Pieces out of Line

Original Concept: RWBY/Fate/Stay Night


Created by: Rooster Teeth Productions/Type-Moon

written by: wrathie

Author's Notes: So here we go, another story. Seriously? I blame my beta, bowpurity for it ending up like this.

You can thank him or hate him for the development of this idea after I wrote the oneshot for RWBY.

I'm still weighing my options on whether I would continue this one, and if I don't, it's at a pretty decent ending point as it is, I think so at least.

Thank you, bowpurity for the beta. And here is his beta-comments for this chapter:

Beta note: Beta-ing this…. It's so long… It goes on forever. I wanna get off Mr Bones wild ride.

Lastly, do enjoy the story.

Have you heard of the saying that it's possible for the flapping of a butterfly's wings to cause a typhoon at the other side of the world? Small changes, interactions and minor amendments to one's words, actions would really change how one forms relationships, bonds and everything else.

But life itself isn't perfect, life never would be. But it could be, oh, it really could be if things had happened... a little differently.

A story where the pieces were aligned better, friendships would be forged firmer... and maybe things would end up being a lot better than how it had happened if everyone was... slightly different.


'I said, hands in the air!'

The thug ordered the small, young girl, Ruby Rose, after she plucked off her headphones. Silver eyes looked back curiously at him with her mouth slightly open.

'Are you robbing me?'

She asked softly, looking very calm despite being in the middle of a hold up. The dark red haired girl simply gave a small smile when the thug nodded his head, ordering her to raise her hands again.

The last thing he saw was a flash of red before he was kicked out of the Dust shop unceremoniously by an unmatched force of great speed and skill. He didn't even see what had hit him, nor was in the shape to say anything as he laid quietly and unconscious outside of the shop.

The sight and commotion of seeing one of his men being subdued and kicked out of the Dust Shop was enough to make the perpetrator of the crime, Roman Torchwick scowl in displeasure. He hadn't seen who had done it, but it must be someone in the store.

'Get whoev-'

He was about to order his men when an all too fast blur of red and black slammed into him. A sheathed weapon slammed into his gut and sent him flying several feet to land at the floor of the shop. He was still dizzy and barely noticed his men being tossed like ragdolls around of him.

Whoever was doing this had a small measure of skill and Roman quickly scrambled to his feet in time to see all his men being subdued by a small child.

'Well you certainly are good for your size, Red.'

Roman wheezed while clutching his stomach. She had hit him good earlier but now that she had stopped, he was able to commit the girl's look into his memory.

'You were certainly efficient, and you took care not to hurt my men more than you needed to. Cautious, aren't you?'

The child narrowed as she brought her weapon to a rest. Roman found himself quite impressed that a young one like her could use that in such a skillful way.

The weapon that the child had just revealed was a large red and black scythe that she wielded and used easily as she swung it in to the her side.


'Please surrender. I do not wish to hurt anyone here more than I have to.'

She answered cheerfully while giving him a big smile.


The girl was still soft, she probably had the illusion that he would surrender and would be arrested, the stolen goods would be returned and all of them would have a happy ending but him. Time to shatter that naïve dream of hers.

'It has been fun. I'm afraid I must be off... why not have this with my compliments.'

Roman whipped out his cane, modified to double as a firearm and fired it point blank at the shopkeeper, ignoring how Red tensed up. Sadly for him, the Dust that he had collected so far had been knocked away from him but he could always steal more at a later date.

Now it was high time for him to get out of here!

Roman fired and as he expected, Red moved to block the attack aimed at the shopkeeper while he made his escape.

Jumping through the broken window, Roman made his escape but couldn't resist the urge to delay or potentially kill the girl that had tried to stop him. When he was some distance away, he grinned and thought of a way to make her pay.

No one got the better of Roman Torchwick without him having a say in this!

'And another on the house, Red!'

He activated one of his spare gems before throwing it into the shop and was aiming for another shot at Red when the gem was tossed BACK out of the shop before he realized what had happened.

That sneaky brat had the cheek to try and outdo him?!

'Alright, party's over!'

Roman growled as Red jumped out after him only to face his wrath as he fired at her repeatedly. The craters left by his attacks made him grin in satisfaction, even more so when he saw that he finally clipped Red with one of his attacks, sending her flying before he continued his escape.


'Persistent aren't you?'

Roman scowled down at Red from his airship. She had managed to catch up with him after he had boarded his escape plan. She looked quite singed and there was a nasty burn on her side that would limit her mobility for quite a while.

'You're not... getting away. Surrender.'

Red huffed out weakly and Roman just grinned at the sign of weakness from his foe. He'll feel bad for killing her, but this was strictly business and she was in his way.

'How about, no? Farewell my young foe!'

Roman grinned as he gave a repeated performance, tossing a small red gem but instead of letting it get into range of Red, he fired his flare at the gem to detonate it into deadly shrapnel in front of her instead. The big whump and the large cloud of fire and smoke was enough to get him to chuckle in satisfaction at successfully killing the brat.

There, got that thorn on his side. It'll teach the rest a lesson to the rest to stand in his way.

At least, that was what he imagined but his eyes widened when he saw that someone else was protecting Red. It was a glasses wearing blonde woman and from the way that she was unscathed with a magical circle guarding her from harm, he knew that she was on a different league.

His intuition was right when she stared at him coldly before raising her riding crop at him coldly. Her facial expression did not even change as she pushed her glasses up and sent a spell coming their way. Numerous rays of purple light flew from around her before slamming into his escape craft, destabilizing it and almost crashing it if not for his competent pilot.

This might be trouble...

'We got a Huntress!'

Roman growled a warning as he stumbled into the cockpit to take control, he'll have to leave this to his... business partner. She'll be able to deal with it!


'They got away... are you alright?'

The girl in red, Ruby Rose, stared at the Huntress that had saved her wordlessly before nodding her head shyly and eagerly.

'T-Thank you... I'm alright...'

Ruby started before beaming at her with a radiant smile.

'Y-You're a Huntress...'

Ruby asked her, a mixture of awe and shock that caused the blonde lady to narrow her eyes slightly. W

as the child going to attack her? Her actions had been exemplary so far, trying her best to limit injuries to both sides and tried her best to limit damage to public objects or to risked the lives of others. She had even shielded the shop owner with her body at the cost of some injuries. Her rescue strategy was well thought out considering how sudden it had been. Despite injuries that she had sustained, had continued to pursue the villain without a thought of her own well being. She was brave, only a little naïve but considering her age, that wasn't something that was unusual.

The only thing that could count against her was how she was almost killed in that last counter attack by Roman Torchwick. Without her, she might have died then and there.

Or... maybe not... She believed that the young child would be competent enough to defend herself and to capture the criminal if he did not have another accomplice with him. She was mature beyond years, and with some training and hard work, would go far.

'Can I please have your autograph?'

With her having such high expectations of the child in front of her, the Huntress, Glynda Goodwitch was totally caught off guard when she asked for her autograph in such a starstruck way.


'Ruby Rose...'

Gylnda looked thoughtfully at the young child that was currently receiving medical attention before turning to the headmaster, Professor Ozpin who had wanted to meet with the young child.

