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Fixing Mistakes

Chapter 10 - A Curve In Time

"Caroline, do you take Niklaus to be your husband?" Ayana asked Caroline. She stood beneath the Great White Oak tree dressed in ceremonial robes; a dark brown long sleeved dress, a crown made of vervain, dried leaves and twigs, plus a necklace filled with colourful stones; reds, blues, greens and whites.

"I do." Caroline answered crying with joy. She wore a white dress; the sleeves came to her elbow and the petals from a rose were sewn around the hem, the front of the dress covered her cleavage and hung off the shoulders, covering the body and the skirt were the petals of flowers Rebekah and Caroline had found; yellow goldenrod, white honeysuckle, purple phlox and vibrant bluebells. For her bouquet she had twigs from an apple tree, babys breath and a dark red rose, tied together with white ribbons.

Ayana turned to Klaus and repeated her question, "Do you take Caroline to be your wife?"

"I do." Klaus repeated, his eyes overflowing with unshod tears. He wore his finest clothes, brown slacks, a white tunic and his sword strapped to his waist. He had never taken his eyes off Caroline, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, a vision in white and yet filled with color just like Caroline herself.

"By the blessing of the spirits," Ayana poured salt in to a bowl, "the power of nature," she placed an unbroken peel of apple into the bowl, "and the protection of the elements. Earth," she placed a handful of soil in the bowl, "water," she poured in a cup of water, "fire," she stared at the bowl and it set alight, "and air." She waved her hand over the bowl and a gust of wind blew out the flame. She dipped her fingers into the smoldering sludge and scooped some up, "I announce you man and wife." Ayana took Caroline's hand in hers and drew an eight symbol on her palm and then did the same with Klaus. She held their hands in hers and announced, "I have drawn the infinity symbol on your hands, if you are meant to be the symbols will vanish." She put their palms together.

Caroline gasped as her hand joined with Klaus, a tingle shot from her wrist to her heart causing her to waver in place. A fiery heat engulfed her hand, it was not painful though she could feel the warmth.

Klaus clutched his heart as a tingle went from his wrist to his heart. He stared in awe at their joined hands as a glowing orange light emitted from between their palms before going out. He felt the warmth of it before it extinguished itself

Ayana pulled their hands apart and almost collapsed in her shock. The mark was gone. Raising her eyes to the newly wedded couple before her she whispered, "You are meant to be." Almost forgetting herself in her disbelief she added, "You may now kiss your wife."

Klaus raised his hands to Caroline's cheeks, cradling them gently he lowered his mouth to hers and softly placed his lips against hers. He stroked her cheek as he continued to brush his mouth atop of hers.

Caroline sighed into Klaus's mouth at his gentle molding of their lips. She placed her hands on his heart and smiled into their kiss. She was married! At nineteen. To Klaus! She couldn't help but let out a giggle as she broke their kiss. She found that she really didn't care, she loved him and was so very happy to be with him.

Klaus's eyes reflected the joy he was feeling. Caroline was now his wife, his alone, now and until the day they died. He was so happy that she entered their lives all those months ago, from the moment he met her he had felt something for her and as Ayana's ritual proved, Caroline was meant for him as he was meant for her.

Caroline clasped her hand around Klaus's, a wide smile etched on her face as their gathered friends and family applauded them. Walking down the aisle with Klaus, Caroline couldn't help but think that the best thing that had happened to her was being sent to the past. She had fallen even deeper in love with Niklaus. If, and that was a big if, she was ever sent back to the future she would find Klaus and tell him how she felt and ask him if he remembered her from when he was human. Glancing at Klaus and the gorgeous smile on his face she shook off those thoughts, today was about herself and Klaus, to celebrate their marriage and their pledge to stay together forever. However long or short that may be.

Esther watched Klaus and Caroline dance with a smile on her face. They truly were a perfect fit. Klaus held Caroline close, his eyes never leaving hers, their hands entwined and their feet in sync. It made her heart sing with joy to see her child so happy. For so long it felt as if Klaus would be cursed to live under Mikael's tyranny and Tatia's cruelness and indeed Esther's own perceived indifference for the rest of his life. However, she was never indifferent to Klaus, she forced herself to appear aloof whenever Mikael was around to try and protect him from Mikael's wrath. It did not always work. Then, as if by some divine power, Caroline appeared into their lives and proceeded to bring a new light into their home. Rebekah found a best friend and Klaus found a soulmate.

Now more than ever Esther couldn't allow her family to be harmed. She had only a few more ingredients to acquire and the spell would be ready. Within weeks, her family would be stronger.

