Warnings: Body-Mod, M-Preg, MxM, Dub-con/Non-Con (the person doesn't say no, because he can't), Mind Control, Anal, Fingering, Oral

Mild Ginny bashing, Because I think the idea of a boy, who is told looks just like his dad, ending up with a girl, who looks just like his dead mom, is disturbing.

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Harry moved forward, glancing down occasionally at the oddly folded map in his delicate hands, the golden-rimmed glasses perched on the bridge of his nose flashing from time to time in the light he was carrying. He absentmindedly tucked a stray lock of hair that had escaped its long, confining braid back behind his ear as he looked around, using the enchantments on the glasses that he no longer used or needed as a vision corrector to confirm his location in the miles of underground tunnels that he had been transversing since early in the morning.

He had an idea he wanted to try out on this job after he read an article back in his quarters about how undermined the city of New York was, and in fact most of the developed world, with all of the various basements, subway tunnels, utility pipes, and sewage and water pipes and aqueducts. If he was correct with his theory, Gringott's had a possible security breech just waiting to happen in several locations around the world.

Of course, that was what they paid him for, after all.

After the war, Harry had started on the path in life that everyone expected him to. He had joined the Aurors with Ron after getting his eyesight fixed as well as gotten back together with Ginny, but not without a lot of unvoiced doubts nagging at him. Doubts that grew daily with every bit of training he did and all of the times that he just couldn't bring himself to be intimate with his girlfriend. It had come to a head when he had been assigned to a mentor and taken along on a few patrols and calls: those doubts became fully fledged realizations on that day.

He didn't want to spend the rest of his life learning offensive spells and hunting down evil-wannabes or abusive arseholes or raiding hardworking people that others had a grudge against for whatever reason and called in false information. He had had quite enough of dealing with that during the first seven years of his return to the wizarding world as Lord Voldemort and his merry minions kept popping up during his schooling, and that completely left out the fact that the last dark Lord had come after him personally when he was only an infant, leaving him orphaned and left to the care of people who shouldn't have been allowed to care for a gerbil, let alone a child. Decision made, Harry quit the Aurors at the end of that very day, not waiting to even clear out his locker before he headed straight home to where his other bit of doubt about his life's path was probably waiting for him after her hard Quidditch practice.

He and Ginny had quickly gotten back together when the aftermath of the last battle at Hogwarts had started to settle, but the spark that had been there before when they dated, just didn't return. Harry supposed he liked her well enough: she was pretty, smart, athletic, and he loved her family and got along great with them. But, and there was a big but, he tended to think of her as more of a sister, and a little one at that. He had also noticed himself checking out some of the guys he was working alongside of and enoying the view. Those two bits of thinking lingering in the back of his mind were probably why they had never done more then snog with a bit of heavy petting. It just didn't feel right to do more. Just, every once and a while, he would feel a frission of something burst within him when he looked at her and it was just like when they dated in Hogwarts all over again.

Harry decided as he quietly entered Grimmauld Place, which he had had completely gutted and renovated using some of the Black fortune he had inherited from Sirius, that what he needed to do was have a quiet weekend where he really thought about what he wanted in life and just who he wanted to share it with. Giving his head a decisive nod at the idea, he slid off his shoes and hung his cloak up on its hook before he moved towards the kitchen. On the way, he irritatedly brushed his bangs out of the way. Perhaps now that he was no longer in law enforcement, he could try out the suggestion that Bill gave him to grow out his hair and see if it was any more managable with some weight to it.

He also decided on the short walk down the hallway that he would make up some tea and when Ginny finally arrived after practice, since it seemed that she wasn't here yet as her shoes and cloak weren't in the entry way, he would sit her down and tell her that he needed some time to himself this weekend. He wouldn't even have to worry about Kreacher interfering as Harry had the elf out and about surveying the other properties he now owned to see what repairs needed to be done as well as buying other elves, or hiring them if that was what they wished, to tend to the properties.

Entering the new, well lit kitchen with all of its updated appliances always brought a smile to his face and today was no different, even when he noted that it seemed Ginny had already arrived and simply carried straight on through to the kitchen, where she had finally removed her cloak and left it draped over the table. Not all that bothered about it, Harry moved over to the stove, but saw that Ginny must have had the same about the tea as the kettle was already on and heating up, and a pair of mugs, including his favorite one that he always used, was sitting out on the counter with the tags hanging over the side, indicating a tea bag was already sitting in them.

