Mod Man: Chapter Two

"You killed yourself," Harry defended. "All I did was take the spot you left open."

"What do you mean I killed myself?!" Harry's Ghost demanded.

"You crashed headfirst into a tombstone and were knocked unconscious," Harry explained. "Exposure did the rest."

"I did not!" the ghost denied angrily, refusing to admit it was his own fault he'd died doing something stupid when he'd had his whole life ahead of him.

Seeing that he was as stubborn dead as alive, Harry heard the whisperings of the Hallows and decided to listen, because he could not afford to get caught arguing with his own ghost. Harry whispered a word of power and the ghost was pulled from the room, back to his place of death and bound to that spot.

Fortunately, Ginny had slept through the whole thing. Emotionally wrung out and with a familiar weight on his chest, Harry Potter slept and while he slept, dreamed…

He was a lot paler and chubbier than he was used to, but then he was used to being forced to work long hours with little food. He sat on his towel and watched the ocean, fascinated with the way the waves came in, never ending, eternal.

"You've changed things," a pale young woman with dark hair, dressed in a black robe carrying a scythe announced as she took a seat next to him. She had a tattoo of an ankh surrounding her right eye.

Harry picked up a pebble and skimmed it across the water the ripples of its passage quickly erased by the waves as if they'd never existed.

"Fair point," she said as if he'd spoken. "But in the here and now there are changes even if in the span of eternity they really don't matter."

Harry nodded before reaching over to help her remove her robe, revealing flawless alabaster skin and a bikini that couldn't decide if it was there or not depending on which eye Harry looked through.

She moaned as he rubbed her down with sunscreen. "What about the changes to Ginny?" she asked lazily pointing behind them.

Harry didn't pause in his ministrations as he looked inland where a young red haired girl was walking through a forest carrying a picnic basket. He could see a naked half-human wolf with exaggerated genitalia hiding just off the trail with bright green eyes and a very familiar cast to his features, features that were also on the woodsman's face further down the trail, though his eyes flickered from green to brown and back again.

"I'm not saying the changes are bad, they're actually quite normal and healthy according to my sister, but I do believe they go against what you've been taught. Don't forget the soles of my feet."

Harry dutifully worked the soles of her feet eliciting a moan that was definitely sexual in nature.

"I expected to feel like myself as I was," Harry said his voice notably higher in pitch than when he'd heard it last. "But I don't, I feel like I am."

Whatever the pale-skinned girls' response would have been was washed away as a massive wave swept over them.

Harry woke up with a start noting Ginny was still on top of him and… "Wet dream," he muttered, "cute." Fortunately he knew some wandless cleaning charms that Dobby had taught him. Considering his life, his ability to clean using house elf magic really came as no surprise, too bad it was limited to cleaning spells. Ginny stirred and he could almost feel her blush, but she didn't get up or relinquish her hold on him. He wondered how much in common she had with the Ginny raised by the Weasleys.

"You said I was ugly yesterday," she said, "I was ugly and no boy would ever want to kiss me."

"I was lying," Harry said finding the fact that he wasn't surprised at how young they sounded surprising. He felt like he should feel like a grownup pretending to be a kid, instead he felt like a kid pretending to be a grownup. "You are very pretty and extremely kissable, as I proved."

Ginny giggled.

"I, like all male Potters and you can ask mom, can occasionally be a big butthead. It happens as we get older, but I'm told I'll grow out of it."

Ginny was quiet for a moment. "I like this," she admitted quietly.

"I'll try to be more like this from now on," Harry promised, "not the kissing, just the holding, but everyone acts like a butthead at times, it's part of growing up."

Ginny's stomach growled.

"And right now it's time for lunch," Harry said, right before an owl flew in, landed on his headboard, and extended its leg. He was surprised to find it was his Hogwarts letter and happy it was addressed to his room and not 'in Ginny's arms' as he was half afraid it would be when he saw the crest.

"You got your letter!" Ginny said excitedly, hopping off him. "We have to show mom and dad!"

Grabbing his hand she quickly pulled him into the living room, where he found himself surrounded by redheads. The Potters had a child every year for the first six years they'd been married, meaning Harry had five sisters: Ginny, Flora, Evie, Dawn, and Connie. It was like a reverse Weasley clan.

"We'll go shopping for your school supplies tomorrow before your birthday party," Lily promised him.

"Speaking of which," James said, "We've invited some of your sisters' friends to the party. This should help to keep your sisters out of your hair, so please try and be nice to them."

