- November 16, 2016 -

Humanity defeats the Ethereal invaders using reverse engineered tech from invaders. November 16th designated international holiday. With knowledge stolen from mind controlled Uber-Ethereal, Psi-volunteer Evangeline Shepard reveals Ethereal reason for invasion. Humanity was uplifted as a desperate attempt to fight back against a hidden psionic alien species. (All info classified under Black ops project, Codenamed: Leviathan) Due to combat on-board, the temple ship is unstable and the Uber ethereal is forced to pilot it into space where it was destroyed by psychic/black-hole/explosion.

- December 2016-

United Nations reformed into one global government: The Human Alliance. Wartime preparations started in case of Ethereal survivors. Using firestorm interceptors dark side of the moon was mapped, Ethereal remnants base discovered.

- January 2017 -

After a month long siege, Ethereal base is cleared out of remnants. Human colonization and occupation of moon underway. Alliance command designs plans to create Luna Base. Converting Moon into star-ship Shipyard/XCOM HQ.

- February 2017 -

Thousands of people worldwide are reporting psychic phenomena. XCOM testing reveals that the psionic potential has risen several magnitudes, it is confirmed that almost 90% of humanity holds psychic potential of various levels. Gene modification is now tested as a part of Earth Military, results are promising. Further discoveries were made into the Ethereal troops, it's discovered that the troops were all either factory made or clone soldiers. Dozens of new gene modifications are made from the genetic information, but the decision is made to not clone any of the aliens.

- July 2017 -

Dozens of breakthroughs have been made by reverse engineering Ethereal factories on the moon. Elerium 115, Ethereal Alloy, Meld, Ships and weapons undergo mass production. Alliance Military commissions numerous combat capable space ships. Due to unanimous global support production and alien tech support construction moves quickly. With Drone accelerated construction Luna Base is expected to be fully created by 2020.

- December 2017 -

Another Psi-soldier is used to test the Ethereal Communication Device. The machine reacts unexpectedly, amplifying the Soldiers psionic ability. Several more tests are created, each showing unexpected results. The Ethereal device forces high level psionics to higher levels but gives unimaginable strain to the user's brain, resulting in high risks of stroke, coma, hemorrhaging and other brain damage. Volunteers are now classed as XCOM Black Ops and classified as super soldiers due to their unbelievable levels of combat efficiency.

- March 2018 -

The First XCOM Super-carrier and Flagship, Gaia's Shield, is completed. The 5000 Meter long carries thousands of Hellfire fighters (upgraded firestorms) and holds enough weapons to take on a small Ethereal fleet by itself. Super Carriers Gaia's Sword and Gaia's Bow are expected to be ready by December. Alliance Military continues mass production of ships, already have over one thousand combat ready ships however at least 3/4ths are frigates. Due to wartime preparation number of civilian spacecraft is less than a hundred.

- August 2019 -

After hundreds of failures an unmanned Mechanized Exoskeleton Cybersuit (MEC) Suit is made. Controlled by a drone core rather than a human pilot the MEC Drones have only a fraction of an MEC Soldier's Combat effectiveness, but this problem is made up by their superior tools and armament. Original Psi-Volunteer Evangeline Shepard dies from brain hemorrhage, the Alliance mourns her passing. A focus is made on increasing the lifespans of the Psi-Volunteers.

- September 2019 -

MEC Drones are made in massive numbers to reinforce all combat units. Alliance Military Expects a 1:1 Ratio to be made by 2025. Morale of soldiers is raised by the fact that drones can be used in hostile environments, drastically reducing casualties. Gene Modification has become commonplace in the military. While not required, most if not all choose to become modified. Due to concerns for abuse, gene modifications require the soldier to remain in the military for the remainder of their lives. Soldiers who become to old or injured to continue can elect to be refitted as an MEC Soldier or join command.

- December 2019 -

Increasing concerns about the number of crew needed to properly maintain the Alliance Fleet is addressed with the "trinity system" For every one human crew member one VI Pilot and MEC Engineer is assigned to every ship. A thirty percent increase in efficiency is noticed immediately.

