Chapter One


Holidays in Forks Washington really sucked, I hated the grey clouds and the almost non stop rain, only here could you get soggy in the middle of summer. Dad and Harry were fishing and this time Jake and I managed to escape the torture of the boat and the smell of fish. Instead we were staying with Billy on the Res. We'd made a camp in the trees and persuaded Jakes sister Rachel to make us sandwiches which we took with us. It was fun sitting on the branch built camp especially today, the first dry day for over a week. I was going home tomorrow, back to Phoenix, the sun and warmth and I was looking forward to it. I would miss my friend Jake and we promised to write to each other, we did every summer and we always started out regularly but as the weeks went on and I went back to school and he went back to his friends things tailed off. Today we decided to pretend we were hunting for bears. Jake made two spears from long branches and we took what was left of our picnic with us. It was fun at first but as we got further into the forest and it became darker and quieter I began to worry.

"Don't be scared Bells. I'll protect you."

He looked a hunter with his long black hair tied back and his spear in his hand but I wasn't convinced. A little while later I lost him as I stopped to tie up a shoe lace, when I looked up he'd gone, then I heard a twig snap and ran to catch him up only to find myself in a small sunlit clearing. That made me feel a little better but then there was a movement and a large shambling shape appeared close to me. At first I thought it was Jake and turned in relief but this wasn't my friend, it was a huge bear, teeth gleaming and sharp claws extended towards me. I was too terrified to scream I just stood there with no idea what to do. As it reared up on its hind legs and growled fiercely I opened my mouth to scream when something hit me, knocking me to the ground and leaving me breathless. I heard terrible snarls and growls and opened my eyes peering through my messed up hair. What I saw made no sense but it mesmerized me. The bear was on the ground fighting an angel, the angel had long blond hair and sparkled whenever the sun caught his skin. I didn't see his face and as the bear roared once more I closed my eyes putting my hands over my ears. Suddenly it went very quiet but I was too scared to open my eyes as I heard footsteps close by and a cold hand touch mine putting something in the palm. I plucked up my courage and opened my eyes again but there was nothing to see, angel and bear had both vanished. I looked into the palm of my hand and saw a huge bear tooth, shiny and dangerous looking. There was no blood on the ground just scattered mounds of vegetation and dirt. Had I imagined it all? Then I heard Jakes voice calling my name and I shouted back a reply. By the time he appeared I was on my feet brushing down my jeans but still holding the tooth in my hand.

"Sorry Bells I didn't miss you straight away. Did you fall over again?"

I shook my head,

"I got knocked over by an angel."

He laughed in derision and that made me angry.

"I did, he saved me from a bear, it was huge and it had sharp teeth and claws. It was coming for me and an angel saved me. He gave me this...look"

I opened my hand to show him the bears tooth and he took it from me,

"Where did you find this?"

"I told you, give it back, its mine"

He made me chase him and I got really mad so when we got back to Billy's I went to sit on the porch and ignored him, I could hear him talking to Billy in the cabin telling him what I told him about the bear and then I heard the creak of his wheelchair as he rolled outside to sit with me.

"Bella, can I see your bear tooth?"

I put it in his outstretched hand and waited while he looked at it,

"Well it was certainly a big bear to have teeth as big as this. Jake tells me someone gave it to you."

I nodded,

"An angel saved me from the bear and gave me the tooth Uncle Billy."

"An angel? What did he look like?"

"I didn't see him very well, I was too scared of the bear."

"Then how do you know he was an angel Bella? Did he tell you he was an angel?"

"I saw he was an angel. He sparkled in the sunshine."

Billy sat back as if something had hit him,

"Are you all right Uncle Billy?"

"Yes Bella I am. You said he sparkled? When did he sparkle?"

"When the sun shone on him, it was so pretty."

"Did he say anything to you Bella?"

"No, he just gave me the tooth and when I looked next he was gone and so was the bear. They really were there Uncle Billy. I didn't make it up like Jake says."


So they were back, or at least some of them and it was beginning all over again. Luckily Jake was too young to be affected at least for now but the elders needed to know. Perhaps it was just a nomad passing through and not the family again, I hoped so for all our sakes. In the meantime I would tell Jake and the boys to stay out of the forest. Luckily Bella was leaving the next day and I knew from what Charlie had said that she wouldn't be coming for much longer. She hated Forks, the rain and the cold, she was like her mother in that respect, but it would keep her safe. I wondered what to do about the bear tooth, I didn't like the idea that the Cold One had given her a present, a tooth from the bear he saved her from, which raised another question, why had he saved her life? Why not let her die and feast on her blood or if it was one of the family then just kill the bear and go. I didn't like this at all, it was out of character for a Cold One. I would have to speak to the other elders, see if any of them had any idea what it could mean. Jake spent the rest of the afternoon trying to make up with Bella but she was outraged that he hadn't believed her and she could be as stubborn as her father so he still hadn't had any luck when Charlie and Harry got back about two hours later. They were in a good mood with a great haul of fish,

"We're going to barbecue the fish for dinner Bella. Why don't you help Rachel make some salad to go with the fish Bella. Maybe Jake can help us light the barbecue then he can help you."

"We don't need him daddy Rachel and I can do it. He's not my friend any more".

As soon as Bella had gone indoors I explained that Jake had accused Bella of making up a story about bears and angels after she found a bear tooth in the forest. Charlie laughed,

"She's got one hell of an imagination Billy."

I nodded but I was watching Harry's face and when Charlie and Jake went to get the barbecue set up he came over to stand close.

"Bears and angels?"

"Bella got separated from Jake in the forest and she says she was almost attacked by a bear but an angel saved her."

"An angel?"

"Yes and she knew he was an angel because he sparkled in the sunshine."


"Keep your voice down. I've already spoken to Old Quil about it. He's sent some of the boys out to check the area."

"Do you think she really saw one of them?"

"Well she has a fresh bear tooth that the angel gave her so something happened out there."

He nodded looking over to where Charlie and Jake sat talking as they waited for the coals to heat up.

"I'm just glad Bella's going back tomorrow, I don't like this Billy, not one bit."