Highly recommended that you at least read Part 2 of 3 before reading this-this is not mandatory, but strongly recommended.


Mute City, Japan. A loud thunderstorm ravaged the sky far past midnight. The streets of the Lower City was practically flooded as a result of the immense rainfall, not a single vehicle or pedestrian roamed the streets. Only the homeless of the Lower City remained outside, but even they could provide themselves somewhat with cover.

Mute City was a massive metropolis that stretched out for several miles; the original name of the city was Tokyo. While this was one of the most striving cities in the universe, it remained divided into different areas. The Lower City was where the lower class citizens remained, while the Upper City was where the middle and upper class remained.

Somewhere in the Lower City was a large building with a fairly simple appearance; inside of this was a series of rooms. Far across a hallway was a lone metal door, this was the office of the complex.

Inside of the office sat a 45 year old blonde haired woman in a navy blue uniform. The office was completely dark except for the large luxurious window that was behind her, along with a small candle she had on her desk. The woman had a fairly serious look on her face as she simply wrote on a sheet of paper with a pen. The woman had a unique hairstyle, one half being combed to the side, while the other half was simply combed down.

Behind the woman remained a massive painted portrait of a darkly clothed man in a trench coat and fedora. He had a shiny black visor under his fedora with glowing white eyes, a large red scarf drooping all the way down to his belly, and an angry look on his face. This portrait was of Lieutenant Seppuku, a famous F-Zero racer renowned for his unorthodox methods of hunting criminals.

The woman lowered her eyebrows and exhaled as she gazed at the words she had finished writing. Next to her hand was a nameplate; Bendek was printed in bold. She breathed in and looked back down at her paper. A very shiny ring around her finger glimmered as she briefly held her hand over the candle. This, was Chiya Flower.

Chiya stared at the paper she had been writing on with an intense look.

I find myself one week away from the start of the annual Grand Prix. Everybody is counting on me; either me or Clover will likely pull out on top this year and win the prize money.

A loud crack of thunder sent Chiya's eyes open slightly, but she brushed this off and looked back down.

Of course, the Grand Prix is never the event I look forward to every year, rather, I look forward to another bit of significance with this date. In one week, it will have been twenty-two years since I met Earl Bendek and Lieutenant Seppuku-where my adventure all started…

Chiya crossed her fingers together and looked down at her ring.

The first year in Seppuku's organization was difficult. I had entered without an F-Zero machine, but me and Earl had begun working on one; the Purring Kitten. We were faced with the notorious gangs of Red Star and the Bloody Chain as a violent gang war was going hot here in the Lower City…

This year was so important to me, I made friends, finally was taken away from my life of a homeless bum, and completed my F-Zero machine in the end. I remember, that fateful day where Red Star threw out an all-out assault on the Lower City. I killed Brock Blaskovitz and proceeded to live a happy year with my friends in this very base…

Chiya faintly smiled and dropped her hands over her waist. That was the greatest summer I ever had. Me and Earl went to the beach so many times, and Seppuku was always pulling pranks on us; we all started a prank war that summer with each other, which eventually ended after Earl made the mistake of accidentally breaking Seppuku's TV. She began to silently chuckle at this, then got a stern look on her face. It was a good summer, but things soon got hard again as we entered December… Chiya sighed loudly. We went an entire summer with no problems, but then everything got intense. It was around September that I had fallen in love with Earl, as my crush for him had eventually developed into something much more. Aside from the drama of my life, however, we soon learned of a much greater threat than the old gangs; Dark Million…

Chiya narrowed her eyes tightly. I had been captured by Dark Million and was tortured. They were relentless. I was eventually saved by Earl and brought back home, where the conflict had begun. Little did I know for a long time, Earl had assumed the secret identity of a man named Excalibur and had infiltrated Dark Million, looking for a way to stop them. Chiya sighed and closed her eyes. Then there was Dark Rose, my evil clone sister. Rose presented us with so many problems, but eventually we stopped her, in the end however, we were only saddened by this. That year was my first Grand Prix, and I nearly won, but Seppuku had attacked me at the last second out of love.

