(*.*) At Mortada Boarding School (*.*)

The guys threw punches everywhere from one of the Michel's to another one. The basically trespassed threw the Mortada's ground and started trashing their school. The Mortada's decided to deal with it the only way they knew how, with violence.

Basically the leader of the school was Jace Wayland. He had blonde hair with a well-built body, tan skin, amber eyes, full lips, and the sense of style of a football player… which wasn't a surprise since he was the captain of the football team and one of the best players for soccer and baseball.

His second in charge was Jonathon Morgenstern. He had blonde-ish, white-ish hair with pale skin, a body builder body, and eyes so dark you could call them black. He was on the soccer team with Jace and did swimming too.

Then there was Jordan Kyle, he was on the basketball team with dark tan skin, brown eyes, a six pack, brown hair, and could stand heat up to 80 degrees and wont sweat.

There was also Simon Lewis, he wore glasses and was smart and read comic books but he was also the captain of the soccer team since he could come up with the best playing strategies. He has pale skin, brown eyes, black-ish, brown-ish, curly hair, not the best figure but was very fast, he was so fast that he was on the track team.

Then comes Sebastian Verlac, he was very light on his feet and fast so he was the captain of the track team, he has an olive skin-tone with strong muscles, black straight hair, and a good kick to help him on the soccer team. He also had hazel eyes with gold specks in them.

Then there is Alec Woodwind, he has been Jace's and Jonathan's best friend since kindergarten. He has tan skin, black hair, and blue eyes to die for; he had strong arms for the baseball team which he so happened to be the captain of. (In this story Alec is straight and so is Magnus so sorry to all you Malec fans out there and I didn't want Alec and Isabelle to be related so I just put Woodwind)

There also was Max Fairchild who was pretty tall for his age since he was a couple months younger than most of the guys and he was still just as tall as them. He is the captain of the swimming team for his strong arms and legs that pushed him really fast. He has tan skin and blue/green eyes and brown/blonde hair.

Then came William/Will Herondale, he had a really good fitting body with pale/tan-ish skin, dark brown hair, he was also on the basketball team because of his easy tricking skills and fast movements. He had blue eyes and was also on track.

Next is James/Jem Carstairs who has been Will's best friend since middle school. He has light brown eyes, tan skin, gray-ish hair and was also on the baseball team thanks to his wicked fast reflexes for catching and pitching.

And lastly there is the sparkle king Magnus Bane, he had dark tan skin and was obsessed with sparkles. He had a well-built body with green/yellow eyes and was on the basketball team. He loved basketball but hated it to because before every game he would have to wash out all his glitter from his body so it wouldn't spill on the floor and cause people to trip, including his team.

So those eight pretty much were their leaders since they were the most powerful ones. But even they couldn't take down an army of people from another school that's why they can always count on the other 82 students from the school to have their backs.

Anyways….. So they were in the middle of a fight against Saint Michel because of the stupid delinquents that decided to cross their path next. Honestly sometimes it was sad because the Mortada's were sure that they knew what they were getting themselves into but they immediately snapped out of it when they saw the other school's eased and confidential faces. They actually thought they could win….. Ya right.

After all of the Michel students fled the school they all went back to their classrooms and started cheering and chanting the entire way "WHO'S THE BEST" and then everyone else would cheer "MORTADA!" then they all would chant "Mor-ta-da! Mor-ta-da! Mor-ta-da!" over and over again that for a normal person it would have driven them mad.

When they got into the classroom the principle came onto the announcements and said "All students meat in the auditorium right now for a special announcement from the School Board"

The teacher pointed to the door and told the students to go to the auditorium and wait for the announcement because apparently to him, the so called special announcement was not worth his time because he already knew.

Everyone got up and walked to the auditorium.

(*.*) Meanwhile at Infernela Boarding School (*.*)

After Clary finished her dance with her best friends on the stage all 32 students got to their feet and clapped like crazy, not including Clary and her eight friends on stage still in there finishing pose waiting for the curtains to close.

Clarissa/Clary Fray was practically the leader of the school with her eight friends by her side. She had fiery, curly, red hair, bright green eyes, a heart shaped face, tan-ish skin, full pink lips, shorter than most people, a great sense of style… literally she could wear almost anything and make it look good whether it was from snickers to flats to heels to boots or tank top to t-shirt to top to dress it did not matter she loved everything. Her friends told her that she could literally do anything which was true but not to Clary she didn't like being called perfect because she knew there was no such thing as perfect. She was a fast learner and loved everything from pets to sports to fashion. She got into the school for… well… Everything.

