Well, this started out as a small crack story in my small shorts series, based off a song and manga. But it actually makes a good short story. So I decided to use the manga's plot of it to make it a bit more serious but still have that sweetness in it. Also I changed the characters to be Jake and Chance instead of OCs because this fits those two better. Since I'm possibly the only one that reads Kagerou Days in the SWAT Kats section, I'm going to be the only one who will know what happens. I expect at least five chapters in this, so enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't own SWAT Kats, the song Yuukei Yesterday, or anything Kagerou project related. I wished I owned at least one hoodie from it... at least Seto's because he and I look alike.

Sprinting, that's all he was doing. He didn't know why. He just knew he was following the voice in his headphones, telling him to run in certain directions, trying to tell him he needs to survive. In the midst of the end of the world, he began to realize that the voice ringing in his ears.

Sounded exactly like his own.

Chance sighed as he awoke, quickly forgetting the contents of his dream. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the time to see he almost overslept again. He walked over to his dresser and quickly pulled out his clothes and got ready for school. Putting on his favorite red, blue, and black headphones and walking casually to the High School, all while having a glare in his eyes.

He was always grumpy in the mornings, and the small amount of sleep he would always get didn't help with that. Though he knew that part of it was his fault, he spent most of the night playing online shooters. He sighed as he made it to his classroom and sat at one of the two desks occupying the small classroom.

Thanks to his medical condition, he and another student couldn't attend regular classes along with the others. His condition would sometimes cause him to lose all his energy and collapse due to exhaustion. The first few times it happened caused the other teachers and classmates to worry for Chance, so to prevent the worry, he was placed in this classroom with another student with a worse condition.

From what he heard, the other student could easily die at any given moment. Though he often wondered about him.

"Wonder where they're at..." Chance sighed as he knew that both his only classmate and teacher were both late. Feeling a bit bored sitting around, Chance got up from his desk and walked over to the door just as it opened. His classmate was right in the doorway, wearing nothing but his boxers. The tabby began to blush.

"Why the hell are you half naked, Jake?!" The cinnamon tom scratched the back of his head.

"Oh, well on my way over here, I kinda chased a dog around and ended up falling into a fountain, so I'm waiting for my clothes to dry to put them back on."

"Well put them back on!" The tabby demanded, feeling very uncomfortable about the situation. His cheeks burning red. He took the wet clothes out of his classmates paws and began dressing Jake for him, despite Jake's protest about them still being wet. Eventually their teacher finally walked in.

"Hello class-" Steele walked in and felt that his timing was horrible due to the strangeness of the situation. "Furlong, it's not wise to strip off another guy's clothes in the classroom."

"Mr. Steele! It's not like that at all! I was trying to get him to put ON his clothes!" The tabby defended himself while Jake wringed out his shirt.

"Well, maybe I should let the Principal know about this..." Steele's voice trailed off. Chance smiled and crossed his arms.

"Go ahead, I'll tell him how you were late for the fifth time in a row." This was a typical routine for the small class. Usually Steele would come in a bit late, but he would teach the lessons nicely. Though the are times he would be... unfit, but Chance would be able to knock sense back into him just by mere mention of Principal Feral.

"So back to homeroom, we still need to come up with a booth idea for that school fair." Steele added as he sat at the desk in front of the two smaller desks. He fiddled with his laptop to take notes on any ideas they would have.

"Well, maybe we could do a shooting gallery?" Jake suggested, now fully clothed, albeit still a bit wet.

"We can't, our budget won't be enough to buy the equipment, let alone have prizes for it." The orange kat replied, stretching. The cinnamon tom began to think, while the tabby just sat his head down and began to drift to sleep. Though he quickly snapped himself back to reality.

"How much do we even have in the budget?" Chance asked. Steele fell over in his chair.

"Uh..." Already, Chance had know something was up, he looked over at the book shelf by the teacher's desk to see a familiar object. A old fossil specimen that Steele was so intrigued into buying one day, but didn't have the money to get it.

"You blew off our budget to buy a fossil!" The tabby yelled, Jake stared at the fossil and finally connected the dots.

"Sorry, I just really wanted it!" Their teacher got back up and pleaded for mercy.

"Great, so now we have no booth idea or money to fund it." Jake sighed and looked at his angered classmate.

"I'm sure you'll think of something, right Chance?" The tabby looked over to see that the cinnamon kept a bright smile. He still felt angered, but the warm smile caused him to blush a bit and let it go.

"Yeah, let's just hope I think of it soon..." He slouched in his chair and yawned. 'Man, I shouldn't have played all those shooters... Wait!'

"Mr. Steele, I found out what we can do!" Chance smiled as he rose from his desk. "We should do a shooting gallery!"

"But didn't you turn that idea down when Jake said it? And we don't even have a budget to fund anything." Steele replied.

"That's the thing, we don't have to buy anything, we have everything already, even a prize." He walked over to Steele's laptop. "You just have to make a shooting game for the laptop, Jake can even draw all the characters and targets while program everything in."

"Well that's not a bad idea, but what's the prize going to be?" The cinnamon tom asked. Chance pointed at the fossil.

"The specimen you bought with the money Steele. And to make sure that we don't lose our only prize early, the players have to go against me in points. Whoever scores the highest wins." He kept a cocky grin and gauged the reactions of both the kats.

"That's brilliant, but are you sure you can guarantee that you won't lose the prize?" Having been asked that question, Chance was reminded of his gaming. Truth be told, he was the third best player in the ranks, going as far to winning major competitions. His technique was even given a name the Phantasmal Waltz, many even run in fear seeing his tag, T-Bone. 'Ugh, I can't tell them about that, Jake would think I have no life and just play games! I can't have that!'

"Well, yeah. I-I'm fairly great at games..." He lied, hoping that the wouldn't pry into the topic.

"Well, we should get started on it right away." Steele advise to the others as Jake pulled out a sketch book and made rough drafts of enemies and the backdrop designs. Chance sighed in relief and slumped again in his chair. Quickly falling asleep again.

Yay first chapter. Again, I really loved the storyline of this and stuff. But I was skeptical about having Chance as Takane and Jake as Haruka, mainly because of the pro shooter thing. But When you think about it, Chance would be more of a gamer than Jake. Jake may have great accuracy, but that doesn't mean he could transfer that into a game when you have to be balanced at the controls to have just as great accuracy. Chance has experience with controls so it makes more sense. At least to me it does. Besides, we all know Chance is more grumpy than the happy-go-lucky Jake. So the roles fit.

And I wanted to have Chance fall for Jake instead of vice versa. So hope ya enjoyed this.