It puzzled Ayana extremely how it was possible for Caroline and Klaus to be soulmates when they were born a thousand years apart. She frowned in thought, is Niklaus reborn in the future? But even if he was, his present carnation would not be fated to Caroline, her eyes drifted to the happy couple in front of her, their auras glowed bright from the love shared between them, only the soul and body of a mate can make the infinity symbol disappear. It was very perplexing indeed.

Rebekah skipped up to Caroline and Klaus and announced, "I am stealing your bride, Nik."

Klaus smiled uncontrollably, he could not help it, the moment someone called Caroline his wife or bride he automatically smiled.

Caroline smirked, "Should I be concerned that the moment someone whisks me away you smile." She stuck her bottom lip out in a pout, "Sick of me already, Niklaus?"

"Never, my love." Klaus curled his arm around Caroline's waist and pulled her closer, "I am just so unbelievably happy whenever someone refers to you as my wife that I just cannot help myself." He sensually brushed his lips against her ear, smirking at the shiver he felt from her, "I must smile."

Caroline turned her head to stare deeply into Klaus's gaze, his sweet words made her heart skip several beats, "You are the most wonderful husband a girl could ask for." She cupped his cheek and gave him a quick kiss before going to Rebekah.

Klaus stared after Caroline his heart pounding in his chest. Hearing the word 'husband' from Caroline's mouth gave him even more happiness than referring to her as his wife. He smiled at Caroline, of course what gave him the most joy was that Caroline was his, forever.

Rebekah wrapped her arms around Caroline and giggled happily, "You are my sister!"

Caroline smiled as she returned Rebekah's hug. How strange a moment like this would have been months ago, to feel so happy, close and sisterly toward her former enemy.

"Dance with me, my new sister." Rebekah took Caroline's hand and began spinning her around in circles.

Caroline laughed as she spun around and around, the skirt of her dress fanning out around her, the flowers sewn in her dress became multi coloured blurs as she span around. After a couple of minutes Caroline had to stop as she became increasingly more dizzy. She had to take a breath as her head was still spinning.

Rebekah placed her hands on Caroline's and intertwined them. Giggling she began skipping around in a circle, delighted as Caroline joined in the fun. Tightening her hands on Caroline's she leant back, her blonde hair flying around her wildly.

Caroline did the same as Rebekah and just let the wind toss her hair around. It felt almost like flying. A pang of sadness hit Caroline as she recalled that she could once fly though the woods at superspeed when she was a vampire. She had to stop thinking about her previous life as a vampire as she would never become a vampire again, or would she? There was still the immortality spell out there ready for Esther to perform it. Who knew when, or even if, Esther would ever cast it. Henrik's death had been the catalyst before and Caroline was determined that it wouldn't be again. She would happily spend the rest of her life as a human as long as Henrik survived.

After a long day of celebrating Klaus and Caroline finally retired to their room for the night, Caroline's room, while Ayana stayed with Esther to give the wedded couple some privacy on their first night as man and wife.

Caroline sat with Klaus on the edge of the bed, her pulse pounding in her ears. For some inexplicable reason she was nervous, she wasn't a virgin and yet she felt like one. She was eager to be joined with Klaus but yet she was scared. Of what she had no idea as she had already slept with him in the future.

Klaus reached out, and for the first time, touched the spot between Caroline's neck and collarbone,which had called out to him since he met her. His breath caught as he softly brushed his thumb against the soft skin, his mouth descending on its own to kiss along her shoulder.

Caroline moaned, tilting her head to the side to give Klaus better access, she closed her eyes in bliss at his gentle kisses. This was so different to how they'd first made love in the forest of Mystic Falls, then it had been bruising kisses, ripping off of clothes, and flesh against flesh as they joined together, destroying several trees in the process. Now, it was gentle kisses and trembling touches. Klaus was a virgin and she was about to become his first.

Klaus nipped his way across Caroline's shoulder, his hand trembling as he ran his fingers across her other shoulder to run across her back until he found the ribbons tying her dress. Taking a breath he began pulling them apart, his breath beginning to race as the fabric came looser. When they were untied he pulled back to look at Caroline, his eyes transfixed on hers as he placed his hands on her shoulders and slowly began lowering her dress.

Caroline's breath caught at the heat in Klaus's gaze as her body was revealed to him. The slow descent of her dress down her arms was the most sensual thing she had ever experienced. Every hair on her arms was standing on end, her nipples hardened, her pussy flooded with juices. She had never felt so turned on before and all Klaus had done was remove her dress.

