We're Coming Home

She Wanted Freedom and He Wanted Paradise

Written By: Scrittrice Matilda

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Warning: There is Fem!Percy, so if you do not like, then I would advise for you not to read this story. This is also character deaths, along with already dead characters. This story will have slightly sad moments and might have some dark or bloody moments (it has monsters, half-bloods, and immortals for gods sakes!) Little mentions of child-abuse, only in the past, nothing explicit.


Chapter One

Welcome to Ogygia

Part Fire-

You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be

And I don't wanna go home right now...

And I don't want the world to see me

'Cause I don't think that they'd understand...

Leo had never known much about Persephone Jackson, apart from the fact that she had loved Kronos's host. Some tell him that she was a horrible person, someone who deserved whatever punishment she had gotten. Others tell him that she was a wonderful girl who should have been rewarded, not punished. He didn't know what to truly think, since he never really knew her in person. Sure, he had heard from the older campers that she had retrieved the Lightning Bolt and the Helm of Darkness. He had also heard about how she brought back the Golden Fleece, and supposedly held up the sky, and lead the demigods into a victorious war. But he had never actually seen her, or talk to her.

Though, even if he hadn't known her, his sister and many others did. And he trusted them more than just any camper that came along and declared the daughter of Poseidon as an evil person. So you could say that he was leaning towards Persephone being a good person.

Nyssa had told him that while she wasn't as close to Persephone like Annabeth and Thalia, she knew quite a bit about her. Like the fact that she loved the color blue, or that she once blew up a mountain because some evil uglies were throwing lava at her. So, while Leo never met the girl in person, he felt as if he already knew her. So many stories he had heard, good or bad, they were all pretty amazing. Far past what Hercules or Theseus ever accomplished in their short lives.

Heck, what Persephone has done, it was god worthy. So why wasn't she a goddess? Right, the daughter of Poseidon had been cursed, banished to who knows where. But just because she was gone, didn't mean that people didn't talk about her legendary being. And Leo couldn't get enough of it. He loved the stories about the beautiful sea daughter, something was always so familiar about her.

Ever since Jason, Piper, and him had come back from their quest, each of them got close to others. It didn't mean that they weren't friends still, it just meant that they found others to relate with. Piper had become close to her siblings, Lacy and Mitchell, along with some daughters of Apollo. Jason had started family bonding with his sister since they missed out on it when they were kids.

While Leo himself had gotten close to the kids of Hermes; his brothers and sisters. So Leo found that Jason and Piper started finding their own groups in life. Groups that excluded him. Not that Leo cared, not too much at least, because he also learned who he could fit in with. But he couldn't help but wish that Jason and Piper had stopped by every once in awhile to say things like 'Hey Leo! How are you? The ship has gone along nicely so far!' But they never did.

Leo always saw Jason with Thalia, and Piper with Annabeth. Annabeth and Piper got along together since they were both strong girls who were usually underestimated.

Annabeth Chase is a daughter of Athena, and a Hunter of Artemis. She has curly blonde hair and startling grey eyes. A silver aura surrounded her since she had joined the Hunt around sixth months ago. Apparently it was too hard to stay at camp.

After Persephone had been banished, Annabeth had none of her best friends since Thalia was part of the hunt. She had gone out with Luke for a month or two before they both broke up, claiming to have a platonic love. Annabeth became distant to everyone at camp until the hunters visited, that was when she had asked to join the hunt. That was when she became forever seventeen, and she loved it.

A boy named Malcolm was now the head of Cabin Six. He was Annabeth's second in command, and was delighted to take charge for his sister. Many had taken the leaving of Annabeth badly, especially since they had earlier lost their true leader, Persephone.

Apparently, things had changed ever since Persephone had been banished. The camp was like it was split in two, one side was the ones that supported Percy while the others were people who disliked the girl. It was pretty unevenly split, considering that around two-thirds of camp wanted the daughter of the sea back.

