Author's Notes: I have been bitten by the Cross-Over bug. I've had this idea since I began plotting for Blood of the Father and it won't leave me alone anymore. Because this will be taking place mostly in the Marvel Movie Universe I needed to adjust the Harry Potter timelines a little bit. Okay, a lot. Like 14 years. Harry isn't born in 1980 but 1994. This will enable him to merge with the Movie timelines without too much tweaking. For the first few chapters, the story will take place in the Iron Man I & II movies. I will not be expanding into Thor or Captain America, however it will progress into the Avengers movie. I've seen Iron Man III but doubt I will be following the movies beyond Avengers.

Warning: This will not be a happy Wizarding tale. As a matter of fact, the Wizard World of Britain is a very dark and disturbing place. There will be bashing and a lot of it. James Potter was not a nice person and never will be. Dumbledore is a manipulative bastard that loves power way too much to be healthy. Tom Riddle, AKA Voldemort, is kind of the Good Guy - albeit still a homicidal maniac. I don't plan on dealing too much with the Wizarding world, but they may make an appearance or two and wanted you forewarned that they will be severely OOC than to what is in Canon.

Second Warning: There will be violence. There will be swearing. In the later chapters there will be sex - maybe even of the same sex kind. Also, the biggest warning for this story: THERE WILL BE DEATH. Yup, there will be character death(s). So, keep that in mind.

Disclaimer: Story title & excerpt at beginning of first chapter taken from the song of the same name. Harry Potter, Iron Man, Avengers, or anything else related to those fandoms is not mine. I make no profit writing this story; it is purely penned for my own enjoyment and maybe a few of you will like it too. I will not be placing this disclaimer on every chapter.

That being said; please enjoy the story.


there's no love, like your love

there's nowhere, unless you're there

I would fight for you

I'd lie for you

walk the wire for you

I'd die for you

Everything I do, I do it for you

(Bryan Adams, Michael Kamen, Robert John "Mutt" Lange)


Chapter One: As the Seventh Month Dies

June 30, 1994

Surrey, England

Petunia Dursley was pacing quietly behind her husband's chair in the living room, swaying gently with every step as she urged the bundle in her arms to sleep. The storm raging outside had waked the week old babe and she had already learned that the drone of the television seemed to calm her Ickle Dudleykins. Almost as soon as she had walked into the room he had quieted, much to Vernon's relief.

The man was content watching his Thursday evening programs and, as much as he loved his little tyke, he didn't want his down time interrupted. This was why, after a bright flash of lightning that was echoed by a crack of thunder, he was annoyed when there was a knock at their front door. He glanced back at his wife who was scowling just as much as he was.

"Take Diddy," Petunia said and transferred the now dozing infant into her husband's thick arms. "I'll be just a moment."

"Keep the chain on, Pet," Vernon Dursley instructed as he cradled his tiny son against his chest. "You never know what kind of degenerate is out in this type of weather."

The woman nodded as she made her way out of the living room and into the entry, cracking the front door open without removing the security chain already in place. There was no stopping the gasp that passed her lips at the rain soaked figure standing on her porch. Bright auburn hair was plastered to the young woman's head, her bare arms wrapped around her torso in an effort to keep warm, and despite the rain Petunia held no doubt that much of the water trailing down the woman's face were tears from bright jade-coloured eyes.

What surprised her most was the bulging belly of her very pregnant baby sister.

Even after not speaking to the younger woman since their parent's funeral the previous year, seeing her once beloved Lily in such a state was more than enough to soften Petunia's heart and she was quickly closing the door to remove the chain and pulling the door open fully. "Good heavens, Lily, what in God's name-"

"I need your help, Tuney." The petite woman, not much more than a girl really, was shivering fiercely as she was ushered into the home.

Clothing soaked through, her lips tinged with blue, and a tiny purse over her shoulder, twenty-years-old Lily Potter nee Evans was a sorry sight. Without any real conscious thought, Petunia nodded and ushered her sister up the stairs and into the bathroom. "Get out of those wet things," she instructed, surprising herself as she easily slid back into the role of big sister, and started the shower running. "Warm up in the shower while I gather some towels and a few things for you to wear. I'll leave them here and meet you downstairs when you're ready. We'll talk over some tea."

Fifteen minutes later, with Dudley settled in his nearby bassinet, she was waiting in the now silent sitting room waiting with her husband. Vernon was apprehensive having a Witch in the house, but Petunia had explained her sister's condition. He was not a cruel man and could not, in good conscious, chase a pregnant woman out into such weather. No matter who, or what, she was.

Dressed in some of Petunia's maternity clothing, the pregnant younger woman was sitting across from the couple and pouring a clear liquid from a small vial into her tea. Seeing their curious looks she smiled softly and touched her rounded belly. "For the baby," She told them in a whisper.

