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The walk back to Cody's house was made in silence. At first Michelangelo tried to make conversation with his immediate older brother but it seemed like Donatello did not want to talk at that moment. Michelangelo still was in front of Donatello hand still grabbed onto his wrist. Donatello figured just in case he wanted run off again. Donatello was so caught up in his mind that he didn't even realize that they had arrived at Cody's penthouse apartment. Donatello took in a big breath for he knew once he stepped on foot inside he would be bombarded with his two older brothers.

And what do you know that is exactly what they did, what he wasn't expecting was for them to hug him, even Raph.

"We're sorry" what he wasn't expecting an apology too, they didn't need to apologize to for anything, oh wait

"I know you guys said you would stop for anything and try for that future not to come true, and I hope it still won't, but this just shed a little more light on it and I got some information that I might have not supposed to have seen but all of that is in the past know and whether or not I or we can stop it that future will come true someday and now that we know we have to make every moment count" Donatello was starting to tear up, no he was not going to cry in front of everyone" I know you guys have been trying to change for me, like Raph and Leo, I know you guys are trying not to fight as much in front of me so I know I won't be the big fight that breaks you guys up or how one of you want to come with me when I go to the junkyard or someplace else so I'm not alone and disappear into the night, I appreciate it I really do but for right now I think all we need is a little familiarity until we get back into our own time" by this point tears were streaming down Donatello's face whether he liked it or not

His three brothers dint know what to say they were dumbstruck on what their brother just said, they felt a little guilty that he know knew they were altering their lifestyle to make sure the future that was his nightmare never came true. But now that is was shed in light that this future will possibly happen Donatello just wanted things to be normal, and how could they deny him that

Mikey was the first one to get out of his shock and immediately hugged his brother, Raph and Leo were following suit not long after

"We're sorry Donnie" Leo said

"It's not your fault, so stop apologizing for something you didn't do it's weird, you didn't do anything I shouldn't have left without leaving a note or something, It was my own fault for reading that stupid journal and getting myself worked up like this"

"Ya know Donnie if this little dissapearin' act you've doin' lately become a habit I'm gonna pound ya head in until you get the idea we care about ya"

"I know, sometimes I just feel like the only way to get away and not be in the lair or somewhere familiar is just go out and find someplace you know it's same from everything and everyone"

"You know Donnie if you need anyone to talk to you can always talk to one of us or sensei for that matter we won't judge you" Leo proposed not knowing his younger brother was ever having these kind of feelings and he would make sure he knew it too.

He wanted Donnie to know that they cared about him, not wanting to go back to where he was a few months ago when he first told them about the future he was sent to by the Ultimate Draco. He knew his brother always had in his feelings and everything else for that matter like injuries or illnesses because he never wanted to be a burden to his family even though he took care of them when they needed something or was injured. That's why he built the machines he did to make them all happy and proud. But they didn't need all that to make them proud he just had to be himself and nothing else and if took them a while to make their brother feel needed then so be it.

After a few minutes it seemed like all of them had calmed down. They broke form the brotherly hug and smiled.

"So who's up for something to eat I'm starving" Mikey exclaimed

"You're always hungry Mikey, it's a wonder we even have food left in the lair on a daily basis" Raph pointed out

"Well I have to save some for you guys too I can't be selfish. You coming Donnie" he asked when he saw that his purple masked brother was not following him

"No thanks I think I'm just going to go to bed"

"Nope your coming with us, I know you haven't had anything to eat all day and I know you skipped out something to eat last night so you are eating whether you like it or not." Raph said picking up is immediate younger brother and carrying him into the kitchen

Even though Donnie hated being picked up and forced to eat, he knew now that his family was always there for him

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