Notes from the author.

Yes, here it is, the start of the sequel to legend of the sam'kemesa. I just wanted to be honest with everyone on this and say, in my most humblest of opinions, I never really liked sequels. In my experience, with very few exceptions, they are never as good as the origanal. That is the reason it has been a long time. The first story was already in my head, before I even started writing it. The next one, while I have a general idea, is not fully developed in my mind. Still, who knows? maybe I can create one of those exceptions.

This prolouge overlaps with some of the events of the final chapter of Sam'kemesa, remade as an intro of sorts. Consider it a quick 'get back into it' chapter. I should have the first chapter up soon.

In any case, here it is. I hope you enjoy it.


Prolouge - Rebirth of the dark king.


He did not know how much time had passed.

It did not matter.

That one thought alone was all that mattered.

"I will get my revenge on you and your descendants!"

Those words forever echoed in the void. He had resided here, in this bleak place, for what he believed to be almost an eternity. The boy and the sages, they had trapped him in a world without substance. A place of purity of heart, solely intended for higher beings.

More time passed.

How much, he could never know. Perhaps time did not exist as well… After all, what good was time with nothing to act on it? No, time was certainly meaningless. There was northing but the void to see. No place to stand, nothing to touch. He craved to have a single feeling that could distract him from his continuing thoughts. Only one emotion kept him going.


That primal emotion was targeted on a single boy.

His mind started to quieten. The tedium of standing in perpetual freefall was starting to press heavily in his mind. If anything, he could only describe this place as a perpetual hell- with no end and no beginning.

He had one piece of the Triforce. That single piece, which gave him that which he most wanted.


Power was the end and start of everything, for the great king. He grew up knowing this to absolute certainty. Power was all that mattered. The wisest of men could not topple one who had the greatest power. The greatest of courage could never prevail against an ultimate being.

But he was proved wrong. The boy, with the Triforce of courage, he alone stood against all that he set against him. Yes, that boy alone managed the impossible.

Suddenly, he felt something.

Pain! He remembered pain from before. It was wonderful to feel something after so long. It reminded him he was alive; a separate entity, not a part of the bland and featureless sacred realm. However, pain usually meant something bad was happening. The Triforce on his hand glowed.

"No!!!" He shouted.

It was ripped from him in an instant. He tried to reach for it, screaming for its return. It started to vanish, obviously pass the seal of the sages. It was now forever beyond his reach.

They had taken it from him.

The enormity of the crime took a full minute before he could react. "Impossible! They can't have! How dare they! The sages had this power? Why did they not use it before?" The questions continued to cycle.

He was now truly alone.

Without the Triforce, he was as good as dead in this world of nothingness. He guessed that was better, then what was proposed before.

The world started to shake. He felt his being stretch and compress, as if the universe was cracking around him. Fine! He has had enough of this place. "Let the afterlife take me then!"

More time passed. He swore he could hear the sounds of battle, and a furious battle at that. It came from everywhere. Sounds of steel and magic echoed into his ears. Had they come to fight him now again? He could hear a voice. He could never forget that voice. The boy; "Link…"

He caught a glimpse of a portal. He tried to rise to it, but it was pushing against him. This portal was definitely only one way, into his world. He could feel the sages' power emanating from it.

Gannon strained his eyes in the light it generated. "Who's there?" He felt something else too. It was a darkness he knew very well. After all, he was the one that created it. He tried to speak to it by its name. "Dark Link, has my shadow returned?" He thought it destroyed and lost in the forgotten history.

The shadow responded to his call. All magical creatures, if called by their true name reacted so. However, its expression was full of hate and anger.

"More… much more then you will ever know," the dark creature stated almost insanely.

Gannon could see it now. And the Triforce! All three pieces were right there in front of him! With lustful greed, he laid his hands upon it. The dark shadow came to his side, drawn back into Gannon's being.

Gannon felt a surge of power ripple though him in an instant. This shadow was indeed more then what he created, much more. It joined with him, bonding memories and experience. A new madness came upon him, a madness that was strong enough to create a new world in his image.