"Lily, what's going on?" Petunia asked while Lily sipped at the warm beverage.

The red head looked at her sister and husband with and sighed sadly. "You were right, Tuney, about everything." She took another drink and held the cup between her hands. "There's so much to tell you and I don't have much time, so I ask that you don't interrupt for now. Can you do that, Tuney?"

Petunia nodded and instinctively knew that what Lily had to tell her was not going to be pleasant. She reached out for Vernon's hand and held it tightly in her own.

"The world of magic is not what I thought it was," Lily began after a moment collecting her thoughts. "While wonderful and amazing, there is a dark secret that is... horrifying and it disgusts me that I am now a part of such atrocities."

"Lily, what-"

"Tuney, please," Lily pleaded, looking up and meeting her sisters gaze with tear filled eyes. "There are things you need to know - to understand - before I..." Her hands were trembling as she took another swallow of her tea. "Centuries of trying to keep their bloodlines pure have left the so called Purebloods unable to procreate. None of the families are able to conceive their own children. Decades ago began the practice of luring witches and wizards born to muggles into their world. Before the turn of the century you would never have found a student at Hogwarts that was not of a Pureblood line.

"These muggle-born witches and wizards were brought into their world to bring their new blood and power back to a world that was stagnant and dying. After their fifth year, those with the qualities they were looking for were bespelled." Lily took a shuddering breath, the tears flowing unchecked down her cheeks. "I despised James Potter one day and the next I found myself infatuated with him. Dosed with love potions and compulsion spells for months, my mind was twisted to believe that I was madly in love with the heir to the Potter family."

Petunia's grip on her husband's hand was bordering on painful, but Vernon didn't comment. He wore the same horrified and furious expression as his wife. They glanced at each other and while neither said a word it didn't need to be said that they would not be letting Lily go back to that world.

"You knew me, Tuney; knew I wanted a career and to live my life before I settled down with a husband and family. But the magic they used changed me and had me marrying the Potter scion straight after I finished at Hogwarts. It was because of them that I distanced myself from you and our parents. It's because of them that I - that I said and did what I did at their funerals. I could hear myself and in my head I was screaming; begging for you to not leave me with them!"

Lily was practically sobbing in her seat, hunched over herself and Petunia flung herself from the sofa next to her husband and knelt on the floor at Lily's feet. She moved the now empty teacup aside and clasped her baby sisters hands tightly, tears of her own falling down her cheeks.

"James is infertile," Lily choked out, placing a hand on her belly. "This is not his child! With the help of his friends, James searched London for a man - any man - who could pass for a Potter in appearance. When they found him I was sent to seduce him. I slept with him several times until I conceived his child then left him even though he professed to have loved me. He loved me, Tuney! Freely and honestly and I - I was suppose to kill him after I was certain I was pregnant, but I - I couldn't! I loved him too! Underneath the potions and compulsions, I loved him too!"

Petunia felt her heart breaking for her sister as she listened to the horrors her Lily Flower had endured.

"I have been fed potions with James' blood," Lily continued brokenly. "They will ensure that the baby born will be magical and possess the Potter family magic. When the baby is born James with perform a ritual that will bind the child to him and his family line. But their magic is corrupted. Once the ritual is complete, my child will be unable to have any of its own. The cycle will start again. And now... Their world is at War, Tuney and a prophecy has been made. A child will be born that will be have the power to end the war. He will be made a weapon and used by whatever side that can possess him."

"Your child..." Vernon growled, reminding both women that he was still there.

Lily nodded. "My son. The prophecy states the child will be born as the seventh month dies and my baby is due to be born near the end of July. He's powerful, so very powerful! I can feel the magic already growing inside him. He is what has given me the strength to fight the potions and spells that have controlled me all these years."

Gasping suddenly, her face contorted with pain, Lily doubled over in her chair. The woman only remained in the seat because Petunia held her there.

"Lily!" Petunia exclaimed when her sister lurched. "Lily, what is it?"

Panting for breath, Lily looked up at her sister. "I won't let them," the woman hissed through clenched teeth. She cried out and her arms wrapped around her swollen belly.

That was when the blood showed through the clothing she wore. Blood flowed from between her legs and Petunia screeched for her husband to call 9-9-9. She moved Lily from the chair to the floor, laying her out even as her own child began wailing at the commotion. "Oh god, lily!"

Lily was panting for breath and paling quickly. She grasped her sister's hand in a vice like grip and when she spoke her voice was strong and determined despite her obvious pain. "I won't let them have my baby!"

Terrifying understanding flooded Petunia and she gaped at her sister. "What did you do?!"

"In my tea... Severus gave me... saved my son... transfers my magic to my child and induces labour..." the redhead screamed and her head thrashed back into the floor as her body went rigid. The seizure passed a moment later and Lily stared at her sister hard. "Prophecy be damned, they will not have my son!"

