A/N: Well, I haven't done anything in the Kill la Kill department ever, which surprises me because I absolutely love the anime, so I'm happy I've finally gotten around to it. Now, allow me to get all the sappy, emotional junk out of the way so we can focus on what really matters, eh?

I fell in love with Kill la Kill because of its brilliant styling, hilarious yet kick-ass characters, and how well its animation fits it (Thank you, Trigger). And I picked up that people were going to ship Ryuko with Satsuki pretty quick. But what with the revealing of them being sisters, I'm not sure what people think of it now.

So let's change that, eh?

This piece will center around the lives of our favorite characters placed into a high school AU (because you can never have enough of those, right?), where Satsuki and Ryuko never were/will be sisters. Satsuki still controls this high school to a degree, but what will happen when a rogue girl catches her eye?

Get ready for the ships to set sail, because here comes, 'Lost, but Found'!


Stonewall High School, a place that some people describe as a nice, warm, inviting environment, where learning is only fostered. Those people are delusional, or have since been sentenced to asylums where the only thing coming out of their mouth nowadays is foam. Stonewall does have its up points, such as plenty of after-school and during-school clubs, and a nice open environment, where classes are spread out at different times of the day, so as to make room for clubs. Students will normally enter the three-floored school at around 8 A.M. and leave at 1:55 P.M.. For those who don't have clubs, it's a pleasant release. For those who do, it just means another room/place to go to until around 2:30 or 3:00 P.M..

Each student has four classes (each one an hour long with 20-25 minute passing periods in-between), and each class takes place at a different time of day, leaving some students free-roaming whilst others are bound to mundane lessons.

If anything was certain at Stonewall High, it was stay out of the way of one girl in particular. Satsuki Kiryuin. A senior who had established a formidable presence at the academy. By keeping close ties with the heads of the 4 main clubs, Fencing, Computer/Information, Football, and Cheerleading, she had found a way to place the entire ebb and flow of the social tide at the tips of her fingers. Satsuki was actually head of the cheerleading squad, making herself even more untouchable.

She often caused people who came near her, or that she walked past in the hallways, to bow out of respect, or some other such gesture. Well, Satsuki knew that it wasn't really respect, in fact, it was more like fear…but she accepted said gestures with her normal frown that perpetually painted her face.

There wasn't ever really peace within Satsuki's realm, people often tried to challenge her will or her position as the reigning queen bee of the social scene, but none were ever successful, and normally ended up transferring schools to escape the humiliation that Satsuki would bestow upon them.

Yes, truly there was no one that could shatter Satsuki's concentration, presence, and will.

Or at least, that's what everyone thought…

It began one day at a school pep rally. Stonewall had an unconventional way of doing pep rallies in that it assigned a particular pep rally for each individual grade. In this case, the freshmen were getting a demonstration from the Fencing Club in their clubroom, the sophomores were getting a special video presentation from the Information/Computer Club in the gym, the juniors were being rallied by the football team out front of the school, and the seniors were getting a special demonstration from the Cheerleading Club.

The Cheerleading Club was performing said demonstration out in the football field, where there were ample bleachers for the gargantuan senior class, the field had just been trimmed by the Gardening Club, and there were a few benches on the edge of the field that would standardly be used for the football players to rest on, but today, were used for weak and weary girls to take a breather on between routines. They were just finishing their final routine, the pyramid.

Satsuki stood atop the pyramid formed by the six other members of the Cheerleading Club, holding her blue and yellow (the school's colors) pom-pons high, though she still sported her normal frown. This didn't deter the crowd any, though. The boys, and girls even, took elation at Satsuki in that tight, skimpy, dark blue cheerleader's outfit that consisted of only a top that exposed her belly, and a short skirt that fell just below her buttocks. As the crowd continued to roar with applause, Satsuki backflipped off of the top of the pyramid as it began to disassemble, and stuck the landing perfectly, eliciting more applause than ever before. The crowd began to calm down when Nonon Jakuzure, Satsuki's co-captain, took the microphone off of one of the benches, tapped it once to make sure it was on, and her voice resonated through the school's blown-out speakers as she called out, "All right, everyone. That's all for today! Have a great day and let's give it up for the Cheerleading Club and Captain Satsuki!"

