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Summer has come and passed…

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The innocent can never last

Annabeth POV-

I dodged yet another blow from a laistrygonian giant and rolled into an opening on his left side, stabbing upwards with the Drakon bone sword I got from Damasen while Percy and I were in Tartarus. Percy. Where was he? I ran passed campers from both the Greek and Roman camps. When Nico, Hedge and Reyna took the Athena Parthenos back to Long Island, they'd managed to create an alliance between the two camps, and they brought them to Greece to help us with the final battle. When Gaia had gained a human form (turns out she didn't need two sacrifices, that was to try and divide the seven) I'd lost Percy in the thick of the battle, and that was around four hours ago. I ran through the ruins of the Parthenon stabbing at Dracaenae and hellhounds as I passed.

From the corner of my eye I saw Leo tackled to the floor by an Empousai, his sword thrown to the side as he fell. As fast as I could, I ran to help him, but as I approached him, his entire body was engulfed in flames, and the Empousai was turned to dust. I thrust out my hand and pulled him to his feet. "Have you seen Percy?" I asked while stabbing the Gorgon, Euryale through the stomach as she was trying to sneak up on me. "Not recently. Last time I saw him, he was going to find Gaia with Jason." It was right at that moment that a huge wave of water flew over the battleground before creating a wall of water in front of two male teens creating a shield; one had raven black hair, the other blond; Percy and Jason.

Leo and I ran towards the wall of water as fast as we could, Piper, Frank and Hazel joining us on the way. When we were around 15 meters away from the two males, we heard a defiant shout from the son of Poseidon. "Για Olympus και για Poseidon*!" he raised Riptide and charged the earth mother with Jason at his side, the two of them screaming a battle cry.

For a moment, all the five of us could do was watch. Stare at the horror and beauty of the battle. Gaia swung her long sword made from tempered steel and Stygian iron in the direction of Jason and he rolled out of the way, narrowly avoiding loosing his head. The weapon made me uneasy because it looked so much like Kronos' sword 'backbiter'. I saw Percy locking swords with mother earth, but then my view was blocked by a storm of water and lightning.

The five of us immediately jumped back into the battle, hacking at monsters left, right and centre. We continued to attack the oncoming forces with as much strength as we could for the next hour while Percy and Jason assaulted Gaia with all their power. I cried out in pain as an Empousai lunged at me from behind knocking me onto the floor, face first. My sword skidded to the right, 20 inches from my grasp, but there was no way I'd be able to get the Empousai off my back to reach it. I felt the monster shift her weight onto a knee and an elbow and felt the tip of a knife through a rip in my armour. "I finally have you child of Athena. You shall not escape me a third time." The monster snarled. Oh no. it was Kelli. Percy and I had only just managed to defeat her while we were in Tartarus and she'd held a grudge against me ever since I stabbed her in the back while we were in the Labyrinth. My chances didn't look to good. Even if I did somehow manage to get her from my back, how would I kill her without a weapon?

From the corner of my eye I saw my half-brother Malcolm finish off a Telekhine with a spear. As he turned, he caught sight of me with an Empousai on my back and inconspicuously nodded his head. All I had to do now was stop Kelli plunging her knife into my spine. So I decided to use one of my simpler plans; stalling. "We've beaten you twice already, what makes you think we won't do it again." I said defiantly while trying to shake her off, but the combined weight of a celestial bronze prosthetic leg and armour made it nearly impossible to move. I heard Kelli laugh; at least I think it was a laugh. "Puny half-blood. You have no weapon. There is no one available to help you. They're caught up in their own fight. I will finally be able to get my reve- argh!" I felt her weight leave me as she turned into dust.

Rolling onto my back I looked at my half-brother, wincing as dirt got into a deep cut on my arm. "Thanks Malcolm." He grinned and held out a hand to help me up. "No problem. Follow me. There are only a handful of monsters left. And Gaia, but I think Percy and Jason have that covered." I nodded once and together we ran to far end of the Parthenon to help the rest of our army.