Clarisse and one-third of her cabin supported Percy, who was Clarisse's closest of friends after a girl named Silena Beauregard died. Luke and half of his cabin supported Percy, too. Along with Malcolm and all of his cabin supporting Percy, which surprised everyone. But seeing as how close Annabeth and Sea Princess had been, the surprisement easily turned to understanding. Pretty much all of the minor cabins supported Percy since she was the reason they were claimed and had their own cabins.

Most of Apollo, Demeter, and Hephaestus's kids supported Percy too, because of Will, Katie, and Charles being close to Percy. Some of Aphrodite's kids, like Lacy and Mitchell were on her side, Piper leading the supporting part. Though, many of the children of Aphrodite followed Drew with the thoughts of Percy being a traitor. Bianca Di' Angelo, being the only living child of Hades, decided to choose Percy's side. Bianca was said to be the sister of Kronos's host, both being full siblings like Thalia and Jason.

Luke Castellan was once on Kronos's side. But after Kronos chose another demigod as his host, Luke realized his mistake. He pleaded his case to the gods who voted for him to be on Probation for the rest of the war. After Luke was proven innocent, he was released. Most welcomed him back, while some didn't. Luke became camp's unofficial leader since only Percy could properly fill that spot. He was also known as a hero because he gave Kronos's information away. After a year or so, he disappeared. Nobody could find him. That's when Jason, Piper, and Leo had come to camp.

Everyone found out that Hera had switched both the Greek and Roman Camp leaders with the other. It was so that the Great Prophecy of the Seven could start, in which it did. Camp Half-Blood spent a long time building Argo II, a flying ship that Leo had once drawn long ago. They sailed to Camp Jupiter, ready to regain their leader. Everything was going surprisingly good, until Leo had to mess it up. Leo knew he screwed up, but it still hurt to see his friend's angry eyes.

A spirit had taken over his mind and body, sending cannonballs into the Roman's camp. The Romans didn't take it very well, so they attacked. Their leader, Reyna, came with them when they escaped, knowing that they didn't do it on purpose. Two others came, to fulfill their part of the prophecy, Their names were Hazel Levesque and Frank Zhang. That's when the real adventure had truly started.

Right now, Leo was having the time of his life. Yep, he was having a great time getting chased by some stupid eidolons. Hazel and Frank were ahead of him, waiting for him to catch up. But he knew he wouldn't reach them in time.

"Stupid eidolons, why can't you let a guy search in peace!" Leo yelled, frustration getting to him.

This is what he got for being so kind as to search for Bianca Di' Angelo, Hazel's half sister. Bianca was captured by the twin Giants, Otis and Ephialtes. She was stuck in some kind of jar that was suppose to keep her from breathing.

Apparently she was eating Persephone's pomegranate seeds, which put you into a state of death. Only children of Pluto and Hades are allowed to do that. It keeps them alive without the need for them to breathe, but they could only eat six seeds. The amount that the goddess of spring ate.

The eidolons just cackled, speeding up. Leo yelped before sprinting faster, too.

"Hurry up Leo! They're getting closer to you!" Hazel screamed, her gold eyes full of distress.

"What does it look like I'm doing! Walking?" Leo asked incredulously. He rolled his eyes before looking down at the Archimedes Sphere. It was something Leo had made while they were down in Archimedes workshop. Now it was his, since he rebuilt it with the help of that stupid fortune cookie. When Hazel, Frank, and him had escaped the underground area, the eidolons followed them. It seemed they didn't want to die yet.

"Well...go faster!" Hazel's reply made him glare at the Archimedes Sphere as he tried to get it to do something. Did it look like he wasn't trying? Apparently so.

Something clicked on the sphere, making Leo grin triumphantly. He stopped suddenly before spinning around to face the eidolons. "Take this, you stupid spirit-thingies!" Leo held the sphere up. After a few seconds, the sphere exploded, causing Leo to fly back.

