Breaking Bad Sly Cooper: Walt and Jesse Teams Up with the Cooper Gang

Chapter 4 Sly Cooper

a/n: i don't even know what im soposed to fucking put here.

"no! fucking no" sly said.

"you can't and you can't!" bently screamed.

"you can't kill the fucking animal king. he's the king of us animal people." sly said.

"don't kill the fucking king!" benetly saids

"and who is going to stop me? hm? look at all the bad we broke on this day that is today." walter white said when he put his hands in the air. he smiled and laughed an evil laugh. then walter transformed back into human! he had a green shirt. he wasint in his fucking underware yet! he pressed a button in the space van that made them go back to earth. i mean animal earth. the fucking animal kingdom was where they was.

"mr" jesse said.

"how could you do this to me?" sly said as he groumped his kane.

"ha-haaa! you thought i was gonna brake bad with you? nuh huh I broke bad AROWND you. withing you. at your fucking soul." walter said. he laffed evully more and grabbed a fairy that wuz flieing around and crushed it to you show sly and the gang who was just bently he meant fucking business.

sly and bently started to cry because now they were very scared of heisenberg ( walter white)

"and i will steal your money to buy me all the evil gadgets and wepons i need! hahahaha. i am betreaying you like glue! fuck you! " walter said as he flipped off sly and bently who were still scare.

"wate why are you not an animal people like us no more?"bently said.

"i was just pretending but youi retards belived me. besides i fucking HATE animals. all fuckomng amimals which is why i will be your new king and you will all be meth slaves bitch." walter said with an devious ass look on his goddame face.

"mr white no. fuck you mr white! i wanna be an animal bitch!" jesse said as he bitch slapped walt and spat in his face.

"grrr jessy! why are you so fucking stupid? don't you see how much meth i will sell to both animals and jhumans!" walt said.

"no bitch." jesse said with a mad look on his face.

"jesse! we would be making this much money!" walter said as he waved his arms around to show stacks and bricks of cash and cheese they be makin becaue they be blowin hella chedda.

"mr white its not about teh fucking money. i lvoe animals yo. these are my family. i wanna be an animal forever and if you dont like it bitch then fuck you back!" jesse said and he flipped walter off. this really pissed walter off!

"FINE! fucking fine i'll take over the animal kingdom on my own and you little bitches can't do shit to stop me. i'll eat you up! i hate animals but i shure do love fuckin eatin them! mm yum" walter said. he took out a nife and fourk and wented to sly and bnenetly and jessey.

"u wont be eatub anywon with that mouth you faggot." sly said as he bopped walt on the head.

"ow that hurts" walt said. he took his clothes off and took a sword out of his pants. he was in his undwerwar! now. he ran to fight the animal king. his sword was made out of meth btw

"someone gotta doo somethin" bentely said wavin his arms around and making googly eye

"we gotsta stop heisenberg or my name is not sly fucking coper which it is." sly said.

"but how bitch" jesse said. he was really scared about what walter was gonna do!

"we gotta brake good not bad. because walter is very fucking bad." sly said. but it waws almoast too lait.

walter was running acrouss a feeld to the castle and was killing all of the animal king's guards. he was slicing them up with his fucking meth sword. they had to stop him they just fucking had to.

"we gotta stop heiensenberg like now like ok sly?" bently said. they got in the cooper van and bent pressed a button. it turn into a robot. it was actually a transformer that transfoarm from a stealing van to a robot van. it was a van with a roboto on it. sly was in the robot and bently was driving with his vomputer. jesse was a fast kitty so he was running nechskt to the van and they were going like really fast to stop waltere but he was running too fast for them to ketch up.

walter saw them and just new he had to stop them but how. he took a banana peal out of his underware and througwh it on the grownd. it made the robot transmorfer van flip over and crash! bently and sly got really fucked up and then he used his sword and pointef it at jesse and turned him back human!

jesse couldn't run fast no more because no more was he a kitty cat animal person!

"no fuck you mr white just no." jesse said as he started to cry. walter shot a beem at jesse and he was in his underware just like walt!

"haha now your just like me. comeon jesse. jesse. jesse! join me again. or meet me to kill the king. choise is up to you pal but your in your underweare like me because you arere a fucking bad guy like me" walter said as he laffed and fired up a gruppling hook to climb the lion kingz castle.

jsee pinkimnan was crying .he was having a shitty ass day. but then it got worse.

"arrest with your hands human!" it was carmelina and special angendt hank schardler!

"oh no we about to be dead" sly said. it looked bad for the cooper gang. and for jesse too!

"were fuckinty fucked." bently said,