Harry made a face at the sight. He knew he wasn't normally the one home first, and so hadn't been making the tea the majority of the time and so had no real right to complain, but he was here now and he was going to have a proper pot. Harry reached out and snagged the two tags, lifting the bags out of the mugs so he could set them on the counter, before finding the boxes and putting the bags back away for the next time Ginny made tea, or the times he was just in a hurry for a cuppa. As the bags lifted free of the mugs and began to spin together, Harry's attention was caught by the bright pink color of his tea bag.

That wasn't good.

Harry's thoughts flashed to the chapter in the training handbooks that dealt with love potions and listed a few tricks to identify some of the more common home-made ones. Such as the fact that home-brewed love potions tended to turn whatever held them a bright, lurid pink unlike the professionally brewed ones as the more expensive ingredients of the higher end potions were normally out of reach of the more casual brewer. Amortentia was the exception as it was easily brewable by an experienced home-brewer, but it was also the only one whose use would get the one caught administering it a quick trip to Azkaban as it caused obsession, rather than intensifying existing feelings or lasting for only a short while before wearing off on its own.

Harry was still standing there, shocked into speechlessness and inaction as he stared at the damning evidence dangling from his hand of just why he was with Ginny and wondering for just how long she had been dosing him, when the door up from the basement, with its potion room, swung open. Turning towards his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend, Harry wordlessly held up the bright pink tea bag before him and watched as all color leeched from the normally vibrant face at the sight. Harry watched as she wet her lips and changed her features into what she probably thought was sweet and alluring before opening her mouth.

"Harry, I can explain," she began, moving to stand before him and gently placing one of her hands on his outstretched one, smiling down at him from her superior height. Damn the Dursley's for that and the lack of proper nutrients from the non-existant food he was given in their care.

"Really? So can I." Harry found his voice, though it was rougher than normal. "I seems to me that the girl I thought I was in love with has, in actuality, been drugging me into feeling that way, and for who knows how long."

Things went downhill fast from that point and Harry ending up summoning the very Auror department that he had just quit working for to come and arrest his ex-girlfriend and to see to it that all of her belongings were removed from his house. Once that was done, and all of the frenzy had finally died down, Harry trudged upstairs and collasped facedown on his bed, quickly falling into sleep after such a tumultuous day.

He awoke early the next morning and, after a quick but thorough shower where he thought about what he had to do that day, decided that a trip to Gringott's was high on the list. Harry would have liked it to be a quick trip, but after finding out that Ginny had been dosing him with a love potion, he knew it would take longer as he had allowed her some access to his Potter accounts. He would now have to see just what damage had been done and if he would be able to reclaim any of what she may have spent. Fortunately, he had only allowed her to take some of the numerous galleons and had not given her the unlimited access to his vaults that she had expressed a wish for under the guise of decorating Grimmauld.

Heaving a deep sigh, Harry polished off the small breakfast he had whipped up for himself and used the floo to take himself to the bank. It had taken a lot of courage on his part to go there the first time he needed to after the war. After all, he and Hermoine did successfully break into one of their vaults and leave with the stolen item. But he had only been pulled aside by the bank's Chief of Security and grilled on how it was accomplised and what means could be taken to prevent it from happening again.

It turns out that if a person breaks into Gringott's and gets caught, he or she or it is completely fair game for anything and everything the goblins can think up. However, if the thief can successfully make off with the object stolen, Gringott's will, after tracking them down, quietly offer that being a place on the security team after ensuring that the masses think the burglar was messily dealt with. Harry thought it was a slightly odd policy, but, at the same time, he could also see how it could work. The goblins had been very happy to offer him a job at the time and he was sorry to have had to decline it, but he had already committed to Auror training at that point.

As Harry stumbled out of the floo, thankfully not falling flat on his face before the watching guards, he thought that he just might have to see if the job offer was still open. He also wanted to recommend random potion screening be done to all account holders, especially before another person was added to the account.

Scanning the room briefly as he spelled off the soot he always acquired, he then strode through the arch that led to the hallway that housed all of the families important or wealthy enough to be given their own full-time manager. It was only a matter of moments before he was seated comfortably before the desk of Snipeshot, manager of the combined Potter and Black accounts, spilling the tale of what had occured the night before and, at the end, querying whether the job offer was still available.

