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Poseidon POV

We knew that the battle had finished. We'd watched it through a one way Iris Message. I'd watched my son as he and Zeus' child defeated Gaea and sent her back into slumber. After that Zeus and waved a hand through the screen and the image disappeared. That's when the shouting began. 13 voices were aimed at Zeus, (Hades and Hestia were present as Olympus was in lockdown) yelling at him to open Olympus so that we could congratulate the Heroes. This argument continued for at least half an hour before Zeus begrudgingly gave in, and for the first time in almost a year, Olympus was open. It was at that moment that Apollo and Hermes stiffened , looking at a fixed point in the distance, completely oblivious to their surroundings despite the fact that Hephaestus was waving a flaming anvil in front of their eyes. After a couple of minutes being so still they'd rival the statues dotted around Olympus, Apollo blinked numerous times at an alarming pace, soon followed by Hermes. The pair then locked eyes with each other, wearing matching grim expressions, while the rest of the throne room stared at them, trying to figure out what was going on. I saw Hermes briefly nod and look to address Zeus.

"My Lord, shall I bring the demigods to Olympus?" He said nervously. "Yes," Zeus replied. "I think that would be best." And he disappeared in a flash of light. I looked expectedly at Apollo as did the rest of the council hoping to persuade him to divulge the information he withheld. I noticed that Apollo was looking everywhere but at me. It was almost as if there was something he didn't want to tell me, and that unnerved me greatly. What was it he refused to tell me?

We sat in an uncomfortable silence with the occasional argument for ten minutes. What could possibly be taking Hermes so long? All through that time I tried to pick up a conversation with Apollo, but every few minutes he'd shift uncomfortably in his throne and fade out, focusing on some invisible point in the distance, and after the fifth time, it started to irritate me.

I'd spent a good ten minutes thinking on how I could confront my nephew and had finally come to a conclusion. It was at that exact moment that Hermes decided to flash back into the throne room. Zeus looked at his son with mild curiosity waiting to find out where the demigods were. "They're outside the doors. You can call them in when you're ready for them." Hermes said his voice shaky. My youngest brother called in our children and the doors swung open. I wasn't prepared for what I saw.

Around sixty demigods in ripped orange t shirts and almost one hundred in purple stood at the entrance. I felt shock and slight confusion form on my face. The Romans and the Greeks were working together. Never before in my very long life had I seen anything like this.

I scanned my eyes around the group of warriors, looking for my son but was met with tear stained cheeks and red eyes. Not a single pair of sea green eyes, identical to my own, could be seen in the crowd of heroes. Where was he?

"Demigods," Zeus proclaimed dramatically "Olympus thanks you for your bravery and sacrifice. Were it not for your courage, Gaea would now be ruling the Earth with many dead at her feet. You have saved our home and consequently, the world. Come forth the leaders of the army." The teenagers shuffled their feet and looked towards a blond haired girl with startling grey eyes that were rimmed in red from what I presumed were tears. I recognized her as Annabeth Chase daughter of Athena, Percy's girlfriend. But why would she be crying?

My gaze drifted to Hades. Said God was currently shifting uneasily in his makeshift throne trying to avoid looking at people. "How many dead?" I asked my brother. Hades squared off his shoulders and cleared his throat. "Only one."

My eyes suddenly shifted to the same position as every other being in the throne room. Four boys, two Roman and two Greek, stood at the front of the group holding a makeshift stretcher between them. Atop the wooden planks lay what appeared to be a body, covered by a plain white cloth that looked more red than white. Zeus looked over at the seven of the prophecy while I searched for my son. "Who?" He demanded gesturing for the seven to come forwards. They did so an there was a slight rustle from under the sheet as the right arm from the body fell from the boards revealing extensive injuries. The arm was covered blood. The sickly crimson liquid running down the forearm and dripping through the fingers falling to the floor. I raked my eyes down the boy`s arm (it had to be a male. The hands were too big for a woman's) until they landed on a black marking on his forearm. I stood from my throne and craned my neck to see it a little better and then...

My blood pounded in my ears. My immortal heart was racing. I could feel the world spinning far too fast and I had to sit down. I was aware that my skin had turned extremely pale and that the other immortals were looking at me with concern, but that didn't matter. I couldn't tear my eyes from the tattoo on the boys forearm. The tattoo was of a trident. The arm belonged to my son.