I counted around 20 monsters, and I spent the next thirty minutes hacking and stabbing at as many as I could until there was only Gaia left standing. Almost in unison our entire army turned their heads towards the fight. Percy was nowhere to be seen. The only trace of him we could see was a continuous wave hitting the earth mother in the head. We watched in horror as Jason was thrown ten meters backwards and hit his head on a crumbling brick of the Parthenon. Suddenly Percy came running out from behind a marble pillar, yelling so loud I was scared his lungs would burst. He sliced through Gaia's stomach then pelted the wound with salt water. Jason must have come around for a minute, because a lightning bolt so powerful the hairs on my arms became singed hit mother earth in the head. We watched nervously at Gaia froze, her human form locking with electricity, right before turning into mud and disappearing into the ground.

The cries of celebration at that moment could be heard for miles around, and our army surged forwards to congratulate the two Heroes.

I'd looked around in the mass of people for what seemed like forever, looking for a certain son of Poseidon when I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist. "That better be you Percy or I'll…" I was interrupted by a throaty laugh. "Or you'll what Wise Girl?" I felt his grin on my shoulder blade and turned around to face him. For the millionth time, I got lost in his beautiful sea green eyes and completely forgot what I was going to say, so instead I kissed him hard on the lips.

When we pulled away I placed a hand on his cheek and brought his head down to my level. Smiling I leaned my forehead against his and closed my eyes, gripping his hand firmly in my free one. "I'm proud of you Seaweed brain." He smiled and kissed me lightly on the lips. "You have no idea how happy that makes me." He said smiling and pulling away slightly. "Now can you help me get this off?" he asks gesturing to his armour. "It's crushing me." Laughing, I helped him remove his armour and then proceeded to put it on a crumbling pillar of the Parthenon with the rest of the stuff destined for the Argo.

We called to Jason, telling him we were going for a walk to wind down, and hand in hand at a slow, comfortable pace, we wandered around the Parthenon, taking in the sight of the monument ravaged by war. What were only mere minutes felt like hours as we wondered the war torn historical icon, and soon enough we were back where we started, meters away from the still celebrating demigods. "I've always wanted to see this place," I said dreamily and I could feel my boyfriend's gaze on my face as if it were a laser beam. "I just never thought I'd see it after fighting a war there." I turned towards the son of Poseidon and gripped his hand briefly before walking away from him.

I was around three meters away from him when I turned around to find him smiling cheekily. "Well, you said you wanted to go to Athens, you never said anything about the circumstances!" he winked mischievously and proceeded to almost giggle, and I soon found myself joining him. His smile was too contagious to resist. Still smiling, I turned away from Percy, and headed back towards our still celebrating friends at the Parthenon.

From the corner of my eye I saw Percy stiffen, his eyes widen and his head turn in the direction opposite to where I was walking. And then everything seemed to happen in slow motion.

Distantly I heard Percy shout my name as I watched the Hellhound come at me ferociously, and all I could do was stand still and stare as the monster ran at me with claws out, sharpened and directed for a death blow at my chest. I heard Piper scream; the same time I felt a pair of large hands, rough from years of sword fighting, collide with my shoulder and waist, push me to the ground just as the Hellhound made a swing with its paw.

I lay on the ground for a few seconds breathing heavily. I was alive. Everything was over now. I didn't realize how true that statement was. From my right I heard a whimper of pain and immediately turned to see who it was, and I swear my heart stopped beating.


I had never moved so fast before. I was beside him in a second and began to examine his wounds. He had four deep lacerations on his chest that were at least an inch deep and a gash starting by his ear that ran vertically down his jaw cutting across his neck, also irreparably damaging his external jugular vein. My brain raced into gear as I calculated that he had around five minutes to live.

"Oh Gods no!" I cried tears falling down my face as I gently lifted his head and placed it in my lap, using my left hand to try and staunch the blood from the wound in his neck, because I knew this was making him bleed out quicker. I felt him tense at the pressure and grit his teeth in pain. "Thalia!" I shouted "Bring a medic!" within seconds the rest of the seven, including Nico, Thalia and a child of Apollo were surrounding us. Nico, Thalia and Jason fell to their knees while the trained medic tried to attend to the wounds in his chest, but his effort was futile. There was nothing that could be done. It had only been a minute since the incident, but there was already a large pool of blood surrounding the son of Poseidon, and my left hand was coated in the colour red.

