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What a Spring Break this had been for Ryuko. Torn between two women that she never imagined she would be dealing with.

If it wasn't Satsuki texting her one day, asking her over to her mansion for a swimming or some activity to the like (where Ryuko always received surly looks from Satsuki's butler's nephew, whom she had come to refer to as 'Blondie'), it was Nonon asking her out to a small restaurant or the water park for a little fun and conversation. However, no matter who it was out of the duo, affairs often escalated to lewd status rather rapidly, no matter where it was.

If it was at the pool, Satsuki would casually toy about with the straps on Ryuko's bikini until they came loose, exposing Ryuko's beautiful mounds or curvaceous posterior, if only for a short amount of time. Nonon would pull a similar stunt, but since they were often at a public pool whenever this happened, Nonon gained a sort of advantage; what she would do is imitate Satsuki's tactic until Ryuko's top or bottom came loose. So, whenever this happened, Ryuko would have to obtain her bikini top, then walk back while Nonon stood guard on Ryuko…by holding her breasts using her hands. So, for about 20 or 30 feet, the approximate distance to the changing room, Nonon would cradle Ryuko's breasts in her petite hands, savoring every moment of it. Despite Ryuko always knowing that something to this accord was going to happen, she enjoyed her dates nonetheless.

However, she knew she couldn't continue this masquerade forever. She had to make a choice, whether she like it or not. And that's exactly what she was in the middle of doing.

Ryuko laid sprawled out on a bed of 2x4s that had a pitifully thin layer of bright pink, foamy insulation for a mattress. This bed is what she had come to know in the past while or so, and everything about it as well. The occasional creaks of the boards or scaffolding, the shifting of critters that scurried hither and yon about the empty room, the moaning of the desks where the computer area would normally be, and the dust that coated everything. From the bookshelves to the unfinished counter, even the air about her contained subtle traces of the dust that perpetually filled the barren wasteland of an abandoned project. However, Ryuko didn't have time to be bothered by such trivial matters as that, right now, her eyes were glued to the small screen of her phone.

She glared at the pathetically small contact list of hers that read:

1. Nonon Jakuzure

2. Satsuki Kiryuin

3. Mako Mankanshoku

At a loss to do anything else, Ryuko cast a sigh whose heave was enough to waft some of her feathery locks that were dusting at the corner of her face back up into their original place. Ryuko gazed on with those deep, ever changing, aquamarine eyes of hers, and did the only she could do in this situation; she was going to consult Mako.

Using her right thumb, she tapped on Mako's name, and selected the three little dots in the upper right hand corner which brought up the sleek, white, messaging interface. She began to type out a message when she heard the familiar triple-tone notification sound and a new message appear from Mako.

Hey hey, Ryuko! Sorry I haven't seen you recently, but Ira and I have been caught up with our dates~! :P I'll talk to you later!

Greatly disheartened by the sudden turn of events, Ryuko groaned a heavy groan and almost threw her phone aside in fury. However, right as her phone was about to leave her grasp and go airborne, Ryuko abandoned the idea of causing property damage that she couldn't repay, she decided she should just work through things herself.

Ryuko began to weigh everything about Nonon and Satsuki on a scale in her mind, considering everything good and bad about them.

'Nonon,' Ryuko began, 'she's spunky and aggressive, I like that.' Ryuko thought to herself, 'We don't spend much time discussing personal matters, but…' Ryuko felt a sudden warmth overcome her body as she thought of all the intimate encounters she had had with Nonon; the groping, the kissing, everything, it all filled Ryuko with a feeling she'd never felt anywhere else before. 'All that lip lockin' ain't half bad…' Ryuko's thoughts then strayed from the pinkette and onto the more imposing of the two, Satsuki.