Vernon was suddenly behind Petunia, a wailing Dudley cradled in his arm as he tried to comfort his son. "The ambulance is on its way."

"There's not much time," Lily drew in several ragged breaths before she could continue. "When they come... in my bag upstairs..." She gasped and cried out again, contorting on the floor as the magic was stripped from her core. "Name... his name... father's name... promise me..." She screamed.

Petunia was sobbing beside her sister, barely aware of Vernon bolting out of the room, with Dudley still in his arms, and up the stairs.

"Don't... don't look..." Lily told her desperately. "If you don't know... they can't... take it from you... Vernon..."

"Vernon, don't open the bag!" Petunia shrieked, knowing her husband would hear. In the distance she could hear the sirens. "Hold on, Lily! Please!"

Lily shook her head as another tremor washed over her body, but there was no scream this time. "They won't... come here... but better safe..." She gasped and her features relaxed into a soft smile, her hand falling to her stomach. "I feel him... my magic..."

Petunia cupped Lily's face in her free hand as Vernon came back down stairs. "I'm sorry, Lily!"

Her sister leaned into her touch and sighed, her eyes drifting closed. "Love you... always love you..."

In a daze, Petunia was aware of the medics arriving and drawing her away. Only as she stepped back did she realize she had been kneeling in the ever growing pool of blood surrounding her sister. Lily was ashen and as Petunia leaned into her Husband for support she heard them say she wasn't breathing.

It was an hour later when the doctor approached Petunia and Vernon as they waited in the waiting room of Milford Hospital. They had left Dudley with the Polkiss' across the street and, after changing her clothing, followed the ambulance. When they called Lily's name, the couple stood slowly. Seeing the doctor's grim look, Vernon put his arm around his wife's shoulder.

"I'm sorry," the physician said once they were led into a private office. "The blood loss proved too great."

Petunia gave a soft sob and buried her face into Vernon's chest. Despite his apprehension he felt for his wife's sister and what she was, after hearing her story he couldn't stop the pity and remorse he felt at her passing. "And the baby?"

"The medics kept her heart going with CPR until they reached the hospital. The baby was removed from the womb with no complications. Would you like to see him?"

"No," Petunia said quietly before Vernon could respond. She sat up and wiped the tears from her face, holding out Lily's purse for the doctor. "My sister was in an abusive relationship, Doctor," she lied flawlessly. "Her husband was controlling her for years and came after her the one time she managed to escape him. During that time she met and fell in love with the baby's father - her husband is infertile. Inside is the name she wished for the baby as well as the name of the baby's father. She asked me not to look at either. What I don't know I can't tell."

The doctor was frowning as he took the purse from her. "Mrs. Dursley, do I need to involve the police?"

She shook her head. "Her husband has... connections. Nothing would come of it. I would, however, ask you to find the baby's father discretely. And, perhaps, lose the record of my sister's passing."

This had both Vernon and the physician gaping at her. "Mrs. Dursley-"

"If they are looking for a living woman," Petunia interrupted with steel in her voice, "they will not come looking for her son. Despite not being his, her husband's infertility is secret and he would not want to face questions as to why he is not looking for his wife and child. He will come looking for the baby, Doctor."

There was a moment of silence before the physician spoke again. "If I do this, Mrs. Dursley, you will be unable to claim her body and she will be interred in a nameless grave. Do you truly want that for your sister?"

"My sister gave her life trying to protect her child," Petunia said resolutely. "She admitted to me when she collapsed that she had put something in her tea to induce labour. She no doubt knew it would cost her her life. Do you truly believe a woman who would go to such lengths would oppose what must be done to continue protecting her son?"

He must have seen something in her eyes as after a moment of silence he nodded. "I will have your sister listed as a Jane Bloggs and before her passing named the child and the boy's father."

Once the couple left his office, the doctor opened the tiny purse. It contained only two sealed envelopes, one address to My Son and the other My Beloved, and a single piece of paper. When he read what was written on the paper he inhaled sharply.

To whom it may concern,

If the herbs I ingested work as I have been told they will, I will not have the chance to tell you what you must know for my son. I ask that you name him Harold Anthony, after my father and the father of my child. If you are capable of it, please find him and tell him we had a son. When you speak with him he will have known me as Elizabeth, I never gave him a family name. However, if he questions it, you can tell him he used to call me the one with the Jaded Eyes. He is an American and his name is Anthony Edward Stark.


July 12, 1994

Surrey, England

Harold Anthony Stark.

He had a son.

Anthony 'Tony' Stark, twenty-three-years-old world infamous billionaire playboy, stood in front of the large windows looking into the sterile maternity ward of Milford Hospital in Surrey, England. The rows of see through bassinets were intimidating, but none more so than the occupied one being wheeled toward the window by a smiling nurse. The small bundle lying within was squirming, tiny arms and legs flailing about with absolutely no coordination. The woman was cooing as she swaddled the babe in a blue and white blanket before cradling the child and turning so Tony could see its face.

