"Will you kill me now, my king?!" Loki spat the last word.

"SILENCE!" Odin commanded, his staff striking the ground. His tone grew softer, "I cannot - will not - kill you, my son."

"I am NOT your son!" Loki shouted, jumping to his feet. Odin looked away.

"What is to be my punishment, then?" Loki finally said.

"You are banished from Asgard. You will spend your exile on Midgard, with meager magic, helping to undo what you have done. You will work with the Midgardians and help rebuild their world, and further secure it from threats, both outside of their realm and inside. You will eat with them, you will live with them."

"Midgard?!" Loki yelled indignantly. "You punish me, All-Father. You imprison me. But do not force me down to that vile realm of witless fools. And, you tell me, I must help them?"

"You must, and you WILL. You shall return to Asgard when I see fit. Until then, Loki, I suggest you learn to live with them and see them for more than 'witless fools'. Learn to love them. As Thor does." Odin said.

"Love them? LOVE THEM!? All-Father you mock me. I can only pity them. As for Thor, he's a witless fool himself!" Loki voiced.

"Thor shall come with you. Ensure you do not… Cause any mischief."

"So it's decided then? You're banishing me. To MIDGARD?" Loki's eyes glowed.

"You brought it upon yourself, Loki." Odin said, his eyes downcast and his tone sorrowed. "Farewell."
There was a flash of many colors, and the next instant, Loki was gone.

Darcy closed her eyes, and brought her hand up to squeeze the bridge of her nose. "You're kidding me, right Jane?"

"Sorry, Darcy, no…" Jane said, sounding apologetic. "But please?"

"So let me get this straight…" Darcy started, straightening up and facing Jane. "Your super beefy boyfriend's psychopathic brother-slash-not really brother, who practically leveled all of New York and almost destroyed the world, is now coming here. To Earth. To help S.H.I.E.L.D. And you want me to come with you to meet him?"

Jane frowned. "It sounds worse when you put it like that." She said.

"Well, how else am I supposed to put i?" Darcy asked, exasperated.

"Um… You're coming with me to meet my boyfriend's brother, who's going to be working around here from now on?"

"Hello?! You forgot the 'not really brother' who's a psychopath that almost destroyed the world part? Oh yeah, and godly powers?" Darcy raised her eyebrows.

"Well actually, Thor said he only has a few powers left; not much." Jane corrected, explaining.

"Oh yeah, of course, that makes it all better." Darcy said, sarcasm practically dripping from her voice.

"Pleeeeeaaaaaase, Darcy?" Jane begged, putting on a pout and opening her eyes wide.

Darcy got up from her chair and grabbed her coat from a nearby hook, slinging it over one of her arms.

"I swear, you'll be the death of me, Jane… You owe me big time…" she muttered.

Loki locked his jaws hard, his eyes narrowed as he took in the too-familiar-for-his-liking scenery of Midgard.

"Brother." Thor called out. Loki didn't respond, standing still.

"S.H.I.E.L.D. is this way." Thor said, his voice closer now. Thor grabbed onto the gold handcuffs tethering Loki's arms behind his back and half-shoved, half-led him to the tall black glass building a few hundred yards away.

Loki gritted his teeth. He was going to despise this…

Darcy hummed a little to herself as she busied herself destroying giant green pigs on her iPhone. She pulled out an earphone and looked to Jane.

"Can we leave yet?" She asked, looking a little hopeful.

"Darcy, we haven't even seen Loki yet." Jane said, frowning.

Darcy's face fell. "When is this guy going to show up anyways? I'm getting bored."

Suddenly, Jane gaped at something off to the side. Darcy followed her gaze. To their right, was a one-way window, and on the other side, Thor prodded a tall man forward. The man –excuse me, god—was dressed in green, gold and black, his arms handcuffed behind his back. He had shoulder-ish length black hair, flipped back out of his face. Slowly, he turned to look through the window and his eyes… They were a brilliant shade of green. They seemed to pierce right through her – almost as if he could actually see her.

"Damn…" Darcy muttered underneath her breath.