'Satsuki Kiryuin,' Ryuko thought to herself, 'popular, pompous, can't get two words in without her injectin' her opinions left and right, 'nd I can't do anything without her tellin' me not to. She bossy, too dignified, and an all around priss…' Ryuko mulled over all these things while scowling at Satsuki's name on her contacts list. 'If I had to chose, the choice is lookin' pretty clear.' Ryuko mused to herself as she tapped Nonon's name and brought her hands into a typing posture, with her two thumbs over the white keyboard on her phone. However, just as she was about to type, she began to think about the time she had spent with Satsuki in all aspects, not just the bad parts of it. Ryuko thought about the times that Satsuki had stopped her from doing stupid things that would've ended up with her getting hurt (i.e. diving into Satsuki's pool from the top of her roof, joyriding Satuski's family limo, and making a human piñata out of Soroi's nephew (which no one had any real objections to, but, for all moral intents and purposes, they de-strung him)), or the time she told her she loved her on the rooftop.

'Come to think of it…' Ryuko thought, he brow furrowing as she came to a sudden realization, 'did Nonon ever tell me she loved me?' Ryuko shot up from her makeshift bed and felt a slight chill come over her as she began considering this among other things. 'All that Nonon's ever done is just love me physically…I mean, sure, Satsuki's done her fair share o' that too, but at least she said somethin' before she did it. She was there to help me, even if it did piss me off here and there. With Nonon, I always had to bail not only myself but her ass as well outta the shit we ever got in. Satsuki's…reliable, like an older sister.' Ryuko chuckled at the thought. 'Nah, she's more like big-browed nanny if anythin'.' Ryuko burst out in raucous laughter over the mental image of Satsuki wearing a big, black, frilly nanny's dress with a Mary Poppins-esque umbrella and a sharp Cockney accent, barking orders left and right to poor little children.

"Even if she is an annoying nanny," Ryuko said to herself as she tapped Satsuki's name on her phone, "I love her nonetheless." she mused with a smug smile. She felt a strong blush creep up her cheeks from the words she had just uttered, even if they were in the solitude of her own 'home', and began to type a fateful message:

Hey, listen, there's something I have to tell you…


Uzu burst through the door of the Elite Four's little shack, or 'safe house' as Uzu had come to call it, to see the one person he was looking for the most.

"Ah! Hōka!" Uzu called as he snapped his fingers in the direction of Hōka, who was, at the time, sitting back in a rather lax posture (an unusual thing for him) in his black office chair. His eyes were fixated on the table in the center of the room, and Uzu could tell there was a thick glaze over those eyes of his.

Hōka interrupted his gaze to cast a glance in Uzu's direction and reply, "Oh, it's you…" in an icier than usual tone.

"Who were you expecting, the Count of Monte Cristo?" Uzu coyly inquired as he plopped himself down in the chair next to Uzu, taking full advantage of its rotational capabilities and spinning several circles before finally settling down, kicking his feet up on the lacquered up table, and looking over to Hōka.

"No, but he would've been more conducive to my conundrum…" Hōka snidely replied, rolling his eyes behind his glasses.

"As syntactically delectable as always, I see." Uzu remarked with that hallmark grin of his painting his face, "As always, an exchange with you never fails to be a delectation."

"Perhaps, though the same cannot be said for you." Hōka replied, sinking lower in his chair.

Uzu cast a chuckle in Hōka's direction, and responded, "Look, I might not be your beloved Count, but I can offer constructive criticism!"

"Criticism being the key word there…" Hōka said as he rolled his eyes and heaved a small sigh.

Seeing Hōka's unusual mood, Uzu thought of something that he felt sure to cheer Hōka up. Snapping his fingers yet again in Hōka's direction, he said, "Hey, I know what'll cheer you up!" Eliciting an unexcited sigh from Hōka, Uzu continued, "I know who Matoi ended up choosing in this whole grand scheme of mine!" Hōka raised an eyebrow in Uzu's direction as Uzu continued, "Satsuki. Hands down, apparently."

"Oh…really?" Hōka inquired, not as surprised as one would think.