When Klaus's hands reached Caroline's he slipped his fingers between hers and pulled her up to stand, her dress falling the rest of the way to pool at her ankles. His eyes feasted on her, taking in her delightful curves, luscious full breasts and tempting womanhood. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on. He placed his hand on her neck and began stroking his fingers down her chest, curving around her breasts to rub his thumbs against her nipples while he massaged her globes. He continued down until he reached her navel, he ghosted his fingers around her belly button before he took a hold of her hips. Daringly he nuzzled his nose against her belly, breathing in her sweet musk, digging his fingers into her hips as he had an overwhelming urge to taste her.

Caroline ran her hands through Klaus's hair as he kissed across her stomach. His touch was soft and gentle as he explored her. She gasped at the first touch on her pussy, Klaus stroked along her lips teasingly, his touch making her even wetter. She watched him through hooded eyes as his finger slipped between her folds and pushed inside of her. She groaned as he began to move his fingers within her, brushing against her spot on every pass.

Klaus watched his finger move in and out of Caroline's womanhood with fascination. He had never before seen a naked woman and had never touched anyone before. It amazed him to see Caroline react to his touch, her moans and groans made his body react, his length growing harder and longer as he watched her. Not wanting to resist any longer he removed his finger and replaced it with his mouth. He experimentally licked along her slit. Her taste exploded on his tongue, sweet and sour, like an apple picked off a tree before it was ripened. It was heavenly and he wanted more.

"Klaus!" Caroline gasped, her eyes fluttering with pleasure as Klaus pushed his tongue in deeper and began to move in and out of her. Caroline grasped his shoulders as her legs started to tremble, her walls fluttered as her orgasm built.

Klaus moaned with pleasure as he feasted on Caroline's sweet flesh. The way she clawed at his shoulders made his dick jump in his pants. He ached to be one with her, to feel her writhing beneath him as he made love to her.

Caroline threw her head back and released a long moan as she came. Her legs shook as her body twitched with the aftermath. Breathing heavily she looked down at Klaus and smiled as she saw his adoring eyes, stroking her hands through his hair she whispered, "Hey."

Klaus smiled up at Caroline, her cheeks were flushed pink and her eyes were sparkling. He nuzzled against her belly and placed small kisses across her stomach until he reached her hip where he placed little nips.

Caroline moaned at the sharp sting of Klaus's bites, the pain/pleasure making her pussy twitch with renewed desire. Holding his cheeks between her palms she stroked his cheeks gently, "Come here."

Klaus stood before Caroline and wrapped his arms around her waist, "What do you desire, my love?"

"You." Caroline replied, smiling at the term of endearment, it no longer affected her when she heard Niklaus say Klaus's phrases, he had to start saying them somewhere and she realised he was still Klaus, just nicer and friendlier. She had fallen in love with him in the future and had continued to do so in the past. He wasn't Klaus or Niklaus, he was just hers. Whatever the name and whatever the incarnation he would simply be hers. Her husband.

Klaus pulled Caroline flush against him and covered her lips with his. Moaning against her lips he caressed her back, swallowing her moans as he learned the contours of her body. Feeling her hands at his waist he breathed in sharply and pulled away, the mischievous smile on her face made his heart race.

"I want to see you." Caroline whispered as she began lifting his shirt over his head and threw it to the ground. Spreading her hands across his chest she smirked, "I want to feel you."

Klaus's breath hitched at feeling Caroline's hands on his chest. The way her fingers danced along his muscles made his heart race.

Caroline placed kisses across Klaus's chest as her hands reached his waistband and she pushed them over his hips to drop at his feet. Her fingers circled his navel a few times before going lower and curling her hand around his erect member. She stroked him firmly and slowly, watching his face as it contorted with unknown pleasure.

"Caroline." Klaus moaned into Caroline's neck, her touch sending him crazy with desire as she stroked his swollen cock, making it even harder than it was if that were possible.

Before Caroline knew it Klaus pushed her on the bed and covered her with his body. He held himself above her, his muscles rigid and his face strained. Opening her legs wider she felt him shudder as his cock nudged her wet folds, "Make love to me, Klaus."

Klaus settled between Caroline's thighs, taking a hold of his member he positioned himself at her entrance, looking deep into her eyes he whispered, his voice full of love, "I love you." And he pushed himself in, eyes shutting at the feel of her silken walls gripping him tight.

As Klaus pushed in further Caroline gripped his arms tight and gasped in pain, he had ripped through her barrier causing a sharp pain, I'm a virgin! Caroline was shocked, it seemed her venture into the past had not only robbed her of vampirism it had also reverted her back to her virgin body.

