Aomine Daiki x Kagami Taiga

"I like y-you!" - Kagami blurted it out, blushing feverishly, his heart seemed like it was about to stop at any second, beating faster at every second while he stood in front of Aomine after inviting him to drink at his apartment because of the basket one-on-one game they just had.

Kagami feels extremely happy when Aomine texts him asking him to play one-on-one against him, just the two of them alone. The red haired boy ended up developing feelings for him, after the one-on-one game they have every week, Aomine was always on Kagami's mind, he couldnt stop thinking about him everyday, every second. When his teammates from Seirin talked about the Ace from Tōō his heart started beating fast and all he thought about was all the chances he had to be with him.

After hearing this sudden confession, Aomine slightly blushed, he looked directly in the eyes of the boy standing right in front of him, he knew he wasnt joking, he really liked him, and just admited it.

"W-why arent you saying anything? Did you hear me? I said I like you!" - said the blushing mad Ace from Seirin.

"I heard you, idiot! Dont say it again, its embarrassing." - Aomine also liked him, but he felt too embarrassed to admit it.

"So, how do you feel about it?" -although Kagami asked it, he was afraid of Aomine's answer, he was afraid he would be disgusted, he would never look at Kagami's face again, or even worst, he would laugh at him.

"I kind of like you too" - as soon as the Tōō's Ace said this, Kagami's hopes bursted all of a sudden, happiness ran through him, all he was thinking was about kissing Aomine's lips.

He stepped forward, until there was no distance between them, he looked directly in his eyes, "Hey, can...c-can I kiss you?" Aomine blushed instantaniously.

"Do you really have to ask idiot?", as soon as the setence was finished, Kagami didnt even think twice, he pressed his lips against Aomine's, giving a gentle kiss, pushing his tongue inside of his mouth, "mmhhm..." "ahh", the blue haired boy was really feeling it, it wasnt his first kiss, but it was his best.

Their tongues were dancing, compatible in their mouth. Everything was perfect about it. They kissed until they couldnt breath, and when they were finished, just looked into each other's eyes and smiled. It was the beggining of a relationship.

omfg I'm so sorry it was so short. It's my first Fanfic so I want to be sure I'm good enough to make more D: I'm sorry, please enjoy it :D

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