"Yeah, and apparently Snake is all shaken up about it." Uzu replied, causing Hōka to droop ever so slightly. "In fact, I just passed her on my way here, out on the bleachers. She was bawling her fucking eyes out!" Uzu erupted in a burst of raucous laughter as he turned to Hōka and inquired, "Can you imagine?! The Snake, crying?! I know I couldn't until-" Uzu cut himself short as he saw that Hōka had ceased to pay attention, and was again staring off into space at the table in front of them, the majority of his face buried in the collar of his track turtleneck.

"There really is something wrong with you…" Uzu stated as he leaned in a little closer to Hōka. "I've never seen you like this. Normally, you'd jump at the opportunity to poke fun at Jakuzure if she ever was in it."

"I don't quite understand it myself." Hōka replied, "Is this what they call, 'feeling'?"

"If you have to ask yourself-no, strike that, if you have to ask me that, then you are sad…" Uzu remarked as he assumed a slouching posture, much like Hōka's, and proceeded to lean up against his high collar and state, "Alright then, spill it."

"Eh?" Hōka inquired as he rose up slightly.

"You heard me," Uzu sassily replied as he looked Hōka in the eye through the forest-green locks that dangled near his eyes, "you got a problem, and I've got a few minutes to spare."

"And you think you'll be able to help me?" Hōka halfheartedly inquired.

"Absolutely!" Uzu confidently replied, "Maybe…" he added under his breath.

"You suck at mumbling." Hōka remarked with a small grin beginning to dance about the corners of his lips.

"Alas," Uzu melodramatically began, "the plethora of things that I excel at is undermined by a modicum of failures."

"Modicum?" Hōka interjected, his tone wrought with disgust.

"Would you prefer a different term?" Uzu retorted playfully.

"I could sit here and play 'Human Thesaurus' any time I wanted to, and the result would remain the same." Hōka aloofly retorted, broadening that disgusting grin of Uzu's.

"Then let's just get on with it all, no?" Uzu inquired as he rolled his shoulders in a playful manner.

"Well alright then, Edmond Dantès!" Hōka replied, putting a slight French accent on the Count's name.

"En-chan-tè…" Uzu smugly responded, putting emphasis on every syllable.

Hōka sighed as he leaned further back in his chair, and began, "I don't know…I just feel like I'm missing something, you know…Ever since this whole ordeal started, ever since I started watching it all unfurl, I felt uneasy." Hōka sighed as he continued, "I know it's not like me to care about affairs of the heart, nor is it like me to know much about things of that nature in the first place, but, I feel like this time is an exception…" Hōka shook his head from side to side for a few seconds before he went on to say, "I just can't bear the thought of Nonon getting hurt…" Hōka chuckled as he continued, "That sound absolutely outlandish, but I felt like things were progressing between us in recent days. I felt like we stopped hating each other as much as we once did, and were going somewhere. I felt like we were-" Hōka turned to Uzu to see that Uzu was intently gazing at him with eyes that seemed hellbent on focusing on Hōka and Hōka alone. Intimidated by Uzu's obscure determination, Hōka remarked, "Wow, you really are interested in this…"

"Hey, Hōka," Uzu began as he continued to glare down Hōka, "can I ask you something?"

"Uh, sure…" Hōka unconfidently replied.

Uzu raised a finger and pointed at Hōka's icy locks as he inquired, "When was the last time you washed your hair?"

Stunned by the inquiry, Hōka replied, "…What?"

"Your hair just always looks greasy and slicked up as shit, so I want to know, that's all." Uzu responded as he gazed on at Hōka's mop, making him all the more self-conscious.

"Do you mean to tell me that you haven't been listening at all?!" Hōka snapped as he rose up out of his chair.

"No, I've been listening, and it sounds like love." Uzu flatly replied, "Anyways, hair? Wash? When?"

Shocked by the words that just left Uzu's mouth, Hōka stuttered out, "L-L-Love?"

"Yeah, you know, butterflies in the stomach and shit?" Uzu replied as he made a flitting motion with his two hands, "You know what, I don't even care about your hair anymore…"

"I didn't care if you cared about my follicular abnormalities in the first place…" Hōka commented, rolling his eyes.