Isabelle Lightwood was her best friend and second in command. She had long, straight, black hair, blue eyes to die for; pale skin, a tall figure, a great sense of style like Clary, and a round face with red lips which was only that way from her constantly putting red lipstick on. Isabelle also liked being called Iz or Izzy and got into the school for dancing and talent on the guitar and drums.

Tessa Gray was also part of their group and got into the school for singing and dancing. She had long, wavy, brown hair, pink puffy lips, a classy since of style, a normal size, pale skin, and was a great nail artist.

Next is Jessamine/Jesse Lovelace, she got in for her instrumental talent but also loved to dance but needed extra practice to get it perfect. She has small lips, is a little short, blonde curly hair, hazel eyes, and has an olive skin tone.

Then is Aline and Kaelie Penhallow, they are sisters of course but only look alike according to their dark brown eyes and their bone structure. Other than that Aline had really dark, straight, brown hair and Kaelie had blonde, straight hair. But Aline was tan and Kaelie was olive tan. There since of style was comfortably sheik with a little sass. They got in for dancing and acting.

Then comes Maia Garraway, she got in the school for drama, theater, and acting. She has brown wavy hair with brown/green eyes, a heart shaped face, tanned skin, pale pink lips, and a sporty fashion sense.

Maureen Blackthorn is also a part of their posy and got in for singing and drama. She has yellow/blonde hair, green/blue eyes, pink lips, tan/olive skin, and a classy cute sense of style.

And lastly is Camille Belcourt, she got in for acting, dancing, and theater. She has brown curly hair with pale skin and is tall but not as tall as Isabelle. She has blue eyes, pale skin, and rosy full lips. Her sense of style is fancy with some sass.

Secretly all these girls have a really crazy thing in common. Isabelle and Camille are vampires; Jessamine and Maureen are lagoons which means they can breathe underwater and swim really fast; Kaelie and Aline are fairies (the regular ones with wings not the ones from the book); Maia and Tessa are werewolves; and Clary has a special power when every week she turns into something different like one week she is a vampire the next she is a lagoon and the next she is a mermaid ( When she is a mermaid the only way to turn into a mermaid is when you touch water).

They all got off the stage and sat down in the front row. The principal then came out and said "We have a special announcement from the School Board so listen up please"

She then handed the microphone to the School Board directory and he said "Hello everyone" he said and everyone mumbled a hello back as he continued "I am here to inform you that…."

(*.*) Mortada Jace's POV (*.*)

Everyone was in the auditorium and the principal said into the microphone "Hello everybody" everyone mumbled back a hey or hi as he continued and said "Today we have an announcement from the school board so listen closely he will not repeat himself"

He handed the microphone to the other dud on the stage which must have been the School District person or whatever. "Hi everyone I am just going to get right to the point and tell you that this school will be joining with….."

(*.*) Infernela Clary's POV (*.*)

"I am here to inform you that….."

"….this school will be joining with….."

(*.*) Mortada Jace's POV (*.*)

"Infernela Boarding School"

(*.*) Infernela Clary's POV (*.*)

"Mortada Boarding School"

Everyone gasped. Mortada High was a school full of annoying delinquents why would we have to go to their school. I raised my hand and the principal told everyone to settle down then called on me.

"Will we still be sleeping in our dorms here?" I asked

"Yes you will because Mortada is only 3 or 4 blocks away so you can easily travel back and forth. You will still have your dorms hear to sleep in" Everyone let out a relieved sigh.

"You will start going there on Monday, you may now go enjoy the rest of your day and have a wonderful weekend" The principal added.

Everyone exited the auditorium and went to their dorms. I was really happy because at least the girls and I could talk to each other since our rooms were right next to each other.

The first door was Aline and Kaelie; then was Camille, Tessa, and Maureen; next was Isabelle and me; and last was Jessamine and Maia.

We got to our doors and said 'goodnight' to each other then opened our doors and slammed them shut.

(*.*) Mortada Jace's POV (*.*)

Everyone let out a gasp. Infernela was a school for gifted and talented girls why would they come here the last thing we need is a whole bunch of girls singing and dancing in the hallway. I raised my hand and the principal called on me. After he told everyone else to settle down.

"They won't be sleeping here will they?" I asked.

"No they will have their classes here then walk back to their school for sleeping or whatever because the school is only about 4 blocks away" He said.

Everyone started to mummer again and then the principal said "They will start here on Monday behave" I smirked at that and I am pretty sure so did everyone else.

"You may all now go back to your dorms" he said then everyone got up and walked to their dorms. My dorm and the guy's dorms were right next to each other.

First was Sebastian and Simon, then Will and Jem, next was mine and Jonathon's, then Alec and Magnus, and last is Jordan and Max.

We all walked into our dorms with a quick 'night' then we all went into out dorms and fell asleep.