The headmaster of Beacon Academy was a middle aged, silver haired man that wore small sunglasses that hung off tip of his nose. After hearing her account and summary of how the young child had performed, had immediately sought a meeting with her.

Gylnda knew what was going to happen before he even asked his request. Beacon needed the manpower, they all did... but to expose a child like this to the horrors of the Grimm...

'Do you think the child is ready?'

'She... is exceptionally skilled and although still childish as her age suggests, would be a great huntress with her eye and ability to focus on the details and objective of the current situation. She did not recklessly endanger the lives of others during the robbery attempt and was quick and decisive with her actions. I would have thought she would wish to showboat a little, but that did not seem to be the case.'

'That is great praise coming from you, Ms Goodwitch.'

'I am merely stating the facts, Professor. Should I call for the interview to be conducted now?'

She asked politely and nodded when the headmaster agreed.

'Ruby Rose... she'll be an exceptional addition to Beacon...'


'Do you know who I am, Miss Ruby Rose?'

Ruby gave a small nervous smile at the man that was sitting in front of her, he was the headmaster of Beacon! Of course she knew who he was, it would be her dream to attend the school there and so of course she would know who he was!

'Yes Sir, you are Professor Ozpin, the headmaster of Beacon Academy Sir.'

Ruby smiled hesitatingly and then gulped when the headmaster served a plate of hot cookies in front of her while he placed a mug of coffee beside it.

'Help yourself Miss Rose, I just wish to have a small chat with you... Specifically... about how a child your age possessed such skills with your weapon.'

Professor Ozpin gave an encouraging smile as Ruby did indeed take up his offer and gingerly nibbled, and then stuffed the cookie into her mouth and chewing happily.

'Thank you very much Sir.'

She swallowed before replying and then settled down to wait for him to continue, occasionally giving small hesitant but hungry looks at the plate of cookies. However she did not reach for more than one.

Glynda noticed that and applauded her silently for having the self control one wouldn't necessarily have even when older. Still, children would be children and when offered to take another, she did so without hesitation.

'Now I only know of one other person who has that amount of skill with a similar weapon. Could I know where you learned to do that?'

'… Of course, Sir. I learnt to do so at Signal Academy.'


Ruby simply smiled even as Professor Ozpin prodded her on and after a few moments of silence, he decided to move the topic along. The girl was secretive, he'd thought that she'll be happy to tell everyone who and how she got her skill. He certainly didn't expect that from the child sitting in front of him.

'You, have silver eyes... and I only know of one other person who could wield a scythe as skilfully, or even more than yours. But he's an old crow... would you two know each other?'

Professor Ozpin offered a lifeline to the redhead and he was satisfied when Ruby Rose replied.

'Oh that's probably my uncle Qrow. He taught me everything I knew, without him, I would still be struggling. I... owe everything to him.'

She was modest, that was also a good trait, but she seemed perfect, and that was what worries him just a little.

'Miss Rose, you would have to pardon me a little... but you seem different from those of your own age.'

Professor Ozpin narrowed his eyes and that caused Ruby to sweat nervously a little at the scrutiny.

'… I... I think I am the same as every other girl of my age.'

'A girl your age wouldn't be able to fight in that fashion, nor handle a dangerous situation like that so well.'

Professor Ozpin rebutted and he got the answer he was looking for when Ruby gave a sigh and remarked.

'… This is nothing compared to the trouble that Yang gets into at times... I did get injured but that's because I got careless... Some of Yang's rampages, or her Ex's rampages... Oh, I'm sorry... Yang is my older sister, she is enrolling in Beacon Academy this coming semester.'

Ruby explained while scratching her head in embarrassment before she continued.

'It is my dream to be a Huntress, similar to the Huntress I met earlier... she was amazing.'

He noticed the tone of longing in her voice and he gave her a small smile involuntarily, so she was exposed to more danger than he thought. That might explain how detached she was to some extent.

Eventually though Professor Ozpin sighed and asked.

'Well, Ruby, would you want to enter Beacon Academy? It's a prestigious school that aims at training would-be Huntresses.'

'I would sir, more than anything.'

Professor Ozpin smiled and nodded his head. Yes, this would work out just fine.

Or perhaps with a change to the roster, just a little. Someone... who could change the dynamics a little more than he should.

But hey, that's how the life works, right? To meddle with the mould, to break all barriers, to change the world to make it a better place.

And sometimes, just sometimes, just a simple coincidence or mistake would bring about the presence of a person along with his ideal of perfection. Except, life can't be perfect… We can all only strive to reach it.


'I'm so proud of you, Ruby!'

Ruby's older sister, a blonde with messy long hair and violet eyes hugged the smaller girl with all her strength the moment the airship started moving towards their destination.

Yang Xiao Long had been very sceptical on whether Ruby was saying the truth and now that they were on their way to Beacon, she was convinced that Ruby had indeed been accepted into Beacon.

'Two years head of your class! Now that's my little sister! It kinda makes me feel a little old though.'

Yang gave her sister a big grin as she released Ruby after her little sister tapped her on her shoulder for her to let go.

'Honestly Yang, you're still way stronger than me... even if I have two years to catch up I'm not going to.'

"Nonsense, you're my baby sister! You'll be just fine! You're great with your scythe and I'm not saying that just because I'm your older sister! You'll be FINE!"

Yang grinned happily while declaring that this was the best day ever. That was Yang for you, energetic and cheerful to a fault. It was almost tiring but Ruby had been with her sister for years now. Sometimes, she wondered who was the older sister as someone had to take responsibility. Eventually it had fallen to her, but that didn't mean that she was always this cool and collected.

'It's... really not... I just got lucky... Anyone could do it. I'm sure that you'll be able to catch that rotten bastard who got away.'

'Uh uh uh, language little sister! And it's totally not! You were amazing! Everyone in Beacon is going to talk about you! You're going to be famous~'

Yang started singing while Ruby just started shivering a lot more.

'Hey, little sis? What's wrong? Aren't you excited! You're going to BEACON! With me! What else could be better!'

'I... I don't want so much attention, I... I don't deserve it. I don't want others to view me as special, or different... I just want to be... normal.'

'Well too bad, you've got to suck it up little sister.'

Yang smiled firmly and good naturedly at her baby sister before pulling her into another hug, a more gentle one this time.

'Besides, you got me. I've got to look after my sister after all. That's what elder sisters are for.'

Yang grinned when Ruby elbowed her in her stomach.

'I'll hold you to that, Yang...'

But Ruby did seem a calmer now and Yang grinned.

'See, all fixed~'

'Oh shut it, Yang.'

'Language my little sister, LANGUAGE!'

'You're one to talk... ugh...'

The sibling's were too occupied with their own byplay that they were only able to catch end of Glynda's speech to the new students of Beacon. Still, it was something that all of them would have heard before, nothing special about it at all.


The two girls ignored the way some of the other students, especially the boys, were staring at Yang, whose attire and figure was the very epitome of female beauty. Some were even leaning to get a better view of Yang and the view the airship were giving them.

'So, nervous?'

'A little... … but the view is amazing, you can see Signal from here. Home isn't that far, away.'

