Chapter 43


A gentle breeze whipped through my hair, tickling my nose, caused me to wake from my slumber. The bed was so soft, the sheets smelled freshly laundered, and the room was quiet and slightly dark. I could stay here forever, forgoing my responsibilities that awaited me. I rolled my head daring to glance at my bedside clock only to find it wasn't there and this wasn't my bed. Movement behind me confirmed that my deep slumber wasn't a direct result of my activities during my day, more of the ones that most likely ended only a short while ago….

Edward held me on the floor of the storeroom as I trembled and shook. His warm and strong arms caged me in a blanket of security and trust. Jared's lifeless body was riddled with bullet holes, his eyes still open, and money peeked out from the waistband of his jeans. Edward's strong hand pulled my face to his chest as he tried to shield me from seeing the disaster that was once my organized storeroom.

"Don't worry, Baby, it will be back to the way it was by the time the store opens."

Jasper and Emmett stood above Jared's body. Emmett was on his cell phone and sirens could be heard in the distance; no doubt heading here. Men I had never seen before now littered my back hall, all ready to follow Edward's instructions.

"Bella?" Jasper spoke up softly. His voice held a slight southern accent, which I had failed to notice before. I turned my gaze to him awaiting his question.

"Do you have the ring Jared gave you?"

I nodded and pointed to the upstairs. "It's in my purse, in my bedroom." Edward nodded at one of the men in the hall, and a minute later my purse was placed before me. Reaching past my cell phone and a ragged looking tampon, I pulled the ring from the bottom of my bag. I had worn this ring for months after Jared had given it to me. Never taking the time to flip it around like most girls do when admiring a piece of jewelry that their guy gives them. Most likely due to the fact that it wasn't a lot of weight and not a symbol of love and devotion. Remembering Jared's words on how important it was, I handed the ring to Jasper.

"I've thought a lot about this ring and I was going to come by and talk with you soon anyway." Turning the ring around in his fingers, his eyes locked on the piece of metal.

"I have a theory."

Jasper pinched the ring between the index fingers of both hands, and in a quick movement the ring snapped apart from under the glass stone.

"See, I read a book once where there was this secret society. They held meetings in ordinary places, only you had to have a special key to get in. Now, the founder of the organization was a locksmith and he wanted to have keys that didn't look like the traditional ones we use every day, yet he wanted them to be something that no one would question."

Jasper smoothed the metal out in a straight line, and where it had once met the glass stone, tiny ridges were now visible.

"When Tanya was arrested at the party, Boss had me take her car to one of our lots. When I was starting the car, I noticed a copy of that book on the floor board. At first, I didn't think anything of it until later that night. I had Alice repeat the numbers she saw and found that they matched the latitude and longitude of New Orleans, more specifically a mausoleum in the heart of the city. I would like to head down there and see if my theory is correct."

Edward told him to hop on the first plane and see what he could find. The police arrived a second later and Emmett completely took over giving them the security tapes of what was consistent with my story, that Jared was an intruder and Edward had been able to see him shoving me around the store. One of the officers came up to us and said they found a gun on Jared, along with cash that he had stolen from the cash box.

The coroner's office came and took Jared's body away and Edward insisted that I stay at his house. I didn't argue as he helped me into the car.

Edward's condo was cold and masculine. With the dark leather furniture and sharp lines of his decor, it just felt odd. He poured me a glass of scotch and I chugged it down, the burn of the amber liquid warming me to my core. Tapping my index finger on the rim, asking for another. Edward poured without a single word, refilling his own as we stood in silence.

All this time I have spent living lie after lie. Pushing away what I want for a false sense of security, allowing a man to rule me by fear. I was finished letting people take from me, use me until they had their fill. With a final swallow, I placed the glass on the counter and pulled a shocked Edward toward me. Leaving no room for argument, I slammed my mouth over his, demanding with my tongue entrance to his mouth. He may have been surprised, but it didn't last long as he pulled me flush against his body, his mouth battling me for control over our heated embrace. The fingers of my right hand plunged into the hair at the base of his neck, while the left traveled to his belt struggling to release its hold on the area of Edward that I so desperately wanted. His warm hands found their way to the small of my back, flesh against flesh. Our moans filled the room, I was hard pressed to know which one of us was making the noise. In a quick motion, Edward lifted me placing his hands on the bottom of my ass, while I wrapped my legs around his waist. The softness of his bed conformed to my back as he lay me down not breaking the kiss. Removing my hands from his body, I started unbuttoning my shirt with Edward's lips now exploring my neck and collarbone. When I snapped the button of my jeans open, Edward suddenly froze and pulled back to look in my eyes.