The crowd once again erupted in a raucous celebration, and began to dismiss themselves. Satsuki gave the 'dismissed' hand signal to the rest of the girls, they collectively shrugged and nodded in acknowledgement and began to dismiss themselves as well.

Satsuki eyed the crowd as they were leaving, something didn't feel right to her; she had no real way of describing it, save for as intuition, and watched every single person leave.

"Hey~! Satsuki~!" Nonon sang as she skipped up to Satsuki, "You wanna go-"

Satsuki cut Nonon short with a single finger on her lips, and a subtle, "Shh!"

"What's going on?" Nonon inquired as she lifted Satsuki's hand off of her lips and threw her pom-pons over next to Satsuki's.

"Call it intuition," Satsuki replied in her normal, cold tone, never once averting her glare from the stream of people flowing out of the bleachers and back to the high school, "my dear, Nonon."

"Intuition?" Nonon once again inquired as she fiddled with her vibrant pink hair to restore it to its original style: her bangs swooped to her right, with two long strands dangling down opposite sides of her face.

"Didn't things feel a little off during the performance?" Satsuki inquired as she began to scan the crowd carefully with her eyes, not moving her head an inch.

"Well, no, not really," Nonon replied as she placed her hand on her chin, "you were fantastic, and so were the rest of the girls-"

"That's not what I'm getting at." Satsuki interrupted, continuing to scan the crowd, "I meant in the crowd."

"Hm?" Nonon replied, "Was there something wrong with someone in the crowd?"

"That's what I'm trying to figure ou-" Satsuki cut herself short when her eyes caught the problem. Up in the top row of the bleachers was a girl in a black sailor uniform-ish top that was solid black, lined with red, left part of her belly exposed, but only a little, and a matching red-lined skirt that was roughly the length of the one that Satsuki was wearing right now (only a little longer), and was held up by suspenders that ran underneath the girl's skirt. The girl herself had pitch black hair, save for one strand that was a bloody red, and was gel'd up or something, because it swooped up perfectly and over to her left. Satsuki also made quick observation of her rather noticeable breast size, at least compared to Satsuki's, but shook herself back to reality. She appeared to be asleep with a book over her face, and was intent on staying that way, even with everyone gone and out of the bleachers.

Satsuki's blood began to boil, and she was keen on rectifying this insolence immediately. "Nonon!" She exclaimed, causing Nonon to clasp her hand over her right ear, which was facing Satsuki.

"Ow! Yeah, what?" Nonon inquired as she rubbed her ear.

"Get Hōka, and make it snappy!" Satsuki ordered.

"Aww," Nonon whined, "why do I have to go track down The Dog?"

Satsuki shot her a look that told her she was serious, and Nonon sighed, saluted, then left for the gymnasium. In the meantime, Satsuki began her march up the bleachers, to attend to this delinquent.

Satsuki's cheerleading shoes clacked against the cold metal of the bleachers with every step, as Satsuki drew ever near to the girl. She was contemplating every single way she could chew this girl out, and was already brainstorming ideas that she would require Hōka's aid with, but shoved those into a separate section of her mind, as she realized that she was towering over the girl before she knew it. Although she couldn't see the girl's face, she felt something bizarre when she was around this girl…something she had never quite felt before…Again, she shook herself back to her senses, and re-focused on the task at hand. She shook the girl's shoulder, causing the girl to stir.

The girl lifted the book (which, upon Satsuki's further inspection, turned out to be a manga that Satsuki herself had been reading) off of her face, revealing it to Satsuki.

For once in her lifetime, Satsuki was at a loss for words; this girl's facial features were an absolute spectacle. Her ocean blue eyes emanated an aura of serenity, but, like the ocean, also displayed an aura of willpower, and the ability to change tones in an instant. Her nose was as cute as a button, and her lips looked so tender and soft. She also smelled divine, like hot tea, Satsuki's favorite essence.

The girl gave Satsuki a once-over, chuckled, and said in a sleepy tone, "Huh, if Heaven's angels are this beautiful, I should have no problem here…" and placed the book back over her face. Her voice was strong, and empowering, but calming at the same time.

Satsuki felt a twitch somewhere in her (a place in her chest that she believed to be her heart), upon the word 'beautiful', but shook it off and simply stated, "Wake up, delinquent!" as she took the manga off of the girl's face, and thumped her on the head with it.