"Are you okay, my love?" Klaus asked worried, he didn't think that love making was supposed to hurt. Then he frowned, he recalled Mikael sitting down with himself, Elijah, Kol and Finn one day to tell them that on your wedding night, if your intended had never lain with another man she would experience some pain and there would be traces of blood on the sheets afterwards.

"I'm okay." Caroline reassured Klaus after recovering from the shock of being a virgin again, "Just go slow." As she had been through this before she knew that if her partner went slow the pain would go to be replaced by pleasure.

"I will." Klaus pulled back and slowly pushed back in, watching Caroline's face intently for anymore signs of pain.

Caroline breathed deeply as Klaus moved gently within her. As she predicted the discomfort soon passed and all she felt was the smooth glide of his penis inside her. Relaxing into the sheets she wrapped her legs around his waist and started guiding him inside her. She placed her hand on his neck and pulled his lips to hers. Moaning against his as their mouths met.

Klaus kissed Caroline back and began to thrust harder within her. He hung on to her thigh as he angled himself inside, smirking against her mouth as she gasped with pleasure, her fingers curling against his neck.

Caroline ran her fingernails down Klaus's back as he rocked with her. Moans and gasps escaping her mouth as he increased his pace. She thrust her hips against his as she felt her walls begin to spasm with her impending orgasm.

Klaus went faster still, his hips pounding against Caroline's as he felt her begin to twitch around his cock. He placed his arm under her back to cling to her shoulders as he slammed inside. His breathing quickened and sweat rolled down his back, his eyes never leaving Caroline's face as cries escaped her mouth. She was beautiful.

"Ah!" Caroline threw her head back, her pussy clenching around Klaus as she came, "Klaus!" She dug her fingernails into his back and rode out her orgasm as he began to thrust wildly.

Klaus groaned as his cock released his seed into Caroline's molten core. Her twitching channel milking every last drop from him until he collapsed in a breathless heap on top of her. That had been the most incredible experience he had ever had. Caroline was soft and beautiful underneath him, so responsive to his every move as he gained pleasure from her body, and he was so happy that she had reached her release too.

Caroline wrapped her arms around Klaus and held him close to her as she tried to steady her breathing. That had been different than her encounter in the woods with Klaus, not better or worse just different. This time she and Klaus had both been virgins, though for her it was only in body. It had been sweet, loving and absolutely magical. This time she knew for a fact that she loved Klaus whereas the first time her love was a deeply hidden secret.

Klaus kissed Caroline's shoulder before rolling off her. He pulled her back onto his chest, nuzzling his face into her hair as he stroked along her back, "I love you," he grinned, "my beautiful wife."

Caroline smiled into Klaus's chest, "And I love you," she raised her head to rest her chin on his chest, "my gorgeous husband."

Klaus brought his hand to Caroline's face and stroked her cheek, "I am so grateful for the day that you came into my life." He kissed the top of her head and snuggled against her.

Caroline laid her head back against Klaus's chest, tears in her eyes. She just hoped that there would never be a day when she went out of his life. Screwing her eyes shut she prayed, please please keep me with Klaus. I can't leave him! I love him. She repeated her pleas as she fell asleep.

Caroline had been a married woman for a week now. It was wonderful, during the day she did her chores and helped Ayana prepare the food. She and Klaus had to stay with Ayana as he secured new accommodation for them, she didn't mind though as Ayana gave them plenty of time on their own for alone time. Klaus would come home after a hard days work and kiss her passionately, every single day. He was a truly wonderful and attentive husband.

Henrik walked alongside Caroline, keeping his eyes alert to any hidden dangers. It was a full moon tonight and he didn't want to risk Caroline being caught in another fight with a wolf, "We must hurry to the caves, sister. I do not want you to experience any more pain because of the wolves."

Caroline smiled at Henrik, heartened at his concern for her, "The moon will not rise for hours, Hen." She took his hand and squeezed it, "We will be safe."

At that exact moment a howl was heard.

"Something is not right." Nera frowned, an icy chill running down her spine.

"You are right." Ara agreed, not tearing her gaze away from the image of Caroline and Henrik, "I sense something..."

"Dark?" Nera filled in the word, and Ara nodded in agreement, "I, too." She walked over to the alter and swirled the water. Closing her eyes she sorted through the images in her mind, "There is a cloud of darkness coloring my sight." She tilted her head as she concentrated harder.

"Can you see through the cloud?" Ara asked, even she herself could sense that something was coming.