"Bella…I-I…we…we can't."

His face looked tormented and remorseful. Seeing the confusion on my face he explained, "I can't love you in the same bed that I fucked Jessica in."

I hadn't really given much thought to the fact that he most likely had taken many women in this very bed. I suddenly wanted to throw him to the floor and burn my shirt. Edward silently removed himself from the bed and went into a door I suspected was a bathroom. He reappeared and took my hand in his ignoring my confused expression. He led me back to the car and out of the garage, Edward remained silent as he drove like a bat out of hell into the night.

Back alleys and side streets all began to blur as Edward pushed the limits of his car. With a final turn and screeching tires, we pulled into what looked like an old factory. Edward shut off the car as the automatic garage bay door finished closing. Not leaving me a second to question anything, he exited the door coming around to my side, and then removed my shocked and silent body from his car. The elevator was located in the center of a very open area, the smell of dirt and cut wood surrounded me. The doors to the elevator had to be raised and lowered before it would ascend into the ceiling above. There were plastic sheets covering the shaft, protecting it from what I wasn't certain.

"Where are we?" I questioned.

Edward answered by pulling me from the elevator, leaving the door in the raised position and lifted me back into the position I had placed myself in at his condo. His mouth was on me again and I soon forgot everything except him as he walked quickly in a direction I would find out later. His lips were so soft, yet hard against mine. He certainly knew what he was doing and I decided to ignore how much practice he actually had in the past to make him this good. The smell of cut wood and paint grew stronger and I couldn't help but to turn my head, cutting off his kiss to look around at where he had taken me.

The room was out of a decorating magazine, the neutral colors and expensive furnishings that filled the room caused me to gasp. The room was bathed in soft glow from the lamps that sat around the room on various tables. The Victorian inspired sofa and loveseat took up the better part of the room. Beautiful cream and gold curtains covered the windows, and a large fireplace sat against the wall.

"This is a safe house that my family owns." His words were mumbled as his lips took hold of my neck, his actions caused the beauty of the room to fade, and the sensation of his lips consumed me. Edward's lips were nothing when compared to his long fingers. My gasps startling even myself as he flicked my now exposed nipples with the fingernail of his thumbs. I threw my head back at the sensations, a feeling I hadn't felt from anything but my own hands in years. He nibbled and kissed over my neck and to the top of my now sensitive breasts. I had no control over my actions as I frantically started to pull off his clothes. Layer after layer lay in a trail from the well-decorated living room, to the oh-so-soft bed that he placed me on. The bed felt like a cloud, its only comfort adding to my overwhelming arousal.

"I love you, Bella." His words were like a prayer and I wasn't certain I was the one he was directing them to.

"I love you," he breathed again as he started to move lower with his kisses, nipping at the skin under my now completely naked chest. His hand caressed my sides as his tongue tasted and lapped at the skin along my ribs and stomach. My back arched off the bed as I reached into my own hair when his tongue entered my belly button, his teeth biting the underside. My legs fell apart without my consent and Edward eased his way to the center of my body; his warmth shielded me from the slight chill in the air.

His fingers were so soft and so caring. The same fingers that had pulled the trigger of his gun just hours ago, sealing the door to my nightmares, were now opening the vault to my fantasy. His fingers were so slow, so deliberate, as they stroked the lips of my heated and wet core. My breathing picked up as I lifted my knees, letting them fall to the side allowing my lower body to be completely open and on display for him. My hands left my hair and attached themselves to each of my breasts, fondling, pinching, and rubbing, keeping time with Edward's fingers that were now inside my wet walls. His warm tongue met the hot skin of my clit and I could feel my legs begin to tremble. Only one man had ever been where he was. It was so many years ago, both of our first times, and he fumbled more than anything. Edward knew what he was doing, this song he played with my body, every note he wrote himself.

"I've never done this before." His confession barely registered in my head.

I raised up propping myself on my forearms to watch as his fingers slid in and out of me, his pink tongue flicking and lapping. He noticed I had changed positions, and locked eyes with me never stopping or changing his course.

"Th-that's hard to believe." My voice sounded husky, causing him to stop.

"I've never had to…" His honesty was enough. I let my head fall back and his mouth closed over my very swollen clit, sucking and biting it several times while his two fingers entered me again. My hands resumed playing with my nipples, although, I desired Edward's hands there more, but not enough to ask him to stop what he was doing.