Ruby smiled happily, the biggest smile Yang had seen in a while and she wrapped a hand around her shoulders to offer her sister more confidence in herself.

'Don't get home sick on me, Ruby. Beacon's our new home now.'

The pieces are modified, not perfected. Nothing can be perfected.

But where, amendments could be made. Mistakes could be rectified, and their journey would be all the more worth following.


'I-I'm so sorry, please, let me help!'

Ruby apologized profusely when she had accidentally tripped and knocked over the luggage of another student. From the angry looks that the white haired girl was giving her, she was really mad at her.

'Sorry? Do you have any idea the damage that you could have caused?'

Gesturing angrily, the girl in white was about to go off on another tirade before Ruby stopped her by hastily getting up and bowing to her.

'I do apologize, I was unaware that you were behind me and I tripped. Please, do forgive me and allow me to help you.'

By bowing her head deeply and showing her apology in such a manner, Ruby successfully defused the situation better than just arguing or getting in her way. That was something she had learnt over the years, if in the wrong, admit it, and don't do anything unless you know what you were doing. Assumptions just made an ass of yourself as assume simply means: 'Ass' Out of 'u' and 'me'.

It was something that Yang never quite picked up on though.

'Hmph... …'

The white haired girl didn't seem too happy but nonetheless curbed her own temper at seeing another person apologizing in this manner. It would be improper for her not to accept her apology if she was willing to go to such an extent.

'Ugh, fine. I accept your apology, but do not do this again. I would be expecting more than just an apology the next time. - And what are you doing?'

With the grace of a condescending queen, the white haired girl shrieked again while Ruby straightened her back.

To her side, an orange red haired boy knelt, inspecting the contents of the luggage closely. He was smartly dressed, with dark blue pants and a sharp collared shirt. A tuxedo was placed over his shoulder, held loosely in a hand as he reached out for her luggage with the other.

'I am hoping to help with the luggage, Miss.'

'I can see that! Do you know how dangerous and expensive this Dust is? It's not your run of the mill stuff you get from the shops!'

The girl in white shrieked at a boy who had orange hair as he picked the luggage bags up carefully.

'I do understand that, Miss. However the casings have not been sealed properly, please allow me to help. As it is now, the Dust would be spilled when you move the cases.'

'What- How?! It must be your fault!'

The girl turned to point at Ruby again and her jaw opened wide in shock before she shook her head desperately. Thankfully for Ruby, the same boy denied it.

'It couldn't be, I suspect that when the cases were packed they did not secure the cases properly. Please allow me for to help you Miss.'

He gave them a disarming smile before gingerly fiddling with the girl's suitcase. She seemed upset at first but when he pointed out the residue of where the Dust was leaking out, she accepted the boy's help while scowling and mumbling a little to herself. Ruby was close enough to listen to her mumbling and she prepared herself to be interrogated, only she interrupted her by introducing herself first and apologizing.

'My name is Ruby Rose, I am really sorry for what I did.'

The white haired girl raise an eyebrow.

'… Hmph... are you expecting an introduction from me?'

She gave a small smirk before continuing.

'Very well, from the way you are dressed you must come from some rundown village, you must not know who I am.'

'No, I do not...'

Ruby was getting a little ticked off about this girl who seemed so full of herself but she fought her rebellious tongue to keep the peace. God knows what would happen if she set her off again. She didn't even know what was the big deal about her crashing into the luggage earlier.

'Well then, I am -'

'Weiss Schnee, the heiress of the Schnee Dust Company, which is the largest producers of energy propellent in the world.'

The girl who interrupted them again was dressed totally in black, and that was enough to make Ruby feel a little awkward. What was with all of their dress codes? She was red, Yang was yellow, this Weiss girl was white and this one was black. Gods, this was sooo awkward!

'Finally, some recognition and respect that I deserve.'

'The same company is also known for it's controversial labor forces and questionable business practises.'

The girl in black deadpanned with an even look on her face, it was enough to make Ruby want to applaud and give her a high five for getting one over Weiss, was it?

'W-Why, you... You have the nerve- ugh...'

Weiss was so frustrated that she couldn't speak for a moment till she whirled back to glare at Ruby.

'It's your fault!'

How was this her fault! But Ruby kept quiet and just shook her head to say that it really wasn't.

'Ugh... What is your name.'


'What is your, name?'

The girl dressed in white repeated her statement and Ruby had no choice but to reply as she looked like she was about to attack her. She did tell her that earlier!

'Ruby Rose... It is a pleasure to meet you?'

'Well then Ruby Ros - '

'You are the one who stopped the robbery involving Roman Torchwick, aren't you?'

The girl in black interrupted again, only this time she sounded impressed as she studied Ruby.

'You are also the youngest girl to join Beacon Academy in the last ten years.'

'W-Wha- you? You-...'

Weiss seemed thunderstruck while Ruby just shook her head and said.

'N-No. It was just a fluke. I got lucky, I'm sure anyone could have done it.'



'Blake Belladona, that is my name.'

The girl in black, Blake smiled while Ruby just nodded back in acknowledgement.

'And I'm Ruby Riose, it's... nice to meet you.'

The red haired girl smiled, maybe it wasn't going to be so bad making new friends after all!


Weiss was about to start another temper tantrum when the boy who was helping Weiss the whole time stood up and said.

'The cases are tightly secured now. I hpe that I didn't take too long with it, Miss Schnee.'

'I hope that I didn't take too long with it, Miss Schnee.'

Weiss was caught off guard by the smile he gave them, it was... peaceful. Ruby could feel that and she found herself staring at the orange-haired boy before smiling at him as well.

'I repeated myself plenty of times before, but I'm Ruby, Ruby Rose, and you are?'

'Ah, it's Emiya Shirou. You can call me Shirou.'

A story of stronger friendship, less conflict, more harmony and less secrets between comrades.


'You know how to manage Dust, it is not something that a warrior like yourself would pay attention to.'

Weiss bit her lip as she tried hard not to insult the man who was walking with them to the grand hall. Normally she'll dismiss him like the common knave he was, but he had helped her with her Dust and that deserved her acknowledgement. It was the least that the heiress of the Schnee family could do.

'I just like to help people and I worked in a Dust shop before. I like cleaning, so securing the Dust well is very important.'

Somehow or another she had gotten roped into walking along with that insufferable red and black head girls who was listening to the conversation as though they were part of it!

'Hmph, well I suppose that I do owe you... some thanks.'

Weiss forced herself to say so while the other two girls looked at each other. They were judging her, she knew it! But in front of this guy she couldn't say anything less. It was the truth after all.

'Oh, don't mention it. It's fine, I know that it'll cause some trouble for you and I'm glad that I prevented that.'

Weiss just stared at him as though he had said something stupid. Which he had, did he just, reject her offer to reward him? This... he just, no, that's impossible.

'That's quite hilarious, Shirou. You are really a knight, aren't you?'

Ruby managed to say while giggling and even Blake seemed amused as she studied the boy for a moment or two before nodding her head in satisfaction.

'I've never heard anyone call me that before, Miss Rose... but we are training to be Hunters... it's rather appropriate.'

