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(*.*) September 24 Monday (*.*)

(*.*) Infernela Clary's POV (*.*)

I am so excited for all the guys to meat Ty, he promised that he would stay out of sight until today so he just stayed in Idris the whole weekend. They will never dare to bother me again after they see how strong Ty is, did I mention he was half werewolf. We had canceled Rapids because the guys had to do sport practices on Sunday.

I am a healing faerie this week so that pretty much sums it up. My powers are good for healing in battle and I can make elixirs to make me or someone else stronger, faster, smarter, or wiser.

I was dressed in a white long sleeved dress with blue and gold flowers on it and purple leaves that went to my mid-thigh, and brown boots with five inch heels that went below my knee. I then put on black mascara, off the corner black eyeliner, red lipstick that made my eyes pop, and black eye shadow.

Honestly, I looked hot. And all of the girls agreed with me too. Yet I couldn't help but feel I forgot something, but I just let it slide until later.

When the girls and I got to Mortada we found Ty by the gate. "Hey sis" he greeted while putting an arm around me. "Hey" I greeted back. He kissed the top of my head as we walked into the school building.

I saw all of the guys approach us; some of their faces seemed to harden when they saw Ty. I smirked at the thought of them getting jealous of a complete stranger. Before we came in I had told them not to tell the guys that we're "brother and sister" just yet; not until they get a little jealous.

"Hey girls, umm, who's this?" Seb asked with a raised eyebrow while pointing to Tyler. I smiled and said "This is Tyler" Ty waved and said "I prefer Ty"

"And are you two….?" Jace trailed off and I put a confused look on my face and said "Are we what?" He shook his head and mumbled a "Nothing"

We walked to class talking the entire way to Tyler and how we missed him and what he has missed so far. The guys just talked to each other but I tuned them out to focus on my best friend, er, brother.

(*.*) Mortada Jace's POV (*.*)

"So should we tell the girls about Friday? Because remember what they said about the legend and not being able to remember what happened" Seb asked.

"Maybe….. I don't know" Jordan said with a worried expression on.

"We have to because we won't be able to control ourselves by the next full moon for some of us" Alec said. We all nodded our heads while some of us bit our lips.


Gabe, Magnus, Simon and I were all sitting in my room just talking. The guys all got together in different groups with Will and Jordan in Will's room; Gid, Jem, Max, and Alec were all in the pool but Gid and Alec had gotten out earlier and headed to talk in Gid's room; and John and Seb were on the soccer field. The school was really nice at night so that's why some of the guys were outside.

We had to cancel of the girls because we had practice for some of the sports from 4:00 right after school to 6:30. That's why we were all just chillin' at the school.

Anyways, all of a sudden there was a knock at the door and at first I thought it was some of the guys or something. But when I opened the door I found Clary, Iz, Camille, and some girl I had not met.

Clary saw me look at the girl with confusion and she said "This is my cousin, Cecily, but she mostly goes by Cecy" I nodded and asked "Not that I'm not pleased to see you girls but what are you doing here?"

"We just thought we'd come by to see our favorite guys" Clary taking a step in and putting a hand on my chest with a smirk as Iz went to Simon and sat in his lap, Camille went to Magnus and sat down next to him leaning in close, and Cecy was eyeing Gabe while he eyed her and she went over to him and kneeled down next to him while putting a hand on his chest.

Magnus was on the floor because there was no way I was letting him on the beds; Simon was on John's bed and Gabe was on the floor.

Clary grabbed my hand and lead me over to my bed. I sat down and she put one leg on each side of my lap while leaning in close to my face. She teased me by brushing my lips with hers a couple times and I noticed the other girls doing the same on the other guys.

Clary's hands roamed my body as she leaned in and kissed me passionately. My hands tangled in her hair and pushed her into me more. She asked for entrance and I quickly gave it to her. Our tongs danced together until I opened one of my eyes and noticed the girls doing the same to the guys.

It took everything in me to push Clary back. She looked shocked as I asked "What is up with all of you?"

I then looked into her eyes, her beautiful deep…. Red eyes? "Why are your eyes red?" All the girls looked up from what they were doing and I noticed they had red eyes too.

The girls all giggled and Clary said "Oh Jace, you're too late" I put a confused look on my face as she bent down and instead of going for my lips she went for my neck.

I suddenly felt a searing pane on the side of my neck where she was, and it slowly turned into pleasure. I saw the other girls biting the guys too. I then realized what they were doing and pushed Clary off me and onto the floor.