"Ow!" the girl exclaimed as she fell from her sleeping position, to one that had her lying on the bleacher's floor, looking straight up at Satsuki, her feathery hair sprawled across the ground beneath her head. She rubbed her forehead where she was hit, then scrambled to her feet, where she came up to about Satsuki's shoulders, and said, "What the hell was that for?!"

Satsuki grunted and replied, "The pep rallies' over, everyone's gone."

The girl looked around, and saw nothing but the empty football field (save for the pom-pons of Nonon and Satsuki), and the empty bleachers. Satsuki grunted at the girl's ignorance, but couldn't help but think she was adorable when she was clueless.

"Oh, wow…" The girl marveled at the emptiness of the bleachers, "I really need to get more sleep…"

"I can't disagree with you on that one…" Satsuki replied in a condescending tone.

The girl rolled her eyes at Satsuki's droll attitude, and then reached down and produced a one-strap black bag that was dotted with pins from various bands and such, and shoved her manga into one of the convenient pockets. She then slung the bag over her her right shoulder, and said, "Well, I guess I should be thanking you. Otherwise, I might have been spending the night there, eh?"

While the girl chuckled, Satsuki just shrugged and replied, "Don't be stupid; someone would've eventually-" but she was cut short by the girl giving her a quick, but tight and meaningful, hug. Satsuki was unable to fight back, as the girl had caught her when her arms were at her sides, and refused to scream out of how undignified it was. She simply stood there, and took it; but…she didn't entirely hate it…in fact, in the few seconds it lasted, she found herself enjoying it quite a bit actually.

After about seven seconds, the girl broke the embrace, gave Satsuki a smile, and began to bolt down the bleachers. Satsuki just stood there in awe of what just happened. She turned around and exclaimed after the girl, "HEY! WAIT A MINUTE! WHAT'SYour…name…" trailing off with every word, Satsuki found herself mimicking the gesture that was just performed on her, holding herself tight as she walked down the bleachers, and onto the football field where Hōka and Nonon sat on a bench awaiting her arrival.

"You know," Hōka began as Satsuki drew close, and he unzipped the turtleneck that covered his mouth on his navy blue track suit, "I know it's winter, and those uniforms are skimpy, but I don't think it's at the point where you have to hold yourself." he zipped up his turtleneck again. Typical Hōka…he had been performing this behavior since he was a kid, and wasn't about to stop.

Satsuki snapped out of it, straightened up, then looked down at Hōka as he pushed his icy, teal locks out of his face and adjusted his cyan blue tinted glasses, and inquired, "Was that remark really necessary?"

"No, I suppose not," Hōka replied as he placed his laptop bag on his lap and began to unzip it, "but I have to do some things of my own volition, don't I?"

Satsuki shrugged at his response, and Nonon moaned, "Jeez Satsuki, put a leash on this dog!"

"I could say the same thing for you, Cotton Candy Hair." Hōka retorted as he pulled out his slimline, black laptop, and opened it, the screen lighting up, and abuzz with all sorts of programs and data running in the background.

"Children," Satsuki said to the duo, "cease this fighting at once!"

Hōka and Nonon broke their vicious eye contact, and resumed their normal postures. Hōka adjusted his glasses again, and said, "Nonon informs me that you have a student that requires dealing with?"

Satsuki thought about it for a minute, and remembered how beautiful the girl was, how kind she was, and how warm and inviting that hug felt. "Not exactly 'dealt with' per say," Satsuki began as she looked off into the distance, "I just need you to do a little research on her, that's all."

"Say no more," Hōka replied as he pulled up a program that bore the school's emblem, and was merely a search bar at the opening screen, "give me a name and I'll tell you what this girl eats for breakfast in the morning."

Satsuki opened her mouth to speak, but then remembered, "That I unfortunately cannot provide, as I don't know it." Satsuki stated.

"I see…" Hōka responded as he crossed his arms and thought for a moment. He snapped his fingers, then began clacking away at his computer for a moment. Any time that Nonon tried to sneak a peek at what he was doing, he moved to a position where his screen wasn't within her peripheral vision. After about thirty seconds or so, Hōka inquired, "You know what she looks like, I assume?"

Satsuki turned her attention back to Hōka, and replied, "Of course."