"If they're nice to me, I'll be nice right back at them," Harry promised. "I promise amnesty for any past actions. Everyone gets a clean slate."

"Everyone?" Flora asked hopefully.

"Everyone," Harry promised. "As far as I'm concerned the past doesn't exist. Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you."

"That's a good policy to follow for everyone," Lily said pointedly, causing much tittering among the herd.

The youngest, Connie grabbed Harry's hand. "Tea party!"

"Tea party!" Evie agreed grabbing Harry's other hand.

"Tea party," Harry agreed just before his stomach growled. "Lunch tea party," he suggested.

"I'll make some finger sandwiches," Lily said amused.

"Dress up!" Evie announced.

"Dress robe or tuxedo?" Harry asked.

"Dresses!" the girls chorused just as James vanished with a pop, escaping while he could.

The two quickly pulled him to their room, which was a mess as the two young girls had scattered half their dresser and closet over their beds and had toys scattered everywhere.

A snap of his fingers animated several stuffed animals who started cleaning the room as well as a pair of house elves who popped in and helped cleaned the room while looking around suspiciously before popping out.

"Change!" Dawn demanded laying out a puffy pink dress on the bed in front of Harry.

Connie was half out of her shirt, a ballerina outfit with a tutu ready for her, though with the way she was struggling to get undressed he wasn't sure how she expected to put it on.

"I don't suppose you have something in red," Harry asked as he stared at the pink monstrosity in horror.

Ginny and Flora started tugging at his shirt, causing him to automatically lift his arms.

"You know the rules," Ginny said as Evie helped Connie, who had managed to tangle herself in her shirt. "You agree to the party they pick the clothes."

Flora quickly jumped in to help Dawn, who was searching for a zipper in a white, fluffy, bunny suit.

"I don't mind the dress, but the pink just makes me look so pale," he joked as Ginny helped him remove his pants.

The girls giggled and Ginny managed to coax his boxers off, much to the girls' interests. Harry quickly reached for the dress and put it on, understanding their curiosity but not really feeling that comfortable being their display model. He'd heard from Hermione about normal childhood development and it involved some things that shocked him, but even if they were normal it still made him a bit uncomfortable at the moment.

Evie buckled on a plastic sword and put on the helmet of a Roman centurion, seemingly content with wearing her normal dress with it while neither Ginny nor Flora looked to be dressing up at all.

"Not dressing up?" Harry asked.

"Dawn and Connie only invited you and Evie," Flora said with a grin. "We will be having lunch with mom."

"Tea party!" Lily's voice rang out.

Ginny groaned. "And now we have to demonstrate the appropriate manners."

Flora sighed. "At least we don't have to dress up."

"Remember to dress up!" Lily's voice called out.

"Not a word," Ginny said as they left.

Harry grinned noting that Flora and Ginny were practically twins, in temperament as well as looks it seemed.

The elves popped in and quickly laid out finger sandwiches, tea, cakes, and little bowls of pudding while everyone sat at the small table.

"You don't like those," Evie told Connie as she picked up a couple of finger sandwiches and pointed her towards some others.

Dawn carefully filled everyone's cups with tea and then added sugar and milk. Harry grinned at the way her tongue stuck out of the corner of her mouth as she concentrated on not spilling anything.

There wasn't much said as everyone stuffed their faces, much to Harry's surprise. Dawn and Flora had both inherited Lily's green eyes while the rest of the girls had gotten James' brown ones, but for that fact he'd almost swear Lily had simply cloned herself as there were few traces in the girls' looks that showed James' contributions at all.

"Pudding time!" Dawn announced and everyone grabbed spoons and the little bowls of pudding and started trying to feed each other while smearing as much pudding on their face as possible.

Yeah, they were definitely James' kids.

Clean up was enthusiastic, but a bit hit or miss. Thank God for house elves because pudding was everywhere!

"Nap time," Lily announced with an amused smile as she stuck her head in the room.

Harry yawned. "Good, I was just thinking I could use a nap."

The girls, who usually fought tooth and nail to avoid nap time, started pulling Harry towards their beds, in opposite directions, except Evie who pouted because her own, that she shared with Flora, was across the hall.

"Let's just push the beds together," Harry suggested to keep the girls from arguing and shortly found himself buried in redheads as Connie laid on his chest leaving room for Evie on his right side. He was completely unaware of the smile on his face as he drifted off, surrounded by family… or the soft glow that spread from him to his sisters as he slept.

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