Pieces out of Line

Original Concept: RWBY/Fate/Stay Night

Chapter 32


Created by: Rooster Teeth Productions/Type-Moon

written by: wrathie

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In this chapter you get an idea about what kind of person Kiritsugu is in PooL, as you can see he isn't quite the robotic or dead-inside person he is in the Nasuverse. This is due to the fact that he had a completely different upbringing that didn't involve committing Patricide at a young age…..and that is all I will be saying on that matter without revealing any more spoilers.


After consulting wrathie's initial knowledge on the matter, I feel I need to throw this in here just in case someone isn't as well informed. A Militia is not the nation's or a city's standing Military, it is a volunteer force that will act in the event of an emergency and are trained by military personnel typically. In some parts of the world this counts as a standing army or law enforcement but they aren't being paid by the government necessarily to do so.

In this instance the Vale Militia was created by the Fujimura family following the Great War to help with the protection of the City of Vale, however when compared to the skills and abilities of local law enforcement, the militia members are vastly superior in both skill and combat experience despite being comprised of mostly volunteers. This is due to the training the volunteers receive from former military personnel (retired Fujimura family members and hired mercenaries), what we haven't quite mentioned in the previous chapters regarding the Vale Militia is their funding, it is privately funded and most of the bounties they take for killing Grimm goes into the Barracks' upkeep and paying for the instructors.


Getting back to Kiritsugu now, I'm sure those of you who have watched Fate/Zero will recognize the name of his firearm, we'll explain more about it in future chapters but for now just remember that it is still a very powerful single shot pistol.
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Emiya Kiritsugu had done some initial recon work for this operation and discovered that it was getting perhaps a little too hot for Roman Torchwick to stay in Vale, security had been buffed up – no doubt due to their attack on a Tohsaka managed Dust shop, which meant he couldn't stay in Vale that much longer. Kiritsugu had to smile at the memory of how he had heard the head of the Tohsaka family personally install the protective measures that should be the norm for all commercial businesses in Vale, no in the entire world at this point.

It was just frustrating and insulting to see how brazen Roman was when it came to robbing Dust shops blind.

The security in the other towns have been lacking, but to see even Vale was being robbed blind before the militia had tightened security in the city had made him worried about the future of Remnant. In truth however, he knew that it was not the militia's fault for not safeguarding the city.

Vale's leaders have failed to support their local law enforcements since the introduction of the Vale Militia following the Great War. They have become too dependant on the Vale Militia to handle not only the Grimm surrounding the City of Vale but also their domestic affairs because of their superior training.

They didn't even specify or make a law requiring mandatory security requirements for the homes and establishments in Vale. Kiritsugu was sure that they could rob the entire city blind in a week and no one would be able to stop them.

The matter was revealed after they had been publicly named as the prime suspects just for chasing Roman and his lackeys off their latest target.

The lackeys were members of the White Fang, their choice of attire and their formations were clear signs of his instruction. Another one of his many regrets, teaching so many of them how to protect themselves but forgetting to teach them why to use their new skills.

Kiritsugu had done some groundwork after Roman had hit the first shop. The moment that they could escape from the law in a flashy vehicle that could be logically tracked down – and still remain at large gave Kiritsugu two options on how to judge the person known as Roman Torchwick.

1. Roman Torchwick was a genius in hiding his tracks and was well deserving of his international terrorist namesake.

2. Roman Torchwick had great influence, or was backed with someone with great influence who could stall or hide his tracks extremely well.

Judging from how incompetent Roman was when it came to dealing with the team leader of RWBY, and considering the audacity he had to commit crime in broad daylight. It is clear he isn't as brilliant as he is leading people to believe, and has the support of some other third party.

He did not have the time to try and gather information about his daughter's team – but they worked well together, and based on the reports regarding the Grimm attack that occurred in Forever Fall recently, they were obviously very capable of taking care of themselves in a fight.

