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Title: Tsumetai (It means cold, like an object is cold, in Japanese, but apparently it can also mean cold-hearted. How interesting! And what is its relation to samui?)

Author: Shadow/Phantomness

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Pokemon belongs to Nintendo and Shogakukan Comics. This non-profit, non-copyright infringing fanfiction belongs to me under international copyright laws and taking it is plagiarism. Thank you. *Phantomness bows*

Notes: () for telepathy, ** for thoughts, italics if a pokemon talks

Summary: What if Red hadn't been freed from the ice before the Cerise incident?

Chapter 1

Even as he felt the lava approaching, he laughed, and he saw her shudder as the long shrill sound pierced through the air. She thought he was mad. He felt himself fall, as the slight shield of air around him solidified, as Dragonair wrapped her coils protectively about his body, spinning the bubble, already ready…

They did not have enough power to defeat him now.

For he had seen, in her eyes, what her desperate plan was, and he had read in Pikachu's mind, what they intended to do.

It all came down to power in the end.

But Pikachu was tired, and now, all he had to do was wait for Lugia to appear over the Island. Then, he would be able to unleash its power upon the world of humanity… and set the pokémon free…

His laughter echoed and danced over the waters, and even the pokémon deep in the oceans heard. Yellow did not, but her pokémon shivered.

What a horrible way to die…

(They are leaving.)

(I know.) Lance spoke, and felt Aerodactyl laugh in his mind. Darling Ptera.

(It will be soon. Already they are leaving. They defeated Lorelei and Agatha, Master.)

(It matters little. Our plan will not fail.)

As they watched, the trainers escaped Cerise, and Yellow proudly spoke of her victory. He laughed as Ptera relayed her actions.

The sun would rise so very soon…

As he watched, Lugia rose above the island, and the energy of the badges began to glow with the sunlight's appearance.

So. Giovanni had not arrived. But it would be enough. The energy from the other badges would have to be sufficient.

He closed his eyes as he watched.

Yellow began to get the feeling that something was not right as it began to rain. She cried out in terror as she watched smoke billow up from the Kanto landmass.


How… how was this happening?

"What is that?" Blue cried, looking through her Silph Scope. There was a pokemon there… a huge pokemon, blocking out the sunlight…

She gave a cry as her eyes began to burn. It – that pokemon, maybe – Was so bright; it reminded her of staring at the sun. She hurriedly covered her eyes.

"I'm frightened." Yellow whispered, from her position on Omastar's shell, gripping tightly to its spikes.

"I as well…" Blaine said heavily. "There is something very wrong here."

"What if that bird was Lance's secret weapon?" Green spoke the question they had all dreaded.

"But Lance is dead! I saw him fall into the lava myself, and he didn't come back up!" Yellow protested. "He can't be alive!"

"Well, maybe it's not him, but whatever is going on we had better figure out fast." Blaine sounded frazzled but that was no surprise.

Mewtwo shifted uneasily in its poke all.

"Do you know what is going on, Mewtwo?"

(I am afraid that I cannot attack. You are too weak, master.)

"I understand." Blaine stroked the surface of Mewtwo's Master ball and sighed. Of all the endings… why did it have to be this one?

Should good not prevail over evil?

Most pressing was the fact that Red had still not appeared.

Now that it was over, he returned home to Whirl Islands. There, he studied his prisoner with a critical eye.

The boy still slept, conscious mind buried under hypnotic suggestion, Agatha's power and her ghosts had really done a number on him.

Lance bent down and brushed his lips gently against Red's.

In his sleep, the boy gave an almost inaudible sound, but Lance could see signs of arousal beginning to appear in that body.

He wondered what Red was dreaming of.

Red's eyes slowly slid open, but he could not see. He felt something soft underneath him, and he felt hands on his body, touching him in places he had never been touched before.

It felt… nice.

Something was building up behind his eyes, and he shuddered as he gave a strangled cry, feeling wetness stain his front.

Had he just wet the bed?

But no, he did not think so. It felt different…

He felt fingers moving over the hardness between his legs, and he shivered. He wanted to speak, but his voice was gone.

It did feel really good though.

"Would you like some water?" A smooth voice asked.

Red nodded. He heard footsteps trial off and return a few minutes later. He felt something press against his lips and he opened his mouth, tilting his head back slightly.

His entire body felt lethargic, and it felt like it would hurt to move.

Still, the touching earlier had felt nice.

Was that what pokémon did when they mated? If so, he could understand why they liked it.

After all, he remembered vaguely that Aeroy and Gyara had been expecting eggs… where were his pokemon?

He wasn't wearing his poke belt! In fact, he wasn't wearing anything at all!

"Shh." The voice coaxed. "Don't fret. I will bring you your pokemon when you are well enough to see them."

Red finished the water and felt something cool and wet – probably a towel, touch his thighs and stomach, moving up to his chest and arms…

Maybe he was in the hospital and he was getting a sponge bath?

But no, strong arms lifted him off the bed. Moments later, he sank into warm water, feeling something sturdy to support him. He was in a tub then.

He felt a soapy cloth began to rub over his body, and he sighed sleepily.

He was almost asleep when he was dried and put back to bed. Then, there was a creaking of springs, and warmth of another's body next to his.

Red snuggled closer, felt arms pull him close, and sighed, falling asleep again.

End Chapter

Completed 6/18/06

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