He was no longer the King of thieves, or the Gerudo for that matter. He was something infinitely more.

He placed his hands on the Triforce. With no one else in the void, the Triforce was incapable of splitting this time. Visions of the world he wanted started to flow, the holy symbol watching every though of its new master.

"I wish to rule the world!"


The King of Evil smiled.


All of Hyrule was a celebration, called on by the royal family of Hyrule.

It was a warm day, the sun shone bright and clear. The market place was selling just about everything at discounts. People danced, cheered, sang and talked about the great days they knew were ahead. Naturally, rumours spread at each discussion. Everyone wanting to know just what was this celebration truly about?

Not everyone knew the full truth, that they came so close to destruction just the other day, except the royal family.

Some of them, particularly those that dabble in magical arts, knew something terrible was averted. Even those that had no magical ability, their subconscious minds detected an otherwise unperceivable threat. A threat, that no longer existed.

Regardless, all on Hyrule saw the magical energies that were consuming the world, thrown like gigantic comets into the air, smashing and destroying everything in their path. They were still uncertain if nobody was hurt during those violent eruptions of untamed and unnatural magic.

Of course, even the magic users did not know the identity of their saviour.


"What news is there of Link?" asked Zelda. She was dressed regally, to attend as part of the celebrations.

"Majesty," bowed the guard. "A description of the boy was passed along, so that we could keep a look out. Unfortunately, we have not seen him or anyone like him."

"He can't have just disappeared!"

"Do not worry my daughter," said the King. "It is quite normal for him to want to distance himself for a little while. Would that I could do the same, being ruler. He will turn up, I'm certain."

"But he might have been hurt! I never got to see him afterwards."

"I'm sure that is not so Zelda" Shusar stepped forward. The wizard was more at her side, even as much as Impa. "The young man was certainly powerful and resourceful. Besides, the salesman would have told you would he not? It is far more likely he is just resting."

"I suppose. But the celebration was for him! I wanted him to see what he meant to me- to us" she corrected herself.

Impa shook her head. "A warrior such as Link does not do what he does for a mere 'celebration' afterwards. That is why he will always win. He does it for the highest and truest virtues alone. Would that we all shared that motive," she thought introspectively.

"Indeed," nodded the King. "Come Zelda, let us join the others to celebrate."

Zelda tried to push aside her thoughts of Link. "Yes father," she nodded.


The Lost woods had a new brightness to it. The birds sang their own songs with great zest, as if also joining Hyrule in celebration. There was sadness however, in a village where the inhabitants were usually always happy and carefree. Today was the exception; for the Kokiri tribe will lose two of their most loved people.

"Goodbye my children," the Deku tree's voice continued inside Link and Saria. "Never fear the woods, for they are thy home. Thy may return, whenever thy need shelter. The woods know this, not just I. It is ingrained in all of nature, by my will."

A figure started to approach the enclosure.

"It can't be!" Mido looked at the Deku tree. His eyes were wide with tears and disbelief. "The Deku tree lives! He lives!" Mido forgot all about etiquette to the powerful guardian and rushed to him. He was completely at a loss for words. "Am I dreaming? I saw- I…"

"Mido," acknowledged the tree as the leader of the Kokiri was lost in words. "Thy fairy, call the others. I wish to see all my children again" he asked.

The fairy didn't wait for Mido to speak. It instantly flew away, alerting every Kokiri it ran into.

"-I-It's been so long," cried Mido. "We were lost without you Great Deku tree."

"My children, thy have done well in my absence," stated the tree. One by one, each of the Kokiri formed a circle around them, just as they always did when the tree needed to speak to them collectively. There was a mixture of awe and excitement in their expressions. Link, Saria and Mido continued to stand at the base.

There was confusion to some of the children as they saw Link and Saria, both banished Kokiri from the village. However, that was nothing compared to the return of their guardian. Some Kokiri openly cried in happiness.

"Thy has Link and Saria to thank for my return," said the tree answering the first question to them.