Shirou replied casually before Weiss snapped again, pointing a finger at him angrily.

'W-What do you mean you don't want it?! I, WEISS SCHNEE is TELLING you to ACCEPT MY THANKS!'

Weiss shrieked and it was enough to cause everyone to stare at her, only she was too distracted to care. Ruby and Blake winced and was taking small steps back but Shirou just seemed even more surprised.

'Thank you, Miss Schnee, but again I have to decline, it's really nothing worthy to accept your thanks for. I do appreciate the gesture and I am very honored, but again, I apologise, please, it is nothing to be thanked for.'

He seemed to realize that the entire square's attention was on him and he smiled again while offering a hand to Weiss.

'However if Miss Schnee insist on offering me your thanks, perhaps you could grace me with your presence for the orientation?'

Shirou replied with another of his smiles, and that caused Weiss to turn red as he had bowed back in a knightly fashion. H-How dare he?! Even after helping her, then rebuffing her, he still managed to save her face from further embarrassment with his apology.

It made the blood run up to her cheeks and she looked and felt very exposed till she composed herself and sniffed unhappily back at Shirou.

'The Schnee family would not forget your act of kindness towards us. Very well, I shall accept your invitation.'

Weiss managed to make her voice be natural and composed while in reality she was panicking. What was she doing?! But it was just a way to save face! It would be bad for her not to at least show that much courtesy to him for all that he has done so far. He had covered for her and helped her, and even helped her out of this embarrassing scenario.


The conversation left Ruby trying hard not to burst out in laughter while Blake simply looked unsure of herself for a long time. This was better than a soap opera and Ruby forced herself to watch when Weiss accepted Shirou's hand as they walked towards the grand hall that the orientation was going to be held.

'Should we follow the two of them?'

Ruby asked cautiously while looking at Blake, the raven haired girl seemed to have a stone to pick with Weiss, but then again she hadn't been too antagonistic in the first place anyway.

'We should, if to help Shirou more than anything else. He deserves better than the Schnee Heiress.'

Blake sniffed while Ruby just laughed, did Blake just admit to having some interest in Shirou?

'Well he is a decent guy and he did help me, so we should at least try to save him from Weiss. He was accepted to Beacon too and so that means he must be good, right?'

Ruby wondered as they followed after the two awkward individuals in front of them, Shirou looking more comfortable than the flustered Weiss.

To the white haired girl's pleasant surprise, she discovered Shirou did indeed have some training in etiquettes as he had escorted her up the stairs in the right manner and fashion consistent with a knight. She would be the centre of attention when they entered the hall at this rate!

It wasn't that she minded, Shirou looked pretty decent and he was polite and most importantly – treated her the way she should be. That all scored points. But somehow that still didn't quite satisfy her... it made her feel guilty somehow.


'I see my little sister had made some friends! I'm Yang, Yang Xiao Long! Glad to meet you!'

Yang grinned happily after catching sight of Ruby with another girl as they walked together into the grand hall. Granted, her attempt to score some hot guys was a bust but she really didn't mind anyway. If her sister had scored a cute guy though, she would have to have that talk with them. For her sister's sake. But a girlfriend? She's totally cool with that! Besides, she looks nice! And Cute, and mysterious, and cool, and MANY OTHER THINGS! She swore her ribbon even moved like a cat! So, CUTE!

'Blake, Blake... Belladonna.'

Blake sound a little overwhelmed by the energy exerted by the older sister of Ruby and she was relieved when Ruby told Yang to cut it out.

'I'm sorry Blake, why don't you stand beside me instead of Yang. She can be a little over enthusiastic.'

Ruby rolled her eyes slightly at Yangs eagerness but remained inured to the sad look that Yang had on her face, it reminded Blake of a child that had her child taken away.

'… I think I would prefer standing beside Yang, Ruby, but I thank you for your offer.'

Blake surprised Ruby but the girl in red managed to not bury her face into her hands when Weiss Schnee strode to stand beside Ruby with a scowl on her face followed by an orange-haired boy.

Yang recognized the white dressed girl, she was escorted into the hall with a decent looking guy with distinctive orange hair. He looked kinda cute too but they had quickly been forgotten after she caught sight of Ruby with her friend.

The two girls were excepting Weiss to snap at Shirou in anger but she simply gave Shirou a satisfied nod with a blush on her face.

'It looks like you have been trained well in etiquette, Shirou. Did you go through some formal kind of training?'

Weiss actually sounded curious and that caused Ruby and Blake to exchanged confused looks while Yang just look curious.

'A little, it was drilled to me by my big sister Fuji. You might have heard of her, she is the leader of the militia in Vale.'

'You mean the Tiger of Vale? You are related to her?'

All the girl's eyes widened while Shirou looked sheepish and nodded his head.

'Yes, but she didn't have the time to train me... I learnt everything by myself and I hope to be a Hunter so I can protect everyone. That is my dream, to be a hero.'

Shirou smiled as he told them that, the same peaceful and hopeful smile that made Weiss stop earlier. Only this time it wasn't just her that turned red, it was Ruby, Blake and Yang together with Weiss. His smile just seemed so... nice, like he was at peace in the world and it took a while for them to break free of the spell it casted over them. Ruby was the one to break the silence by asking Weiss.

'A-Ahh.. with did the two of you come here anyway... I thought you wouldn't want to be near me...'

'I... there was no other space left to stand with. You stand out too much with your red cloak. You should be honoured to stand with me, Ruby Rose.'

Weiss broke the spell by crossing her arms and nudging Shirou to stand closer to her.

'Yikes, what's her problem.'

Yang whispered to Blake, and despite the violation of her personal space, Blake replied with a small smile.

'All stuck up and no where else to go. Your sister made friends with her.'

'… I wouldn't stick her with my worse enemy, she sure has a stick up her ass... huh?'

Yang raised an eyebrow when Weiss suddenly handed Ruby a handbook about Dust usage. Everyone knew what Dust was, why was she bullying her baby sister like that! If not for the fact that Yang knew her sister could deal with it, she'd have stepped in by now.

'… Vulgar, but I agree with your sentiments.'

Blake gave the blonde a smile and she returned with a grin of her own.

'Anyway, I'll be depending on you to look out for my baby sister, Blake. She sure gets herself into strange situations.'

Running a hand through her long locks, Yang winked at Blake who seemed startled before nodding her head solemnly back.

She had not thought that she would be meeting and befriending someone so soon, befriending... that sounded odd, but good as well.

'I will do what I can, Yang. However, I am certain that your sister could take of herself.'

Yang chuckled before giving her a 'V' with her fingers.

'Of course! She's my baby sister! But... better be safe than sorry.'

She added solemnly at the end, causing Blake to narrow her own eyes in understanding. Battling the Grimm, the monster, wasn't child's play here. Beacon Academy wasn't like other combat schools, they fought real monsters, and they would die if they weren't careful.

'I promise.'

'Good, and Ruby always got the back of her friends, even... if she's like that.'

Yang shuddered as Weiss continued to lecture Ruby about her weapon for some reason.