"I'm not sure..." Nera looked harder and suddenly her hand stilled a gasp escaping her mouth, "No!" She ripped her hand out and turned to face Ara, "Dark magic. I sense that Dark magic is coming."

"Can we protect her?" Ara asked, concerned for Caroline.

Nera stared at the mirror, "It is too late." Seeing the clouds roll in she added, "The storm is coming."

Caroline stared into the distance with fear as she heard the distant howl. It was not a full moon yet, how could there be wolves already? Was there normal wolves in these woods? She had never seen any. The only wolf that could turn before a full moon was a Hybrid and they had not even been created yet. Klaus had the dormant werewolf gene and Esther hadn't made him a vampire yet.

Henrik clung onto Caroline's hand scared, "Was that a wolf?"

"It sounded like one." Caroline answered, scanning the surrounding area for any signs of a threat.

"How can that be?" Henrik glanced at the sky, frowning as clouds rolled in rapidly, "It is not dark yet. Though the clouds are rolling in."

Caroline looked above her and her skin crawled as she noticed the weather. The last time a storm had come out of nowhere was the day she was whisked away from the future. She held Henrik's hand tight and held him against her, "Stay with me, Hen.".

Henrik clutched Caroline's hand as they made their way through the woods. The howls following behind them. He whimpered, "I'm scared."

Caroline hugged Henrik to her, her breath coming out rapidly as she felt the eyes on her. She knew the wolves were there, she could feel them, a hint of threat in the air. Perhaps it was her leftover vampire instincts but she knew they were there to harm them. Her eyes moving rapidly she scanned frantically to find a way past.

A growl was heard just before the first wolf pounced.

"RUN!" Caroline screamed at Henrik as she sprinted away. Her hand firmly wrapped around his to keep him with her. Her heart pounded with fear as she ran through the woods.

Henrik tried to keep up with Caroline, her hand pulling him along as they ran. Suddenly he tripped over a branch and his hand slipped from hers, "Caroline!"

Caroline stopped the moment she felt Henrik's hand slip from hers and heard him call her name. As she turned around she saw the wolf standing above him, its teeth on show and its golden eyes glowing, no! I won't let Henrik be hurt. Acting on instinct she jumped on Henrik just as the wolf pounced. She cried out as its jaw locked around her forearm, tears of pain leaking out of her eyes.

"Caroline!" Henrik shrieked with fright, frantically bashing the wolf's nose until it released Caroline.

Caroline acted fast and kicked the beast in the face. Clutching her injured arm to her, she grasped Henrik's hand with her uninjured hand and began running.

The wind howled, mixing with the cries from the chasing wolves. A crack of thunder boomed from the sky and the heavens opened with big fat raindrops pouring from the clouds. Lightning flashed across the sky illuminating the surrounding area.

Caroline was soaked from head to toe, her wet hair getting in her eyes. The storm getting worse the closer they ran in its direction, but she didn't have any choice as the wolves were behind her. Up ahead she noticed the air was shifting on itself, almost looking like water with the way it was flowing. Slowing to a stop she eyed it warily, it looked magical and anything could happen with magic.

Henrik was mesmerised by the strange ripple in the air. It was calling to him. He allowed his hand to slip from Caroline's and began moving toward it.

Caroline noticed Henrik's absence just as the pack found them. Their golden gaze piercing through her and sending shivers down her back. When the wolves started stalking closer she span around only to see that Henrik was standing next to the shifting air which seemed to be growing bigger, "Henrik, no!" She threw her arms around Henrik to shield him.

Henrik watched wide eyed as the air ripple lengthened and widened. The leaves around them flew into the opening, the wind which was blowing them was now pulling them in.

Caroline screamed as she was assaulted by fire and ice, her skin was on fire while her insides felt like ice. She held Henrik as close to her body as she could, painfully tight as she didn't want to lose him. Then she felt nothing.

The ripple swallowed both Caroline and Henrik, the only items to remain was her wedding ring and Henrik's boots.

The wolves retreated and the storm dissipated.

Their job was done, Caroline had entered the portal.

"Ow!" Caroline moaned as she landed on the ground after falling out of the portal. The first thing she did was call for Henrik as she was holding him against her before everything went black, "Henrik! Hen, where are you?"

"I am here." Henrik answered, stumbling out of the darkness, his forehead bleeding from a cut he sustained in the fall.

When Caroline smelled Henrik's blood, the veins under her eyes rippled and her fangs came out of her gums as painfully as they did the first time. Groaning, she held her hand up to her mouth and turned away from him. Only one thought was running through her head.

I'm a vampire again...


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