We're Coming Home

She Wanted Freedom and He Wanted Paradise

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Chapter Seven

Bob the Titan?

Part Fire-

You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be

And I don't wanna go home right now...

And I don't want the world to see me

'Cause I don't think that they'd understand…


Leo knew that some monsters would use human names to 'fit in' with them, but hearing such a normal name was kind of surprising. He also knew that Persephone had faced many enemies with a fearless attitude, so to see her so shaken up by this Kalli person was nerve-racking. The monster was obviously a strong foe, Leo could tell from Percy's face expressions. But this Kelli looked pretty human to Leo.

She had a cheerleading outfit, the kind that you'd see chicks wearing in cliche movies. Short skirts, small-fitted top, pompoms, and a body that any guy would drool over. Of course, Leo didn't even think of her like that, he did have the Persephone Jackson next to him, a.k.a the most beautiful mortal ever.

Kelli had brown hair that looked to be moving like flames would. Her pure red eyes held malicious killing intent as she argued with the other girl, Serephone. They were both arguing over who should be the leader and who should die. They looked like they were going to start a catfight with each other before Kelli turned to wear Leo and Percy were hiding.

She sniffed the air and smiled ominously at them, showing sharp fangs. She growled in a deep voice before stalking towards their hiding spot, her hands clenching. She slowly morphed into her true form, an ugly and twisted monster. Her hair started rising and turning a orangish red, and soon became bright flames. Her eyes glowed as she looked to be a vampire.

"Tartarus," cursed Persephone, only to quirk a smile at the irony of her word. She brought a ballpoint pen out, her thumb ready to lift the cap, she got into a fighting stance. Leo knew that he had to follow what she did and took a hammer out of his magic belt, lighting it aflame.

"Well well well, if it isn't two cute demigods, ready to be eaten," chuckled Kelli as the group creeped next to their leader. Kelli froze when she saw the female demigod, her eyes becoming full of hatred as she snarled at them.

Then, she smirked at them. "This would've been better if that Annabeth gir was here too. but I guess I can make due with killing you. Don't think I've forgotten what you and that daughter of Athena did, Persephone Jackson. I swore that I would get my revenge one day, and now the day has come. Gaea was right, you'd fall right into my hands."

On Percy's part, she didn't even flinch as Kelli ranted in anger. Leo just stood there, tense and ready to fight, yet completely confused. He watched as Serephone got impatient, her eye narrowing in hunger, hunger for demigod blood.

"Let's just kill them," demanded Serephone, causing the others in the group to nod their heads. Kelli paused in the middle of her rant and spun towards Serephone and punched the girl in rage.

"They are mine! Persephone Jackson's life was turned into my hands after she and that Athena child stabbed me!" Roared Kelli as she lunged at Serephone, claws tearing at the other monster's skin. Both monsters tumbled and fought, scratching and bruising each other. Kelli then stood up, turning back to the two demigods as Serephone and her calmed down.

"I think I'll have fun killing you two." Whispered Kelli deviously, her skin glowing with monster power. Leo stopped himself from shuddering at the monster's voice, which had a hint of KI to it.

"But Kelli," stammered one of the monsters from the group. "Queen Gaea told us to not kill them." The others murmured in agreement and Serephone took her chance to take lead.

"Yes, Lady Gaea would be utterly disappointed in us. This is why we shouldn't follow Kelli, girls! She is crazy and stuck on getting revenge. What type of leader is that?" Cried Serephone, flashing a triumphant smile when the others nodded along. Kelli screamed in a high-pitched tone.

"Shut up Serephone! You're just jealous that Lady Gaea chose me to lead instead of you!"

Percy took this as her chance to say some words. "Come one girls, you really believe Kelli? Serephone is right, the girl is so stuck on killing me that she can't see what is obviously right for you as a whole group. She doesn't have any interest in keeping you safe, she only wants the blood of Annabeth and I. If I were you guys, I'd follow Serephone, she seems nice and pretty awesome." Leo had to hand it to Percy, she knew how to sweet talk. Her voice was laced with concern and sympathy that seemed so truthful that he probably would've believed her too.

Serephone put her hands on her hips and smirked at everyone who was there. "See, even the humans agree with me! Follow me! Make me your leader and I will surely lead us into victory!" The others started cheering too, pumping their fists into the air as they chanted Serephone's name. Kelli was bright red in the face and you could easily imagine her with steam coming out of her ears. Like a cartoon character.