'Hey there, Shirou. Sorry for leaving you with Weiss earlier on!'

Ruby apologized after catching Shirou after she had done washing up in the wash rooms. All of them were sharing and sleeping at the same hall before teams were going to be allocated tomorrow. She had no problems with that, but she really hated how Yang was checking out all the cute boys. That and she couldn't stop talking about Shirou as well. He had made quite an impression on all three of them.

'You mean Miss Schnee? It was no bother at all. Miss Schnee simply wished to accompany me for dinner.'

'That's exactly the problem, she's trying to take advantage of you, Shirou.'

Ruby replied calmly and evenly while narrowing her eyes. The boy was too good for Weiss, he had not complained at all at being ordered, much less requested to be with her. Ruby was certain that some boys would like that, but Shirou didn't seem to be that kind of guy. His eyes certainly did not waver from Yang and her older sister had immediately took a liking just because of that. No boy hasn't tried to undress Yang with their eyes after meeting her. Shirou was the first to do so.

No, Shirou really was too good for Weiss.

'… Really? But like I said, it's no bother... She reminds me of someone that I know before.'

'Oh...? And who's that?'

Someone who has a bad temper and who would badmouth people? Why would he wish to remember someone like that?

'A close friend of mine that I met at school. She would... do that because she is embarrassed to save face.'

'O-Oh... I see...'

Yang had pulled Blake and her to sleep in the same spot and Weiss had invited herself. The other three older girls were probably making a big ruckus right now and Ruby really pitied Blake who would end up being the middle man of the three. Yang and Weiss were like water and oil, they won't match but Ruby was loathe to be the one that they would inevitable drag into the argument.

'It is best to simply allow her pride to be restored before you try anything else.'

Shirou mentioned sagely before falling silent again. The silence was enough to cause Ruby to feel a little awkward and so she asked.

'Why are you... so nice, Shirou? I would never have done what you did.'

'There's nothing wrong with wanting to help people, Miss Rose.'

Ruby did not expect that Shirou's words would resonate with her dreams and she turned red before forcing out a laugh in agreement.

'You got me there, Shirou... I agree with it though, with all of my heart.'

Shirou too seemed surprised and his eyes softened before he chuckled weakly.

'I'd imagine that if it was someone else here, people would laugh at me. But even so, even in Beacon... I didn't expect anyone else to share my ideals.'

Shirou admitted, causing Ruby to frown in shock before she pouted while her hands went to her hips in a cute and threatening manner.

'You shouldn't expect that! It's a wonderful dream! To be a hero, to save everyone, no one should laugh at that!'

Ruby was persistent on that thought and it was enough to cause Shirou to raise an eyebrow before shrugging slightly.

'Perhaps... you are just different than most. I'm... glad that I met you, Miss Rose.'



'Call me Ruby, Shirou. You don't need to be so polite to us! We're friends! And I'm sure you could call Blake, Blake instead of Miss Belladonna. I can tell it's making her upset.'

Ruby grinned while playfully batting Shirou's shoulder and the knight raised an eyebrow before giving a nod in acknowledgement.

'Alright then, I wish you good night, Ruby.'

'Hey, don't be so stiff! And okay, good night, Shirou. We'll see you tomorrow, okay?


'Remember Ruby, you are not the only person going through initiation.'

Yang placed both hands on her hips in a posture that would make other guys drool while looking at Ruby. Her younger sister was carefully maintaining her weapon, Crescent Rose and wasn't paying attention to other things. She had never grown out of her weapon-crazy phase, not really, but she hadn't been vocalizing about it at all since a long time ago. Since... then.

'If you want to grow up, you will have to meet other people and learn to work together.'

Yang explained sternly and Ruby sighed while looking up at her sister before letting out a small sigh.

'I know... you sound like dad, Yang. And I have Blake with me, we'll be in the same team together, won't we?'

Ruby gave Blake a smile and the black-haired girl paused before flicking her hair behind her.

'It would be a comfortable arrangement, yes.'

'And Yang too, right? So that makes three of us... I remember hearing how teams in Beacon requiring four members though...'

Ruby mused while Yang looked at her sister in mock surprise.

'What, my baby sister wishes to be on a team with someone else besides me! Oh baby, you have all GROWN UP! I thought you'll be complaining about how you wouldn't need teams and would just fight by yourself!'

As Yang glomped Ruby, causing the two of them to crash on the floor to Blake's amusement, Ruby coughed and said that the robbery with Roman Torchwick had been bad.

'… I could have been killed if not for Miss Goodwitch... no matter how good one gets, there's always someone better... and having someone else with you really helps if you meet someone like that.'

Ruby said softly and that caused Yang and Blake to pause and to give each other thoughtful looks. Her sister had changed slightly since the robbery, matured a lot too, not that she wasn't mature before but it was a little... scary.

'Well then, fine, I'll be happy to be with the same team as my little sister. Besides, we know each other's style for so long, we'll be SUPER in a team together.'

Yang grinned before muttering.

'And there I thought having a new team would help break you out of your shell, you worry me, baby sister.'

Ruby heard her and she smiled while returning the hug to her.

'I... I know... I'll try, alright? I made friends with Blake... maybe Weiss and Shirou's nice too . So I'll do my best, like I promised you and Professor Ozpin.'

'Good, good... So, we've decided then!'

Yang cheered as she grinned at Blake, the raven haired woman raising an eyebrow before nodding her head.

'What about our last team member?'

She asked cooly while adjusting her outfit for the last time. She wasn't the only person to notice that all of the people she met had distinctive color schemes. Red with Ruby, Yellow with Yang, and black with her. Heck, even their hair color matched their scheme. The only exception was Shirou, whom was wearing dark blue, in contrast to his hair. Though…. she had a very bad feeling about who the last member they would be with.

'I don't know, do you think Miss heiress would be interested? No, no, we should totally have Shirou! He's cute!'

Yang rolled her eyes, she hadn't gotten along very well with the reserved and sullen ice princess who nagged at everything besides her own perfection. But Shirou wasn't that bad of a guy, he was nice and he treated her like an equal fighter on equal footing. That's the most important part.

'We'll see... but I believe Weiss has her own ideas of what team she wishes to be with and she had dragged Shirou with her.'

Blake mentioned while pointing at Weiss speaking with another red-head, one that she... swore she recognized as well. She should stop reading so many books and paying attention to the newspapers if she didn't want to be known as the database in the team.

'Well, whatever the cookie crumbles, we can deal with it! Hey, how about we rescue Shirou from that stuck in the mud, huh?'

Yang cheered again and Blake wished she could share in her optimism.


'So Pyrrha, have you given any thought on whose team you would like to be in on? I'm sure everyone would like to be in a team with such a strong and skilled individual such as yourself.'

Weiss asked politely and disinterestedly while Shirou fought the urge to roll his eyes. Weiss had approached him bright and early to ask if he was interested in joining her team. Instead of outright accepting, Shirou had decided to just go with the flow for now. It hadn't been the right answer, but since it wasn't a rebuttal, Weiss had been cordial to him and had dragged him along to meet with another target.

'Hmm... I'm not quite sure. I was planning to let the chips fall as they may.'