Having his godson around to keep them safe was a bonus – Kiritsugu never thought that the human boy he had saved from that burning house would look up to him so much, nor did he expect him to grow into such a strong warrior.

Yes, a warrior – Kiritsugu could tell from the weary look in his eyes that his godson is no stranger to combat – he was still young, but to be able to sport those eyes meant that he had gone through many difficult battles.

Right now Shirou was keeping a silent watch over the workers from their vantage point on top of the tallest warehouse, something that was matched by his teammate – a Lie Ren who was just as impressive as his godson if not for the lack of stamina and the fact that he was being coerced to be here.


So the moment Kiritsugu sounds of a helicopter swooping down near where they were staking out – at the docks so brazenly, he knew that Roman and his gang of misfits were here. He raised a hand to gather his cell's attention, and they were his cell. The monkey Faunus, Sun Wukong had been recruited for this mission because the boy recognized him and wanted to learn the tricks of the trade from him. It was a case of right place, right time for him – or the exact opposite if he screwed this up and was named a thief and robber.

The other three were here of their own free will, his godson Shirou, his daughter Blake, the Schnee Heiress and the tag along Ren. They were his cell, and they would follow his orders – or people would die at the end for no good reason at all. They had to be silent, efficient, and focused. Kiritsugu had the sinking feeling that unless he kept a stern hand, the mission would be going to hell or explode in his face.

No, their faces – as a cell – they move as one, act as one – and if worst comes to worst, fail as one.

That was something all leaders were expected to know, one that Kiritsugu had followed and established for all the members of the White Fang before he had been chased out.

So when all of them approached cautiously and caught sight of how Roman was ordering and abusing his followers like they were nothing more than slaves riled Kiritsugu up more than anything else.

He had a mission, and that was capturing Roman Torchwick alive. Should he fail to accomplish that, he will make sure that Roman's men will not be able to complete it in his place.


Emiya Shirou found himself feeling a little excited as Kiritsugu barked out orders the moment he saw something amiss. It was amazing how sensitive and powerful a faunus' senses were compared to a human. His Faunus father, he would never stop the image of Kiritsugu having a pair of wolf ears on top of his head till his dying day – had gotten a power-up as he could hear the blade of the approaching helicopter even earlier than Blake could.

He had never seen his father in action before despite reading about his exploits in the archives of the Clock Tower, he had even persuaded Taiga's grandfather to share with him a few of his few stories with the legendary Kiritsugu.

So working alongside him in what he can hope is what his father would've been in at his prime was an exhilarating experience. He followed his instructions to the letter as he moved out together with Ren to take point, jumping from rooftop to rooftop as the other two teams, Kiritsugu and Blake's team – tried to pinpoint exactly where would their target would land.

Shirou knew that Roman Torchwick was a very arrogant person with a penchant for leaving most of the hard work to his underlings, at least based on what Ruby could tell him from her own encounter with the man. Honestly, it reminded him too much of a certain Matou that managed to avoid being on the pointy end of his sword.

However despite his arrogance, he still had the power to back up most of his boasts though, from the way Roman used dust gems, he was reminded of Rin's jewel craft.

In the same vein however, if he compared it to Rin's jewel craft, he knew exactly what to look out for. Rin was utterly relentless and inventive with her use of dust gems during their training sessions – if he didn't learn how to fight against an opponent – he would've been missing a limb or two. So he wasn't worried – what worried him was the many other guards that were posted around him. From the roof of the warehouse he landed on, Shirou could make out more than twenty grunts standing guard in the distance and all of them were carrying firearm of some sort.

Depending on their aim they might be able to keep them from getting in close to attack, or worse, take them out of the fight by exhausting their aura supply. As he finished assessing the enemy's forces, Shirou looked back to see his father's reaction. Kiritsugu's only response to the presence of so many of his former kin was to check the magazine of his modified sub-machine gun.

