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(Now it starts, Hannahs POV)

I opened up my eyes and looked at the alarm clock. It was 8 in the morning, on a Sunday! But it wasn't any usual Sunday, nope! Today's the 50th year's anniversary for one of my absolutely FAVORITE shows EVER: Doctor Who! I jumped out of bed and stretched, and then I walked around in the room.

"GOOOood morning Bounty! Good morning doorway, morning wall, morning ceiling, good morning floooor, ready to start the day!" I said and picked my clothes for today. I put on a pair of black jeans, black boots, a white shirt, a red bowtie and a fez. Then I walked over to Alicia and shook her shoulder, trying to wake her up.

"Meeeh, five more minutes' mom." she said and waved her hand in my face. Oh, so she's going to be like this, huh? I sat down beside her bed and whispered in her ear:

"Zane's making chocolate waffles."

"Waffles!" she said and sat up. She looked down at me, and got a funny face.

"I hate you." I laughed and stood up.

"Yeah, I know you do sis. But I just wanted to tell you that it's the day." I said and she got wide awake.

"The day of the Doctor?!" she asked, and I nodded. She jumped out of bed and ran over to her backpack, opened it and pulled out some clothes. A pair of jeans-shorts, black knee-high boots, a white T-shirt and a black beret. She put the clothes on, and that's when I saw that it was a TARDIS on the side of her shorts.

"Are those the shorts you made in handicraft?" I asked, and she nodded.

"Yep. Pretty nice, huh?" she said and did a twirl. I gave her thumbs up and then we walked to the kitchen, and everyone else was already there.

"Good morning, morning, morning guys! What's for breakfast?" I asked and sat down beside Kai. He looked at me with a confused face when he saw my fez, but then he turned to the kitchen.

"Zane's making blueberry pancakes. But what in the name of NinjaGo do you have on your head?" he asked and looked back at me.

"It's called a Fez, Kai. And she's wearing it because they're cool." Alicia said, and everyone looked at her. Then Zane came out in the kitchen with two big plates of pancakes.

"Okay, breakfast is ready." he said and put the plates down. I grabbed a pancake and was just going to put it in my mouth, when I heard a woorping-noise. Everybody stopped what they were doing and listened as the noise got louder. I would recognize that beautiful noise anywhere.

"Alicia, do you think it is…?" I asked and looked at her. She looked back at me, and then we ran out on deck with the others after us. When we came out we saw a big, blue police box lying down with the doors upwards. Alicia and I walked over to it, but we both got surprised and stumbled backwards when the doors shot up, and a grappling-hook came out and hooked onto the edge. After a few seconds we could hear someone panting, and I put my fist in my mouth so that I wouldn't scream. Then the most awesome person in the-no wait, the world doesn't work. Not the universe either. Okay, let's just say EVER, came out of the TARDIS and looked up at us.

"Hello, sorry for crash-landing on your ship like this. I don't know what happened, she's never done anything like this before." my favorite Doctor (the 11th) said and stood up. Alicia and I squealed, but the others just looked really confused.

"Who are you?" Cole asked.

"Why are you soaked wet?" Jay asked.

"And how did you end up on our ship?" Kai asked him. Doctor took a deep breath and was ready to answer, but I did it instead.

"This is the Doctor after his eleventh regeneration, he's soaked wet because he probably fell into the swimming pool in the library and he ended up here because his TARDIS is a spaceship that travels through time." I said and took a deep breath when I was done. Everyone except Alicia looked chocked at me, even the Doctor did. I looked at them.

"What? I'm a Whovian, I know stuff like this." I said in my defense. Then the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver started to beep, and he pulled it out of his pocket. It was beeping and blinking faster and faster, but then it just stopped.

"Doctor, what was that about?" Alicia asked and looked at him. He looked around at the sky, but when he looked back at us he just laughed.

"Ah, it's nothing. Probably just my Screwdriver malfunctioning, I'll get it fixed in no-time. Now where were we? Oh, that's right, we were introducing ourselves. As your friend said, I'm the Doctor." he said and smiled.