'Well, I was thinking that we can be in a team together.'

'That sounds rad.'

Shirou raised an eyebrow at that, the redhead named Pyrrha seemed to have more common sense than that. Or she simply didn't care, as evident from her earlier statement. Perhaps she was just easy going, that could be the truth too.

'Great! Oh, I should introduce someone else that I thought would be great in a team together.'

Weiss pulled Shirou to face Pyrrha and he gave a smile back at Pyrrha who looked confused before grinning back at the two of them.

'This is Shirou, say hello to Pyrrha.'


Shirou gave a polite wave before being shoved to the side by Weiss who seemed adamant in persuading her to join her team. Still, the gods weren't working with her as Pyrrha took an interest in Shirou instead, much to his dismay and surprise.

'Hey there, Shirou.'

'It is a pleasure to meet you, Pyrrha.'

The red head seemed curious, interested and yet cautious when looking at him and Shirou took a few steps back before waiting for Weiss to pick up the pace and finish up what she planned too. When orientation was over, he'll be free to start training again.

'Shirou, don't be so rude. Do you have any idea who you are talking to?'

'No, not really. I do apologize if I am supposed to, but I am not really well versed in the going ons of the higher social circle, Miss Weiss.'

Shirou replied patiently while Pyrrha looked even more excited and interested, if her grin was any indication.

'This is Pyrrha.'

'Hello again, Shirou.'

'She graduated top of her class she in Sanctum Academy. She's also won the regional tournament for magic users four years in a row, a new record.'

'Ah... I see.'

Shirou didn't sound too impressed, or still didn't recognize her and Weiss gave a long suffering sigh while staring at Shirou.

'How out of the woods do you live, Shirou? She's also on the cover of all the Pumpkin Pete's cereal boxes.'

'Ah, I see. However the cereal isn't very healthy by itself.'

Shirou nodded in understanding and that made Pyrrha giggle, much to Weiss's shock.

'You took the words out of my mouth, Shirou.'

Recovering from her shock by shaking her head, Weiss took it as an opportunity to tie the two of them who were somehow hitting it off through cereal. How odd was that!

'It'll be great to be in a team together, don't you two think so?'


Shirou shrugged noncommittally while Pyrrha just had the same smile she always did.

'Well, there are supposed to be four members in a team together, so if we are lucky, why not?'

Before Weiss could comment or add on, the announcement for all for all of them to report to their designated spots. The Schnee Heiress gave a frustrated growl that only stopped when Shirou suggested that he escort her to the spot as well.

Well, guess it wasn't that bad.


'So... the first person we make eye contact with is our partner...'

Ruby muttered while looking at Blake and Yang beside her.

'This is utterly ridiculous.'

Blake replied with a small smile, catching on to what Ruby had probably figured out.

'Think it'll be cheating if I wore my shades and said that they didn't make eye contact with me as I didn't see them?'

Yang asked cheekily while Ruby rolled her eyes.

'I'm sure there are more loopholes than that... Blake, I remembered your weapon had a whip... right? Could you... assist us in mid-air?'

Ruby hinted and the raven haired woman smiled before nodding her head.

'Of course... should I switch places with Yang then? The two of you... would be able to catch up?'

Ruby and Yang both nodded as they tuned off everything else and prepared to be launched off into the Forest where their test would take place.


'Well that was easy.'

Blake commented as the three girls had gathered together per their plan. Using Blake's whip to snag all of them to land around the same spot was perfect. Pity they were one short of a team member but it'll work out. They just hoped that one of them wouldn't be stuck with someone mean.

'Blake, you should team up with Ruby.'

'What? Sis!'

'No, no, no, I'm not letting our precious Blake be taken away by someone else. Besides, she's your friend first, it wouldn't be fair.'

So that was why Yang was avoiding Ruby's gaze for a bit and the raven haired girl gave her own sigh at how protective the blonde was. Well, Ruby was the same to her sister, so that's fair enough to expect it would go both ways.

'But we're supposed to be a team, I want to be a team with you!'

'Tough, grow up more, Ruby. WE can't always get what we want, like what Miss heiress thinks she can get.'

Yang must have jinxed herself as Weiss walked straight to her view that very moment, causing the blonde to blanch while Weiss's froze before trying to move away from her.

'… Oh no you don't! Get back here you spoiled little brat!'

Yang shot forward like a rocket, leaving Blake and Ruby together to just sigh as they rubbed their foreheads in exasperation.

'… Still,it could be worse. I'm looking forward to working with you for the next four years, Blake.'

'Likewise, Ruby...'


Pyrrha had landed easily after crashing through several trees to soften the impact. Although she had previously thought that it would be nice to let fate decide on how and who she was in a team with, she had decided that perhaps Weiss had a point.

People would seek her out because of who she was. Weiss was a good example, except for maybe that one person.

Shirou, was it? He didn't know who she was, and he didn't particularly care as well. That was good, it would be better to meet someone who didn't treat her differently because of who she was.

From her perch in the tree, Pyrrha peeled her eyes to look for the tell tale orange hair that was Shirou's and wasn't disappointed when she was him crashing into an area that wasn't too far away from her.

'Time to go!'

Pyrrha noted to herself before jumping from the tree and making her way there.


'Well, fancy meeting you here, Shirou.'

Pyrrha gave a nervous chuckle while grinning widely at him. She had spotted the orange-haired boy from a distance and had decided to get his attention in the most direct way as possible. By throwing her weapon in his direction, and perhaps her training had interfered with that as she had nearly impaled Shirou with her throw.

'I'm sorry... I was aiming at Grimm but it got out of the way.'

Pyrrha smiled sheepishly while Shirou threw her weapon back to her.

'I guess we'll be partners then, Miss Pyrrha.'

'Loosen up, Shirou, it's odd to be called that when we're going to be fighting side by side, right?'

Pyrrha grinned again and she felt better when Shirou nodded back firmly as the Grimm started to surround them.

'Noted. Shall we dance? I'll cover your back.'

Shirou's tone changed and Pyrrha knew then that she made the right choice, her blood was rushing faster than ever before as she charged at the Grimm with him watching her back.


'We wouldn't have been able to get here without you, Blake.'

Ruby smiled at her new partner before sighing at how the other pair was still arguing with each other. Weiss had mellowed down a lot after Yang saved her from a whole pack of Beowulf despite assertions that she could handle them herself.

The two of them were a dysfunctional team that was not balanced due to their preference of fighting in close quarters due to their weapons, but when Yang provided power, Weiss provided precision and so they would do well together.

For Ruby and Blake, the two of them were better matched, however they still had some problem due to how the two of them focused primarily on speed more than power. Still, Ruby's potential range together with Blake's unconventional armament helped even the odds.

The four of them were at the forest temple and were studying the relics for any hints on which one they should choose.

'We could take all of them to remove the competition?'

Ruby suggested while the rest looked at her before shaking their heads.

'We're not in a competition, Ruby... although I like that idea.'

Yang grinned while Weiss shook her head.

'No, it is against the rules.'

'There are no rules stating that we could not, but it would be in bad taste. Let us all pick the same to better the odds of being in the same team together.'

