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   "Bullets" by Creed


Walking around I hear the earth seeking relief

I'm trying to find a reason to live

But the mindless clutter my path

Oh these thorns in my side

I know I have something free

I have something so alive

I think they shoot 'cause they want it

            "Why? Why are you doing this to me?" Serena asked dodging an attack from her so called friends and protectors.

          "It's your own fault! You're the one that let him die! He is dead because of you! And you were so selfish; you kept him for your self! You're not the only one that loved him! But you took him away from me and you wrapped him around your little finger, you and stupid destiny and fate!" Sailor Mars said attacking Sailor Moon.

          "What are you talking about Raye?" Serena asked Sailor Mars.

I feel forces all around me

Come on raise you head

Those who hide behind the shadows

Live with all that's dead

"What am I talking about? What am I talking about Serena? Huh? I'll tell you! I loved Darien; you know your boyfriend, future husband. I loved him and now he's dead because of you. You let him die. The four of us don't think you should be our leader or Sailor Moon anymore. We also don't want you as our princess or future Queen. SO hand over the Siler Crystal now and we'll let you live." Raye said smirking along with the other scouts Jupiter and Venus, Mercury on the other hand was frowning at the three.

          "I'll never hand my Crystal over to you Raye! Never!" Serena cried.

Look at me…look at me

At least look at me when you shoot a bullet

Though my head

Through my head

Through my head

Through my head

            "Fine have it your way!" Raye said as she, Mina, and Lita powered up. She looked over at Amy and frowned. "Mercury why aren't you powering up?!"

          "Serena is still my princess. I would never harm her. I'll stand by her side and protect her. I'd give my life for her." Amy said walking over to Sailor Moon.

          "Fine traitor! We'll just destroy you too!" Raye growled.

          "Amy why side with her?" Mina asked her.

In my life time when I'm disgraced

By jealousy and lies

I laugh aloud 'cause my life

Has gotten inside someone else's mind

            "Staying with her will only get you killed. Don't make us kill you Amy." Lita said getting ready to attack.

          "I'll always stay by Serena!" Amy yelled.

          "Have it you r way." Raye said and all three launched their attacks at Sailor Moon.

Look at me…look at me

At least look at me when you shoot a bullet

Through my head

Through my head

Through my head

Through my head

"NO!" screamed Serena as she was knocked out of the way by Amy. Amy was hit head on by the attacks from the others. Serena watched with horrid eyes as her friend, the only inner scout that stood up for her, Amy fall to the ground laying in a pool of her own crimson blood dieing.

          "Amy why? Why did you step in front of the attack that was meant for me?" Serena asked kneeling on the ground next to Amy holding her hand crying.

          "Serena. I couldn't let you die. You are my princess I'm supposed to protect you and more importantly you're my friend. Thank you Serena for being my friend and showing me how to live a fun life and how much there is in this world. Thank you, and I'm sorry that I'll be leaving you but hopefully we'll meet again someday Serena." Amy said smiling a weak smile and then closed her eyes forever. Serena looked at her friend's fading body crying for her loss.

          "Raye! Lita! Mina! How could you? How could you?!" Serena asked, rage in her eyes as she stood up and glared at the three.

          "It's easy. She was a traitor!" Mina said smirking. "You should be worrying about us not her." Lita said.

          "Because your death will be even worse than hers!" Raye said powering up.

Hey all I want is what's real

Something I touch and can feel

I'll hold it close and never let it go

Said why…why do we live life

With all this hate inside

I'll give it away 'cause I don't want it no more

Please help me find a place

Somewhere far away I'll go and you'll never see me again

"No!" Serena screamed as the three attacks hit her. Raye, Lita, and Mina laughed as the attacks hit her, after the attacks wore off they saw Serena laying still on the ground and look at her with smirks on their faces but then they saw a flash of light and Serena disappeared. The three looked each other confused.

          "Where the hell did she go!?!" Raye yelled.      

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