The children smiles broadened. They knew it had to be them. Words like 'thank you' and 'you're the best' all came to them telepathically though their fairies. Link smiled too unused to the attention and adoration from his friends.

Silence descended.

They all looked at the tree then at each other, seeing their own mixture of expressions reflected in the other.

"Link… I- I don't know what to say" Stuttered Mido. For the first time, he was truly ashamed of the things he did to him. The things he did to Link were inexcusable. In an instant, he replayed everything he did to Link in his mind. Mido started to realise Link was perhaps the best thing to have happened in the village.

"Its fine Mido," said Link.

Mido wasn't sure if he could be forgiven so easily. "But I treated you terribly. I knew you weren't really one of us. But… In my heart, I knew you didn't- and Saria I'm sorry. I'm really sorry."

"Mido," said the Deku tree.

Mido looked up at the tree as it called his name.

"It is known how deeply thy cares for Saria," he said. "However, thy must remember, all the Kokiri needed you in my absence. Do not let your emotions blind you, to their needs as well."

"Deku tree," Mido responded not able to make eye contact. "Forgive me. I was not a good leader. You trusted me and I failed."

"I sense Link had forgiven you long ago, Mido. Thy need not ask thy Guardian for forgiveness, for thy always has it" he said.

Mido cried again. "I promise I'll be a better leader. I promise."

"I know," said the Tree. "My children, let it be known; Link and Saria will leave the forest now," he said calmly.

"But they just came!" said Fado.

"Please don't go Link," said another.

"Saria you can't go again. Please?"

"Stay! We want you to stay!"

The tree spoke again, silencing them all. "They may return whenever they wish, is that not so, Mido?"

The leader of the Kokiri stood up. "Yes, absolutely" he said, truly hoping Saria- and even Link would return.

"Will they die?" spoke one quiet voice. It was Fado's.

The leaves of the tree started to shine, as it wondered how to respond. All the Kokiri waited in anticipation for their leader's words.

"They have chosen to live outside the woods. Thy all know of my limitations; my powers can not extend beyond this realm. They will live as Hylians live. That is all that can be promised."

A sigh came from the group. A mixture of emotions fluttered though each of them. They were not ignorant of the cycle of life, a cycle they were not completely a part of.

"It is time," said the Deku tree. "My children, say your farewells." Remember, that this goodbye, 'tis not forever. Link and Saria, thy is forever welcomed, for thy have touched this world and thy 'art a part of the vary core of the woods. I thank thee for thy efforts to set this world to the light."

Link and Saria both bowed graciously.

"We were glad to help," said Saria.

"Yes," nodded Link.

"Goodbye Link," said the twins. "We'll miss you," the other said to Saria.

"Be careful out there," said the know-it-all brothers. "If ever you need something, let us know."

"Bring back stories!" said Fado.

"Saria," said Mido.

"Yes?" she asked knowing what was coming. Mido had been looking at her with concern.

"Are you sure about this? I won't stop you, but- I" Tears started to form in his eyes. He was going to miss her. Her absence for the past weeks really tore him up inside. "Please stay with us. You belong here." He gave it one last shot.

"Mido, I can't. I don't belong here anymore. Not forever. I really do have to go with Link." said Saria. "Don't worry about me."

"It's just- I wish I could-" He gave up in trying to say it. He sighed taking a deep breath. "Link, please just take care of her."

"I promise I will Mido." Link solemnly said.

"Try to visit now and again too" he said hoping.

"We will try," said Link.

"Goodbye," said Saria. She couldn't respond to the promise. She did not know if they could truly ever come back.


The whole Kokiri tribe watched them leave for the bridge. They continued to watch, until the lights from their fairies could still be seen. Link and Saria to held on to each other. Soon, the light of their fairies became enveloped into the tunnel as they disappeared.

The two could still hear the children shouting goodbye. Another voice spoke gently into their minds.

* Goodbye my children. *

The Deku tree rustled its leaves, its sad voice heard throughout the woods.

"I wish I could help thee forever…"


At the Goron city, things were proceeding very differently.

