Epilogue: Beautiful Morning

„Finally, Kenshi's in prison." Michiru cheered before taking another sip from her glass of wine. "Hey, cut back on the wine, or you'll get drunk." Haruka replied, laughing. Michiru grinned at her and shrugged. "And?" the aqua haired girl replied, still grinning from ear to ear. Haruka shook her head, laughing, and wrapped her arms around Michirus waist, nibbling her neck. "Hmmm." Michiru sighed happily, closing her eyes. She felt how Haruka took the wine glass out of her hand and placed it on the desk, but right now, wine was the last thing she thought about. Harukas lips wandered down her neck while the blondes slender fingers undid the buttons of Michirus blouse, then slid the piece of clothing down her lovers shoulders until it fell to the floor. Michiru moaned in surprise and pleasure when Harukas hands undid her bra and then gently stroke her breasts. "Haruka…" she moaned, her head falling back, landing on the blondes shoulder. "Shht." Haruka whispered into her ear. With one swift move, the blonde scooped Michiru up in her arms and carried her into the living room, gently laying her down on the couch and positioning herself over her. They started to kiss deeply, Harukas hands running over her lover's body. "Tonight, I'm all yours." Haruka whispered into her lover's ear as soon as the kiss had stopped. "Just lean back, and let me pleasure you." Michiru nodded, unable to speak, and soon found herself even unable to think. Haruka really knew how to pleasure a woman.

The next morning, Michiru awoke on the living room couch, much to her surprise. She found herself lying half on the couch, half on top of Haruka, covered with a soft blanket, the blonde's arms wrapped around her, holding her in a tight, yet gentle embrace. "Hey." Michiru whispered, causing Haruka to stir. "Hey, Haruka. Wake up, love." Haruka groaned and opened one eye too look at her partner. "What is it?" she them mumbled, closing her eye again. "Don't you wanna get up?" Michiru giggled, kissing Harukas cheek afterwards. "No. Not now. Later." Haruka replied, already halfway back in dreamland. "Aww." Michiru gushed. "You're not a morning person, right?" Haruka shook her head, and Michiru giggled again. "Fine then. Then I'll get up and make break…" "Noo." Haruka interrupted her. "Stay here with me. Please?" she opened her eyes only to give the most adorable, cutest pair of puppy eyes Michiru had ever seen. The aqua haired girl smiled and nodded. "Alright. If you want me to stay here so badly, I will." She agreed. Haruka smiled and closed her eyes again, her arms tightening around Michirus waist once more. "I love you." The blonde whispered, gently stroking Michirus back. "I love you, too." Michiru replied, sudden happiness flooding her soul. This was the most beautiful morning she ever had had in her life. And deep down inside, she knew that much more of them followed. From now on, every morning would be a beautiful morning.