Blake suggested and despite Weiss's protests that she didn't want to be together with the three of them, she couldn't stop Yang from agreeing and grabbing a white knight piece together with Blake.

'Ugh... Fine, I suppose I could... be with the three of you. It could be worse. The three of you are certainly competent...enough.'

Weiss bit her tongue to stop her from saying that she was better. She was... maybe, Yang had certainly proven that she was at the least an equal and the most... ugh, she wouldn't admit that.

Ruby and Blake were unknowns, but if Ruby was able to stop a robbery from a criminal that no body has been able to – even with help, she would be competent. Blake had already proven herself to be an asset and they were other worse teams that she could be saddled with.

Even if she missed out being with Pyrrha, or Shirou. Yes, Shirou would be a crying shame, she had the boy in her backpocket soon enough! But still, like she said, it could be worse...


'What... is that?'

Ruby called out in alarm as she released her weapon to its active form suddenly as they started to make their way from the temple. Blake too had tensed and she pointed to the sky to see a huge Nevermore Grimm screeching at them. Did they do something to catch it's attention after all?


Ruby screamed out as it swooped down at them angrily, it's claws outstretched to try and catch them. Thanks to her warning, all of them were safe as the Nevermore swooped back to the sky, clipping one of the temple's towers and causing it to tilt and shatter to the ground.

'Yikes, thanks Ruby! Me thinks we should get out of here, now!'

'The objective is to get the relics and head back to the cliff, we don't need to engage if we don't need to! To the trees, it won't be able to attack us easily there.'

Ruby called as she dashed to help Weiss up, the heiress had barely jumped out of the way in time. Weiss looked startled before she nodded her head in agreement.

'It's not going to be that easy.'

Blake muttered before repeating Ruby's cry to scatter as the Nevermore screeched before firing a rain of sharp feathers straight at them and forcing them to roll to the side as well.

'Gotta move, gotta move, gotta move!'

Ruby repeated as she pulled Weiss with her, the heiress not even complaining till she gave a scream at how another large Grimm crashed out of the forest.

'A death stalker! What's that doing- is that Pyrrha?'

Weiss seemed too flat footed to even think straight but Ruby did notice the orange-haired boy that had been knocked a few feet away before he charged forward to cover Pyrrha again.

'Did they run all the way here while defending against the Death Stalker? They are good.'

Yang whistled while Blake just reminded them that they still had the Nevermore after them.

'Ugh... seriously... Cover me please, Weiss!'

Ruby snapped at the Schnee heiress as she bent down on one knee after switching her scythe's form to it's secondary form. That of a high calibre sniper rifle. The new position would steady her aim... but she couldn't be rushed if she wanted to make that shot. She noticed how Shirou and Pyrrha trying to sever the very damaged and obvious stinger on the Deathstalker. That was a golden opportunity to deal some massive damage there.

'Ruby, what are you doing!'

Yang screamed in the background, frantic about something else but she had to trust her team mates and friends here.

'I'm helping them! Cover me! I'm just taking one shot! Just one shot and we'll be gold!'


it was Weiss screaming this time and the red-haired girl couldn't help but give a soft chuckle after feeling a chill wafting behind her. The four of them had told each other of their weapons and abilities, although Yang had been forced to listen, Ruby had taken note that Weiss could use all elements thanks to her weapon Myrtenaster. She must have used one of them to help guard her.

'You owe me one, Ruby Rose!'

Weiss shrieked while Ruby made the shot, a single one like she had promised. The creed of the snipers was: 'One shot, One Kill' and she made that one shot count as her high powered bullet severed the Deathstalker's stinger and allowed the two of them enough time to disengage and to run towards them instead. There was safety in numbers after all.


'Run to the right! Run, to the, RIGHT!'

Yang screamed again and it was Ruby who was pulled by Weiss as another shower of falling and piercing feathers broke the ice wall that Weiss had formed like it was nothing.

'Nice shot.'

Blake was with them in an instant with a worried frown and Ruby had the time to look startled at how there was another pair with them as well. The calm boy in green was the one who remarked and Ruby gave him a smile when she saw his weapons, dual pistols that he was gripping tightly.

'Hehe~ Nora might have gotten that big birdie angry just now!'

The other girl, another orange head grinned mischievously before turning to her partner.

'Don't you think so too, Ren?'


He just gave a long suffering sigh before gesturing to the again advancing Deathstalker. Even if it was grievously injured, it was still a threat. The Nevermore was a problem as well.

'We should help them!'

Yang cried out while they were under cover and Ruby nodded her head.

'Could we ask for your help too?'

She asked politely to the two who nodded in consent.

'We are all classmates! I'm Nora Valkyrie, and this is Lie Ren! You can call us Nora and Ren!'

'We don't have time for introductions everyone! Scatter!'

Blake cried out in warning and they took the advice to heed as they scattered, some deeper into the trees and others towards the field as the Nevermore swooped down again.


Ruby found herself with Blake this time as the two of them stared at how Shirou had covered their backs with his shield as the Deathstalker had caught up with them. He was holding his ground firmly while Pyrrha attacked it with her weapon.

'We have to help them.'

Ruby said so firmly and Blake simply nodded as they got up and started circling it warily together.

'Who will take point?'

Ruby grimaced before responding.

'I will. My weapon has a better reach and it'll be easier to guard against the Deathstalker... would your pistol be able to hurt it?'

'We won't know till we try. Will you be providing cover fire?'

Blake asked softly and Ruby nodded in agreement as the Deathstalker shrieked in pain. Shirou and Phyrrha were doing very well, but they were on a clock here. Dropping down one knee, Ruby prepared Crescent Rose as Blake sped up to join in the fray.

'Hey, Shirou! Heads' up! Fire in the hole!'

Ruby cried out before firing several salvos at the Deathstalker, Crescent Rose's firepower slamming into the Deathstalker's face while Shirou and the other girl scattered, allowing Blake to circle behind it unnoticed.

'We can't hurt it enough, Ruby.'

Shirou calmly stated as he took point again, covering Ruby as the Deathstalker tried to advance towards her, mad at her for injuring it. The redhead that was with him just scowled and said that there was hardly a choice now. They had to take it down.

'We'll deal with it, somehow.'

Ruby muttered while releasing Crescent Rose to it's scythe form, while Pyrrha nodded in agreement. Then it was upon them, and between the three of them, they successfully blocked the hammering blows from the Deathstalker as it rained down blows on them. It was like blocking a large hammer slamming against her and with her light body, but with the three of them taking turns to attack and defend, she held on.

'I'm Pyrrha, nice to meet you.'

Her strength was incredible and Ruby found that they could overpower the Deathstalker's strike if they worked together, which they did as the Deathstalker started pressing it's pincers on Crescent Rose hard.

'A pleasure... I'm sure.'

Ruby grunted and gasped when the pressure from the Deathstalker was suddenly released.

'Ruby, get it now!'

Ruby nodded before shoving against the Deathstalker's claws, pushing it away for her to see that Blake had wrapped the ribbon whip that comprised of her weapon around the Deathstalker's tail and was pulling it back and upwards. Shirou was somehow there behind her as well, helping and they were able to pull it up remarkably easily.