"Excellent." Hōka said as he placed his fingers on his home row keys, "Then we'll simply run a physical check, and pull her up from there."

"Huh," Nonon sighed, "so The Dog can do something right…"

Hōka just sighed at Nonon's remark, then listened carefully as Satsuki rattled off the girl's physical description. He was mildly surprised, though, at Satsuki's impressive memory of this girl she had just met. However, he dismissed it as Satsuki just being Satsuki. Once her description was finished, Hōka waited for a second or two while the program loaded the results, and then did a few clicks on his track pad, then spun his laptop around and displayed a picture of the girl that Satsuki had just met. There was some personal information to the right, but Satsuki only inquired,

"Her name, what's her name?"

"Ryuko Matoi." Hōka replied, "Grade: Junior, Age: Seventeen, Her schedule is listed below, and she has no affiliation with any school clubs whatsoever. Address: Unknown."

"What do you mean, Unknown?" Nonon inquired, as she rested her head on top of Hōka's.

Hōka looked up, contemplated hitting Nonon, but decided against it for some reason he couldn't figure out at the moment. "What I mean," he began, "is that she has no address logged within the school or the city's files."

"Impossible." Satsuki replied as put her hands on her hips, "She was wearing a rather ornate outfit when we met, I'm positive that-"

"You mean, this outfit?" Hōka inquired as he flipped his laptop around again and revealed an album of Ryuko. In every single picture, she was wearing that same sailor uniform that she had just been wearing when Satsuki had just met her, moments ago. Satsuki raised her thick, black eyebrows at this one, and leaned in to view the photos. "The database logs her photos all the way back to first grade," Hōka continued as Satsuki scanned the images with her eyes, "and in each one, she's wearing this same uniform."

"What're you getting at, Dog?" Nonon inquired as she poked Hōka's face (well, the exposed half of his head above his upper lip that wasn't covered by the turtleneck, but you get the picture…).

Hōka grabbed Nonon's hand and pushed it off of him, and hung his head low for a moment, but raised it up as he gave Satsuki a nod and replied, "Nothing just yet, we don't have enough data."

"Whaddya mean?" Nonon said in a prodding tone, "What happened to Mr. 'I'll Tell You What She Eats For Breakfast'? Huh?"

Hōka's temper rose with each movement of Nonon's jaw that he felt, but again, dismissed it, and responded, "I could do that with any normal person. This girl is far from normal from what I'm gathering."

"Hōka" Satsuki said as she asserted her full height above Hōka, "a question, if I may."

"Of course." Hōka replied as he gazed up to Satsuki.

"You still control the Newspaper Club, am I correct?" Satsuki inquired.

Hōka smiled cockily as he unzipped his turtleneck and said, "I'm way ahead of you." as he whipped out his phone and revealed that it had iMessage opened, and had a small conversation going. "I just texted the head of the Newspaper Club, he'll have his underlings monitor this girl with precision and discretion, and gather everything we can. At least by the end of the day."

"Excellent." Satsuki replied with a small grin. She then broadened her glance to include Nonon and said, "We meet after school in the usual place."

"The usual time, I assume?" Nonon inquired.

"Immediately after school." Satsuki reiterated, "And I mean it."

Hōka and Nonon shivered at Satsuki's sharper-than-usual tone, but both rose up, and gave a nod of acknowledgement. Satsuki responded with her own nod and said, "I'll go pass the word on to Uzu and Ira, you two get to your classes." as she began to walk back to the school. She was halfway across the football field when she called, "And remember! Don't be late!"

Hōka and Nonon once again nodded, and Satsuki left, fading into the distance.

When she was gone, Nonon sat down next to Hōka, and said, "Something must be really important about this girl for Satsuki to chase after her like this. Huh?"

Hōka adjusted his glasses and said, "There is one thing I can't figure out though that I know Satsuki is probably wondering, as well."

Nonon cocked her head to the side and inquired, "And that would be…?"

"What on Earth would an junior be doing at the senior's pep rally when there were specific directions and instructions?" Hōka inquired as he crossed his arms and gazed up to the sky.

"Maybe she's just scatterbrained?" Nonon suggested.

"Could be…" Hōka concurred, "or something else that I'm thinking of…but that's for another time…"

Nonon jeered at Hōka's secrecy, but lightened up when she inquired, "So, why do you think Satsuki's so hellbent on finding this chick?"