We all saw Percy wince and cry out in pain and almost everyone attempted to soothe him. "It's going to be okay, we're going to sort you out" but as we said those words, he shook his head, almost undetectable, as if he knew there was nothing we could do to help him. I looked into his pain filled eyes and noticed that his usually tan skin was unnaturally pale. "Annabeth," he panted, struggling through the pain to talk to me. "There- there's nothing- you can do." He said his voice almost a whisper as he removed my left hand from his neck. "let- let me-say goodbye." I felt the bottled tears slide down my face. In my mind I was screaming that I wasn't ready to say goodbye to him yet. "But I can't let you die..." I said softly, not even bothering to hide the tears that fell freely down my face. Percy looked up at me with pain filled eyes and gripped my hand tighter. I looked around and saw that our entire army was there to witness Percy's last moments.

Wincing, my dying boyfriend turned his head to the first person on his left and smirked. Jason. "I knew only one of us could make it out of here alive. I had a feeling it would be you." He chuckled then winced as the vibrations from his vocal cords hit his jugular vein, causing the fatal wound to bleed even more. Jason looked shocked and confused. "What-what do you mean?" He asked leaning in closer to hear Percy's weakening voice. "Our camps have sorted out their differences. It won't be much time until they're working together. I know. I've seen it in a dream. These people can only have one leader, someone to look up to. And I didn't want it to be me." Jason had tears in his eyes, although he was trying to be strong. Percy coughed and a thin stream of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth. "I want to-" he paused taking a breath. "To thank you, for looking after everyone I care about when I couldn't. But there's something I need you to do for me." Jason nodded eagerly. "Anything." Percy reached down to his pocket with his free hand and pulled out a pen with the engravings 'Ανακλυσμός'. Anaklusmos. Riptide. He passed it to Jason. "Can you give this to my dad?" He asked, almost sounding like a child, and Jason nodded. "And tell him thanks. For everything." I saw Jason glance down at the pen and a single tear fell from his eye when he saw that it was covered in Percy's blood.

Moving his head again, he turned to Piper and Hazel. "I'm sorry I never met you two sooner. You're like my sisters. I just wish I could've spent more time with you." With every word, my boyfriend's breathing became shallower. The two girls put a hand on his arm and leg and gave him a watery smile. "It's ok Perce," Piper choked "just hang in there. Don't give up yet." She poured in as much of her Charm speak as possible, but Percy just rolled his eyes.

Grinning, he turned to Frank and Leo. "Hey, you know at my funeral?" Percy asked. The two boys nodded. "Could you two do a double act or something? Like Frank as a dragon and Leo on fire on his back..." he trailed off smirking, probably thinking about the scenario he'd just came up with. Leo shook his his head, crying and laughing at the same time. "You want me to ride Zhang the Dragon? No way man." He put a hand on Percy's calf. "Tell you what; I'll only do it if I can set fire to your pyre." Percy laughed, but then winced at the pain. "Sure thing. If you don't though I'll come back and haunt you." The two boys laughed while Percy smiled. "Don't worry; I'll make sure it happens." Frank said, tears streaming down his round face. Thanks to Leo and the fire proof bag he'd got when he went MIA while Percy and I were in Tartarus, Frank had gotten over his fear of fire. Percy looked at Leo, his face serious. "Find her. Tell her I'm sorry, that I know what she did and I forgive her." I had no idea who he was talking about but Leo did, a his eyes widened and he nodded his head.

The blood was pooling around him now, soaking my knees, and dying Percy's torn sea green shirt a bright crimson. He had minutes left.

Using some of his last precious supply of consciousness he thanked Thalia and Nico for always being there for him. Trusting him to do the right thing and for having faith in him. He briefly let go of my hand to reach out and grip Thalia and Nico's and proceeded to smile at the two teens, as tears fell from their eyes. I could tell he wasn't done talking to them yet though. He looked Nico in the eyes and smiled his trade mark grin, squeezed his hand a little tighter and said two words. "I know." Nico looked shocked and nervous, but Percy shook his head, almost unnoticeable and told him to not be afraid. And then he let go of their hand and held onto mine as if it were the only thing keeping him there.