A subtle silence drifted over them that was only filled by the sound of computer fans and standard fans alike whirring as they kicked up dust here and there. After a few minutes, Uzu yawned as he said, "Bleachers."

Hōka picked up his head and inquired, "What?"

"Deaf and nearsighted?" Uzu retorted playfully, "I said she's at the bleachers. If you want to do anything, go for it." Uzu leveled his gaze with Hōka's bespectacled face and continued, "Frankly, I'm just in this for the kicks."

Hōka scoffed at Uzu's attitude and rose up out of his chair as he replied, "I wouldn't expect any more of you…" then trudged towards the door. Uzu began to chuckle at the whole ordeal, but cut himself short when Hōka called behind him, "Oh, and by the way…"

"…Yes?" Uzu inquired, amusement running wild in his voice.

After a brief silence, Hōka replied, "I just use a lot of gel in my hair…I have awful bedhead when I wake up." before slamming the door shut behind him.

Uzu looked back over his shoulder at the door just as it slammed, and saw something he hadn't seen in a long time; something that brought a smile to his face that was genuine more than it was mischievous.

Hōka, walking away, towards the bleachers, smiling.


Nonon sat on the bleachers, face buried in her hands, and tears gently cascading down her face. He sniffled as she remembered the moment the messages came across all too well. She still had them open on her phone next to her:

Um, listen…There's no easy way to say this, so I'll just say it…I can't keep going out with you. I'm sorry, and understand that I still like you as a person, but I'm just not feeling the connection that I'm looking for.

I'm sorry.

I hope we can still be friends.

Have a good Spring Break…

A chilly breeze drifted through the air, the type of breeze that's almost unnaturally chilly. It came at just the perfect time to ruffle up Nonon's hair, and carried the essence of Spring on it. The scent of leaves and cherry blossom that drifted in from the park not too far away, freshly cut grass, and the slightest traces of Sandalwood that Nonon deduced to be from the open window to Aikuro Mikisugi's classroom. Nonon removed her hands from her face long enough to fix her bangs, and took the opportunity to wipe a few errant tears from her face.

However, as she performed this endeavor, a voice called from the base of the bleachers, "Nonon!"

Nonon turned her head to see a somewhat exhausted looking Hōka, and called, "Dog?!" through sniffles as she cleared herself up.

Hōka ascended the bleachers, his dark blue sneakers clanging against the metal as he went, and replied, "Um…so…"

"What're you doing here?!" Nonon exclaimed as she shot out of her seat, surprising Hōka enough to knock him off his center of gravity momentarily.

When Hōka regained his balance, he took a second to mire at Nonon's unusually simplistic outfit; a pair of white short shorts and a v-neck pink top that came down to just above her cleavage.

Outfits aside, Hōka continued on up and replied, "I heard from a certain someone that you were…turned down, to put it gently." as he finally reached her level, he continued, "So, I thought I should come up to offer solace."

Nonon gave a heavy "Humph! And what makes you think I need your help?!" as she wiped a final tear out of the corner of her right eye and sniffed one last time.

"Whether you like it or not, you've got me, alright?" Hōka replied as he sat down and patted the seat next to him, beckoning for Nonon to sit (an offer that she begrudgingly accepted), and inquired, "So, anything in specific you want to talk about…or…?"

"It's just…weird, you know?" Nonon replied, catching Hōka off guard.

"Elucidate." Hōka responded, his face as deadpan as ever.

"Well, it's a bizarre emptiness." Nonon explained as she leaned back and stared up at the sky, "I just feel like I had someone that I could open up to. Someone that I could be with if things got crazy…someone that I could learn to care about."

"Learn?" Hōka inquired. "Well there's your problem…"

"Oh yeah?" Nonon snidely inquired, "Speak, Dog."

