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Wally stuck his phone back in his pocket as he walked down the street. He couldn't wait to meet Linda later that night.

It'd been six months since they met and Wally had yet to be bored around her. Linda had a way of keeping him on his toes. The only problem was that she still didn't know that he was a hero, specifically the Flash.

It was getting to be a BIG problem. Aside from the fact the he flirted with her as Flash and that he often had to leave her as Wally to go save the day, there was another reason.

Ever since The Memory Incident, Wally had felt less and less like he was living two lives. Before, Wally West and The Flash were two separate people. He'd worn multiple masks, but now that everyone knew the truth, Wally felt his civilian and hero lives blending. He was spending more time with his friends in the league as a civilian, and while he loved having such a big family, it was only a matter of time before Linda got drawn into the superhero life.

And that. Was. Terrifying.

Still, Wally couldn't say he wouldn't want it to happen if everything turned out alright. Heck, just look at all the changes in the last few months.

The Justice League got several new members.

Flash was actually listened to during meetings, which he sometimes disrupted just for the heck of it. Just thinking about the last meeting made Wally grin. Got to keep things interesting.

The Metro Tower had been finished and was the official headquarters of the Justice League.

The Watchtower had become a secondary headquarters that only heroes and authorized guests could access, making it easier to make connections within the hero community. After all, League members weren't the only ones allowed up there. The Teen Titans, the Green Lantern Corps, the Outsiders, and PSOHC were authorized to come anytime they wanted.

That was another thing that had occurred. Martha and Joan's weekly visits had evolved until they had created PSOHC (pronounced "sock" – How in the WORLD did they come up with that?), which stood for Parents Supporting Our Hero Charges. It was a support group made up of, well, basically every league member's mom – and a few dads – if they were still alive.

Wally wasn't too enthused about that. They all tended to hover. But, thought Wally, it's nice to know they care.

Wally's comm. link beeped in his ear.

"Metro Tower to Flash."

Wally discreetly put his hand to his ear and ducked into an alley way. "Flash here."

"Flash," said the voice belonging to Powergirl, the hero name Teah had decided to take. "We just picked up an enormous energy pulse. It's in Northeast Montana. The coordinates are 48.501 degrees North by 106.294 degrees West."

Wally had backed into to the shadowed end of the alley where no one could see him.

He grinned as he pressed the small clasp on his lightning bolt ring and his Flash suit came shooting out. In a blur, he changed into the Flash.

"I'm on it."


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