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A Mugen Souls Fanfic

Summary : Something's wrong with Chouchou Infinite that she wants to be alone, which is SO unlike her. Altis and Belleria determinate to find out, only to find it out themselves thanks to the 'first'... (Takes place after the True Ending of the game.)

Rating : T

Genre : Humor & Romance

There are rare times where Chouchou Infinite would stay in the hot spring 24 hours nonstop. Sometimes, Belleria joined her, but most of the time, the Undisputed Goddess was alone.

It's SO unlike her, Belleria noted. Chouchou is not the type to stay still at one place for too long— no one could bear to stay 24 hours inside a hot spring. Seriously.

Also, at one time, Belleria had asked her pink-haired friend about wanting her company, and— much to Belleria's surprise— the Undisputed Goddess prefer to be alone.

Altis decided to visit Chouchou when she was on her 'rare routine', and sure enough, the Undisputed Goddess asked why the Archangel was there and not in her room. She let Altis joined her, though.

Something's not right with Chouchou...

Altis and Belleria thought hard about this new habit of Chouchou's. Is something bothering her mind that she wants to be alone 24 hours straight? Surely, everyone knows that she doesn't like to be alone. Don't even mention about her past— her loneliness was even worse at that time.

So why she prefers to be alone now?

Alys Levantine, Welsh Cocott, and Sharuru Cocott decided to help once Altis told her about Chouchou's unusual habit. Sadly, though, the three of them didn't get anything to share with either Altis and Belleria— Chouchou choose to reply their questions with a simple "I'm fine" or "Nothing's wrong with me".

Boy, Alys cried nonstop when she told their 'failure' to Altis and Belleria. Good thing Elka was there to calm her down. Welsh also cried, and Sharuru was the one who stopped her from crying.

Marina Canonnvale couldn't do much either— she quickly ran for her life when Chouchou began throwing her with Shampurus while screaming, "Go away, you jiggly woman! You're getting on my nerves by asking nonstop about me!".

Boy, good thing only Altis and Belleria were present to see how terrible Marina looked— some Shampurus thrown by Chouchou manage to land a hit on her somehow.

Dees Vanguard and Sandy Sunshine followed to help after Marina told them about Chouchou's new habit. But once again, they got nothing.

Though, Sandy looked terrible when she and Dees reported to Altis and Belleria of their 'failure'.

"Must be her asking Chouchou to transform to her 'sadist form'," Soul Skyheart said bluntly, all while trying to stop Sandy from crying.

Even Tsukika Izayoi— who was known could tell someone's fortune— couldn't do much on finding out what's wrong with Chouchou. Altis could only face-palm when Tsukika said that she was too afraid to ask more from Chouchou when the Undisputed Goddess told her that she was fine, but with a deadpan look on her face.

To Tsukika, it meant the Undisputed Goddess wants to be alone for a reason.

Although... Tsukika does help at one thing.

"She said to me that Chouchou murmurs words that she couldn't hear," Shirogane— who was asked by Tsukika to tell the result— said to the curious Altis and Belleria. "Every time Chouchou wants to murmur those words, she would dip her mouth into the water..."

This information only made Altis and Belleria's curiosity grew even bigger.

"There must be something with Chouchou!" Altis exclaimed, arms flailing around. "There's no way she would suddenly change her habit!"

Belleria sighs. "We've asked everybody... And no one knows what's up with Chouchou. I think we should just—"

Both girls gasped when they found that they haven't ask everybody— there's one person they forget.



"It's been 3 hours we searched for him... but seriously, he's nowhere!" Elka said, letting out a weary sigh. "Weird... I just talked to him yesterday! I also saw him a few days back."

"He might be somewhere!" Altis said aloud, crossing her arms. "If he's gone, then it could be anywhere, but not outside the G-Castle!"

"But where?" Dees muttered, sighing. "Look, we would like to help you out until the end, but we've got to return to our World— this has gone too long."

Even when they both didn't want their friends go, Altis and Belleria couldn't stop them from leaving.


"What should we do now, Belleria?" Altis sighs, holding her head with both hands in frustration. "This really annoys me somehow..."

Belleria kept silent for a moment before she sighs. "A few minutes in hot spring would be good right now."

Altis smiled instantly. "Great! It's been a while too! Let's go!"


All Altis and Belleria need to do was open the door and enjoy the hot spring. Even they already got the image how fun it would be...

But they won't.

No, no. Not yet.

With ears ready to hear even the tiniest sound, Altis and Belleria stay at the door that leads to the hot spring, hearing Chouchou hums.

"You know," they heard Chouchou said between her humming, "I've always thought it's another part of my past..."

Chouchou sighs, her humming stopped. "Somehow, I just knew it was you... But I'm still unsure."

The Undisputed Goddess kept silent for a moment before a light chuckle came from her. "... This sure sounds weird, huh? Thinking hard on a simple dream for days because you were there... What do you think?"

Altis and Belleria need to hold the urge to scream as they heard someone— not Chouchou— spoke. And it's so unexpected.

"... It's just a dream, Lady Chouchou."

Boy, the unexpected voice prompted Altis to kick open the door, only to get stopped by Belleria, who suggest to take a peek instead.

With the door opened slightly courtesy of Belleria, both she and Altis looked through it, with the latter still unsure in what she just heard...

However, Belleria had to stop Altis (and herself) from screaming when both saw what happens behind the hot spring door.