Which is how Harry found himself traipsing through lost and abandoned tunnels, and a few not so empty that were dealt with via Notice-me-not charms and Confundus, to check on the New York branch of the bank's security. Looking down at his map again, Harry scowled, his full, pink lips pursed tightly and spots of color appearing on his high-cheek bones as his frustation built. He knew that there was an old subway station around here somewhere, and, in fact, it should be right in front of him, but he just wasn't finding it. It was like the tunnels were leading him around in circles and even the enchantments on his lenses weren't helping.

Sighing and massaging his forehead with one hand, Harry fumbled the map into the pouch on his hip with the other, immediately following it with his enchanted glasses, before pulling out his packed lunch. Sliding down the wall behind him, Harry set about demolishing the meal the Gringott's house elves had provided for him when he requested something before he had set out for the day from the employee quarters. He was almost finished with his repast when he accidentally bumped into his thermos full of tea and sent the closed vessel spinning and rolling across the tunnel floor and out of sight through the wall before him.

Puzzled about that, as his glasses didn't reveal any wards, charms, or hexes that would have hidden a doorway there and he hadn't felt any magic from the area, Harry clambored back onto his feet, put away the remnants of his meal, and took the few steps needed to place him at the spot where his tea thermos vanished. He cautiously reached out a hand, ready to pull it back at a moment's notice if he felt anything bad or odd or just plain off. While most wizards would use their wand for such, Harry had found that his skin was far more sensitive to magic and that he could instinctively know things just by lightly touching or brushing up against strange magic. He chalked it up to having died and come back and studiously avoided being left alone with Hermoine, who now worked as an Unspeakable and was highly curious about the phenomenom.

As he cautiously brushed his hand over the spot on the wall that a doorway should have existed, he finally recieved a hit to his magic senses and the information he was receiving back was that of secrecy, control, revenge, anger. Harry pulled back sharply and shook his hand out as though trying to shake off the negative emotions, before carefully sliding his hand back onto the hidden doorway, hoping to find out more about the magic. Just as his hand came into contact with the camouflaged opening once again, he was seized around the wrist and pulled through.

Loki came out of his memories, or was it a reminder sent to him, with a jolt when he heard an odd metallic rolling noise from behind him. Spinning around on his seat, Loki saw a metal canister rolling to a stop before his attention was drawn to the doorway that he had hidden with his illusions to all of those not under his power. Just now moving into place before the opening was a petite male with the same coloration as himself: pale skin, ebony hair, green eyes.

Though that did not do the young man justice, Loki thought as he stood up and moved to stand directly before the unseeing male who had a hand outstretched as though feeling the door that wasn't there. Looking down at a man smaller than him, which took a bit of getting used to after growing up on Asgard, Loki couldn't help but be entranced by the long, midnight tresses pulled back in some kind of braid, the delicate, fine-boned features and graceful hands, the full, pink-petal lips that just begged to be kissed, and the bright, almost glowing, emerald hued eyes that Loki found himself wishing to see blown wide open and hazy with desire and lust burning in their depths as they gazed up at him.

As the other male once again reached out the small hand he had so quickly snatched back just a few seconds previously, Loki made a decision. Every king needed his queen, his consort, the one to give him heirs. He would take this delectable morsal as his own, for there was just something about him. And so Loki reached through the barrier and snatched the other male by his thin wrist. Loki wasted no time in pulling the other into the room and placing the staff point at the male's chest.

But that was where the male proved he was more than just a rare beauty. He fought back against the mind controlling properties the staff used, leaving his eyes a swirling mass of poisoness green and glowing, electric blue. Loki wasn't about to allow his prize to escape his full control and so conjured a platinum collar, knowing that the metal would work well for what he intended, and pushed a bit of the Tesseract's power directly into the metal before clasping the now slightly glowing collar around the slim throat. The male gave one last harsh gasp and a full body shudder as he threw his head back and to the side, but then his breathing even out and he knelt on the floor at Loki's feet, his gaze cast to the floor at Loki's feet.

"Look at me, my pet," Loki whispered as he reached a hand down and placed a finger under the other's pointed chin.