His face.

His son's face.

Good God, he had Elizabeth's eyes!

Bright green eyes, wide in wonder as it took in everything the world as he knew it had to offer, settled on Tony's stunned visage and never wavered. A large body sidled up beside the new father with a chuckle.

"Your father wore the same expression the first time he saw you." Obadiah Stane, his father's long time friend and business partner, stood beside Tony with an amused grin.

"He's really mine?" Tony asked breathlessly, but the older man heard him and nodded.

"Paternity tests confirmed it, DNA comparisons would just be a formality." Obadiah took a step forward, wiggling his index finger at the babe that had now turned its eyes toward the man. "His eyes are incredible! Baby's are usually born with blue eyes."

"They're Elizabeth's eyes." Tony hesitantly followed the man closer to the glass, a soft smile creeping unbidden onto his face as he thought of the woman. "They were what first drew me to here; such a vibrant green and how they shined, Obi! She is - was beautiful. Beautiful, smart - god! She had a temper on her but her smile..."

The older man glanced at Tony in surprise. "You really loved her, didn't you?"

"She was more than the others, Obi. You would have liked her." The smile faded and he turned to his advisor. "The doctors here, they know nothing more about her?"

Obadiah shook his head. "Only what was written in the note. Tony, Elizabeth wasn't even her real name."

"Who she was doesn't matter. All that does is that she is - was the mother of my son." With a sigh, Tony turned back to the baby in the window. He held his hand up, touching the glass as if caressing his son's face. "I want her body with us when we take him home."

"You're going to keep him?" Obadiah asked, unable to hide the astonishment in his voice.

"He's my son, Obi!" Tony said incredulously. "I may do many reprehensible things, but one thing I will never do is abandon a child that is mine. Yes, Obi, I will be keeping my son. And I want to take his mother's body back to the States with us where she can have a proper burial and her son can visit her grave."

"You don't even know her name, Tony!"

"Then I'll give her mine!" He snapped. "Had I known she was pregnant I would have never let her leave! I would have married her and made her mine and God help me, Obadiah, I will do it even if she's gone!"

"All right," the man conceded, raising his hands in surrender. "All right, Tony. I'll make it happen. It may take a few weeks, but I'll contact the Lawyers back home and we'll get things started."

"And have them alter his birth certificate." Tony told the man. "I don't want his mother listed as a Jane Doe - or whatever name they give them here. Her name was Elizabeth Jade Stark."

"I'm not your assistant, Tony." Obadiah afforded the younger man a small smile before walking off to find the doctor he had spoken to earlier.

"I'm going to need one of those," the genius started mumbling to himself as he watched the nurse settle into a rocking chair to feed his son a bottle. "Make sure I don't lose myself in the labs anymore. And a Nanny. And I'll need to call the contractor and have him change the blueprints to the house in Malibu; we'll need a nursery right next door to mine. And daycare at the Office for when he's older. And a bodyguard. Bodyguards. Lots of bodyguards..."

A smile found its way to his lips when the nurse, who was obviously talking to the baby, and pointed at Tony. Her lips formed words but he could only understand one.


He had a son.

Harold Anthony Stark.



July 31, 1994

Hogwarts, Scotland

Sybill Trelawney gave a happy sigh as she looked around her new accommodations. Not large or luxurious by any means, she was still content with how things had turned out. She must have really impressed Headmaster Dumbledore during her interview a couple months ago if he had offered her the Divination teacher position she had applied for after a single meeting.

And now, here she was! In her very own tower in Hogwarts! With her very own house elf to cater to her wants and a welcoming bottle of Sherry, gifted to her by Albus Dumbledore himself. Such a generous man!

As she picked up the bottle that had been waiting for her arrival, she was unaware of the spell the washed over her the instant she touched the liquor. She had intended on setting it aside, a keepsake to show her friends and future children (Why yes, it really was a gift from THE Albus Dumbledore!) but the spell had her unsealing the bottle and drinking from it. Once ingested, the potion laced liquor would see the poor woman a slave to the bottles the house elf Dumbledore had assigned would provide.

Inebriated, she would be near unconscious when the clock began to strike midnight. She would be unaware of her body going rigid or speaking in a voice not her own.

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord has been lost ... born of she who defied the Fates, lost as the seventh month dies... and the Dark Lord will know him not, but he will have power untold... hidden unseen in the Land of Gold, reclaim as a child lest Merlin's land will wither and die... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord has been lost as the seventh month dies...

She would not know that, as the final chime resounded through Hogwarts, a private jet was departing Heathrow Airport and carrying away the British Wizarding World's last hope.