He took a ragged breath that scratched at his throat and closed his eyes. "I know I haven't-got much time. Maybe a minute. But I want-you to know-that I love you. And I'd- do it- again if I could." The tears fell freely down my face and onto his hair. How could he say that? He was dying and it was my fault. I decided to voice my opinion. "Don't you dare. Don't you dare say that seaweed brain. This is my fault. If I'd paid little more attention then..." he cut me off with a cough, his pale lips stained red. "I made a-promise. To your mom. I-promised I'd-look after you. Protect-you. And I'd do it again Wisegirl. I love you." He opened his ever darkening eyes and looked at the sky, his body shuddering as he took another pain filled breath. "I'll wait for you. Promise…" he said slowly, his voice fading at the last word. He looked up at the sky with his pain-filled eyes, then back at me and smiled. "One last stand… For Olympus..." the smile fell from his lips and his grip on my hand went slack. And we all watched as the light faded from his eyes and his head rolled to the side as all signs of life left his body. With his eyes still open, reflecting the pain he felt in his last moments, the last of the air in his lungs escaped into the cold air. Percy Jackson was dead.


A strangled sob escaped my throat as Percy`s cold, dead hand fell to the cracked marble floor. I cradled his head in my lap, not wanting to let him go. His sea green eyes started vacantly into the sky, open but seeing nothing, but I didn't dare close them. If I closed them, I'd never see the green abyss that held his soul, again. I couldn't do it. But I knew we should. Jason put a hand on my arm and Thalia, Hazel and Piper squeezed my shoulders. I looked over to Nico and saw that he had tears cascading down his face. He cleared his throat and looked me in the eyes. "We should close his eyes. And get a shroud." I nodded but I didn't move. Nico came closer and placed a hand over my dead boyfriend's eyes, and slowly pulled down, using his thumb, index and middle fingers to close his eyes. I couldn't help but notice that his hand lingered on Percy's face before he took it away.

Suddenly we heard the distant sound of thunder and saw a flash of thunder so bright it almost blinded me. Olympus was open. The tears fell faster down my cheeks. The only person that could have possibly saved Percy, and there was no way we could reach him; until a minute after his death...

Leo came walking over to us holding a white sheet in one hand and a long, wide strip of wood with four handles in the other. I hadn't even realised he'd left. Knowing what it was he was carrying, I buried my face into Percy's cold and blood stained shoulder, pretending that if I wished it hard enough, he'd come back to life.

The crowd parted to let Leo through and he placed the makeshift stretcher on the floor next to Percy's body. "We don't have any shrouds on the ship, but I found this." He said gesturing to the cloth. "We could put him on here to take him back to the Argo, then head back to New York." The rest of the seven nodded, and Frank and Jason with the help of Leo and Nico, proceeded to put my boyfriend's still and stiff form onto the wooden board before covering it with the cotton sheet. Frank, Leo, Jason and Nico took a handle each, bearing the weight of the stretcher between them and stood up, the rest of our army moving aside to let them through.

Right at that moment, there was a very bright flash of white light that consumed my vision. I stumbled into Thalia, who luckily stopped me from falling to the marble floor. She wrapped an arm around my shoulders protectively, just like she did when I was seven and rubbed my shoulder in an attempt to comfort me. It wasn't really working.

When the light had cleared, we were shocked to see Hermes dressed in black jeans and a dark Grey top with a winged shoe design that said 'Hermes 101' underneath, standing in the middle of the isle our army had created. We immediately knelt except the four that held Percy's body which bowed their heads. "Rise Demigods." He said, his voice sounding scratchy and chocked. "Lord Hermes," Malcolm, my half-brother said. "What do we owe to this visit?" The Lord of travellers looks down his face a mask of sadness. "Zeus ordered me to bring the demigods that fought in the war to Olympus." He looked at the four demigods that held the stretcher and then at me. "I'm sorry for your loss. Poseidon's going to go Crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to kill Zeus. Again" he said the last bit with a small smirk. Connor Stoll looked at his father and cleared his throat. "What do you mean dad? How do you know Percy's dead?" Hermes looked at his son and frowned. It was weird to see a god looking so upset. "I'm the God of travellers. Any one that uses the road is under my protection. It's also I my contract to take souls to the underworld. That and Apollo foresaw it." Connor nodded. "I will take you to the throne room but outside of the doors so I can tell Zeus your here." Then the king of thief's looked at me and gave me a small smile. Something I thought would never happen after Hermes found out his son Luke had come to me asking if we could run away together-which I declined. He looked me right in the eyes as he prepared for our departure and said five words. Just five, but words have a lot of power. And these words would help me through the next few hours.

"Be brave Daughter of Athena." And with that, my vision was turned to black as we were transported to Olympus.

*For Olympus and for Poseidon

Summer has come and passed…