She looked at me and said "Impossible" The girls stopped and looked up long enough for the guys to push them off. All of them were wide eyed and in shock. I raised an eyebrow as Clary said "Let's get the other girls and get out of here"

They all left while the guys and I had confused faces. When I turned back to the guys they had confused faces until Gabe asked "Didn't they say something about the legend of the blood moon" We all nodded and then he said "Well I think it's real" We thought about it for a moment then our eyes went wide

(*.*) Will's POV of the Night in Question (*.*)

I was in the room with Jordan having some bounding time with him. Just then a knock came from the door. I got up from my bed while Jordan just shrugged and looked down at his phone on Jem's bed.

I opened the door to see Tessa and Maia standing there. I smirked and asked "What brings you two here?" Tessa giggled as Maia looked behind me at Jordan.

Tessa took a step closer to me and put a hand on my stomach and started lightly rubbing her fingers on it and said "I just wanted to visit my favorite guy" I smiled as she smirked.

She started pushing me back and eventually she pushed me onto the bed and climbed on top of me. She leaned down and brushed my lips with her fingers. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pushed her down. I looked into her gorgeous… Yellow eyes? What the fuck? Her eyes aren't yellow.

"Hey, what's up with yo…." but she cut me off by giving me a passionate kiss on the lips. I completely forgot what I was about to say and leaned into the kiss more. She playfully bit my lip and I let out a little moan which only made her smile against my lips.

I sat up and brought her onto my lap and she giggled against my lips and I took that as a chance to stick my tongue in her mouth. I opened one eye and saw that Jordan and Maia were also having a serious make out setion.

I then remembered about Tessa's red eyes and pushed her back and asked "What's with your yellow eyes? Contacts?" She smirked and said "Took you long enough" I put a look of confusion on my face and then she looked back at Maia who also had yellow eyes and they turned back to us and leaned in. Instead of landing on our lips though they bit our neck.

At first I felt extreme pain then all I felt was pleasure like I didn't want her to stop. But she then was pulled off me and when I looked up I saw it was Gabe who was scrambling to get Maia off Jordan.

The girls quickly got up with hungry faces on then some girl ran in (Who I found to be Cecily) and quickly said "Maia, Tessa we have to go now. I will mind message you after we leave"

They nodded and all ran out.

(*.*) Alec POV of the Night in Question (*.*)

Gid and I had just gotten out of the shower and Gid was on the bed while I was leaning on the front of the bed while on the floor.

I walked over to the door to find Helen and Sophie standing there. I turned around and saw Gid's face harden while looking at Sophie. She just giggled while walking towards him then sat down on his lap.

I looked back at Helen who was leaning on the side of the door with a smirk on her face. I remember when I first met her how beautiful she looked. She was so shy around new people and her blush was adorable.

She let out a small laugh when she noticed me staring and walked closer to me so she was practically inches from my face then said "Like what you see?"

I smirked down at her and said "I'm lovin' the sight in front of me" That just made her giggle again.

When she looked back up, she started leaning up until she brushed my lips lightly then put more pressure on it. I quickly responded and wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her in more. She smiled against my lips and asks for entrance which I quickly gave to her. I started backing her up into the wall.

When she hit the wall I leaned in so close that every part of us were touching. I bit her bottom lip softly which caused a little moan to escape her. When I backed out of the kiss to take a breath I looked into her deep, pure….. White eyes? I put a look of confusion on my face and asked "Why are your eyes white? Is that even natural?"

She grinned and said simply "Contacts" I put a look of understanding on my face. Helen looked over my shoulder at Sophie who was looking at her and got off Gideon. They pushed us next to each other in the middle of the room then they backed up and brought their fists up and pointed them at us.

Gid and I looked at each other with a confused look on our faces then turned back to the girls. I noticed they had wrings on their fingers and they were starting to glow a green blue. It shot a spark at us making us fall back into the wall. Right before I fell into a deep sleep I saw Camille run in and say something I couldn't here until I fell into blackness.

(*.*) Max's POV of the Night in Question (*.*)

Jem and I were in the hot tub at Mortada just talking and getting a good message from the heaters. We were just talking when all of a sudden I see Maureen and Jesse standing there with smiles on their faces looking down at us. I noticed they were both in robes.

"Not that it's not always a pleasure to see you but, exactly what are you doing here?" I heard Jem ask the girls.

