Breaking Bad Sly Cooper: Walt and Jesse Teams Up with the Cooper Gang

Chapter 1 Jesse Pinkman

walt and jesse we're smokin some killer green at the white family basement playing nba25k15.

"oh look at this! DUNK SHOT MOTHERFUCKER" walt said. he was blazed wikked deep. his eyes were red because he was smokin so much killa green.

"yo this is bullshit mr white whi are you so good at the video gaming and shit bitch?" jesse said. he was getting owned like a bitch.

"you see jesse i know a lot about sciense so i trigger thant into this here video game ya see?" wal said with a wink on his face. he was in his underwear but he had a t shirt with his face on it and it said heisenberg under it because he made his own shirts and shit on so it's not gay to be with him his best friend jesse pinkman. walt was lying though he was using cheat codes to beet the system and fuck with jesse's head.

"mr white your so smart bitch its just not fair!" jesse said. he took a hit from a bong that was attached to a huge ass fucking generator that got him higher than the sky if you undastand me.

"yo i'm gonna go home and plow jain because that's something i'm actually good at bitch!" jesse said. he went out the door and ran away.

"JESSE!" walt said.

"WALT! get the fuck up here. NOW." skyler said. she was a bitch. the audience booed because fuck skylard.

"what the fuck do you want skylard. get it? i'm calling you skylard because your fat you fucking cow." walter said as he got some cheers. walt came up. he was eating a greasy and creasy cheeseburger and it was getting in his creasy and greasy old man chest hair. he was sweatring because he dindn't want ot pay the heat bill no mo.

"do you see it? DO OYOU SEE WHAT OUR SON IS DOING?" skylar bitrchd at walk. walt put took his louey vatton dsunglasses off and saw walt jr. he was on the table and he was fucking a plate of pan-cakez and bacon and eggz. he was using maple syrup as loob.

"so that's where all the mayple sirrup is going." walt said with a big ass grin on his face.


"god just shut the fuck up already." walt said as he kicked the table. he was mad. then jesse came in thru the window as the audience cheered.

"yo mr white i forgot my marawanna pipe." jesse said. he had a big ass pipe under the table. it had his face on it. he was smiling. like on his pipe but he was also smiling becauzew he fucking found it! they were both smiling ok.


"yo like quit being a bitch, bitch." jesse said. walt laughed so hard he peed his underpants and had to get a new pare. but it was a special pare. it was underware but it had a sleivelss shirt attached. it had his face and dimonds and shit and jewlry. it was part of his fly and fresch as fuck clotching line like called HESIENBERG cloths. it was legit as fuck.

"gotta love my heisenberg swag." walt said.

"mr walt im sad let's go to a whole new world where like there are half human half animals and shit that'd be dope. I just wish that exist" jesse cry and cry

"Jesse don't be said." walt said as he hugged his buddy. "I discovered that very place in college with a portal. lucky for you i tsill have the means to make portal."

"YOU MEEN IT" jesse said cryingly

walt flipped a switch and the kitchen was now a computer room. walt hit the doo dad with his dad dong (cuz he's a dad get it) and a portal showed up.

"this is it"

"nice portal" jesse said. it was cool.

"let's leave this world behind. OH WAIT"

"what is it mr white I hope we can still go to animal world"

"oh yes jesse. we just need to pick an animal to be."

"I wanna be a cat." Jesse said immediate. "I thought about dis for a long fuckin time."

"okay I'll be a wolf cuz there fucking cool."

walt gave jesse a scientifik magic potion and they both drank their own, jesses drink was red and walts was purple.

"let us go to...the animal kingdom." walt said and they jumped through the portal, transforming intot he animal people they drank the potion to become them.

"it's like...a whole new world." jesse said. he looked down at his hands, which were now paws. he was covered in pink fur now and was a cat. walty was a blue wolf.

jesse cried and cried because he was so happy.

"jesse we're here. the animal kingdom." walt said. "bitch."

"thank you mister wait."

meanwhile, hank had to go get something from walt jr. he walked into the living room where skyler was crying really fucking loudly. like if you were her neighbor you'd be fuckin pissed because fuck she was being loud.

hank walked up to her. she kept cryin. he decked her with his right fist and knocked her down, then threw her out hte glass window.

"that'll shut the bitch up." hank said. "I wonder where walty is."

he wasn't in the houe (because he was in the animal kingdom). hank didn't know that last part.

he looked around and saw the portal.

"ok" hank said as he walked inside.

walt was in trouble. you wanna know why he was in even more trouble? later on, skyler followed him inside, and so did walt jr. uh oh. uh. fucking. oh.

next time: sly cooper gang meets walt.