He was rewarded with a sight of electric blue eyes that held no spark of anything other than desire: a desire that Loki was beginning to burn with as well. Wasting no more time, Loki gestured sharply for the lithe, petite male to follow after him and spun around, leading the way to an unused room that had been to small to be of any use before now.

Now however, Loki was going to ensure that the room was well used indeed.

Using his powers, Loki quickly transfigured the bare room with its fading paint and chipped tiles into a palatial bedroom worthy of a King. The walls were painted black and massive swaths of silk fabric in his favorite shade of bright green, were draped from the center point above the bed over to the walls where it cascaded down, breaking up all of the black, and puddled uselessly on the floor. Deep pile rugs, each worth a small fortune, were piled carelessly underfoot with mounds of silk pillows in all of the colors of the rainbow and stuffed with either goose down or cotton strewn here and there about the room. Light was provided by laterns that hung between the swaths of poisoness green silk and not only released light, but also a gentle, sweet aroma that was a reknowned aphrodisiac back on Asgard.

It was clear though that the bed held pride of place in the room, just from its size and location. The bed filled the room to the point that there was very little space to walk around it and it was high enough that a set of steps would be needed to gracefully and easily get onto it. It had black silk sheets with a black silk comforter that was heavily embroidered with bits of bullion, silk threads, and tiny flecks of gems. There was a headboard that was intricately carved and had numerous silk scarves tied to it.

Loki smirked and gracefully strode over to his new bed, where he turned and gracefully hopped up onto the silken covers. He gave his new consort, who was standing in the doorway and waiting patiently, a thorough once over before giving his first instruction.

"Strip," Loki carelessly demanded. "But do so slowly as you make your way to me. And tell me your name, as I can't be referring to you as you for the rest of my reign."

"My name is Harry Potter, my Lord," the male replied in a light tenor, his hands already busy at work as they removed a pouch that he was wearing on his hip.

That pouch was quickly followed by the rest of the other's clothing as he slowly glided forward, letting each piece fall discarded to the ground and revealing bare skin for Loki's pleasure until the petite male was standing before Loki wearing nothing but an intense look of desire, his collar, and sporting an engorged cock. Loki melted away his own clothes with hardly a thought, leaving him just as bare and desirous as his consort.

Loki parted his legs and leaned back slightly, letting his cock be on full view as it rose up from its dark, curly nest: ridgid and swollen and beginning to ache just slightly.

"Suck me."

Harry immediately bent over and took the velvet covered steel into his mouth, suckling lightly on the bulbous head and tonguing the slit, moaning at the taste of pre-ejaculate on his taste buds.

Loki let out his own groan as he watched those petal-pink lips open up and wrap around his needy manhood. His head fell back and his lids lowered as Harry moaned around him, the vibrations triggering more pleasure. Loki reached out and grabbed the back of Harry's head with one hand using the other to prop himself upright. Fisting the braid tightly in his hand, Loki began to thrust up into the hot, moist cavern, forcing a bit more of his length inside every time he did so until he could feel those lips pressed against his curls and Harry's throat swallowing hard around him as his tip jammed into the back of Harry's throat.

Loki sped up after that, thrusting for all he was worth through those beautiful lips, ignoring, and not caring, about the way Harry drooled and gasped for air around his length until, with one final thrust and a hand fisted tightly into the mangled, ebony braid to hold Harry there, Loki came with a shout, spraying his seed down the convulsively swallowing throat.

Releasing the fistful he had of Harry's hair, Loki then used the arm to wrap around the slim body and pull it to him. Loki swooped forward and attacked Harry's mouth with his own, savagely biting at those soft lips and thrusting his tongue inside in a crude imitation of what he had just done with another part of his body. Pulling back, Loki was pleased to see that his consort was left breathless and dazed. He lifted the smaller male onto the bed beside him, savoring the sight of the flushed, sweaty skin and the way that the gasping breaths drew attention to the rosy nubbins set on a boyishly slim and slightly haired, yet attractively muscled, chest.

"Lay back," Loki commanded.

Once Harry had reclined fully, he placed his hands on the lower abdomin, savoring the soft skin and firm muscles, and enjoying the way Harry's purplish-red cock bounced up to brush against his hands with every breath Harry took. Loki centered himself, then focused on his magic and pulled on it, sending it out to his hands, getting an odd feedback from the one he was touching. Loki shook it off, resolved to find out more in a moment as this needed to be done. Concentrating firmly on what he was doing, Loki began to gently push the magic into the one beneath his hands and used it to change what was already there, creating a womb in which to implant his seed and ensuring that the male would be able to nourish the fruit of Loki's loins at his breast. Once Loki was done making the womb, he pushed just a tiny bit more of his magic into it, ensuring that Harry was ripe and ready to be immediately bred by his Lord and King and God.