"Doctor? Doctor who?" Lloyd asked, and the Doctor laughed.

"Just the Doctor. Now, could someone tell me where I am, and where you got that awesome fez?" he said and looked at me. I smiled and gave the fez to him, and he put it on.

"Ha, finally someone who lets me keep a fez." he said and laughed.

"Because it looks awesome." Alicia said and smiled.

"Okay, thanks for the fez. But now, could someone tell me where I am?" Doctor asked and looked at us.

"You're in Ninjago." Cole answered, and the Doctor looked at him.

"Ninjago? Never heard that name before. And where am I specifically?" he asked.

"You're on the Destiny's Bounty, and you just interrupted our breakfast." Lloyd answered, and the Doctor smiled.

"Yeah, sorry about that. I can't really control when or where to crash-land my TARDIS, because it usually doesn't happen. Well, I'm just gonna re-park it, and then maybe we can all have breakfast together?" he said and looked at me.

"Of course!" I said, and he smiled.

"Thanks. Okay, I'll be back before you can say 'Raxacoricofallapatorius'!" he said and stood on the TARDIS over the opening, before he shouted "GERONIMO!" and jumped inside. The guys looked weird at the box when they heard splashing from water, and they got shocked when TARDIS started to blink and sound before it disappeared. Before the guys could asked what happened, the TARDIS re-appeared and the Doctor walked out with new clothes on.

"Okay, shall we go inside?" he asked and looked at us, but the guys stood like frozen to the ground.

"What just happened?" Kai asked when he got out of his chock, and Alicia and I started to laugh.

"We'll explain later. Now I want some Zane pancakes!" Alicia said and walked inside.

(Alicias POV)

"So, let me see if I got it: You're a time-traveller who was looking for a 'Dalek' ship that flied into our universe, am I correct this far?" Cole asked after the Doctor had explained how he got here, and he nodded.

"And then you fell into a time-vortex that sent you to our universe, but in the wrong time." Jay continued, and the Doctor nodded again.

"And when you got here your spaceship lost its power, and crash-landed here on our ship." Zane finished, and the Doctor smiled.

"That' right. Until my ships power returns I won't be able to track down the Daleks, and that means that they can attack at any second and we won't be able to stop them… unless-" he said and stood up, waving his finger. We all looked at each other.

"Unless what?" I asked, and he stopped.

"Unless this ship's got a radar that can track them. But of course you don't, why would I even-"

"Actually, we have. But I don't think that it can track down Daleks." Jay said, cutting the Doctor off. He looked at Jay and smiled, and then he asked us to show him the way. We all went up to the bridge, and Nya looked surprised at us when the Doctor walked inside.

"Hello there, I'm the Doctor! Can I borrow the radar for a second? Thanks." he said and started to look around at the consoles. Nya walked over to us and looked at the Doctor.

"Is he alright?" she asked, and I laughed.

"He's perfectly fine. He's always like that." I said, and looked at him.

"Oh this is nice, this is really nice. You've got a flying ship." he said and looked at us, and we nodded. "Why didn't you tell me that?"

"Well, actually the engine is struggling and we cannot find the problem." Zane said, and the Doctor pulled out his Screwdriver and started to use it on the consoles. After a while the engines was sounding, and we were now flying once again.

"You fixed it! How did you do that?!" Jay asked and walked over to the consoles. The Doctor just flipped his Screwdriver and smiled.

"Well, it's just something I do. Now, I've remade the radar so that it tracks Daleks AND Serpentines, whatever that is. What is a Serpentine?" he said and looked at us. Nya walked over to the holographic console, pressed some buttons and then a hologram of a Serpentine showed up in front of us. The Doctor walked around it, looking very closely.

"This is a Serpentine? Why do you have to look out for these?" he asked, and used his Screwdriver on the hologram.

"They want to take over Ninjago, and since we're Ninjas we have to protect our city." Cole said, and the Doctor chuckled.