Hōka once again adjusted his glasses, sat back, unzipped his turtleneck and replied, "I have two theories."

"Really?" Nonon inquired, "You actually thought?"

Hōka couldn't help but chuckle at Nonon's jab, and said, "I'll pretend like I didn't hear that…" Nonon frowned in response, but Hōka interpreted it as a playful one, and continued, "the first one is that Satsuki's objective is one of justification; nothing more, nothing less. And Satsuki merely wants to reprimand this delinquent."

"And the other one?" Nonon inquired as she began to pack up her bag.

Hōka was silent for a minute, which caught Nonon's attention. He stared off into space, then straightened his glasses by pushing up on the bridge of them with his right index and middle fingers, and said, "Cross that bridge when we get there." and with that he swiftly packaged up his laptop, stood up, faced the wind as it dramatically wafted through both his and Nonon's hair, and walked off.

"Hey!" Nonon called after him. But Hōka's unflappable demeanor was not broken by such a call. Though Hōka did feel a bizarre twinge of pain in his chest with each of Nonon's calls he ignored. After realizing that it was no use, Nonon just sat down, defeated, but infinitely more curious than when the original conversation began.


Uzu Sanageyama, the proud captain of the Fencing Club. He stood alone in the Fencing Club clubroom, which was fairly empty to begin with. It was just an open room that had blue wrestling pads on the floor and wall, a few racks for the fencing swords, some dummies, and a drinking fountain in the corner whose water had a taste more akin to poison than to that of tap water. Uzu struck swift blow after swift blow, with lightning speed and assassin-like precision. After assuring himself that the dummy was truly 'dead', he took a break. He sheathed his sword, then wiped his brow, lifting his feathery, dark green locks off of his fog gray eyes. He straightened out the white collar (that already came up to his eyes) of his body length white jacket that he wore all the time, in order to milk as much of its length as he could, then dusted off his cadet-blue vest underneath, and chuckled as he called to the empty room,

"Did you honestly think that you could sneak up on me, Satsuki?"

Satsuki stepped forth from behind one of the mats and replied, "Please, Uzu…" in a droll tone. "If I wanted to sneak up on you, you wouldn't know until it was," she deftly kicked up one of the swords from off of the fencing rack, pointed it at Uzu's back, and continued, "too late."

Uzu chuckled a cocky chuckle as he turned around, his hands still tucked in the pockets of his white pants. "Level with me, Satsuki," Uzu said in that cool and collected voice of his, "what brings you here today? If it's the demonstration, then I'm afraid your perfect punctuality record has been tarnished."

"I didn't come to watch your practice," Satsuki replied, still training the sword on Uzu, "nor engage in witty banter."

"But you knew the banter was kind of inherent with treading upon my domain, no?" Uzu inquired as he gestured first towards the clubroom and then towards himself by placing his hand on his chest. Satsuki flashed him her usual frown, and Uzu merely stepped forward, pushed the blade aside and said, "Alright, I'll bite. What?"

"I merely came to inform you of a meeting." Satsuki replied as she tossed the sword aside.

"Is it that time of the week already?" Uzu sarcastically inquired as he strutted over and picked up the sword Satsuki had discarded.

Satsuki sighed and replied, "I mean today."

Uzu stowed the sword in its proper place on the rack, and said, "Calm down, calm down," he spun around and began to saunter over to Satsuki, "just having a little fun." Satsuki bore no amusement at Uzu's antics, and as he drew ever closer, he rolled his eyes as he replied, "Oh yeah, you don't know what that's like…"

Uzu and Satsuki were now mere inches apart, and Uzu's height difference to Satsuki was glaringly evident. The top of Satsuki's head came up to Uzu's nose, and she often found herself looking up to him (physically) whenever they spoke. Uzu traced the outline of Satsuki's face, and then gave her a little 'boop' on the nose, complete with sound effect. Upon that gesture, Satsuki raised her left arm and swatted away Uzu's hand, then shoved him back onto the mat.

As Uzu laid there, sprawled out, he chuckled once again as he got on his feet and said, "Oh yeah, I forgot. You're on that side of the fence."

"And I'll never cross over to the other," Satsuki replied, standing confident as ever, "nothing personal, Sanageyama."