The other Olympians gasped as they came to the same conclusion as I did. Standing from my throne, I walked towards my sons body, shrinking to 6" 0" as I did so. I stood in front of the seven of the prophecy, staring at the body under the sheet and the hand that dripped blood onto the marble floor that unmistakably belonged to Percy. I didn't want to believe it. I couldn't believe it. He was dead. After so many years, so many victories. Why now?

I stared at Annabeth, my sea green eyes drilling into the back of her skull as she cried into Zeus' child's shoulder. Wisdoms daughter turned to face me, her story grey eyes red from tears. "Tell me I'm wrong." I said to her my voice wavering. But she shook her head, new tears cascading down her cheeks. "I'm sorry. There was nothing we could do to save him." Her voice broke halfway through and she leaned heavily on Artemis' lenient. Looking towards my sons covered body, I felt tears rise in my eyes but didn't bother to wipe then away. I needed to see him. See the extent of the injuries that ended his life. His mother wouldn't be able to see him like this, but I should. I should be able to tell Sally exactly how our son died and how he looked in his endless slumber.

Cautiously, I walked to where the four held his body aloft, but stopped 3 feet away. I almost couldn't bring myself to do it. To literally uncover the truth. I could just turn away, never look upon his bleeding, freshly dead form- no. I had to. For Percy.

I hesitantly reached out my hand to pull the cloth away but then pulled back. I swallowed, looked at the red stains on the sheet and the pool of blood on the floor from the fallen hand, and steeling my nerves pulled the sheet back.

Nothing could have prepared me for what lay before me. The other Olympians, that I hadn't even noticed had approached, gasped in horror as did many of the demigods. I however bit my tongue and balled up my fists. I felt someone put a hand on my shoulder and turned my head slightly to see who. To my surprise I saw that the hand was from my brother Hades and on his face was a look of sympathy. Something never before seen on the god of the dead's face. I turned my head back to my sons broken form and dug my nails into my palms.

Percy's head had rolled to the left revealing four deep lacerations on his neck, two of which had severed his external jugular vein. The wounds continued across his chest and down to the left side of his pelvis. The gauges in his chest revealed his ribs and- were they his lungs? His shredded sea green t-shirt was mostly dyed red with blood and the sight made me nauseous. On his right shoulder were four lots of inch long cuts that had to be as deep. They oozed blood that dripped down Percy's arm. The cause to the pool of blood on the floor and from their faces, the demigods hadn't noticed this wound before. Rage overcame me but was quickly replaced by grief when I cast my eyes on his ever sleeping face.

He looked happy. Peaceful. If it wasn't for the great gaping wounds in his chest I would've thought he was sleeping. But no, that was but a dream. His dark hair spilled into his closed eyes, covering most of the top half of his face. The right corner of his lips was pulled up into a tiny smirk. I had to suppress a smirk of my own. Even in death he found a way to amuse me. However it vanished as quickly as it appeared.

Turning away from my son`s lifeless form, I addressed the daughter of Athena, my eyes a swirling mass of power, and all across the world tsunamis and earthquakes occurred wreaking havoc. The mortals would be in a flurry for months. "What happened to my son?" I asked clenching my teeth. From behind me I heard a nervous cough followed by a choked up "My lord?" I turned round to find that Hades had summoned a table and Percy's body had been laid upon it. The four that were carrying his lifeless form now stood behind me one of which- a Roman- was holding a pen. The pen itself looked like any other ballpoint pen you could get in a mortal shop, but I knew otherwise. Anaklusmos. The pen I had given to Percy when he was twelve.

