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More Than a Game

Chapter 9

Saturday morning came much too soon for Anna. Her father threw open the curtains blocking the sun, letting the harsh morning light invade her room. The ginger pulled her covers over her head, but Oaken was having none of that. The hug man grabbed the cover in one hand and pulled it off his daughter's head. "Good morning my little sweet!"

Anna groaned at the loud greeting and pulled her pillow over her head, and Oaken sat down, concerned. "Anna, why aren't you getting up? Your first softball game is today. I'm already dressed!"

The teen peeked out from under her pillow and saw her father sporting vibrant white and blue clothes, the Arendelle logo plastered on everything from his hat to his socks. She grudgingly sat up, keeping her eyes shaded from the glaring sunlight. "I know, Dad. What time is it?"

Anna glanced at her bedside table and nearly fell out of bed. The glowing digits told her it was already 8:30! The hungover girl shoved her father out of the room and frantically started pulling on her uniform. At 8:45 she was out the door, coffee and Aspirin in hand. By 9:05, Anna arrived at the field and sprinted over to the already forming group of girls. Elsa was in the middle, introducing someone.

When Anna stumbled into Rapunzel, the blonde coach cocked an eyebrow, but otherwise didn't comment. "As I was saying, this is Meg. She is going to be filling in for Belle until her wrist recovers." Anna looked around for the brunette, her eyes landing on the brace on her arm. As the group dispersed to put on cleats and organize their bags, Anna approached the injured girl.

"Hey Belle. What happened to your wrist?" Anna, inquisitive by nature, missed the pained look as Belle looked at the damaged appendage.

"I fell over a table in the library. It's just a sprain. Thanks for your concern." The brunette walked over to the dugout and sat next to Elsa, the two of them looking over the lineup. Anna sighed and took a swig of her coffee, trying to soothe the pounding in her head. It wasn't working. She flopped down in the grass next to Rapunzel. "Punz, how do you get rid of a hangover?"

Merida, sitting close by, let out a bark of a laugh. "Not a problem for Scots! I have the tolerance of a bear." Anna glared at the firey girl.

"Help me. My head feels like it is going to split in two. And I can't remember half of last night." The beginnings of their conversation was cut short by the appearance of Hans. He didn't cast Anna a glance, walking past with his head held high. This did, however, give the girls a nice view of his bandaged nose. Anna scoffed at him and told the girls what happened the night before.

As she recounted her tale, the auburn man approached Elsa and Belle. "Well, Coach Winters, you're doing a great job looking out for the health of your players. A sprained wrist and at least four hangovers. I'd say you literally did a bang up job."

The blonde rolled her eyes and looked up at him. "And I see you're doing a 'bang up job' of looking out for your own health. How'd you break your nose?"

Hans blushed and glared at Elsa. "None of your business. I just came by to wish you good luck with your first game. And watch half of your players puke out on the field. It will be a good example for my boys."

As he said that, Elsa noticed the baseball players mingling with her girls. She stood up, leaving the line up with Belle, and brushed past Hans. "OK, girls. Let's start warm-ups."



The game was a disaster. As Hans had said, a good number of the girls had gone overboard the night before, and it really impacted their playing ability. The number of strikeouts and errors was appalling, the only redeeming factor being the wildcard, Meg. She was an expert outfielder, catching and fielding balls left and right. Cinderella, Merida, and Meg were the whole reason there wasn't a call of slaughter rule. The infield was clumsy, letting balls past too much. Even Anna's impressive backhand fell through.

Once the game was over, Elsa had an emotionless mask erected. She made eye contact with each girl but didn't speak a word. They silently packed up the equipment, most of the girls terrified of what Elsa had in store for them at their next practice. Before they left, Elsa stopped them. "I hope you girls realize there won't be anymore days off for a long time. You should all thank Cindy, Merida, and Meg for saving us from slaughter. Try to control yourselves until our next practice. I doubt you're going to want to do what I have planned hungover."

With that final statement, she slammed her trunk and drove off, leaving an ashamed group of girls to go home. When Elsa arrived back at her dorm, she collapsed on her bed. Tiana looked up from her computer with concern. "Els, what's wrong, hun?"

The blonde let out a loud groan and flipped over to lie on her back. "Half of them were hungover today. We nearly lost by slaughter, and to top it all off, Hans came to gloat."

Tiana pushed her chair over, and started running her fingers through Elsa's messy hair. The blonde had been tugging at it for the entirety of the game. Her blue eyes started to glimmer with tears. "I love these girls so much, Ti. And now I feel like I've been stabbed in the back. I tried to do something nice, giving them a day off, but it completely backfired. Now I have to discipline them. I don't want to be that coach all the players talk about being a bitch. I know it shouldn't matter, but I can't help it."

By the time she had finished her rant, a few tears had escaped, and Tiana moved onto the bed, pulling Elsa's head into her lap, continuing to stroke the platinum blonde locks. "I met those girls, Els. I bet each and every one of them is curled up in a little ball in their room, feeling horrible about what they did. They'll understand that you have to take action. In fact, I'm sure each one will do whatever you tell them to in order to get back in your good graces."

Elsa looked up at her best friend, eyes dry and smile back in place.



Tiana was spot on when she said the girls would be ashamed. Anna and Rapunzel were sitting in the redhead's room in the dark, Anna trying to do her homework. She would normally call Elsa with her questions, but the shame of disappointing the coach weighed too heavily on her. She was embarrassed and disgusted by her behavior, wanting nothing more than to curl up in a ball and shrink into herself.

Rapunzel glanced at her watch, then Anna. "Doesn't Elsa usually come by around now to tutor you?"

The redhead looked down at her feet, studying her toes instead of her math. "Yeah. I don't know what I'll do if she does come, though. I feel horrible, Punz. She trusted us to be responsible and smart, and we show up hungover and exhausted. I feel like I betrayed her."

Rapunzel nodded. "I know what you mean. But the best thing you can do is show her you can be responsible and smart. Your tutoring sessions is a perfect opportunity."

Anna sat up straighter and tossed her shoulders back. "You're right. I'm going to show Elsa that this," She gestured to the sunglasses, coffee, and Aspirin on the floor. "Isn't the real Anna Summers. I'm going to shower and change, you can stick around if you want."

The brunette smirked and shook her head. "I'll leave the two of you alone to 'study.'" The innuendo behind the statement left Anna blushing, and she pushed her friend out the door.

"Shut up, Punz. I'll text you later." Once she was alone, Anna steeled herself and picked up her phone. As fate would have it, she had missed a call and two texts from the blonde coach. The brunette groaned at the great start she had going and read the messages.

Message from: Elsa Winters

Hey Anna. We still on for tutoring today? Time- 4:37

Anna? Ok, well, if you want to meet today, can we do it at my mom's house? She wants to talk about our first game. Time- 4:40

It was 5:00, half an hour before their normal meeting time. Anna was nervous about seeing both Coach Winters and talking about the game, but showing Elsa that she was dedicated and brave was more important than her embarrassment. With a sigh, she dragged on a red and gold flannel shirt and pulled her wild mane into twin pigtails. One last steeling breath, and Anna was on her way to the Winters home.

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