"A relationship built on initial infatuations and sexual acts might as well just be admiration." Hōka explained as he stood up and a breeze began to pick up, ruffling his glacial locks and making them almost feathery, "No, a relationship must be caring from the start. You have to care if the person lives or dies, you have to care about what that person does, what they like and dislike, who they're with, even if it seems overbearing. Like your doing that is your saying 'I love you' to them, that groan of disdain is that person's way of saying 'I love you' back." Hōka ran his fingers through his hair and continued, "And it's not something that you can just build in an instant. That's the point of a relationship. You have to develop this care and love overtime, else, like I said, it might as well just be admiration." Hōka turned to Nonon and inquired, "So, which was it you felt for Ryuko? Love? Admiration?"

Nonon dwelled on that inquiry for a few minutes, stunned by this bold and brash side of Hōka. She began to wonder if he was always like this, and she just hadn't noticed due to how much she had always undermined him, but quickly dismissed the thought and then responded, "I…I think it was admiration…"

Hōka's lips formed into a slight smile as he replied, "I thought so…" Nonon sulked at the fact, but Hōka picked her back up by saying, "but, I'm not saying you're hopeless." Nonon grimaced up at Hōka who continued, "In fact…" he swallowed, then said, "you've got someone who loves you right here."

Neither of the two said anything for a solid minute, but Nonon then shrieked, "WHAT?!" in reply as she shot out of her seat.

"At least, that's what I've been told it is…" Hōka sheepishly added, only adding to Nonon's confusion.

"But, when did you-?!" Nonon began, only to be interrupted by Hōka,

"Awhile now. I think since we started high school…"

"Then why didn't you-?!" Nonon began again, only to meet the same interruptor.

"Too meek. Didn't fit my character. You understand."

Nonon sat down on the bench and tried to grasp what was happening right now, only to feel Hōka's surprisingly warm hand on her shoulder as he said, "I know it's bizarre, I know it's unorthodox, and I know you might not feel the same way…but it's how I feel. If you're the trainer, then I'm your dog. If you're the light, then I'll be your shadow. And if you're in love with me," Hōka paused as he moved in close to Nonon's flushed face, "then I'm in love with you, Nonon Jakuzure."

Their first kiss was a light one. It lasted no more than 5 seconds, and was broken by Nonon when she drew away first, but it was warm and passionate nonetheless. Encapsulated in that kiss was a veritable cornucopia of repressed and unsure feelings that only time could prove true, of course, they had no way of knowing that. All they knew, was the sensation they felt in those few seconds, and how it was unparalleled by anything they had ever felt up until that point.

When they broke the kiss, Nonon smiled her normal snide smile and sneered, "You suck at kissing…"

Hōka chuckled, relieved to see the smile that he had secretly longed to see all this time, and replied, "Right back at you…"


Satsuki sat on the park bench just past Sakura Path; the place where this whole natty mess had begun. The place where she made a formal declaration of love war to Nonon, one that she was confident that she would emerge victorious in. As usual, she wasn't wrong. Satsuki wore a white dress shirt whose sleeves only came to just past her elbows, and a baby blue lace skirt that went from her waist (where it was held up by not only the elastic in it, but by the large knot tied in front) down to just above her knees. She gazed over the lake's surface as she anticipated her date's arrival. There existed but only two swans on this day on the lake's surface, one slightly larger than the other, whose necks were intertwined as a gesture of love. The rest of the area was fairly placid and tranquil. A subtle breeze blew through the area that smelled absolutely divine, and the grass wafted along with the wind, and the leaves rustled behind Satsuki, causing a small ruckus. As Satsuki turned around to mutter some profanity at the foliage, she saw her.

There Ryuko stood, dressed in a simple black sweatshirt with the same tattered jeans that she had worn on the first day they had met (and every day afterwards for that matter, they were her only pair), panting from exhaustion.

Few words were said in this meeting, the initial words were,

"You're late." from Satsuki, who bore an earnest smile on her face.

That was followed by a firm, "More than you know…" from Ryuko, who was nearly in tears.