The eidolons screeched, and "You idiotic demigod! How dare you" was the last thing he heard before he blacked out, unconsciousness taking over.


When he woke up, Leo didn't expect to see someone looking over him in concern. But there she was, a girl kneeling on his left, tending to his wounds. She was a beautiful girl who looked familiar.

She had black hair that was in a braid, it reached past her shoulders and had a silver flower in it. Her sun kissed skin was flawless, and her sea green eyes shined with sadness. Her beauty was on level with a goddess. She had a wild, yet graceful look to her. It reminded him of the sea, her features complimenting the clear waters behind her.

Leo noticed how hot the place was. The sun was beating down on him as he squinted. He could feel the sand beneath him. They were obviously on an island, water surrounding the land. A soft breeze passed by Leo's face, cooling him down slightly.

"It seems I'm not in Kansas anymore, Toto," Leo muttered to himself so that he didn't disturb the girl next to him. He sighed before closing his eyes, hoping that he was just in a dream. That he would wake up to see his friends all worried for him.

"It seems you're awake." Leo sat up quickly at the voice, causing him to get extremely dizzy. He looked at the girl who had talked to him. She had a smile quirked on her face as she gently handed him a square of Ambrosia.

"Calm down, I'm not going to harm you," she told him as he suspiciously took the godly food from her hands.

"Funny of you to say that, because that sounds awfully similar to what monsters say before they try to eat me. Not a fun experience." Leo said, half-joking and half-serious. His usually bright brown eyes narrowed at her with wariness. The girl let out a quiet laugh as she heard his words.

"Trust me, I'm a demigod too" she said before popping a piece of Ambrosia into her mouth to prove it. Leo felt his shoulders relax once she finished chewing the heavenly food. Curiosity took over him as he looked around again. The place was beautiful, a paradise of the sorts.

"Where are we?" Questioned Leo, his eyes still wandering the glorious island. The girl went back to her bandages that she had previously been using.

"We are on an island called Ogygia" she answered casually as she didn't even stop what she was doing. She did, however, look up when Leo exhaled sharply. Her head was tilted as Leo's eyes widened once he finally realised just exactly where he was.

Ogygia Island, the lonely paradies that once held Calypso as prisoner. A place where heroes came during near death. Calypso was released after the Second Titan's War, by Persephone's wish. She now stayed at camp, hanging out with the nymphs. She sometimes talked with demigods, and many liked her for her kind heart.

She was one of the extra people that went on Argo II with the Greek's part of the Seven. She was also a close friend to Leo, so he was surprised he didn't recognize the place. Calypso had always described Ogygia to him, in an attempt to get him to know why she always felt so lonely on the supposed paradise.

"How is that possible?" Leo asked, looking at the girl next to him. She just shrugged before answering.

"Well, you were a hero in need of help, and you appeared here. I'm just the caretaker of Ogygia, cursed to this place." Leo's eyes widened when he heard that. Calypso was once cursed to Ogygia, so why was this girl? Something about this wasn't right, and Leo wanted to know why.

"Then who are you?" Leo looked at her expectantly, awaiting her answer. He watched with observant eyes as the girl before him stiffened at the question. Her eyes become a darker shade of green, a color of raging seas. Her hands trembled slightly, as if she was trying to hold back a mix of rage and anguish.

She turned to him, looking into his eyes. A shudder ran through him as she stared at him, like she could read his soul. Like she could bring out all of his secrets. "Tell me, who are you?"

Leo paused, but his curious side took over once again. "My name is Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus" he answered, his eyes shining with pride and joy. The girl just looked at him, puzzled. As if she was trying to see if she knew him.

Leo knew that they were newly acquainted, he would've remembered such a breath-taking girl if they had met before.

"Very well, it is only fair that I tell you my name. I don't think we have ever met, Leo Valdez, so my name might not be familiar to you. My name is Persephone Jackson, daughter of Poseidon. And may I properly welcome you to my curse, my punishment. Welcome to Ogygia."

~End of Chapter One~

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