Edward, being the man that he was, grabbed my right thigh as he pulled his mouth away from my pussy. My eyes flashed open and I started to protest when he turned onto his back, pulling my body to hover over his face. He pulled me so that my knees were on each side of his head, the headboard only inches from the top of his head, my knees buried in the pillows that cradled him.

"Hold on tight," he commanded as he pulled me back to his tongue and his hands grabbed my breasts. Gripping the headboard, I began to rub my aching pussy against his stubbled chin and protruding tongue. His fingers pulled my nipples so hard, yet it only fueled my desire for him. Edward continued to alternate from tongue fucking me to biting and sucking my clit, never once letting go of my greedy nipples. After countless orgasms and shouts of his name, I pulled away from his mouth and tried to slide his cock inside me. Edward stopped me reaching into the drawer of his nightstand pulling out a strip of condoms.

"I'm clean, but I want to be certain."

I didn't question him. I let him continue to protect me, even in the throes of passion, he had my well-being before his own desires. With the condom firmly wrapped around his cock, I lowered myself as he held his dick for me. I wanted to savor this, so I went slow, watching Edward's face as he closed his eyes and his mouth fell open. Balancing myself on his chest with my hands as his gripped my hips, I started to gain speed, bouncing up and down while rubbing my clit on him.

"That's it, Baby, take what you want."

Never had anyone offered themselves to me. I was always the one to give. Without hesitation, I closed my eyes, grasping the headboard and taking all of him that I wanted. Wave after wave, I kept going. Edward never complained as I said, "One more", over and over. As I collapsed on his chest, sweaty and gasping for air, Edward flipped us over thrusting into me. I had nothing left, no sensation to be found in my body, as he found his release, and then he too collapsed into the soft and clean sheets…..

We woke each other a few times that night. Edward always letting me get my fill, only taking when I was finished, and never asking for more than I was willing to give.

"You know you're hot, right?"

I smiled hearing his sleep deprived voice from behind me. We weren't wrapped around each other as you see in the Hollywood movies, but a few inches apart. It was enough to know he was there, but far enough away that I could keep my warmth to myself.

"And you're not a cuddler," I joked.

After the third or fourth time last night, I tried to snuggle around him, but he told me my body was just too hot next to him. We opted for just feet touching while we headed off for a brief sleep.

"I am, but you just have some serious body heat." Pulling me into his naked body, his cock slid between my legs, and honestly, my very sore pussy. His mouth latched on to my neck as his fingers traveled to my nipples. He felt so good that I chose to close my eyes and just enjoy. His hand left my breast to place his cock inside me as his phone started ringing from somewhere on the floor.

"Ignore it," He spoke harshly, his want for me overriding his sense of duty.

Pushing me onto my stomach, Edward's condom clad cock entered me again, his body aligned to mine perfectly.

"God, I love feeling you wrapped around me," he breathed into my ear, nibbling on the lobe. Not stopping his thrusts, he sat up, his legs straddling on either side of mine. This position had him hitting me in places I had no idea even existed.

Using both hands, he separated my ass cheeks. "Fuck, Baby, your pussy from this angle is so beautiful, feels so fucking good."

His voice and the position caused me to be completely incoherent. I could feel my body reaching for that orgasm, stumbling to find it. The feel of his hands as they held my ass cheeks, so he could continue to watch himself thrust in and out.

"I wish you could see this," he grunted as he didn't stop his rhythm.

The sweat that was now covering us caused Edward's right hand to slip, his fingers grazing my hole. The slight touch caused my orgasm to rip through me and I cried out, arching my back. My movements were enough to spur Edward's own orgasm to join mine.

His phone had not stopped ringing the entire time, so while mumbling under his breath, he pulled out of me and answered the phone in the colorful way that only Edward can do.

"What the fuck…" he shouted, only to cringe when the person on the other side responded.

"Sorry, Mom." He sounded like a young schoolboy as he apologized. Standing there in all his naked glory, his cock still semi-hard, but deflating quickly.

"Yes, ma'am." He ran his hands through his hair closing his eyes.

"Yes, yes I will."

He tossed the phone to the floor once again and rejoined me in bed. I moved to lay on his sweaty chest while he wrapped his arm around me.

"That was my mom, making certain you were comfortable here, and my father wants to see us after you get done today."

I pulled back questioning him with my eyes.

"He got a call from Jasper, he has something he needs us to see."

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