could not move for his feet felt no ground and his hands were bound. His hands were spread and held upon a black post, his feet were together and dangled few feet off the ground.

But it wasn't like the best place to be, since the ground, (as Sora saw) was literally covered with many heartless. Their large yellow eyes blankly staring up at him, once or twice they would jump, but Sora yelped in panic and kicked them down. When he wasn't kicking down the little beasts, Sora looked about his surroundings, from it he realized that he was in the Third District of Travers Town. When he looked to the skies, he found it almost black for the airal heartless where flying in mass numbers.

"But why here?" A heartless made a fantasic leap at him and it's face solidly connected with the toe of Sora's yellow shoe and flew back into the mass. He remembered being cornered in the cave in second district, but he couldn't figure out why the heartless hadn't taken his heart. As far as he could remember, that was why they were after him if not for the keyblade.

The keyblade.

Sora's brows furrowed in frustration. If only he could call the key blade, if only it hadn't disappered on him like that he wouldn't be in this mess.

"Maybe I'm not worthy to bear it after all."

It was then after this thought that the heartless began to congeregate into one, building itself up like a dark rising pillar.

The cold fear coarsed through Sora's body and he could do nothing but look away. He already knew what they were doing, knew the meaning of their actions.

The heartless were preparing to take his heart. Sora lowered his head in defeat, there could be no possible way out of this, and even if there was, what good was he? He lost the power of the key blade, he could no longer defend the worlds in peril, he let his friends Donald and Goofy and everyone else down...

"And I let Kairi and even Riku down."

"SORA!!!!" A shout pierced the sky and the young boy's head shot up. In the sky, the waves of heartless parting as a very fast and very deadly figure came swooping in. It was hard to make out who or what it was, but as it neared, Sora recognized the familiar figures.

"LEON!! CLOUD!" He shouted back. Cloud held onto Leon's arm as he flew quickly into the dark masses, once they neared, he let go and Leon fell gunblade drawn. Both fighters passed either side of Sora and cut the dark bonds that held him. Cloud snatched the boy in mid fall and set him down in a safer place.

"Your time hasn't come yet Sora!" Leon said as he launched himself into an all-out assult upon the Heartless, beating them back. Cloud threw himself in front of Sora and backed him up against the wall making an effective shield for the boy.

"Sora, don't give up." The soldier said.

"Cloud, Leon." The boy could only say. "We thought we were too late, but we didn't want to give up. So don't you give up on us Sora." Cloud continued. His blade was drawn ready to deal with any Heartless that managed to get past Leon. "We are all fighting, so don't think that you are alone."

"But I can't fight Cloud! I lost the power of the Key Blade and I don't know how to get it back." Sora said shamefully.

Cloud looked at him from the corner of his eye then, cold eyes of luminous light flared then. "Don't you get it Sora? If you had lost the power to summon the Key Blade, these heartless wouldn't be after you still!"