"We just thought that we would take a dip with our favorite guys" Maureen said as they both took off their robes. They both wore bikinis and my eyes wondered over Maureen's as Jem's went over Jesse's. I had to admit that Maureen was very sexy and honest which was a bonus because usually girls were either mean and sexy or nice and dorky.

They slowly got in and Maureen went over to me while Jesse went over to Jem. She put a hand on my bare chest and went in front of me gliding her lips over my face until they rested on my lips. I pushed her flat against me and kissed her fiercely and she did the same with me. I asked for entrance and she gave it to me without a second thought.

I opened one eye and saw Jem doing the same with Jesse. I closed my eyes again and continued with the kiss until I felt Maureen pull away and look at Jesse after Jem said something. I then noticed that both of their eyes are the exact color of the ocean at night.

They both turned their heads towards us and started chanting something I couldn't understand. And when their done I raised an eyebrow and the next thing I know it, I am going into darkness and the last thing I see is Izzy saying something and getting the girls then leaving. Next thing I know it I am sucked into darkness.

(*.*) John's POV of the Night in Question (*.*)

Seb and I were on the soccer field just kicking the ball back and forth while talking. All of a sudden, I see Kaelie and Aline walking towards us. They both smiled as Aline went to Seb and Kaelie went to me.

"Not that it's not nice to see you but what are you doing here?" I asked Kaelie while Seb and I started walking towards each other. We stood side by side with the girls next to us.

"Last time I checked, it wasn't a crime to visit our favorite guys" Aline said while Kaelie started running her fingers up and down my arm.

I looked back at her and found myself once again lost in her beauty. And her eyes were an absolutely perfect….. Pink? Maybe they're just contacts.

But I didn't have time to ask her about them because just then her lips crashed on mine. It was a fierce and hungry kiss and I just wanted more. I asked for entrance and she politely gave access. After about five minutes she backed out of the kiss which gave me time to ask her about her eyes.

"What is up with your eyes?" She giggled and looked over at Aline and gave her a smirk then she pushed me back to back with Seb then Kaelie said "Don't worry this won't hurt that much" I put a confused look on my face along with Seb.

Kaelie got in front of me and Aline went in front of Seb. Then they started waving their wrists and chanting and the next thing I know is a green spark flying at me and me falling to the ground. Then I see Clary come and say something to the girls then they all leave. Next thing I see is darkness.

(*.*) Mortada Jace's POV (*.*)

After that night, we all got together and told each other what happened and about how we think the legend is true.

We walk in class and I see Clary has her arm linked with Tyler's and they are talking and laughing. I suddenly felt rage and jealousy building up inside of me and right then I felt like punching Tyler.

Then all of the girls and Tyler came over to us and Clary said "BTW, Ty is from the monster world, he is half merman, half werewolf. That's how the girls and I know him" All of us nodded in understanding then the bell rang and we all sat in our usual mixed spots.


The entire day, Clary and the rest of the girls were swooning over Tyler. Every time I looked over at them, Clary was talking to Tyler which sent a sudden rage shoot up my spine.

We finally have kissed and she acts like nothing ever happened. All of a sudden I felt a wave shoot up in me remembering a couple nights ago from when we got drunk.

Quick Flashback

I couldn't believe it, I had kissed Clary before. But then again, I also can't believe what some of the other girls and guys did. I felt pure jealousy the way Seb kissed her too. Maybe that was why she was acting so weird around me lately. Wait a second that means she knew all of this the whole time and she didn't tell us. Was she embarrassed or something?

I promised myself that I will tell everyone the secret word when Clary isn't around.


During Study Hall I saw Clary get up to go and use the bathroom so I took this as a sign to tell everyone what happened.

"Hey everyone come here" I said to everyone. When they were all seated around me I said "I know the secret word, I remember the night perfectly"

They all had confused faces on so I kept going "A couple nights ago when all of us got drunk" Everyone went from confusion to understanding except for Tyler, Sophie, and Helen who still had a confused look on so Iz just told them "I'll tell you later"

"So what are the secret words?" Alec asked. I thought about telling them for a moment then figured out it was the right thing to do and said "It is one word that will regain all of our memories, but it's not the same for some of us"

"Oh for the love of the Angel just say it" Iz said who looked intimidating right now.

"Kiss; Ride; Make-out; French kiss; Hickey; and dirty dares" After those last words all of them went into a remembering state then shot back into reality within seconds.