Loki smirked down at his prize, trailing a finger lazily over the sweat-slick, soft skin, gently caressing the scars that dotted his chosen and using his magic to erase their existence from his consort's hide, leaving behind perfect, blemish free skin. Every bit of magic he used on the man getting on odd echo or pulse of some sort back in return. He took his time when he reached the chest, taking the opportunity to pinch lightly on the dusky nubs where they sat surrounded by a light haze of dark hair; even bending over to suckle on the nearest one, getting whimpers and pleas for more as the lithe male twisted and writhed around.

Loki had even had to stop the little male from reaching down to stroke his needy length as it twitched and drooled pre-cum onto the toned stomach. This had been easily taken care of by Loki simply reaching up and pining the fine-boned wrists with one of his hands to the bed; the hand that wasn't busy exploring the flushed body under him at any rate. His exploring hand meanwhile reached the lips that were slightly parted as the man gasped for air under his ministrations. Placing his thumb almost between the lips, Loki cradled the delicate face with the rest of that hand, turning it to ensure that the male was making eye contact with him.

"My consort. Do you know why my magic has been getting an odd echo from you?" Loki queried, staring intently into the glowing blue eyes of his chosen. He might be wrong, although he was fairly certain that he was not, but his little one might be one of the rare Midgardian magic users that he had occasionally sensed around him but had been unable to track down, not really having had much time to spare from his plan.

"I can not say for certain, my Lord, but, if pressed, I would suspect it has something to do with me being a wizard."

Loki was so overjoyed at the answer that he threw his head back and burst out in laughter, filling the room with the bright, raucus noise. His little consort was even more perfect than he had thought. He would breed the male and beget an heir upon him that would be a magical god.

'No,' Loki thought with an odd gleam in his eyes as they flashed bright blue for just a second, 'I shall breed an army of magical godling heirs upon his body. But first I must ensure that this little male will be either at my side or warming my bed for a very long time.'

Loki reached deep within himself and pulled at his magic, nay, at his very self, until he teased forth a mere fragment of who and what he was and sent it shooting into the body of his consort, forever linking the smaller male to him and his life force, thus making the Midgarian a part Asgardian forever more.

His eyes gleaming with excitement, Loki slid off of the bed while still keeping his hand in place to pin Harry down. Moving around, Loki ended up standing between Harry's parted legs, looming over the gasping and arching figure. Grasping one of the legs as it hung off of the bed, Loki moved the limb until it was around his waist and Harry was using it to try and pull Loki closer. Feeling the hair on the leg rasp against his skin, and not liking the sensation, Loki flexed his magic once again and the man was left completely hairless except for his eye lashes, eye brows, and the wonderfully silky length of darkest black on top of his head.

Feeling the silky smooth skin now gliding against him, Loki was very pleased with himself and conjured some lubrication to his fingers, determined to wait no longer to claim the eager body below him. Reaching out a slick finger, Loki rubbed at the dark-blush colored rosette, teasing the skin surrounding the opening before gently pressing his finger inside the tight heat. And tight it was. Loki gasped in lust at the mere thought that his consort was untried with another male. Breathless as he thought that over, Loki continued to stretch the male around his finger, while giving voice to his query.

"Have you ever lain with another male?"

"Never, my Lord," Harry replied, his voice a breathless tenor. "I am untried by either male or female."

"By the All-Father," Loki breathed out as he gently added another finger into the male and began to scissor them, slowly stretching out the guardian muscles to accept something much larger. "A true virgin! You are a worthy consort to my greatness."

It took a bit of time, but Loki was able to finally slip four of his fingers freely into that welcoming heat, only getting an occasional gasp of pain that Loki immediately soothed away and turned into whimpers and mewls of lust and desire by bending down and lightly suckling at the proud cock begging for attention or using his fingers to pound away at Harry's prostate. Loki finally deemed the male ready and withdrew his fingers, getting a desperate "NO!" from his bed partner as the male bucked downwards, chasing after the withdrawing digits.

