Ok, I got this weird guest review earlier saying that Highschool AU of Slash is Child Pornography... How is this bad in any way? There isn't even a relationship established, just close friendship that has a bit of onesided feelings. I hate when people take this stuff too seriously and overthink it. Fanfiction pretty much consists of that stuff, many people write slash for characters that are underage all the time. I should know, Soul Eater is filled with SoKi! (Soul and Kid are thirteen! ... At least I think so, but they're not legal!) So anyways, the person probably just saw slash, assumed lemon and felt the need to say that, the review was on the first chapter and not on the later ones. Which by the way, I think the story ends here. Not sure, depends how much I write.

Disclaimer: All I want to own is the Turbo Kat, so I can fly across the country... Though I think I would crash land it, wouldn't care though as long as I survive.

Three days had passed after Jake's hospitalization. The cinnamon tom still wasn't healthy enough to return to school and Steele was left teaching just Chance. But the tabby couldn't focus on his work. All his thoughts were still clouded with blame directed at himself.

"Ya know the doctors are allowing visitors to see Jake now, you can go see him after school." He broke the unbearable silence while still focused on his book. The tabby looked up from his work and quickly got up.

"Can you take me right now?" The teacher sighed as he shut his book and stretched.

"Sure, not like we're getting any work done right now." Steele walked out the doorway with Chance close behind. Even with the trouble he get into for taking a student out of class, but he would gladly take the heat for this purpose.

"Thanks for doing this Steele." Chance managed a grateful tone.

"Anytime kitten." The teacher replied, feeling great for doing good for him.

By the time they got to the hospital, it was already 2 o'clock. So even if the tabby stayed in class, he wouldn't miss much.

"Just go inside, I'll wait here for you." Chance nodded and made his way inside Jake's room. The small tom still had a smile, it only grew wider when he saw the tabby come in.

"Chance, it's so great to see you!" He seemed lively despite the fatal attack he suffered days ago. Chance felt a bit of annoyance with his mood.

"How can you be happy when you almost died..." He refrained from yelling and ended up at a small whimpered.

"Well, I'm alive right now and I can still talk to you, that's one reason. Another is that I know that after I get out of here I can play games with you." His eyes showed that he meant every word. The sea of blue that only made the tabby could stare at for hours on end.

"Yeah, I promise that we will someday." Chance forced a small grin on himself, his green eyes forcing back a few tears.

"Also, can you go to school and get my Sketch book, I think I left in my bag in the classroom." The tabby nodded and exited the room. On his way to the lobby he passed by Steele.

"So how'd it go?"

"I'm coming back, I just need to get Jake his sketch book back at school." With that said, Chance continued on his way to school. When he slipped into the classroom, he found Jake's backpack laying there in the corner. He searched through it and quickly found the sketch book. He smiled as he held it and quickly made his way out. But on his way, he bumped into a familiar face.

"Oh hey, you're that tabby that ran the booth for the shooting gallery." Chance recognized the person as the lynx that was friends with the fox that broke his win streak that day.

"Oh yeah, I know you, you were with the fox."

"Yeah, again, I'm sorry about Roy's behavior.., He can be a bit cold hearted to strangers." The lynx scratched the back of his head and chuckled. "But he really changes when you actually get to know him, he's really sweet that you couldn't believe he was that cold."

"Yeah, I bet... Um, I never got your name."

"Sorry, Micheal. So why are you here at the school after hours?" Micheal asked, a bit curious.

"I came by to get my friend's stuff, he's in the hospital right now... Why are you here?" The tabby redirected the attention to the lynx.

"I'm heading into my first year here and I wanted to check out the school. I'm sorry to hear about your friend."

"Thanks, but I'm sure he'll be fine..." Chance looked to the ground, hoping he would be.

"You shouldn't hold in your feelings." The tabby stared up at the lynx. "If you want to tell your friend something, tell them as soon as you can. Because eventually you'll lose the chance to say anything and will have to live with the burning question of what could have been." Chance couldn't believe the advice he was being given. "So try to shout out the words you want to, you'll be glad you did." He gave a smile that reminded him of Jake's, the same smile he loved.

"Alright, thank you Micheal." The tabby dashed out of the building and sprinted towards the hospital. The lynx looked felt happy for convincing the tabby to open up, despite barely knowing the situation. But he knew that sorrow in his eyes, he wouldn't let another soul go without saying some encouraging words.

Chance huffed as he dashed through the streets at a fast pace. His heart was pounding and his breaths were rapid. He was determined to get to Jake and confess. He wouldn't be able to live with himself if he stayed silent and the tom was dead the next day. Ignoring the pain in his legs, the tabby kept sprinting, fighting off exhaustion as he watched the last hill he needed to go over to get to the hospital.

Meanwhile as the tabby was performing his track run, Steele sat at the waiting room, awaiting Chance's return. He flipped through the book he was reading to only get interrupted by the noise of shoes patting against the floor. Only getting louder as a few doctors rushed into a single room. The same room Jake was in.

"Oh no..." The teacher felt his heart and hope sank as he heard a few commands from one of the doctors.

Outside, the tabby was within 20 feet of the entrance. He felt a bit of relief wash over him as he slowed his pace a bit. He was shocked when he eventually slowed down to the point of being a full stop, panting and trying to catch his breath. He felt his heart in his throat and the pumping of blood only giving him a headache. He took a shaky step to get closer to the door, but suddenly felt his breath stop. Losing motor skills, Chance fell over on the ground, unable to breathe with a feeling of a ton weighing down on his chest. 'Dammit, not now!'

His mind was still functioning properly despite all his body functions shutting down. His vision blurring away, lungs desperately needing oxygen. 'Why... why did I have to have an attack now... Jake, I love you.'

The tabby's head dropped as his life faded away, his last thoughts being the words he wanted to say to his friend.

Steele had nearly cried in utter grief discovering that both his only students had died at the same moment. The perfection of the timing seemed to be the kind of coincidence saved for Fairytales. But this tale didn't have a good ending. He sat alone at his desk, flipping through the contents of the cinnamon tom's sketch book. Seeing page after page of both his students paw in paw with wide smiles. It was obvious to him, long before looking through the sketches, that both students had reserved feelings for each other. Though he always waited to have either of them confess. But fate seemed to be against them and decided to cut both of their lives just moments short before a true confession.

Now the only image of what should have been their life together was the sketch book Steele held.

I know I know, such a cruel and sad ending... Well, Kagerou does go beyond that... but that will take a full month to explain what really happens, but I didn't write this just for the plot of Kagerou. I wrote it because of the meaning.

It happens time after time again. That some people can't find the courage to shout out the words they want to. If you never find the courage to speak out, you'll always be left to ponder what could've been. Having only memories to smile for about your time together. And if it you get turned down, eventually they might come around, or it could be fate that it was supposed to direct you in the right person's arms.

I should know about the above. As fans of my work would've have read, I was having trouble telling someone I loved them. I got turned down and began to complain a bit and tried to make it work. Through that trial, I became friends with someone... who ended up being my perfect match. And I couldn't be happier. Sometimes, things are meant to go bad to steer you in the right direction. So keep that in mind, and if there is anyone you want to spend time with. Go ahead and try to summon the bravery to tell them, either way, there will be a happy ending somewhere.

... I feel a bit drained from emotions now. I wish you guys luck on all your love problems if there are any. Sorry if I'm forcing ya to, it's your choice to heed the advice or ignore it.