"Oh my god" I heard Maia mutter. We all looked up at each other awkwardly then I said "I think this was why Clary was acting so weird around us lately. She knew this entire time"

"One night Clary woke up sweating and said she just had a bad dream, I think she remembered the night in the dream. And that was like two days after that night" Izzy said then continued by saying "Look we shouldn't be embarrassed around each other one: because we were all really drunk that night, and two: because we are all friends so we shouldn't feel embarrassed"

Just then I see Clary behind Izzy who had gotten up and was talking like that. Then Clary said after Iz finished "Embarrassed about what?"

"Look Clary we remember that night perfectly and we know that you knew the entire time" Aline said which put a look of confusion the understanding then shock "I see" she said.

"That's all you have to say? Why not 'I'm sorry for keeping it from you guys? Or 'I did it because…'" Tessa put in.

"I did it because at the time we weren't that good of friends, it would have made things awkward between everyone" Clary said a little loud. "No it wouldn't" Kaelie said.

"So you're telling me that if you knew what happened the day I found out and told all of you, that we would still be sitting here today" At that everyone thought about it for a moment then looked back at her. "I thought so" she said scary calm after her sudden outburst.

"Is everything okay over there?" the teacher asked us. We all nodded then went back to where we were siting before. Luckily Clary sat right beside me, I looked at her and asked "Can we please talk for a minute, in private" I said.

She looked uneasy but then said "Fine but after class" I nodded and went back to do the homework I was planning on skipping but got easily confused.

I looked at Clary from the corner of my eye and saw her one her phone listening to music with a smirk on her face. We were at the back of the classroom and Iz was sitting on the other side of Clary. I looked back at my work and all of a sudden I saw a paper pushed in front of me. I looked at Clary and she said "I owe you from the cancel on Friday" then she looked back at her phone.

Friday it sent shivers up my spine and into my brain. I need to tell her, I can do that when I talk to her after class.


At the end of the day when everyone was packing up I remembered that I had to tell Clary about Friday so right when she was about to leave I blocked her at the door. "Do you guys find pleasure in doing this?" she asked and I just smirked and said "I just have something important to talk about" I finished by saying "In private"

She hesitated but nodded and we headed into the hall and went into a closet. I turned to her and saw she was a bit uncomfortable so I just came out with it "The legend of the blood moon is real"

She looked up at me in shock then gave out a laugh "Umm, no it's not; it's just a legend. What gave you that silly idea?" I didn't want to hold back any answers from her because I know that she would know if I did.

"Maybe because on Friday, all of you came to our dorms and turned us into you monsters!" I practically whisper-yelled. She was about to say something but thought for a moment, like she was remembering something. After a couple minutes her eyes went wide and said in an unsteady voice like she wasn't going to tell me the full truth "I have no recollection of Friday. The legend is true; quick get all the guys and I'll get the girls and we will all go to Infernela to talk about this" I nodded ignoring her unsteadiness and gathered everyone Clary at the fence and we walked to Infernela.

When we got into Clary's room she looked at us and said "Girls go and sit down on my bed" They nodded and all went to sit down while she told us to explain everything.

(*.*) Clary's POV (*.*)

The second Jace told me about Friday I remembered something from then but not everything.


The girls and I were sitting in the room just talking at about 11:30 when all of a sudden I was pulled into some kind of trance for blood and to betray people, and I knew just who to do it too.

"Aline I want a one way picture of the guys now" She nodded and I noticed she had pink eyes and so did Kaelie; Tessa and Maia had yellow eyes, Jesse and Maureen had ocean colored eyes, Sophie and Helen had moon white eyes, and Izzy and Camille had red eyes. I smirked perfect, the blood moon has us all under control.

I looked into the one way hole that Aline had made and saw the guys in several different locations.

"Aline, Kaelie you get Seb and John in his room; Maureen, Jesse you get Jem and Max in the pool; Sophie, Helen you get Alec and Gideon in his room; Maia, Tessa you get Will and Jordan in his room; while Iz, Camille, and I get Jace, Simon, and Magnus" I said proud of my plan.

"But what about Gabriel?" Tessa asked. Oh yah I had forgotten about Gabe. All of a sudden the door opened and my "cousin" Cecily walked in, also known as Cecy.

"Ah, so you finally decide to join us cous" I said. Cecy is a vampire that I met the last blood moon, I taught her how to age shift and wrote a fake job to do so I would think Cecy was my cousin but she only did this like sixteen years ago.