Chiya's eyes were quivering slightly at the words; out of love. Despite the outcome of that Grand Prix, that year was very important for me. After much work, Earl had fallen in love for me. We were destined to always be a couple, and to this day, we remain in love with each other. Even twenty years later, our love remains as strong as it first was...

Chiya's eyes began to water at this sentence, she sighed and swallowed. But that year was cut badly; Seppuku had been arrested after the Battle for Green Plant, and was put on trial by Jody Summer. She had instantly broken our family apart and was trying to win the case so she could execute Seppuku for an unjustified reason… Chiya closed her eyes sadly and quirked her mouth. That entire summer I had spent alone with Earl, fearing that Seppuku would break away from the judicial system and hunt us down. But, our luck came; if you can really call it luck. Seppuku had been found guilty to all charges against him and was issued a date for execution via electrocution…

Chiya breathed in and exhaled. That really was where it all started… she closed her eyes and shook negatively. That third year was by far the most life affecting year of my life, to this day, nothing has ever had more of a change on my life, than that third year… she continued to shake negatively. The first and second year put together could never add up to be a more effective year, the third one is and always will be…

She shot open her eyes with quivering eyes and grunted loudly.

"-what changed life for me and Earl, forever…" she muttered faintly…

Fire Field-an F-Zero committee owned planet most renowned for the dangerous racetracks it contained. The planet was completely filled with lava, but still had several metal surfaces all across the planet; most of which was either the remains of a mining outpost, or a racetrack.

Far along the Cylinder Knot racetrack were two F-Zero machines driving at full speed down the cylinder. A very large bright blue machine with shark teeth on the front was trying to escape another F-Zero machine, but was finding no luck doing so. A red machine with a pink stripe going down the front-center was quickly pursuing the large bodied machine.

The blue machine had the name Fat Shark imprinted on the body. A very obese man wearing much jewelry and a monocle looked back at his pursuer and growled. This was Don Genie, a well renowned mafia boss who had a jewelry addiction. The machine chasing him had the name Purring Kitten on the side.

"God damn, leave me alone already!" Genie shouted aloud.

The Purring Kitten seemed to have a superior edge on the Fat Shark, as it was gaining on the machine quickly. Genie gritted his teeth nervously and looked down at his energy meter; he was now in the red zone and couldn't risk boosting any further. The restoration pad to the track was turned off.

The Purring Kitten momentarily bumped into the rear of the machine and began to hostilely push it forward. Genie growled and switched open his attack buttons. An F-Zero pilot could either do a side or spin attack; in this case he prepared to initiate a spin attack. He slammed his thumb down on the button and instantly sent his machine in a very violent series of spins, but the Purring Kitten had moved aside at just the right moment. Genie widened his eye and looked back after completing the spin attack, his opponent was no longer behind him.

"Eh..?" he muttered in confusion.

It was at that moment that the Purring Kitten slid to his side, having gone around the gravitational cylinder. Genie gasped and hit the brakes, but he had already been successfully side attacked. His machine was propelled into the air, but fortunately was pulled back down to the track rather than flying towards the lava.

His machine flipped over and scraped along the track for several seconds, he had been completely stopped by his opponent and now had a burning machine. He grinded his teeth and climbed out of the cockpit, he prepared to get off his knees but quickly found that the Purring Kitten did a power slide right in front of him and stopped. He gasped and remained on the floor as the cockpit slowly began to open.

A woman in a black and blue racing suit, red scarf, and a black and blue biker-styled helmet leapt down onto the ground. The helmet had blue cat ears.

Genie clenched his fists and growled, "W- what do you want with me!?"

The woman stopped in front of him and grasped her helmet, she carefully pulled it off and held it under her armpit; revealing a much younger Chiya Flower. Chiya was a twenty-four year old and was wearing a blue stock hat underneath the helmet. She dropped the helmet onto the ground and instantly pulled out a handgun-cocking it back.

Genie gasped as she took aim at his head with a serious look, "O- okay! How much money do you want!?" he pleaded.