This was after all the ideal that Kiritsugu had planted him with for a long time, and just allowed his father to take the lead this time.


"Blake, I want you to flank them from the top. They will be using the cranes to move around most of the crates. Look carefully at the insignia painted on the crates that they are using to move them– Schnee, they have your company's logo on them, could you track them down if they get away?"

Kiritsugu observed without any traces of emotion in his voice, that irked Weiss, but more than anything it was the revelation that he was right. Was her family helping the criminal Roman Torchwick? That was – were they tricked? Or did they steal from the Schnee? She wasn't sure for now, but answers would come from that terrorist and thief when they captured him.

"Will do, father. Let's go – Weiss."

Weiss nodded to Blake in reply and the two started roof-hopping towards the nearest building that would allow them to get close to the crane.

"Wukong, you follow Shirou and Ren and circle around towards the crates at the end of the dock. I want the three of you to be in position where they would start loading the crates into their transport. I want at least one of you to be in the loading area to keep an eye on things as they start loading up. On my signal, cut straight into them. Attack to kill, they will be trying to do the same to you."

Kiritsugu told them calmly as he watched Weiss and Blake's progress towards their destination. The two of them were waiting for an opportunity to be propelled to the nearest crane and were making good progress towards their destination. But even if they failed, he'll be there to back them up.

"You have to find your own entry route into the dock, you would be able to recognize my signal – but the moment Roman Torchwick is spotted – there is no going back from the mission. Capture him at all cost."

"What are you going to do, Sir?"

Wukong had shown himself to be at awe of working besides a famous Faunus like Kiritsugu, and right now he sounded a little disappointed that he wouldn't be seeing Kiritsugu in action.

"I'll be making first contact with the enemy, if we're lucky I can prevent some unnecessary fatalities, if not...I'll do what needs to be done."

Normally Kiritsugu wouldn't have considered trying to talk to his target or their lackeys. However given the fact that Roman's men were members of the White Fang, he felt he had a good chance to talk them out of impeding his goals, especially given who their boss is.

Despite the presence of the Vale Militia, Roman Torchwick was still this brazen and arrogant. He could work with that – regardless of what plans he could pull out of his ass.

"Now go."

Kiritsugu barked the order before he made his move, jumping from his position on the roof to the street below, casually advancing at his own sedated pace.


"What do you think he's doing, huh?"

Wukong asked the other members of his team as they took the long way around, slipping down several side paths to hopefully come up near the warehouses that were using to hold all the containers of dust.

"He's approaching them, perhaps to prevent a confrontation." Shirou replied, however based on what Kiritsugu has told them, it didn't look it would be happening. Ren nodded beside him, Shirou's partner had been providing laconic responses and although he was polite to him, he didn't seem too motivated until now.

Wukong really hoped that they were right and the containers did contain stolen Dust. If they weren't, he might have to consider an exit strategy to avoid getting arrested for what can be viewed as illegal activity. That would definitely not be cool at all.

Anyway, Roman Torchwick had a lot to answer for and as a law-abiding citizen…...most of the time, he had an obligation to society to bring him in before more criminals following his example appear.

Wukong was also pretty sure that the cute cat girl had caught on that the lackeys were all from the White Fang as well.

Every Faunus worth their salt knew about the White Fang. It used to be a very respectable organization but after it's more violent ways in trying to get more rights for Faunus, had quickly seen their support base split off into two sides.

One was the side that was disgusted by what the White Fang were doing, using violence as a means to get what they want while the other side was supporting their new methods of gaining power through the use of power and force.

The Faunus had always felt that it wasn't quite fair to them that they, the stronger race (with their better senses, stamina along with all of what the humans had to their advantage), was subjugating them and making them feel like an inferior species.

The Faunus should be the dominant species, not the humans – that was the radical train of thought that the White Fang was encouraging now.