From there, both parties knew what to do. Ryuko took the initial steps as she rushed towards Satsuki with arms open wide. Satsuki was playfully hesitant and Ryuko's forwardness, but accepted it, and rose up off the bench and met her half way thanks to her significantly larger strides. The two met in a beautiful embrace of arms and lips, each second seeming to carry more warmth than the one before. Though Ryuko toyed with the idea of begging entrance to Satsuki's mouth with her tongue, or allowing her hands to drift from Satsuki's back to her chest, Ryuko denied the idea in her head, thinking that it would only ruin the pure moment that they were sharing.

Upon finally breaking the kiss, Satsuki stated, "Your kissing has improved since last time. What happened?"

Ryuko blushed at the statement and replied, "Uh, nothin' much…just…call it being 'lost, but found'."

Satsuki stared at Ryuko with those dark eyes of hers, but then turned her head and buried it in her shoulder to suppress a chuckle.

"What?!" Ryuko inquired as she shook Satsuki slightly.

"'Lost, but found'?" Satsuki retorted, "Really? That may be one of the most worst analogies I've heard!"

"Ah, give it awhile, it'll grow on ya." Ryuko replied as she broke the embrace with Satsuki and grabbed her hand, intertwining their fingers.

As the two strolled down the path and out of the park, leaves and cherry blossom petals falling all around them, and the sun beaming down upon them, Satsuki stated, "Ryuko, I take it you're still living in that abandoned wing?"

Ryuko simultaneously stiffened up and became flushed at the statement as she replied, "W-Well…yeah…"

"Incorrect." Satsuki firmly replied, drawing Ryuko's attention.

"Whaddya mean, 'incorrect'?" Ryuko responded somewhat sassily and somewhat genuinely.

"What I mean is," Satsuki began, halting the couple in their tracks, "you're going to come live with me."

Ryuko gazed at Satsuki blankly for a minute, her eyes wrought with disbelief at the words Satsuki had just uttered. After about 30 seconds, Ryuko simply replied, "You can't be serious."

Satsuki simply stared down at Ryuko with those powerful, imposing eyes of hers. Eyes that showed that she was entirely serious about what she had just said. "Come on," Satsuki said as she dragged Ryuko along, "I'll show you our new apartment."

Ryuko was at a loss for everything right now. She couldn't talk, she couldn't move, she didn't even feel like she could breathe. All she knew was that all the suffering, all the adulations of homelessness, all the shadows and trickery of finding new digs every few months and scrounging for food, all the pain of being alone, was being wiped away by one wonderful woman. The one wonderful woman that Ryuko truly loved.

"Hey," Satsuki called behind her, "don't slack, and don't cry." As she said this, Ryuko did her best to stifle the sniffles and tears that were slowly streaming down her face at that moment. As Satsuki heaved a sigh that was different from the usual sighs she gave at Ryuko (which were usually due to her belligerence), this one was due to the absolute joy and elation she was feeling at the moment.

"Don't worry," Satsuki calmly said to Ryuko, "it's all ok now…"

"Hey," Ryuko managed through sobs, "Satsuki…"

"Hm?" Satsuki inquired as she turned her head back to look at the weeping face of Ryuko.

"I love you…" Ryuko said, eyes locked with Satsuki, "I love you, so much…"

Satsuki stopped in her tracks once more, bringing Ryuko to a collision with Satsuki's back side. Ryuko would've been steaming at that any other time, but this time, Satsuki's reply calmed her down.

"I love you too, Ryuko." Satsuki firmly replied. "I everything about you…"

'Those deep, ever changing eyes. Those feathery locks. That strong determination, and occasional recklessness.' Satsuki thought in that moment.

'That tall, imposing nature. That long, streaming, black hair. That protectiveness, and that bushy brow.' Ryuko thought in that moment.

Even though the two disagreed about some things, and clashed heads every now and again, their thoughts were never more alike than they were in that one moment.

'I really do love everything about you.'


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