Laughing slightly under his breath, Loki gave a quick stroke to his erection, ensuring that it was well oiled. He stepped forward just a bit, just until his cock was level with the hole as it fluttered open at the edge of the tall bed. Taking his erection in hand, Loki pressed against the stretched muscles until he felt a slight give. Moving his hand out of the way, Loki slowly flexed his hips, driving his needy length deeper into the hot, vise-tight depths of his consort.

Looking down, Loki was mesmerized by the sight of his cock slowly disappearing into the male's, Harry's, body. A pained whimper drew his eyes away from the mesmerizing sight and focused them upwards where he saw Harry's blue eyes leaking tears that slid down his temple and into his ebony hair, where they glistened like fine gems.

"Shh, Harry. Do not fash yourself unduly. All first times are unpleasant for one untried. The pain will melt away into astounding pleasure, that I promise you," Loki murmured as his eyes returned to watching the last of his cock slide home.

It was almost all Loki could do to not immediately pull out and thrust right back inside of the amazing sheathe. Instead he waited for his consort to signal his readiness, which he did after a few moments by cautiously wiggling his hips. Loki wasted no more time after that and quickly began a punishing tempo, seeking the relief which only Harry would be able to give him. As he thrust back into Harry's heated depths, Loki changed his angle of attack until he heard a sharp inhale of air and Harry's cries for more.

Hearing that Loki relentlessly assualted that area, knowing that he had found the male's prostate with that last thrust. Having Harry under him, begging for more as the male clasped his anterior muscles around Loki's length was almost more than he could handle and Loki could sense that his end was already drawing near, and that was after Harry had already sucked him off once.

Loki gave a grunt on the next thrust, freeing the delicate hands he had kept pinned down as he did so that he was able to grab the male by the hips with both hands. He then began to pull Harry in time with his thrusts, determined that the male would come only by his cock in his arse, knowing that it would more tightly seal the bond between them that made Harry his consort and breeder, forever placing the male as the lesser one of the bonded set. Feeling his balls drawing tightly up, and a familiar clenching of his lower stomach muscles, Loki sped up as he bent over the slim, writhing body. Licking lightly at the sweat beading on the elegant neck above the collar, Loki suddenly bit down.

That was enough. That bit of pain was all that was needed to cause Harry to wail as his seed sprayed out uselessly over his currently flat stomach, some seed even reaching his chest and nipples from the force at which it sprayed out. Loki clenched his teeth at the sensation of already tight muscles clamping down harder on his length, but was able to push through the clenching and tightening for a further handfull of times before he came with his own shout, bathing the welcoming sheath milking him with the gift of his seed.

Loki breathed harshly as he came down from his post-orgasm haze, basking in the glow and relaxation that only came after a vigorous session of love making. As he was pulling out of his consort's lax body, the door to the bed chamber was abruptly opened by Barton. Turning around, completely un-phased by the interruption and his nudity, Loki raised an eyebrow at his minion.

"I know my next target. I need an eyeball and a distraction."

Loki nodded sharply, his clothing and armor forming out of nothing to once again encase his body. Reaching back, Loki pulled Harry off the bed to stand beside him, ignoring the mess that the other male was with cum covering his chest and stomach and Loki's own seed leaking slowly out of the used entrance. An elegant wave of his hand had the slight consort cleaned and dressed in emerald-green colored, shear harem pants with only a heavy platinum belt that had mutliple jewels embedded in it, low slung on his narrow hips to provide a measure of modesty as the fabric billowed and hinted at the prize hidden between his legs. Loki kept his consort bare chested, but added slave bands that matched the collar and belt to his upper arms and belled anklets that would tinkle melodically whenever Harry moved his slim, dainty feet that were now enclosed in emerald silk slippers. He had the ebony mass of hair spilling down Harry's back with several bells and gems braided into the strands. The last thing that Loki's magic had done was to conjure a veil that matched the pants and covered the lower half of Harry's face; heavy coins and jewels at the bottom edge would prevent it from flying up and exposing the beauty that was his consort.

Loki strode forward, Barton and Harry following in his wake. Reaching the main room and Dr. Selvig, Loki pulled Harry to his side, enjoying the faint tinkling-chiming noise as he did so.

"Take Harry with you on your way to the tower, Doctor. He is to be there and waiting for me when I arrive."

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