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Warnings: Abusive relationship, attempted non-con, Blaine as the bad-guy



Blaine was given a restraining order, which he ignored. Subsequently, he was sent to a specialized school for kids and teenagers with mental disorders. His parents relocated the family to make the chance of Blaine having a fallback less likely.


About a month into their relationship, Kurt told Sebastian than he was ready to take that final step. Sebastian got rid of his parents for the night and Kurt came over.


When he stepped into Sebastian's room, he started laughing and stepped very carefully to avoid all the potted lavender plants. Arriving at the bed, he kissed his boyfriend before saying, "You're a dork, you know?"

"A dork, huh?" Sebastian asked as he slowly unbuttoned Kurt's shirt.

"Yeah, a dork… but I love you anyway. Thank you."

"I told you I'd improvise."

"That you did."

"More kissing and less talking, please." Sebastian insisted.

Kurt had very few issues with following that order.


As Kurt woke up the next morning, feeling pleasantly sore, he couldn't help but smile. He didn't know if he and Sebastian would last forever but, in the meantime, he'd enjoy it for everything it was worth.

What mattered most to Kurt was that he was loved and cherished for being himself. Both he and Sebastian were still free – despite being together. And that was a wonderful feeling. He just wished that he hadn't been blind to the truth for so long, because freedom was wonderful.