"And it was all going so well" thought the salesman, mild panic entering his demeanour.

"Don't you ever think of coming back here again!" shouted Darunia. He was angry, very angry. He flexed his powerful form, now that he had it back and was ready to smash anything that came in front of him.

"Really! I am really sorry! Come on, let's be friends again."

"Get out you Warlock! I never want to see you or another mask again!"

"You didn't enjoy being young?"

"Young!" the Goron spat. "Your magic made me a baby!"

"I didn't know it would go that far. Honestly!"

"Take your things and leave. If we ever see you again, you will regret the consequences." The Goron threatened with a temper to show.

"Okay, okay, I'm leaving." The salesman clicked his fingers to teleport.

He was still standing there.

"Heh, I think I'm a little out of practice," the salesman said clicking his fingers again, and again. He felt more fear at the penetrating gaze of the Goron leader.

Darunia became impatient. "I have a better way," said Darunia clicking his fingers. "Toss him out."

Three warriors came and dragged the salesman by his clothes.

"I protest at this treatment! I helped you! Okay I was the one that cursed you, but I sorted it out didn't I?" The Gorons ignored him. The salesman knew better then to struggle against these powerful rock warriors as they escorted him out.

The Goron guards picked up the salesman with little effort and threw him out of their cave.

The salesman fell to the ground with a slide. He wasn't really injured, apart from his dignity. He sighed as he got up and dusted himself. "See if I ever give you a discount again!" He shouted. The gates to the Goron city shut itself, his words unheard.

He huddled over all the masks he had used previously. They were all in his possession, but it was unlikely they would ever be used again. It was a pity. If used safely, these masks could bring great joy to people. Not to mention, they were certainly a lot of fun.

"Oh well, easy come easy go." He couldn't change being the mask salesman; he didn't want to. It was time to peddle the boring ordinary garden variety masks once again. Perhaps when people are ready, he will sell these more interesting masks again.

He walked back down the mountain, still trying to teleport. It was strange, it wasn't working anymore. "Why can't I do it anymore?" he wondered. He looked out seeing Kakariko village. It was a short jump. He has done far larger ones before.

He stopped and concentrated with all his might. His body started to glow a slightly purple aura, as small ebbs of magic flowed. He tried once more clicking his fingers, and vanished- only to reappear one meter in Kakariko's direction- which happened to be the edge of the cliff.

"Ahh!" He nearly lost his balance, but fell back on the safe path. He got up again, thinking he had better not try something like that until on level ground.

"Fine I'll walk all the way then. Everybody else does it; so can I. Now, which way was the safe path? Hmmm" he looked around uneasily.

His powers were weakened now. He felt a little paranoid in his weakened state, thinking he was being watched. He cast that thought aside. Who would want to spy on him now anyway? It was not as if he was in control of the world or something.

He continued to walk.

Behind him, in a blue robe, a single glowing red eye watched him. Slowly, it started to disappear.

"So, what I sensed is true mask salesman. Your reign is over… and mine has begun."


"So Link, where do we go now?" asked Saria.

"Where would you like to go?" the young hylian asked.

"What's your favourite place?" she pressed.

They were free to choose their path. Saria felt both exhilarated and filled with wonder. She was no longer afraid of what lay beyond the woods. Their last adventure pushed them both into a great challenge the likes of which they never thought possible. Nothing could be worse or harder. It was time for them to choose their destiny, free from obligations, fear and terror.

Link played Epona's song. In a few moments, the horse came to them.

"Hop on," he said. The two got on the horse. In a gentle trot, they headed away from the woods. The entire field became visible to them as they passed the last frontiers of the woods.

For the first time, a choice was made without any worry or trepidation in their hearts. Only the simple joy and freedom one gains simply by making the choice itself.

"Let's visit Lake Hylia," said Link eventually.

"Yes!" Saria thought excited. "This will be fun!"

"It was always my favourite place. You'll love it too" Link smiled hoping to explore the vast lake with her.

The horse obediently proceeded to take them.


Just a short prolouge while I get my head around this new story.