Chouchou Infinite was having her back washed by him with a bubbly soap.

Inside the hot spring.

"But somehow, I'm think it's real... Like it was another part of me that I've forgotten," Chouchou said, looking to her companion over her left shoulder, bubbles on her back obstructing her view of her companion a bit. "I mean... I'm still in my 'huge form' at the dream... And then, suddenly... there's you."

Her companion sighs. "M-... Maybe you're just tired."

"These days, it keep repeating itself every time I'm asleep... How come I'll relax about it?" Chouchou pointed out, waving her right hand on her left shoulder to sweep away the bubbles that obstructed her view of her companion. "It must be another part of me that I've forgotten..."

Her companion just silent. Confused, Chouchou try to look into her companion's eyes.

"Ah," the Undisputed Goddess began to say, noticing a gleam of uneasiness filled those pure, bright red eyes of her companion's. "... You're hiding something, aren't you?"

Her companion gasped, but once again decides to keep silent... At least for a moment.

"To tell you the truth... Yes," her companion said, sighing. "B-But... I'll tell you later. Now's not the right time..."

"Why?" Chouchou quickly asked, turning her body sideways. "Something's wrong?"

Her companion was surprised by her sudden movement, but decided to answer her question. "'Something's wrong'?'" her companion repeated with a light chuckle. "This came from the one who had made everyone worried just because of a dream."

"Geez, I couldn't help it, alright?" Chouchou pouted, crossing her arms. "That dream must meant something! So that's why I thought hard about it!"

"By making Altis and Belleria worried sick about you, making Alys and Welsh cried, throwing Shampurus to Marina and Sandy, making Dees and Sharuru confused, and lastly, making Tsukika couldn't sleep for 8 hours just because of your deadpan look," her companion said, and with a shook of a head, her companion continued, "Elka, Soul, and Shirogane told me everything, so I came here knowing you would be here."

With red tints on cheeks, her companion continued, "B-But still... I-I still couldn't believe you'll ask for my company. I-I mean, they said you want to be alone."

Chouchou turned her head away from her companion. Altis and Belleria gasped lightly as they notice something.

If one want to compare which one has the strongest red color than the well-known apples or tomatoes right now, then it would be the Undisputed Goddess' face.

"T-The others were bugging me. A-Also," the Undisputed Goddess turned to face her companion completely, "somehow, I want to have you as my company after that dream. A-And even when I'm only sat here— thinking about that stressful dream while there's a little part of me wanting to ask of your company— somehow... I believe you will came here."

Her companion gasped, quickly looking away when Chouchou turned her body completely. "I-I don't know if that was you being sweet or you just being lazy... B-But don't turn this way! Y-Y-You're naked!"

"S-... So?"

"H-How come you say that?! Y-You seriously want to see the 'Red Geyser', aren't you?!"

Chouchou giggled. "I suppose so," she said, watching her companion turned beet red. "But... Keep it for another time."

"... Huh?"

A small smile made its way to Chouchou's face as she suddenly tugged her companion's right hand, dragging her companion to the area where one could sit when they're still inside the hot spring.

Chouchou turned her head, watching her companion blushed furiously while looking at her.

"I-I don't mean to see it! R-Really!" her companion quickly looked up, still blushing. "I-I should have told you to wear a top before going inside the hot spring!"

Getting what her companion meant, Chouchou also turned beet red. "J-... Just a glimpse, right? ... N-Nah," she lifted her arm as if to throw the thought aside, then added, "It's still flat, anyways."

"B-But still—!"

"Just shut up..." Once again, Chouchou pulled her companion by the hand, making her companion sat next to her, "and stay with me for a moment... I really couldn't think of a better companion right now."

Even when both not looking to one another, both knew their faces currently had the strongest shade of red better than apples or tomatoes... Or a red pepper, for that matter. And a chili. A cherry. A strawberry. A


Let's just say their faces right now got the best, strong, sharp, yet bright shade of red than any other things we all know colored red.

"P-... Promise me something," Chouchou suddenly said after a long silence. "T-... Tell me what you're hiding one day. S-Surely, there must be a reason why you don't want to tell me about it now."

Her companion utter out a light gasp when Chouchou suddenly inched closer, titling her head and placed it on her companion's chest, also wrapping her arms around her companion's body in the process.

"... Y-Yeah," her companion said with a small smile, wrapping an arm around Chouchou's small body. "I... I promise."

And with that, both went silent, closing their eyes and enjoying the peaceful moment around them... While Altis and Belleria slowly walks away with mouth agape and wide-eyed.


The next day, Chouchou Infinte is confused by Altis and Belleria's weird behavior. Searching for someone to ask to, she found one at the G-Castle's corridors.

"Hey, Ryuto..." Chouchou called him when he was sweeping, a confused look plastered on her face. "Do you have any idea what's up with Altis and Belleria?"

Ryuto shrugged. "Honestly, I had no idea," he said, also putting a confused look. "They suddenly choose to stay at their rooms... Well, that's sure weird."

Chouchou sighs. "O-Oh, well," she looked up to him, red tints visible on her face. "S-Since they're 'room-sick'... A-Are you free this evening? If you are, would you accompany me again?"

Before the blushing Ryuto could answer, they heard Altis and Belleria screamed, shouting words like "I can't believe it!" and "It's true after all!".

Neither Chouchou Infinite and Ryuto could find out what's wrong with Altis and Belleria as they didn't know both girls watched the 'event' yesterday.