Okay so I know that I said in my poll that I would start the story that was voted the most, but this idea was so damn tempting! Anyway once I finish I, Monster I'm going to start the most voted story but I will also continue with this story (two stories at the same time, how daring!) so hope you like it! This is rated M because I'm going to be mature in this story so yeah and I'm going to try and make it really long, so don't like it don't read it :)

Life always had it's up's and downs and sure it could be pretty rough but there was always those people who had a special place in your heart that would always drag you back into the roller coaster of life. Yes, there were those times where you couldn't even bear the thought of living, but you just had to suck it up. Life was never kind and will never be kind, that's just how it is. Some are affected by this more so than others. And this is just another story, another place and time where a series of catastrophic events will occur. So listen intently, because this is a story on how a group of people met by chance and how there roller coaster of life was cold and unforgiving in the beginning, but don't worry, they always did say there was a light at the end of the tunnel; you just had to prove you earned it.


Leonardo Hamato groaned into his pillow before clumsily turning off his alarm clock. He slid out of his comfy, warm, bed and stumbled into his closet, with bleary eyes he slipped into some dark blue jeans, a baggy button up white shirt, that he kept untucked, accompanied with a black hoody, and black converse high tops. Leo once again stumbled out of his small closet, and looked at the mirror: A 16 year old boy, about 5'7, his skin a nice pale, his eyes a mysterious grey, and his black hair that barely reached the half of his ear. Leo smiled, brushing his untidy hair and walking out of his room and into the kitchen.

Raphael Hamato slammed his alarm clock with his bare fist. Not even paying attention to his dying alarm clock he rolled out of bed and threw on some baggy jeans with a shirt that said 'does it look like I give a fuck' to top it off he put on his most favored black leather jacket and bulky red vans. Raph cursed, tripping on his backpack on the way to his mirror. He looked at his reflection: A 16 year old boy, the height of 5'6, his skin a tad bit darker than his older brother, his eyes a glowing amber, and his clearly dyed fiery red hair that spiked out in all directions. Raph rudely flicked off the mirror before entering the kitchen.

Donatello Hamato turned off his alarm clock before it could blare one single note. He shot off of his bed with a large grin. Don practically flew into his closet quickly dressing into some skinny jeans, a button up purple shirt with a black blazer and clogs. He smiled proudly before sauntering over to his mirror and checking his aspect: A 16 year old boy, he looked to be near 5'6 and a half, his skin a mix between his brothers Leonardo and Raphael, his eyes a nice hazel, and his brown hair that's reached the end of his ears. Giddy with excitement he rushed into the kitchen.

Michelangelo Hamato barely even processed the sound of his alarm clock, before he yelped and in panic threw it against the wall. He sheepishly scratched his head with a good-natured grin, remembering that was about his sixth time he broke his alarm clock. Mike hopped off his bed and rummaged through a pile of clothes, the next minute was spent on weather its was clean or not, shrugging in defeat he chose to wear baggy jeans and an orange gamer shirt with some sandals. He happily looked in the mirror to see his job: A 16 year old boy, around the height of 5'6, his skin tanner than any of his brothers, his eyes a sea blue, and his shaggy blonde hair that could never stay in place. He nodded in approval before running into the kitchen.

The Hamato family was anything but normal, from their looks to their personalities. But Yoshi had raised them well, the rambunctious boys he knew were growing up and right now at the ripe age of 16. Yoshi knew that at this age he had to keep his eyes peeled open, for boys and girls of this age could do stupid decisions. Thinking they were invincible and at the top of the world, when in reality they had just entered the food chain and sadly were at the very bottom.

Mikey was met with a chorus of hello's as he entered the kitchen. He took out a frozen waffle and popped it into the toaster,

"You know I'm not fixing your alarm clock right?" Don spoke over his cup of coffee.

"Aww, but Donnie!" Mikey whined, taking a bite out if his waffle while at the same time doing his famous puppy face.


Raph and Leo exchanged looks,

"Five bucks Donnie cave's in" Raph Whispered, holding the money temptingly to his brother.

"Your on" Leo accepted, smirking.

Mikey closed in on his genius brother, his eyes growing extraordinarily wide and shiny like snow globes. Don bit his lip and tried to avoid his brother, but to no avail. He moaned and gave in,


"Yay" Mikey cheered, going to retrieve his shattered alarm clock for Donny.

Raph smirked smugly snatching the five dollar bill out of his brothers hand.

"Damn" Leo cursed. Raph only flashed him another triumphant smile, stuffing the money into his pocket.

Don cast a look at the clock, frowning.

"Umm, guys were going to be late if we don't start walking now" Don warned

The group looked at the clock, acting fast, they grabbed their backpacks and headed for the door. A tall man with brown hair and dark eyes that seemed to shine with wisdom was waiting at the door. His name was Yoshi and though it didn't seem like it, he had a dark past that not even his sons knew about.

"Have a good day at school" He chirped, hugging his sons as they left.

Don led the foursome down the street, gushing about how great school would be this year,

"Our first day as sophomores, I heard were going to dissect swine pigs, and I want to join A.P. chemistry and physics. I hope we do heat reaction or-or heterogeneous mixture!"

Donny's brothers exchanged confused glances as Don started going into the laws of pressure and such. They turned around the bend and walked up to Johnston High. Now it may have been a good high school, especially in the science program, but certainly not one of the safest. There's been bullying for years and rumors that most freshmen get raped. There was even this one rumor where two students disappeared and returned a week later catatonic, unfortunately this rumor was true...

"Yay school, I jus' love it so much I could die" Raph muttered sarcastically as they entered the schools student filled hallways. Students were buzzing around in the hallways, either by their lockers, their classroom or the bathrooms all gossiping or bragging about their summers. The Hamato brothers had spent their summer vacation in their friend, Casey's, farm house in Massachusetts.

They fought through the tidal wave of students and into their home classroom. Yes, all of them were surprisingly in the same homeroom and had almost the same periods. Odd too because none of them were even close to being near each other last year, save for lunch of course.

They had just seated themselves when a scrawny old lady entered the room, her heels clacking on the marble floor. With her gnarled hands she wrote her name,

'Mrs. Stinson'

Mrs. Stinson turned towards her class and smiled, her teeth crooked and yellow.

"Welcome to back to school, I hope this year is not as uneventful as you think"

She couldn't have been the farthest from wrong, this year would probably never be forgotten by the Hamato family, for the events that were about to unfold.

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