"Sorry but it took a while for the affect to set in but I'll go after Gabriel, he's cute" she said which gave me a smirk.

"Perfect, let's go" they all nodded and we headed for the door and Mortada

End of Flashback

The guys had just finished their story and I was in shock but was in more shock when Jace said that when he pulled away from my vampire bite. When he finished we all gasped and they looked at us in a confused manner.

"This is bad, this is really really bad" Aline repeated as Izzy said "That's impossible, that isn't due for another hundred years" All the girls started babbling on and on getting louder then I said "Wait" Everyone looked at me and I finished by saying "There are eleven of us and twelve of you, so who got the twelfth?"

"Your cousin, Cecily I believe her name was. You said she was a vampire" Gabe said while looking at the floor. I gasped and said "But Cecy doesn't know about us. She can't be a vampire, and even if she was she wouldn't know about it"

"Well she seemed like a vampire to me and I'm pretty sure she knew too" Jace said with his usual sarcastic attitude that bothered me yet intrigued me so much.

"I'll be right back" I said as I walked out of the room and to Cecy's. I banged on the door and said "Open the fucking door before I break it down" it didn't matter that I was doing this since Cecy's door was the first door in the set of doors that the girls and I had, and because she had no roommate.

She opened the door and said "What do you want? I know you are my cousin but I know I didn't do anything wrong" I stared her straight in the eyes with anger and said "It's not what you did do, it's what you didn't do" At that I earned a confused look from her so I dragged her to my room where everyone was still sitting.

"How could you not tell me that you are a vampire?" I asked. She looked taken back at first then regained her composure and said "I have no idea what you're talking about. You have been watching Twilight too much"

"Oh you know damn fuckin' well what I'm talking about" I said with a death glare to her eyes. Her jaw set then she said "No need to yell at me for some myth you made up"

"Oh drop the act bitch, I know you are a vampire as well do we all and guess what? We all are monsters too so I want you to sit down on the bed and listen to the story of last night, then have me talk to you, then have you explain your little story kay?" I said the last part in a scary calm voice.

She nodded and listened to the story and gasped just like we did after we heard what Jace did. "We will talk about that later, but for now let me tell you guys what I remember from Friday. Once Jace told me that the blood moon was real it triggered a memory" I got up and told everyone my memory leaving out the part when Cecy called Gabe cute, I don't need it to be anymore awkward in here I thought.

"Now we know what happened and the girls and I will all go to Idris to report this sudden proof of the blood moon myth. But for now want to hear Cecy's story" Everyone nodded as I sat down on the edge of the bed next to Iz and Maia as Cecy got up and started her tale.

"I was 16 when I was turned into a vampire. It was on the last blood moon in Forks, Washington; when I was turned and I actually remember a lot of it because I was not a vampire then. It all started with love, of course, when I met Ashtan, he was sweet, gentle, kind, loving, handsome, everything I ever wanted in a man" She sighed the last part out but was able to keep going.

"On the night of the blood moon when I was walking back from high school I ran in Ashtan and his friends. He started acting all strange and tried to push me into sex but I refused. I soon came to find that he was drunk but by that time, it was too late. They all started kicking me and beating me to the ground yelling at me that I was useless and just a pawn in his miserable game" She swiped away a stray tear that fell from her eye but managed to keep going.

"They soon left, left me to die right there on the street. It was about midnight and I was lying there, waiting for the darkness to take me. I closed my eyes and tried to go toward the light but that was when I heard a pair of heels click next to my ears and then a sudden 'Oh come on, you can't just let him win' I looked up to see fiery red hair with even darker red eyes" She smirked at the memory.

"She bent down next to me and said 'What if I could give you power, strength, and speed right now? Just so you could go and kick his ass' I saw humor flash in her eyes but I ignored and said in a choke whisper 'Depends the consequence' she looked down at me and help me sit up then said 'What about the prize?' At that I asked what she wanted and she only said one thing 'Just don't scream'" I stared at my cousin in horror as she looked down at her hands.

"I felt a sudden rush of pain then pleasure and the next thing I knew it, I was swallowed into darkness. I woke up to see two pairs of red eyes staring at me. 'Do you think she is dead?' one of them asked. She had blonde hair and was pretty tall. 'Of course she's not dead, I didn't suck enough blood out for her to be dead' the girls with fiery red hair said. I groaned and sat up to look at them. 'I know you have a lot of questions and we will answer them all' the girl with red hair said. I nodded along as they told me everything and answered all my questions" She looked off in the distance as if in a gaze of the memory then kept going.

