E/O Challenge

Challenge word: linger

Length: 100 words

Tag to Captives, 9.14.

Sam lingers at his bedroom door, Kevin's words echoing in his mind. Kevin is right. The drama, the fighting….it's all so stupid.

Wrenching open the door, Sam slams it shut behind him. He wants nothing more than to forgive his brother and try to repair their fractured relationship but he can't. Dean's deception cost Kevin his life. Every time Sam closes his eyes, he sees Kevin's lifeless body and it's his hands who extinguished that life….his hands…..and Dean's lies.

When would Dean ever understand…..lies only cause pain. Sam knows. He once was the prince of lies.

A/N: It would be much easier to write for Sam if I had a CLUE what's going on in his head!

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