"Yep, that's me," Uzu said as he strutted over in a circle around Satsuki, "Uzu Sana-gey-ama."

Satsuki allowed a smile to cross her face at that one, much to Uzu's delight, as he exclaimed, "See, I made you smile. Redemption, right?!"

"All I want to know is how long you've been waiting to use that one against me…" Satsuki replied, permitting herself to chuckle.

Uzu shrugged and flashed a devilish smile, letting Satsuki know that he probably just made it up on the spot.

"Now, my dear Satsuki," Uzu said as he drew closer once again, but this time, keeping himself at least a sword's distance between him and Satsuki, "if you would be so kind as to elucidate on the subject of this ambiguous congregation I would be more than delighted to offer my attendance."

Satsuki once again sighed, and replied, "You'll be attending either way, so what good does it serve you?"

Uzu shrugged his head, and responded, "It does me good to know so I can anticipate future happenings."

Satsuki frowned even deeper than she already was, and said, "You always were cocky…"

"Goes to show that you can't change me." Uzu retorted, eliciting a nod of acknowledgment from Satsuki.

"It concerns a certain…person…" Satsuki trailed off as she fixated her gaze on the blank space behind Uzu.

"Oh? Who?" Uzu inquired.

Satsuki snapped back to reality, and shakily answered, "Ever heard of a girl called 'Ryuko Matoi'?"

Uzu thought about it for a moment, and then replied, "Not really…why? What's it of significance to you?"

For a split second, Uzu could swear he saw Satsuki stiffen up at that inquiry, and he wasn't about to let this one go, but Satsuki was, as she answered, "Nothing really."

Uzu scoffed at that statement, and stated, "She must be something, or else we wouldn't be having a meeting about her!"

Satsuki raised her hand, silencing Uzu instantly. She lowered it and said, "I already have Hōka and his newspaper goons investigating her with 'discretion and precision' as he so fervently put it. Immediately after school, you are to report to the usual meeting place, where we will discuss a course of action. Understood?"

Uzu nodded in acknowledgment, and Satsuki followed suit. She cast a glance at her watch and said, "Damn! I have to get going to class!" She looked back up at Uzu and said, "Pass the word on to Ira, immediately! I have to go!"

Uzu bowed and replied, "At once, m'lady!"

Satsuki rolled her eyes at Uzu's over-formailty, and began to rush out, when she passed Uzu's bag. She picked a pair of thin, black-framed glasses off from the top and flung them at him.

With superhuman-like speed, Uzu snatched the glasses out of the air like a fly, and snickered as he said, "I always hated these things…"

"Because they got in the way of your fencing?" Satsuki inquired as she placed her hand on the clubroom door handle.

"No," Uzu replied as he began twiddling his glasses in his right hand, "because I can see better without them."

Satsuki sighed once more before heading out of the door, and slamming it behind her.

Uzu waited until Satsuki was gone before he bursted out laughing. Anyone going by most likely thought he was going mad, but he couldn't remember a time when he had been more thoroughly entertained. After a laughing fit that lasted several minutes, he straightened up and said to himself, "Oh, Satsuki…never honest with yourself…"

And with that, he slid his glasses into his pocket, picked up his dark-green backpack, slung it over his shoulder, and left the clubroom himself.

His destination: the football field.


Ira Gamagōri towered over the rest of the underlings in the football field. They ruthlessly tackled the dummies, one after another as Ira shrieked, "MORE FORCE!", motivating them to slam the dummies harder and harder. The clash of helmets and body armor echoed throughout the air, and over the open football field.

After several more minutes of this, Ira gave the signal for the team to stop. They screeched to a halt in their tracks, and called, "Sir, yes sir?!" in unison.

"Excellent work today, team!" Ira said as he took off his helmet, allowing his dirty blonde hair to fall back to its original length. He kept it at a proper length so he could comb it back, but he always left the back as short as he could possibly have it. He claimed it improved his aerodynamic ability, others just think he did it because it's the cheapest thing at the barber shop.

"Club, dismissed!" He exclaimed as the rest of the club saluted, and then rushed off in an orderly formation to the locker room.