Chiya narrowed her eyes, "You know why I'm here, senile old fool…"

Genie grunted at her and lowered his eyebrows, "Wh- what? You mean you're doing this because-"

"My mother. Release her from the debt she owes you," she demanded coldly. She narrowed her eyes at Genie, "You know just as much as I do that she's repaid well over the original amount she had taken out…"

Genie slammed his hands down onto the hot metal floor, "That's why you've been chasing me all these months!?" Chiya nodded affirmatively, Genie exhaled and nodded, "Yeah, fine…"

Chiya stomped her foot down loudly, "If I ever see another one of your goons coming to my mom expecting money, I will track you down and kill you; regardless of what you may say…"

Genie nodded frantically, "Yes! Yes! Your mother is free from her debt to me!"

Chiya slowly nodded at him and put her handgun away, "Good."

With that being said, she turned towards the Purring Kitten and prepared to leave. Genie grunted and held his hand out towards her.

"Hey, wait! I need a way back to the starport!"

Chiya climbed into her cockpit and shook negatively at him, "Sorry, one-seated machine," she beamed at him and giggled, "But hey, you could use the long walk."

She closed the cockpit and turned on her machine, momentarily departing from the area. Genie simply gazed at her machine as it flew back towards the main civilized area of Fire Field. He gasped and dropped back down onto the ground as his machine made a small explosion.

Chiya later arrived at the starport and parked her machine. The starport was one of the only populated areas on the planet, but since Fire Field was mostly only visited for the Grand Prix; it merely served as a place to rest. This planet was especially significant to Chiya for one reason however, and that was because Cylinder Knot was the very first Grand Prix race she had ever competed in.

She leapt out of her machine and landed perfectly onto the ground. She quickly whipped her head up as a 29 year old brown haired main in a brown leather jacket and jeans came approaching her. Chiya smiled at him and began to approach him as well.

"Did you get him?"

Chiya nodded, "Yep, he won't be bothering my mother any longer…"

This man played a very significant role in Chiya's life; he was a Korean mechanic going by the name of Earl Bendek. Earl was Chiya's boyfriend.

"Does that mean you killed him?"

Chiya shook negatively, "Of course not, but I told him I would if he ever comes near my mom again…"

Earl exhaled happily and smiled, "Well, that's it then," Chiya raised an eyebrow, "Don Genie was the last criminal. We no longer have any enemies to fight, from this day on, we are perfectly free to live normal lives."

Chiya let out a chuckle, "I'm an F-Zero racer; I hardly call that normal."

Earl shrugged at her and smirked, "Let's get the Hell out of here, this heat is unbearable…"

Chiya raised her hand as she climbed aboard the Purring Kitten again, "After I store my machine, I'm hitting the shower; I call it first!"

Chiya and Earl were later traveling back to Earth in their luxury F-Zero ship; which Chiya had won in an auction race. The ship contained a kitchen, living room, garage, two bedrooms, bathroom, and the deck. Earl and Chiya were sitting together in the deck, Earl was the one piloting.

Chiya was sitting back comfortably as the two listened to Japanese pop music, she was slightly bobbing her head to the music. Earl slightly glanced over at her and smiled.

"You seem pretty happy considering we just concluded our hunt for Genie."

"Why wouldn't I be?"

Earl smirked and shrugged, "Well, it was a long and stressful chase. I honestly imagined you being a bit more exhausted; especially since the chase brought us to Fire Field in the end."

Chiya growled faintly and nodded, "Admittedly, I was pretty angry that we had to go back there," she turned her head towards him and hummed aloud, "Do we have to go to Fire Field or Sand Ocean this year?"


"The Grand Prix?"

Earl shook negatively, "Nope, you get a set of fairly nice racetracks this year; the first one being on the luxurious planet of Big Blue."

Chiya closed her eyes and smiled greatly, "Big Blue…" she puckered her lips and held her knees tightly, "I can only imagine what adventure that planet will bring us..!"

"Do you like dolphins?"

"U-m, yes!"

Earl looked down at the galaxy map and began to navigate a different direction, as an asteroid field was intersecting with their path.

"Well, the planet has been known to have some pretty huge aquariums; we'll be sure to see what's there."

Chiya clenched her fists and let out an excited squeal, "This Grand Prix is going to be so great! It'll finally just be the race I was looking for; no constant enemies at my neck!"

Earl's smile began to fade as she said this, quickly turning into a troubled look, "Yeah…"

Chiya took off her green stock hat and stood up, "Alright, I'm gonna' take a shower."