"Ninjas? You're just kids, what can you possibly do to pr-" He got cut off by Kai shooting fire at his Screwdriver, and then he looked surprised at us. "-otect the city, okay. That guy just shot fire out of his hand, does anyone else have special powers?" he asked and looked at the other guys. Cole raised his fist, and he could hear the ground under the ship crack. Jay snapped his fingers, and we saw a lightning bolt outside. Zane only needed to close his eyes, and it started to snow in the room. Hannah blew against the papers on the desk, and they created a small tornado. Lloyd and I held up our hands and created a different colored flame, mine was purple and Lloyds were green. The Doctor picked up his Screwdriver and looked at each of us, and then he used it to scan us. Zane was the last one he scanned, and when the (AN: AGH! Screwdriver is such a long word! I'm just gonna write SS instead.) SS started to beep he laughed. He put it in his pocket and looked closer at Zane.

"Look at you, an absolutely fantastic robot! You look so human you even fooled me, and that's a first. Where do you come from?" he asked. Zane looked a bit uncomfortable, and I stepped forward.

"He's from here, and he's no alien-robot if that's what you think. If you wonder why he looks so human it's because his dad worked on him for years, and he's awesome when it comes to robots." I said. The Doctor was just going to say something when the radar started to alarm, and we heard screaming from outside. We ran out on deck and saw a GIGANTIC/HUMUNGUS ship in the sky, and when I looked over the edge I saw the people on the streets running around screaming. I looked closer, and I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw what was chasing everyone.

"Doctor, I think you should see this." I said, my voice filled with fear. He walked over to me and looked down, and when he saw the Daleks he put a hand on his forehead.

"No, no, NO! This is not good. We have to get away from here, now!" he said and walked over to the TARDIS. He was just going to lock it up, when Kai pressed his sword against the edge of it.

"We can't just run away. The people are completely defenseless and we're their only hope." Kai said and glared at the Doctor.

"Listen boy, I understand that it's your duty as Ninjas to protect people and that you can't run away from a fight. But I've fought the Daleks for hundreds of years, and I know that you can't defeat them even with your powers. I'm sorry, but the only chance we have of surviving this is to retreat." the Doctor said to Kai and looked at him seriously. They looked at each other for a second, and then Kai pulled away his sword.

"What do we have to do?" Cole asked and walked over to them.

"Get everyone on this ship into the TARDIS, and then get away from here." the Doctor said and locked up the doors. We checked so that everyone was here, and that's when we noticed…

"Where is Ellie?" Zane asked and looked around.

"Really guys?! Did you really think that an weeping angel statue would scare me?!" Ellie asked from the kitchen. (AN: If you wonder, yes. I made her talk in this story, and I'm going to keep it.) Hannah and I looked at each other, before we ran to the kitchen. We stopped when we saw the angel, and I told Hannah to get the Doctor. Ellie looked and poked the statue, but since I knew what it was, I didn't look away from it.

"Ellie, step away from the Weeping Angel, and whatever you do… Don't. Blink." I said and walked over to her. She looked at me with a confused face, and then she did as I said. I heard the Doctor run into the room and tell Ellie to get out, and then I felt his hand on my shoulder.

"Back away from the Angel, slowly. And do not blink. Blink, and-"

"I'll die." I finished and started to walk away slowly. I never took my eyes off the statue, but when we came out I ran over to the TARDIS with the Doctor after me. I was just going to go inside when something made the ship to lean far to the left, and when I looked I saw the Dalek-ship shooting at us. I jumped inside when the Doctor pushed me, and I almost bumped into Jay who was standing in front of me. The guys looked like they just realized that they have fingers, but I just ran over to the console.

"Doctor, what do I do?" I asked in panic when the TARDIS started to lean left.

"Just press the green button and pull the lever beside it." he said and closed the doors.

"There's like 15 green buttons and only God knows how many levers!" I shouted back to him.

"Just press a button!" he shouted, and I pressed the big green button in front of me.

"Here goes nothing." I said to myself, and pulled the lever.

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