Leo almost laughed if it wasn't for Percy's horrified look. Her eyes widened and her mouth formed an 'o' shape, her face pale and shining with sweat. "Get down!" Screamed Persephone as she hit the ground, Leo following soon after, thank goodness he did.


Kelli had kicked the air where Leo and Percy had once been, her momentum causing her to slam the tip of her foot into the ground. Dust collected in the air, causing Leo and Percy to cough, their eyes watering. Kelli lifted her foot again, ready to smash the two demigods into pieces that would soon be her dinner. Until Serephone tackled her to the ground.

"They're my assistants, stupid Kelli! I don't care if you're jealous that their mine, you cannot crush them without me helping you!" Screeched Serephone, causing Kelli to rage even more.

"What a hellish job," muttered Leo to Persephone as they watched the two female monsters duke it out. "In the end, we're bound to be killed and we don't even get paid!"

Persephone shot Leo a dark look, sending him the 'Shut up, this isn't the time' message. Of course, Leo could've just replied with the 'Sorry, message denied' message, but he decided to do exactly what she wanted him to do. To shut up.

Persephone uncapped her sword and the two monsters stopped fighting, shying away from the weapon. Leo looked at the sword confused, what was so scary about it? And then her realized what they were scared of.

'The monsters fear the wielder and the weapon together. Wow, Concha de mar must be stronger that I thought.' Mused Leo as he lit his hammer on fire again as he got ready to fight too.

"So it is true, the rumors, I mean." Says Serephone as she searched Persephone, analyzing her with glowing eyes.

"What is?" Leo asked, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion. Percy looked away, her hair whipping her face as she avoided looking into her fellow demigod's eyes. Leo felt a rush of nervousness fill him as he waited for an answer.

Serephone smiled at him, almost seductively. "you really don't know who you're standing next to, do you? To demigods, she is only known as the hero to them. It may seem like a heavy title, and her achievements that are talked about throughout half bloods are pretty impressive, but those stories only touch the surface of her powers. To demigods, she is known as the savior, to us, she is known as a hostess. The hostess of Thalassa, the female counterpart of the Primordial, Pontus. Persephone Jackson's powers are on a whole nother level, of course, she hasn't reached that level. Not at all."

Leo was confused. Thalassa? What did that have to do with Persephone? Persephone was just a demigod, an amazing one, but only a demigod.

"That makes no sense! Tell me, what do you mean!" Yelled Leo, his flames growing along with his frustration. Serephone smirked and just laughed, stepping towards the male half blood. She kicked him, causing him to skid across the ground a couple of feet.

"I don't think I will. I'll just kill you and knock out Jackson. Goodbye mortal," hissed Serephone, her hair flaming like Kelli as she went in for the kill. Persephone was too busy fighting five other monsters from the group, and had her back turned to Leo and Serephone. Kelli was one of the five, so she was struggling slightly.

Leo glanced up and felt his heart beat faster. Not in the I-just-saw-a-beautiful-girl type of way, but the Oh-my-gods-I'm-gonna-die-right-now way. He shut his eyes and prayed for someone to save him, when he heard Percy scream in horror.

'She sees me. This is pathetic, the I wanted to impress just happens to be watching me as I'm about to die. What a horrible way to go about impressing her.' Thought Leo miserably, expecting for Serephone to kill him.

He heard Persephone yell and could hear her as she sprinted towards him and Serephone. He wanted to shout at her, tell her that he was fine and didn't need her help. But his throat felt dry and breathing seemed impossible. His mouth opened to form words, but no sound escaped his lips.

Then, a tremble rippled through the ground.

Leo opened his eyes only to gap. A man was standing in front of him, blocking Serephone's attempt to kill him. It usually would've seemed extremely heroic and Leo probably should be crying his gratitude, but as he looked at the man's ridiculous outfit he choked on laughter.

Okay, Tartarus was making him insane already. What a bummer.

"Bob?" Came Percy's incredulous yell as she caught up to Leo and Serephone.

'Bob? Who's Bob?' Leo thought to himself, before realizing that Bob was the man who had saved him. The man turned around to face Leo and Leo did laugh this time.

The man had a broom in his hand and was smiling innocently. He had a janitor's outfit on and on his nametag said four words on it. The whole event was so ridiculous that Leo didn't even stop his snickering when Persephone glared at him.

This was too funny!

The man's nametag said:

Hi, my name's Bob!

~End of Chapter Seven~

Author's Note: Short chapter. And yes, this was a very odd chapter and the whole Thalassa thing is probably confusing you all, but just wait and everything will be explained. Honestly, Thalassa wasn't going to be added in the beginning, but I changed my mind.


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