Earl looked up at her and smiled again, "Sure."

She walked away from Earl and departed into the bathroom. Earl slowly rubbed his chin as she had walked away, thinking more about the annual Grand Prix. Chiya had nearly won the one billion credits prize money the following year; but her ally, Lieutenant Seppuku, had disallowed this by attacking her.

The general fear he was having was Chiya's assumption that she would be without enemies on the track. Blood Falcon had never been seen since the day he won the Grand Prix, but Earl had a bad feeling that he hadn't died during the Battle of Green Plant. The worst case scenario would be that he targets Chiya on the track as an enemy; as she wouldn't stand a chance. Chiya's survival would likely be on Captain Falcon's shoulders without Seppuku around the protect her.

Earl looked back at the bathroom and found that Chiya had begun to shower with the door wide open again. He lowered his eyebrows as the steam of the shower was visible coming out of the door. This was a common thing Chiya did, but Earl was never sure if she found that an open door shower was more relaxing, or if she was trying to lure Earl in for sexual reasons.

Ultimately, he disregarded this and held up an F-Zero magazine about Chiya Flower and the Purring Kitten.

Far away in a massive cruiser sat a large darkly clothed man with a cape. His mask had a set of horns and glowing white eyes, he stood beside the famous racer known as Blood Falcon, who had won the previous Grand Prix. The darkly clothed man chuckled maniacally as he looked down at a massive training center. There were hundreds of identical Blood Falcon clones doing inhuman exercises.

The clones all wore red racing suits with dark blue helmets and visors; however none were wearing scarves yet. Scarves would represent what rank each individual was by color.

"The clone army advances magnificently, Blood Falcon."

Blood Falcon crossed his arms and smirked, "Your decision to promote me to head of the army was a most wise one, Master."

The man in the cape and dark clothes was none other than the notorious Black Shadow, the most wanted man in the universe. Prior to the previous year, Black Shadow was already the most wanted man simply for being an insane religious head; but after attempting to destroy Green Plant and intending to exterminate all human life on Earth-his bounty multiplied almost three times as much as the original reward.

"Look at them Blood Falcon, look at your brothers work…" Blood Falcon smirked, "They have trained all their life, merely for one significant endgame battle on Earth."

One clone was running on a treadmill at nearly 5 miles an hour. The were not ordinary humans, these were genetically advanced clones that could go beyond the call of duty when it came to human limitations. The previous army Black Shadow had sent onto Green Plant was now regarded as a feeble and unworthy attempt to win in Black Shadow's eyes, and was not surprised that the humans had beaten him. Regardless of what kind of willpower they would throw at him this time, he knew that his clone army would be unstoppable warmongers who would cast a sea of fire upon Earth.

"Where is Blaskovitz…"

Blood Falcon crossed his arms, "Throwdown in the Lightning Area of Mute City."


"It's a sport, he hangs around a criminal infested bar that hosts a sport that combines boxing and wrestling," Blood Falcon chuckled, "Apparently he's a champion at it."

Black Shadow hummed angrily, "I don't understand. Why do all of my projects disappoint me by doing stupid things..?"

Blood Falcon laughed, "At least he's no Dark Rose."


The two remained silent, but Blood Falcon momentarily bowed, "Worry not, I'll win this Grand Prix once more in my new machine; a demonstration of Dark Million's superior might in technology!"

Black Shadow chuckled, "You just painted your machine black and installed a new combat module; calm down…"

"Well geez…"

"Just make sure that you keep Seppuku from foiling our plan again…"

Blood Falcon grunted, "B- but Master, Seppuku was executed by the Federation…"

Black Shadow dipped his head down with an enormous smirk, he slowly turned towards Blood Falcon and chuckled, "Please…"


"You honestly believe that Seppuku is dead?"

Blood Falcon shrugged, "W- well, he was electrocuted and apparently locked away."

Black Shadow swished his hand, "Electrocuted to death, yeah right." Blood Falcon continued to stare at Black Shadow in confusion, Black Shadow crossed his arms and shrugged, "Don't let the Federation fool you, no matter what they say…"

He looked back at his clone army and closed his eyes, "Seppuku lives…"

To be continued…