'Get it's underbelly, Pyrrha!'

Ruby grunted in exertion as she turned her weapon downwards before hooking it under the Deathstalker's face like a car jack and lifting it even higher. The Grimm looked positively hilarious as it was swinging it's arms desperately trying to attack the four of them and failing to do so.

'Got it!'

Pyrrha repeatedly stabbed at the Deathstalker till another cry alerted them to another attack.

'Ruby! Heads up! It's coming from behind you!'

Ruby turned to look behind her to see the Nevermore preparing another attack lining them in it's sights.

Perfect, she couldn't have planned it better herself.

'At the count of three, break formation and scatter!'

Ruby barked as she grinned in triumph, this would be just perfect.


They scattered to watch the Nevermore puncture the Deathstalker with it's rain of feathery death. The large scorpion collapsing to a dead stop while the four of them regrouped to watch the rest of their classmates struggling to deal with the Nevermore.

'Had the two of you... got the relic?'

Pyrrha panted along with Ruby and it was Blake who pointed wordlessly at the half collapsed temple.


Shirou deadpanned, sounding just as tired as the other two girls were. Pyrrha however slammed a fist at his shoulder in annoyance, knocking him down while still wearing a radiant smile that showed she wasn't that annoyed. Despite how it wasn't over yet, Ruby chuckled while trying to find her breath.

'… Let's... finish the mission together...'


'Russell Thrush, Cardin Winchester, Dove Bronzewing, and Sky Lark. The four of you retrieved the black Bishop pieces.'

Blake gave Ruby a smirk as she had totally called it, she had also been the one to help the great partnership of Pyrrha and Shirou team up with the crazier but great partnership of Ren and Nora.

The two of them were amazing as a team, they obviously knew each other for a very long time as their teamwork was astounding. They did not even have to signal each other to know when to move out of each other's way and they knew how to get the best out of each other as Nora had launched Ren towards the Nevermore and the quiet and tired looking boy did not even protest.

It had been up to Nora to catch her partner after he dealt the damage to the Nevermore's eyes, causing it to crash to the ground for all of them to finish up.


Even if it had been another team that had felled the Grimm, Weiss grudgingly admitted that her team was a well oiled machine under the leadership of the small child named Ruby Rose.

She had made the right call to pull the two of them back to cover for the rest while showering death onto the Nevermore instead of getting in the way of the others who were better equipped to deal with the large monster.

The two of them had also been the one to stop it from trying to take off in panic by taking it's wings out with well time shots of Dust powered attacks. Ruby was a good markswoman and she had no doubts that she would be a great hand-to-hand combatant as well.

Her sister and her partner, Yang was a juggernaut that pounded the Grimm mercilessly and together with Blake, young Ruby's partner and an extremely fast and dexterous swordswoman of her own right, had severely crippled the Nevermore.

The finishing touches was delivered by Pyrrha, not that she doubted her skill in the first place and Shirou had casually lopped the Nevermore's head off with a combination of Pyrrha's thrown javelin and a swing of his blade. He had made it look, easy.


'From this day forward you will work together as Team Cardinal (CRDL), led by Cardin Winchester.'

As Professor Ozpin nodded at the other group, Yang cheered while their friends, Shirou, Pyrrha, Nora and Ren stepped up to take their team name as well.

'Emiya Shirou, Nora Valkyrie , Pyrrha Nikos and Lie Ren. The four of you have retrieved the white Rook pieces. From this day forward you will work together as Team Sniper (SNPR), led by Emiya Shirou.'

Pyrrha grinned and slammed another friendly fist at Shirou's shoulder, causing the knight to stagger a little while looking horribly confused and dismayed. Nora had hugged Ren, much to the boy's exasperation.

Ironic that none of them could be the sniper that their team stood for. Perhaps they had been running out of ideas at this point.

'Hmph, what an obvious pattern.'

Weiss sniffed unhappily but she was unable to showcase her intellect to the ever dumb blonde Yang as they were called up next.

'Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long. The four of you have retrieved the white Knight pieces. From this day forward, you will work together as Team Ruby (RWBY), led by Ruby Rose.'

Weiss's hopes was shattered when she heard Ruby's name being called first but she managed a small congratulations to her nonetheless. Ruby might not be the best leader, but she was better at her just a little. She'll only have to challenge her leadership when she slipped up after all. That said, she had another team leader that she could approach anyway! Emiya Shirou! That'll be a good thing to have!

'I'm so proud of you!'

Yang hugged her sister before grinning and then pulling all four of them into one as they made their way off the stage as one.

'So, go team Ruby! It's going to be a great four years together!'

Yang cheered when they were off the stage while Ruby looked unsure of herself.

'Is... it really fine? For me to be the leader? I'm younger than all of you... I. I think I'll ask Professor Ozpin to change -'

Ruby stammered but it wasn't her sister who came to her rescue, it was Blake as the raven haired girl shook her head while resting a hand on her shoulders.

'No, you would make a great leader.'

'Blake's right! It's better than asking me to be one! What do you think, Weiss.'

Yang smiled at Weiss warningly. Even if they weren't a team, Yang was Weiss's partner for the next four years. The blonde also has a mean uppercut that she was desperate to avoid. She stood no chance against the temperamental blonde if she got in close, Weiss knew that.

But it wasn't out of fear of Yang that made Weiss snort and scratch her head awkwardly.

'I admit, I would have doubts a day before...'

Weiss started cautiously and she stiffened when Yang cracked her knuckles threateningly only for Ruby to place a hand warningly on her older sister as well to stop her from interrupting.

'But considering all that we went through as both partners and as a team... I believe, we would only get better with time.'

Weiss flushed as none of her team understood her words, was she really going to be with this group of miscouth.

'She is saying that we would be a good team together. But what about Ruby as the leader, Weiss Schnee?'

Weiss frowned when Blake asked with the subtle tones of irritation. She was getting to it!

'She would be acceptable as the team leader, but I would be challenging her decisions if she does makes questionable decisions.'

Weiss consented with a small glare that softened when Ruby just mumbled that she would be doing her best.

'And... has she made some questionable decisions so far?'

'No... Not yet, but I'm putting her under observation for now, but I am certain that I... or we, can chip in from time to time.'

Weiss coughed in embarrassment when Ruby in relief and gratitude but her blush only got better when Yang grabbed her for another hug, messing her hair up as she grinned down at her.

'Aww, is Weiss having a crush on my baby sister? I can allow it, only if you beat me!'

'I-Insolent blonde! Why would you get an idea like that!'

'Your face is all red Weiss! You need some sunlight! Let's go out to celebrate!'


As the two continued squabbling with each other, Ruby looked uncertainly at Blake, her first friend who had defended her appointment with a small smile.

'Thank you, Blake...'

'You'll do fine, Ruby, don't doubt yourself.'

The taller woman brushed her hair to the side before walking after their two loud teammates. A moment later she found another hand grabbing her and pulling her forward.

'A-Alright, let's go catch up with them!'

Their school year was just starting after all!

Author's Notes: And that's a wrap. Don't count on the other chapters being this long though.