"I came to find that the girl with fiery red hair's name was Clary, and the blonde's name was Camille. They told me about the legend of the blood moon and that it is real as I could see. I was turned into a vampire by Clary and she taught me all my strengths, weaknesses and how to not reveal them, and how to find the weaknesses of other people. It was about four o, clock by then and they said they had to get back to their house so when they woke up they wouldn't suspect anything about the legend" I cringed at my own smartness of that night.

"They told me what to do next time I saw them and to pretend I didn't know them. But after that, I set out to find the people that set me up like this" She smirked at this and kept going.

"I set out for his three friends first, taking them out one by one so he knew I was coming. He set two guards up by the door and I easily took them out. I was wearing a wedding dress with smeared makeup on and barged in the room and took him out slowly and painfully. After that, I went to Idris, learned more about monsters, took hunting classes, and even traveled to different places." She smiled and had full happiness in her eyes.

"Eventually I came here, to New York, and found you guys. I made a plan and you guys know the rest" She finished and I smiled, got up, and gave her a big hug.

(I know this is Rosalie's story from Twilight but I thought it would be good to use. I do not own this story)

"I forgive you" I said crying into her shoulder. She nodded and hugged me back also crying and said "Thank you" in a shaky voice.

"Okay sorry to interrupt this touching moment but I can't figure out why you guys all gasped and I want to know" Of course Jace would say that so I turned to him and slapped him on the cheek. He touched his cheek and he gave out an "Ow"

"Fine we'll tell you guys about the gasp thing" The guys all nodded and sat back down on the bed as the girls and I got up and started the story.

"The reason we gasped is because there is a legend about a 'Chosen One'" Izzy said.

"The legend is that there would be a human in the future that will be able to with-stand the power of the monsters. He would either be the rising or destruction of Idris, after he finds out who he is and is turned into a monster, there will be a war against monsters and demons that will occur in exactly one week. If he wins then he will become king with the greatest power above all others. But if he fails, he will be cursed to be immortal and suffer through a curse that will cause everyone that loves him, to die" I finished with a sigh.

"Not only that, but if he fails, all of Idris will disappear and monsters will die" Maia finished by looking down.

"I don't understand" Jace said while the guys nodded.

"Jace, you pulled away from a vampire bite. The pleasure of it causes it to be impossible to pull away from, but you did. I guess what we're saying is that we think you are the "Chosen One'" Maureen said.

"Awesome!" Jace said while high fiving the guys.

"No not awesome Jace, you don't understand, there is going to be a war and we can't stop it. Plus, you are the only one who can win it, the war can go on for years but only you can stop it. And if you lose, we all die, Idris is gone, and you are to be immortal with a curse that can never be broken" I said as I got closer and closer to him that I was right in his face.

"Yah but if I win then I become king" He said, sarcastic as ever. "Easier said than done" I answered back at him while turning around to look at the door.

"Yah but the legend doesn't stop there" Kaelie said as I glared at her. "What do you mean?" Jace asked

"The legend is that when the 'Chosen One' has become king, he must find his wife. But that's not the hard part. There is a trident and it is activated to be used by the king to help control monsters" Aline said when Camille interrupted.

"But before it goes for the king, it tries to find his queen. It does not know who the queen is, no one knows, but when it finds out it goes after her and tries to kill her. The quest is to find the queen before the trident does, because without the queen, the 'Chosen One' can't be king" Sophie explained. The guys gasped at the last part.

"The queen is said to be as powerful as the king. The legend says when they meet, they are inseparable, nothing can tear them apart, and together they are unstoppable. Their love is the most powerful thing in the universe. It has to be the most romantic story ever" Helen said while smiling in a daze.

The girls all nodded while Jace said "So how exactly do I win the war?"

"Now that the monster inside of you has been released, you have each of the monster strengths. The swiftness and quietness of a vampire, the strength of a werewolf, the power of a faerie, and much more. But you need to learn how to use all of this power and we are here to train you. But none of us have more knowledge or power then Clary so she shall train you. She knows the exact right order to teach you in" They all looked at me and I walked up to Jace.

"You ready to train Mundie?" I asked as he nodded and said "Technically I'm not a Mundie anymore" I smirked and said "We'll see"

"The rest of you shall train the other guys and I want it to be at full power" I said still smirking.

Everyone nodded and the guys headed back to Mortada and the girls and I got ready for bed and went to sleep.

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