The boy was around 17 and had an aura of power about him that was tinted dark blue, much like my brothers... The hypocritical scoundrel had had another child. "Lord Poseidon, I'm Jason Grace, son of Jupiter," I glared at my brother and he shrank back. "In his last moments, he told me to tell you 'thank you, for everything' and to give you this," he held out the pen and I grasped it in my fingers, my hands shaking slightly. Upon further examination of the weapon, I saw that riptide was coated in blood and the cap adorned with red fingerprints. "He didn't want it to go with him," Zeus' child said while I stared at the sword in my hand "he wanted you to give it to your next child. To his brother or sister." I looked over to his lifeless body atop the table and sighed. "Tell me what happened. From the beginning…"


The half-bloods proceeded to tell us the journey they'd been on from the moment Jason 'woke up' after my sister Hera had taken his and Percy's memories. They told the council how Percy had reclaimed honor to a cohort and returned the camps missing weapons and became praeter after a week. They told us of the voyage across Rome and the hardships they'd faced. When Annabeth voiced her task with the mark of Athena, wisdom herself had the decency to look slightly ashamed of her actions, yet she couldn't help but beam with pride when her daughter revealed how she reclaimed 'the pride of Greece'. I couldn't resist an eye roll whenever someone mentioned that ridiculous title.

The room went silent when they said that Percy and Annabeth had fallen into Tartarus. Their adventure in hell had me on the edge of my throne with panic but also pride, yet I would never be able to tell my son how proud I was of him.

The seven continued their tale shakily until it came to after the battle was over. Jason took over. "Him and Annabeth went for a walk around the Parthenon after taking off their armor. We thought-" he stopped to clear his throat. "We'd scouted the whole area. It was supposed to be safe. Gaea must've had some amount of consciousness left. She sent a hellhound at Annabeth. It was going to kill her but Percy pushed her out of the way and took the hit himself. Frank sent an arrow at its head as fast as he could but the damage had already been done." I swallowed the lump in my throat that was threatening to choke me as I heard of Percy's death. "He refused all efforts to save him. He knew he was dying and knew that there was nothing we could do to save him. Not even with Ambrosia and Nectar. We would've needed the power of a God." Suddenly all eyes locked onto Apollo who squirmed nervously under my gaze. Said god was currently nervously flicking through a book of poems by Wilfred Owen.

Apollo looked me in the eyes and smiled sympathetically. I nodded once at the god of music, and turning on my heel, walked towards Percy's body.

Someone, probably one of the Demigods, had once again covered his body in the white sheet, and for that I was grateful, but now I pulled back the sheet from his silent face and pressed my lips to his forehead before placing a hand over his eyes and whispering a blessing. I replaced the sheet over his face and took a step back. Already the white and bloody sheet was transforming into a beautiful sea green shroud. In the center was a dark blue- so dark it was almost black-trident, identical to the one on Percy's arm. It was surrounded by silver vines that interlocked to form a laurel wreath.

Turning towards Jason, all traces of the small smile I had worn seconds ago gone. "When did this happen?" I asked sharply and I saw the half-bloods shuffle their feet nervously. Jason took a shaky breath before answering. "Ten minutes before Olympus was reopened."

My eyes snapped to my brother who was currently sitting on his throne along with the other Olympians. I felt a snarl form on my face and Zeus tapped the arm of his throne nervously. Stepping towards my brother, I felt myself begin to grow to my 15" form and summoning my Trident, flashed into my Greek Chiton and battle armor.

Through my haze of anger I saw Zeus stand shakily from his throne. He looked nervous. I didn't care. At that moment I didn't care about anything other than confronting him. Inches from my brother`s face I stopped, holding the points of my weapon to his neck. "Peace brother." He said attempting calm. "Peace? PEACE? You dare talk of peace? My only mortal son is dead, and were it not for your pride, he would still be breathing." I spat angrily. I was in no mood for this. "Calm yourself Poseidon I understand how you feel. Not ten years ago I lost my daught-" I felt a growl rise in my throat and I pushed my trident a little further into his throat. "How DARE you. You daughter is standing right there," I gestured in her general area. I looked towards Percy's body once more "He was only 16 years old. His birthday would have been tomorrow." Zeus swallowed and I took a step back still keeping my trident in place. "His blood will forever be on your hands. And I shall not rest until I have revenge." I pulled the weapon away and started walking towards the door. "Brother wait," I turned around and to my surprise Zeus stood behind me. "He will be given the last rights. And a proper funeral. One fit for a hero here on Olympus. And- I will allow his mother and her betrothed to be present." I swallowed the lump in my throat. Sally. How was I going to explain? Locking eyes with the king of the gods I nodded once and flashed out in a whirl of sea air and gold light before reappearing at the door of a Manhattan apartment. Knocking on the door three times, I took a step back. Time to face the music.

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