Wukong himself was on the fence, his best friend and teammate Neptune was a human and they didn't have any problems with each other. Honestly, one of the reasons he agreed to help Kiritsugu in the first place was because he wanted to see for himself what the White Fang was like before their change in direction from the eyes of one of their best.

Still both sides had good arguments but it looked like it would be next to impossible for both sides to come to a compromise anytime soon.

But back to the White Fang and Blake, he wasn't sure why she was so tight-lipped about the fact that she was a member of the White Fang previously. Perhaps she expected or wanted Kiritsugu to tell the rest about them instead?

But now it was too late and it probably doesn't matter now, they were all still criminals after all and in the eye of the law Faunus and humans were all the same in that regard.

Of course – the law would carry a lot more weight in his eyes if they treated the Faunus and Humans equally instead of treating them like second class citizens.

"We'll have to back him up, just like how he will back us up later."

Shirou added on, his eyes wary as he kept a watch out for all of them. When Ren agreed, Wukong shrugged as he agreed too. The old man, Kiritsugu, had bailed him out of trouble and the past few days had taught him a lot on tracking and avoiding capture than he could ever dream about. The old man was as wily as a fox and he owed it to him help him out this time.

Wukong was also pretty sure that whatever happened, it'll be too damn epic to miss out as well.


Kiritsugu pulled out a pair of sunglasses that he used to keep the sun's glare out of his eyes and put them on while he walked towards the brightly lit space that Roman Torchwick set up to calmly and efficiently prepare his ill gotten gains for transport. If only he could just put a bullet through his head, it would be all over now.

But since killing him before he can confess to his crimes to the Schnee would be detrimental to his goals, he'd keep his Calico and Thompson holstered. Despite the fact that he was not bearing arms, every single Faunus present froze up in fear and apprehension at the mere sight of him.

Good – he was still recognizable to the members of the White Fang and Faunus in general. He was also obscuring his identity as he was wearing a dark brown hoodie that covered his ears. Still, this was how he was dressed when he went out on missions back when he was a member of the White Fang, besides that his choice of weaponry was very unique as well.

It was with a bit of annoyance that Kiritsugu noted that Roman did not have the same reaction as most of them did.

The orange haired criminal looked at Kiritsugu dismissively for a moment before realizing the state of his men, and then redirecting his attention back the Huntsman with a frown while fiddling around with his cigar.

"Well now, who have we here?"

Roman tried to bait him but Kiritsugu did not indulge him, only choosing to speak up softly. Despite him doing so, he made sure that the White Fang members closest to him could hear him.

"Members of White Fang, I am disappointed to see how far you have fallen after her passing. To willingly follow the orders of this human as if you're his pet."

Kiritsugu couldn't stop the sneer from appearing on his face as he looked at Roman, the man frowning in disgust at the way he phrased it. It sounded like a swear word, but he meant it to be a swear word in the first place. Such was his disgust at them working with such an incompetent fool like Roman Torchwick.

"What did you say? Get this drunkard out off my property."

To his credit, Roman actually kept his cool and did not lose his temper at his insult. It was a pity, if he had lost his temper, it would've made it easier to take him down and keep him from noticing what the kids were doing.

Kiritsugu was also gratified to see that they all hesitated, allowing him the chance to speak again.

"Drop your weapons and help turn him in and all would be forgiven, I would even allow safe passage for all of you to return to your base. He's the one I want."

Kiritsugu laid his terms, but he was already in motion as he crouched down, and taking a powerful leap to the top of the nearest container.

The White Fang members hesitated again as Roman shouted at them.

"Well what are you all waiting for, KILL HIM! And as for you fur face, who do you think you are? You're nothing but a dead man!"

"I don't think so."

Kiritsugu gave a cruel smile as he drew Thompson in one smooth movement and firing a single shot at Roman taking a drag from his newly lit cigar. Despite how he'd love nothing more than to splatter his brains all over the dock, but he since he couldn't, he'll have to settle for a little intimidation instead.