Ira was about to follow when he heard an all-to-familiar snicker behind him. He turned to see Uzu sitting on the bench, with his left foot on the ground and his right on the bench. He was leaning on his right kneecap as he whipped his head to get his hair out of his face and called, "So you are as good off the field as you are on." Uzu shrugged as he continued, "Who'd've thought, eh? By the way, I must compliment you for moving all of the equipment from out front to here in the back in such a short amount of time. Props to you, for what it's worth..."

Ira nodded, and began to walk towards Uzu as he said, "I wish I could say the same for you, Uzu." with a sly smirk of his own.

"Oooh, big tough guy now, eh?" Uzu facetiously replied as he reached into his backpack, which was on the ground to his right, and produced a bottle of water. "Well, bigger than usual, I guess…" Uzu added as Ira sat down.

"And what draws you away from the Fencing arena, Uzu?" Ira inquired as Uzu handed him a bottle of water. "Come to see what a real man's sport looks like?"

Uzu took a drink from his water bottle and screwed the cap on as he replied, "I would be asking you the same thing if you set foot in the Fencing Club. That is, if you could fit through the door…"

Ira scoffed as he said, "What happened to all those petitions I put in for the school to increase its clearance?"

Uzu chuckled as he replied, "I guess the vote total came up a bit…short." he burst out laughing, and Ira followed suit.

When the two calmed down, Uzu took another swig of his water and said, "If you must know what brings me here, I have news from Satsuki."

Ira's curiosity was thoroughly peaked at the mention of Satsuki's name. "She sent you to get me?"

"Not so much to retrieve your presence," Uzu eloquently replied, "more over to inform you of your mandatory attendance to a meeting of critical importance."

"Cut that fancy work junk, Uzu," Ira responded as he began to take another drink, "it hurts my head…"

Uzu put his hands up in front of him and said, "Alright, alright…Satsuki wants you at a meeting that's going down immediately after school."

"Everyone else is coming, I presume?" Ira stated as he set his water bottle down on the ground next to him.

Uzu chugged the last of the water left in his bottle and nonchalantly tossed the bottle behind him as he replied, "Yep. Nonon, Hōka, Satsuki, and I. The whole nine yards, buddy."

"If you're so informed," Ira prodded, "then what is this meeting's topic?"

Uzu's smile broadened, and turned devilish in nature as he stated, "A certain person…a certain girl to be precise."

Ira tensed up, his attention was now undivided, and he was anxiously awaiting every word Uzu was about to say. "Satsuki took notice of another girl?"

Uzu turned to Ira with that smile like a Cheshire Cat and said, "That's what I thought too." 'Although,' Uzu thought to himself, 'I think we're traveling different thought trains here, buddy…'

Ira pounded his fist into the palm of his right hand and said, "Satsuki must have it in for this girl…I must dealt with her at once!"

As Ira rose up, Uzu shot his arm up and grabbed his football uniform, lowering him back to the bench. "Whoa, whoa man," Uzu said as he dragged Ira down, "How're you gonna deal with her when you don't even know her name?!"

Ira had a moment of realization, and stated, "Oh, you're right…" after he calmed down a bit, he inquired, "And, what would that name be?"

"Ryuko Matoi." Uzu replied as he leaned back, "A junior from what I've heard."

"Ryuko Matoi, eh…?" Ira inquired of himself as he stared up at the gray sky. "What do you think, Uzu?"

Uzu chuckled as he replied, "You think whatever I'm gonna say is gonna be right?"

"Not really," Ira responded, "let's say I'm just soliciting you for feedback to build my own theories off of."

"Ooh, fancy way of replying there, Ira," Uzu noted, "I like it!"

"You hang around one person long enough, they grow on you." Ira explained.

"I'll take that as a compliment." Uzu responded as he zipped up his backpack and slung it over his right shoulder.

"So, your thoughts?" Ira inquired.

"I have two," Uzu replied, "my primary one is that it's purely a quest to reprimand her or something. I only think this because she's elicited enough of a response from Satsuki to cause her to send Hōka's newspaper goons after her. However, given recent development, that one's losing ground every minute…"

"Losing ground…?" Ira said to himself, "And the other one?"

Uzu chuckled as he rose up and mumbled something inaudible, then began to walk away.

"Wait!" Ira called after Uzu, "What did you just say?!"

Uzu waved his hand back at Ira and called back, "All in due time, my friend!" as he walked through the doors into the high school he mumbled to himself, "All in due time…"


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