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More Than a Game

Chapter 1

Anna Summers was enjoying her senior year. High school had been a great experience thus far, and she was excited to be in a new place. The Summers family had moved to Arendelle at the beginning of the school year, giving Anna plenty of time to make new friends. A naturally social girl, the red head found no trouble doing so. Now that most of the year was over, however, Anna's favorite part of high school was fast approaching; softball. She was the starting varsity shortstop at her old school and was hoping to get that spot here as well.

The first meeting for the sport was that day, and Anna was running through the halls to get to the PE classroom on time. Bursting through the door with a smile and a little too much energy, Anna interrupted the coach mid word. "Can I help you?"

Anna nodded. "This is the softball meeting, right? I want to try out!" The coach backed up a little as Anna moved forward. "OK then. Take a seat. I was just introducing myself. My name is Coach Marie. I coach the varsity team most years, but this year I'll be taking care of the freshman. My daughter will be coaching varsity. She is currently at Arendelle university on a full softball scholarship. She is a junior there and has agreed to coach varsity this year. You'll meet her soon enough."

The coached talked a lot about commitment and the rewards of playing team sports, and Anna listened intently. She was more than excited to start playing, going so far as to bring her bat to school with her. The composite Xeno was brand new and fit her new school's colors nicely with blue and white. The coach let the girls go, telling them where to go for try outs. Anna practically bounced out of the room. Her excitement was shared by a few of the girls, though most just looked frustrated with the idea of pre-season morning practices and workouts.

One brunette girl approached Anna in the parking lot and nudged her. "You're Anna, right? We have chemistry together." Anna's face lit up. "Yeah! You're Rapunzel, right?" The girl nodded. "So are you trying out for varsity?" The ginger nodded. "I played varsity shortstop at my old school." Rapunzel bit her lip, looking slightly worried. "You should watch out for our current shortstop, Belle. She won't be happy to have competition." With those ominous words, Rapunzel climbed into her car, leaving Anna alone and slightly confused.

The next few weeks went by in a blur. From morning practices to after school work outs, Anna was exhausted, and the season hadn't even started yet! It would all be worth it, though, at try outs tomorrow. Anna hardly slept at all, anxious energy keeping her awake. She wondered if the varsity coach would be there, or if it would just be more Coach Marie. Anna liked the woman, but she was a bit too strict. All drills with no fun games mixed in. She didn't ecpect to be treated like a kid, but it almost felt like she was in the military. Huffing at her alarm clock, Anna turned over, trying to go to sleep.

She woke up a few hours later to her alarm, the bat leaning against the wall reminding her what day it was. With an excited squeal, Anna grabbed her bat and mitt, racing downstairs. She quickly ate and said goodbye to her parents, hurrying to school. The day would not go fast enough. The anxious redhead could barely focus in her final period English class, eyes trained on the clock. When the bell rang, she was out of her seat in an instant.

Anna easily made her way to the locker room, pushing her way clear with her bat. She changed faster than she ever had before and jogged out to the field where Coach Marie was already setting up equipment. Anna moved to help, but was pointed to the next field over where a blonde woman was setting up. "Is that your daughter?" The coach nodded, not looking overly pleased to see her own kin.

Anna, however, was captivated by the stunning blonde. Her hair was tied back in a braid, trailing down her back. She wore a faded blue baseball shirt and a pair of black spandex under running shorts. The blonde looked up when she felt a gaze on her, and Anna found herself staring into the her deep blue eyes. Leading with a small wave, the ginger made her way over.

"Hi, I'm Anna. Are you the varsity coach?" The beautiful woman nodded with a small, slightly awkward smile. "Yeah. You can call me Elsa."

Anna smiled wide. "That's a beautiful name. It suits you, you being beautiful as well and all. Wait, what? Sorry. This is awkward. Not that you're awkward! I'm awkward." Elsa was holding her hand over her mouth, concealing a small giggle. "That's alright. Why don't you go put your stuff down with the other girls and we can get started."

Anna nodded and saluted. "You got it, Coach!" She and Rapunzel stood next to each other as the whole team gathered around Elsa. The blonde had a clipboard and a blue whistle around her neck. She had pulled her bottom lip between her teeth as she read over her notes. "OK. First thing's first." She looked up at the team. "I'm Elsa Winters. Coach Marie is my mom, but that didn't get me this job. Well, I guess it did, but I also play college softball. I am a pitcher, but I am perfectly able in other positions as well."

One of the girls, a cocky freshman, stepped forward, trailing a finger down Elsa's arm. "I bet you are." The suggestive words were complimented by an even more suggestive wink, and Anna was surprised at the hot fire of jealousy that sparked in her. It was easily tamed, though, when Elsa uncomfortably took a step back. "OK. Not what I meant." There was a collective chuckle from the team as the freshman turned red, moving back to the other girls. Elsa cleared her throat and continued on. "So I'm going to read your names and give you number tags. Step forward when you hear your name."

Elsa called through the list, but Anna only noticed a few names. She gave Rapunzel a supportive pat on the back when she went forward. When Elsa called out the name of the freshman who embarrassed herself earlier, there was a tiny amount of snickering that Elsa silenced with a glare, giving the girl a tight smile with her number. Then Anna's name was called and Elsa handed her a sticker with a number and her last name, a more natural smile forming on her lips. Once everyone was ready, Elsa started the tryout.

"Alright, everyone find the person next to you in the number line and start playing catch with her. We're going to begin with the basics." The team followed her instructions, tossing the ball back and forth. Elsa walked up and down the lines, making notes on her clipboard. Nearly every throw from the girls was perfect, the weeks of practice in the pre-season showing. Anna broke out in a sweat when Elsa passed by, focusing more than ever on letting go of the yellow ball at the perfect time. Everything went smoothly and Anna let out a sigh of relief.

While she reveled in her small victory, however, her partner had thrown the ball back with the speed and precision of someone deserving of a varsity letter. The ball was stopped inches away from Anna's nose by a blue, almost white glove. Elsa pulled her hand back, handing the ball to Anna, who looked completely shocked. "Keep your eyes on the ball, Anna." She looked at Anna's partner. "Always make sure your partner is looking before you throw. Don't want anyone getting hurt on the first day."

After a few more minutes of catch, Elsa called the girls in. "OK. You guys did well, at least what I would expect from girls trying out for varsity. Up next is stretching and a little physical warm up. So let's go for a run." She dropped the clipboard on the ground, jogging off toward the football field. After a few steps, Anna started jogging after her with the other girls, ending up on the astroturf. Elsa had an altogether evil grin on her face. "Now! Who wants to show me how fast she is?"

No one raised their hands, so Elsa shut her eyes. "OK. Number… Four! Get on the endline." An extremely pale girl with jet black hair stood on the line. "I left my clipboard, so you'll have to tell me your name." The girl spoke softly, and Elsa asked her to speak up. When the girl didn't speak any louder, Elsa rolled her eyes, zoning in on the last name on the sticker. "Alright, Snow White. Let's see your rocket power."

After a half an hour of running and agility, Elsa brought them back to the field. "Now, let's see how you girls play softball!"

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