- January 2020 -

Humanity creates hundreds of deep space probes using Ethereal technology and launches them across the galaxy, searching for any sign of the Etherials. Several groups propose looking for other alien life as well, but distrust and scars due to the Etherials cause many more to shoot down such a motion. Unknown to the general public a explosive device is hidden inside the probes, made to detonate at the slightest hint of tampering. Dozens of probes are destroyed by Asteroids or space debris.

- April 2022 -

Luna base is proclaimed complete. The XCOM super base covers nearly 3/4ths of the moon. Materials are excavated from beneath the moon's surface and shipped to the earth for processing. With Luna Base completed Alliance military begins work on a satellite weapons system combining stealth satellite technology and the original firestorms technology. Manned by drones, the individual satellites would be able to shoot down any detected craft. If a hostile target was too much for one satellite the drones could coordinate with each other to destroy or cripple the threat. All human ships are encoded with an IFF transponder. The Alliance decides to include the new "Archangel" Network on any colony world.

- July 2030 -

The Firestorm mining company takes number one in their line of work due to their unorthodox method of gathering materials using retrofitted XCOM Firestorms. Several NASA Terra-forming programs are tested on Mars with minor success. Several designs for a Terra-forming factory are dismissed, requiring too much power to be useful. Alliance Command allows the commission of an Elerium 115 power plant. The expected output for the facility would fuel several terraform factories at once. Three power plants are commissioned. Mars Terra-forming is expected to take less than ten years.

- September 2030 -

An unusual formation is noticed during a Mars Geological Survey. Further investigation revealed it to be an unknown alien facility of different design than the Etherials. Alliance high command is Alerted, and dispatches Sword-0: XCOM's Black Ops. The facility is raided, but no signs of Extraterrestrials are found. XCOM scientists determine that the ruins are an archive from another species and that facility is over fifty millennium old. An XCOM base is established over the ruins, under 24/7 guard by XCOM Black Ops. News of the facility is hidden from Earth, allowing the terraform project to continue on schedule.

- 2040 -

Humanity has spent a decade reverse engineering technology and learning history from the "Prothean" archives. Alliance is concerned by the data discovered. A priority is made to find any and all weaknesses in Prothean Technology. A Warning message about the Reapers is discovered furthering Alliance concerns about an upcoming alien threat. The Mass Effect relay is located and forced out of the system using externally attached thrusters. The loss of the relay creates a need for a substitute transport system.

- 2041 -

The Entire Alliance military is refitted with mass accelerator resistant armor and shield piercing weapons. By combining Protean Shield Technology with Elerium power supplies and Ethereal Alloy plating, the Standard issue Titan Armor was made impenetrable by replica Prothean mass accelerator rifles, however Prothean Particle weapons could break the shielding after several minutes of constant sustained fire. Due to the superiority of the Fusion lance and laser technology, most if not all of the military ships declined the mass accelerator guns. Instead Civilian craft were supplied the technology as self-defense weapons.

- 2042 -

Mars Terraform Project is declared a complete success, Alliance Space Administration (ASA) begins looking for other worlds to terraform nearby. Several worlds are considered, but without proper transport the plans have to be shelved. Weariness from the constant war preparation has begun to wear on the common people of the Alliance. To prevent power from being taken from the military, information about the reaper threat is "leaked" to the public. The whistle blower is arrested and "executed" fanning the flames and "forcing" the alliance to confirm that the reaper threat was known about. All resistance to the ever increasing military is gone before Christmas.

- 2070 -

Rough plans are made for a new way to use the mass Relays. using the new system a ship would warp itself to a targeted relay, without having to use the paired relay. Several Tests are conducted, however the new system is not as stable as needed. Eight out of ten tests recorded the unmanned test ships crashing into the targeted relay. While the science is solid, the targeting system using the relay network's on-board systems allows too much error for the relay-less system to be effective.

- 2071 -

All Habitable planets in the Sol System are undergoing various levels of colonization. (Neptune, Pluto, Mars, Earth) Many are worried that without a viable means of transportation further expansion and colonization programs would be pointless, a noticeable drop in enthusiasm for space travel is noted.

