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DISCLAIMER : The game company Compile Heart/Nisa owns the series "Mugen Souls" and any of its characters in this fic.


A Mugen Souls Fanfic

Summary : Alys Levantine shares a friendly hate relationship with Elka... At least that's what they saw.

Rating : T

Genre : Suspense & Romance

Cheers from her beloved fans were music to her ears. It could erase all doubts she had for a moment before, and soon, happiness flow into her.

Her brilliant, crimson eyes observes around her crowded fans, as if looking for something— someone important.


It didn't take long for her to found what she's looking for. She smiled, happy to know those strong black color from a pair of horns really helped her to found what she want to see.

Waving both her hands for her beloved fans, her brilliant red eyes still focused to the black horns. It didn't bore her every time she saw those perfect curves and its shining ebony color.

How she hoped she could touch it all day long...

Shouting words that expressing gratitude to her fans, her brilliant crimson orbs move down slightly. In doing so, she now witness the shining red color from the eyes of the horns' owner— which sadly— not focused on hers.

Bowing to her fans, her crimson eyes focused on the bright red rose wrapped around the left arm of the horns' owner. She was enchanted by it, knew the obvious fact that the rose was taken care well by the horns' owner.

Oh, how she hoped she was the rose...

It was time for her to leave the stage. She took a deep breath, giving her fans a wink that made their cheers grew even louder.

She almost hesitate to leave the stage, because if she did, she would lose what she just found in the middle of her crowded fans. But the show's over, and with a hard feeling of longing inside her, she turned around and leave the stage.

Thus end another day where Alys Levantine would admire him from afar.


Her eyes grew wide, looking at her concert schedule for tomorrow in disbelief. She tried to shook her head, thinking what she just saw was wrong. But when she tried to look at her schedule again, she realize what's written there was true.

She got no concert tomorrow.

She gritted her teeth, throwing away the paper in her grasp before grabbing her spear. She let out a frustrated cry as she slash through the paper multiple times until it was nothing but small— very small pieces.

She panted, watching the small paper pieces flew down on her like a snow. Dropping her spear to the floor, she fell to her knees and cried, hopeless of her own desire that she stay in the position for minutes...

But suddenly— after 30 minutes pass by— her eyes shot open.

W-Wait... I'm free tomorrow. T-That means...

She smiled— almost wickedly. A plan was made inside her creative mind, and she had set the time when she'll do it.



He let out a loud, weary sigh as he grabbed the handle of the door that leads to his home. Opening the door, he took a step forward, already imagine how comfy his bed would be after a whole day taking on monsters...

Even though the monsters were low-leveled, it's still a weary day— as they kept increasing every time he defeats one, preventing him to finish the battle fast.

Thus, he fought day to night until they're all gone.

At the end of the day, however, even at his weary state, he manage to a spent a little of his remaining energy to stood in the middle of a crowded people, watching her from afar with a small smile on his face.

If only he went there sooner and get the front line...

When he closed the door, suddenly, two slender hands came from behind him— one covering his eyes, while the other wrapped tightly around him, securing his arms to keep still on his sides.

He was shocked at first, but after feeling the hands were slender, he chuckles lightly.

"... Waiting for my arrival would be easier, you know?"

He felt the arm that wrapped around him loosen, allowing him to move both his arms up and touched the hand covering his eyes.

"... Got nothing to do tomorrow, I presume?"

He got no answer. Instead, the arm that used to be wrapped around him took hold of the back of his black shirt, dragging him for a moment before the arms threw him to a big, bright red sofa of his home.

Just before he could open his eyes, the arm clamped around his eyes once more. As for his arms, they were pinned down by a pair of legs.

He gasped. "W-Wait! I-I just got ho—!"

He didn't have the chance to finish when he felt a soft, sweet kiss on his left cheek. He yelped at the sudden motion.

"N-Nggg... W-Wait a min—"

Soft lips made contact with his own, silencing him. He groaned and wiggled, wanting his arms to be free, but his weary state made his movement couldn't do much.

The kiss broke a few minutes later. It was weird for him that he could only hear his own, hard panting.

"S-... Stop..." he said between his panting, almost weakly. "P-Please... L-Let me take a break. I-I fought a bunch of monsters today..."

He heard a soft gasp, and slowly, the feet didn't pin his arms anymore— slipping down to his sides. He also felt the arm covering his eyes move away, allowing him to open them.

He couldn't help but feel a bit guilty when he saw the frown plastered on the face above him.

"... You're lonely?"

He got a shook of a head for the question.

"... Miss me then?"

It took a minute before he received a nod.

He chuckles. "You're so weird... Outside, we pretend to be unfriendly. But when everyone's asleep... w-when you're free the next day... you'll came here... g-giving me those kisses..."

He sighs. "Y-You really... 'missed' me... huh?"

He received a smile— a wide one, before a nod was given to him.

He sighs, closing his eyes. "Alright, alright... Just promise to make it slowly... I'm really tired."

Again, he received a nod as slender arms clasped lightly around his face, and the soft lips made contact with his own again.

Managing to gather up some energy into him, he brought his arms up, placing it lightly on the cheeks of the one who kissed him at the moment.

They say Alys Levantine shares a friendly hate relationship with Elka... At least that's what they saw.

No one knew they're more than friends at night.