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Cry No More

Prologue: Pain

"I'll teach you to cheat on me, you ungrateful bitch!" Kenshi hollered, his fist connecting with the jaw of his wife in a powerful swing. The young woman stumbled backwards, against the couch and fell, ended up sitting on it. "I didn't cheat on you!" she cried out, shielding her face with her arms to keep her husband from hitting her again. "No? You didn't?" Kenshi asked, his voice dangerously friendly. An outstanding person who watched this scene probably would've thought that he started to calm down again, but his wife knew that the trouble just started. "No." she whispered. "No, Kenshi, I didn't cheat on you…" "Michiru, Michiru, Michiru." Kenshi spoke, shaking his head for emphasis. "You think that I don't know about you? That I don't know about you being a sick little dyke? Hmm?" "I'm not a dyke." Michiru replied, her voice almost inaudible. "So? Then what about that blonde racer freak you seem to like so much? I know that you watch the races only because you want to see her. Too bad that she'll never take any interest in you, as ugly as you are. And besides, you are married." All of a sudden, Kenshis hand shot forward, grabbing a fistful of Michirus hair. The aqua haired woman whimpered in pain, but didn't dare to scream. "If I ever find out that you meet the racer, I'll shoot her. And then, I'll shoot you. Clear?" Michiru nodded as far as the grip of her husband allowed it, and she was satisfied when he let go of her. "Good girl. Now, let's go into the bedroom. I want to have some fun." Slowly, Michiru stood up and followed her husband into the next room…where even more pain awaited her.