- 2075 -

A new Virtual Intelligence System is created to use the Link-free relay system. The Unmanned tests prove the system works, allowing mankind to warp to any system with a mass relay from anywhere. A solution is looked into about how to return ships to the Sol system. Without a mass relay the system allows people to expand, but not to return. Alliance Military realizes that the ever expanding boarders are going to require heavier numbers to effectively protect.

- 2080 -

Mars' Capital City of Evangeline is completed. While hundreds of other cities are under construction, most lack the population to be called real cities. The Alliance Fleet celebrates the Creation of its fifty-thousandth ship. Thirty-five Super-carriers (5000 meters), Five-hundred Science Vessels (2000 meters), Hundreds of combat ready training or medical ships (1.5km-2.5km) , One-Thousand Dreadnaughts (8km), over Ten thousand regular carriers (2.5km), and thousands of other ships all waiting for war with the unmet enemies of humanity.

- 2093-

By random chance an xcom scientist turns the XCOM Hyperwave Array into a way to help humanity with the problem of returning to the Sol system without a mass relay. Calling it the Hyperwave Emitter, it was little more than a Hyperwave beacon mounted on a Satellite using Deep space sensors, the Alliance fleet could use the new style of Satellite to lock onto like a mass relay. With the release of the new technology many colony ships are commissioned and prepared to launch withing the next several years.

- 2095 -

With Mass colonization of the stars planned humanity searches for an effective means of communication with itself across the stars. Replicas of the Ethereal Communication device are devised, using Psi-Volunteers a means of instantaneous communication is devised. Volunteer recruitment nearly triples as a result, allowing for at least one member of the XCOM Black Ops for every colony planed.

- January 2100 -

Humanity's next "Seed" world is picked and designated Shanxi. The colonization is overseen by three alliance science vessels and several medical ships. No transforming is needed and the natural Earth-like conditions make the transition to the new world much easier. Alliance Military keep note of a nearby Mass Relay, but decide not to remove it to allow an opportunity for a peaceful first contact. Several Carriers and a dreadnought are assigned to Shanxi's protection.

- 2127 -

The Alliance military is unnerved by a lack of discovered alien life. A new round of stealth observation ships and MEC Drones are created to scout out the mass relay systems. The Ships are assigned two MEC Soldier to command the ship and a dozen MEC Drones to crew it. Each ship is given a Nuclear Self-destruct Device and Hyperwave Relay to use. While widely considered a suicide mission many MECs consider it an honor to be chosen for the task.

- 2140 -

Humanity's first MEC Soldier, David Leon Roberts (XCOM's Black Knight), celebrates his one hundred and fiftieth birthday - which is over one hundred and twenty six years after becoming a MEC Soldier. Shortly after his hometown celebration, he was arrested for deploying fireworks from a retired firestorm.

- 2148 -

Several MEC Scouts return carrying data from various Alien species identified as the Turians, Quarians, Asari and Salarians. The gathered information is kept under lock and Key by XCOM and Alliance Command. The Information is mostly cultural information and scattered rumors of military power. Alliance command uses the new data to implement several combat plans in the event of hostile contact. Shanxi is marked by the alliance as under risk due to dangerous proximity to Turian territory. Two Super-carriers and several Dreadnoughts are assigned to the planet's protection.

- 2150 -

Shanxi celebrates it's fiftieth year after colonization. The Seed world's estimated three-hundred million spend a week celebrating the successful founding of a seed world outside the sol system. The Alliance military are concerned with an increasing number of Turian patrols spotted by scout ships, however command choose to ignore the ships in favor of increased patrols and ships. A Science vessel is assigned a project to determine a method to shut down a mass relay and prevent its use.

- 2154 -

Despite years of study, no progress has been made in determining how to control the mass relay near Shanxi. To prevent Turian detection the Science Vessel and its three Frigate escort are equipped with Stealth technology and assigned a Psi-Volunteer for its defense Concerns are made about the Science vessel's lack of effective weapons and Armor, however Alliance Command believes that the stealth technology and armament would be enough.

- 2157 -

The Scientific Team studying The Shanxi Relay report they were attacked by Turian Ships without provocation. The Science Vessel, The Navarro, was reported destroyed by Sustained fire from several Turian Cruisers firing disruptor torpedoes. The Escort activated stealth and retreated to Shanxi.