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                                                     Chapter 3

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            "Hope it's someone nice that we're going to stay with." Hotaru said sighing.

            "I'm sure she's nice. Sally seems like a very nice person. I very much doubt she would leave us with someone mean." Serena said looking at Hotaru then turning her attention back to her book.

            "Finding anything useful yet?" Hotaru asked.

            "Yeah some what."

            "Like what?"

            "Well they've been having wars off and on. Right now they are at the beginning of peace. The wars here are different than the ones we had. They fight with machines called Moble Suits. The organization that cause the most trouble was called OZ. That war lasted for about a year and was the war that ended not too long ago. This war also brought out Relena Peacecraft. A Princess of the Sank Kingdom who was ruled by her late father whom was killed when she was a baby. When the Sank Kingdom was attacked very few survived including Relena who was taken into the care of a nice couple and also Relena's older brother Millardo who went off on his own and was later found out to work for OZ for revenge for his home kingdom. During the war Relena was crowned Queen of the World but then stepped down for Treize Khushrenada, who took over and attacked enemy organizations. During the war the most heroic group was a group of five young men who piloted Moble Suits called Gundams, which were very strong machines. The out come of the war was: Treize was killed fighting and Millardo –who went against Treize and the Gundams- disappeared and stated dead; the Gundams saved the world and after wards everyone went their separate ways and Relena's trying to keep peace." Serena explained.

            "Wow, interesting place here." Hotaru said.

            "Yeah. Very interesting." Serena said laughing.

            "I hope we can fit in here. It's going to be hard at first." Hotaru said also laughing.

            "Yeah. I hope there is some cute boys here that are available." Serena said smiling.

             "That's always a nice bonus." Hotaru said, the two started laughing again.

            "What are you going to do for the next three hours?" Serena and Hotaru.

            "I think I'm going to take a nap, I'm really tired. What about you?"

            "I think I'll read some more. Now you fall asleep like a good little girl." Serena joked.

            "Not funny." Hotaru said gently hitting her in the arm. Serena just smiled and went back to the book she had been reading. About two and a half hours later Sally walked into the room and smiled at the two. Serena was still reading the book while Hotaru was fast asleep in the chair next to the bed. Sally softly knocked on the open door to let the girls know she was there. Serena looked up from her book and smiled at her. Sally walked farther into the room, and then sat down in the chair on the other side of the bed from where Hotaru was sitting in, still asleep.

            "I just thought you might like to know who you two are staying with." Sally said.

            "Ok." Serena nodded then woke up Hotaru. Hotaru groggily opened her eyes and stared at the two.

            "Wha?" she asked yawning.

            "Sally's going to tell us about who we're staying with." Serena said softly.

            "Oh." Hotaru stated looking at Sally.

            "You two will be staying with a friend of mine. She was more than happy to take you two in. Her name's Relena Peacecraft. You'll live with her and also go to her school. I hope that's all right with you." Sally explained.

            "Yeah. It's fine. Thank you Sally." Serena said smiling.

            "Good. Well, we'll be leaving soon, so get out of bed then we'll go over to Relena's." Sally told them, standing up.

            "Ok." Hotaru said rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

            "I'll be back in a couple minutes.  I've got to tell my boss I'm leaving now." Sally said walking out the door.

            "I can't wait till we get out of this hospital." Hotaru said.

            "Me too. Did you hear who Sally said we were staying with? Relena Peacecraft!" Serena said with wide eyes looking at Hotaru.

            "So what?" Hotaru said shrugging her shoulders.

            "We're staying with Relena Peacecraft. Former Queen of Earth. Princess of the Sank Kingdom."


            "I just thought that it's kind of odd we're staying with Relena out of all the people in this world." Serena stated. Hotaru just rolled her eyes at her. A second later Sally walked into the room.

            "You girls ready to leave?" she asked.

            "Sure. Here's the book I borrowed." Serena said handing the book to Sally.

            "No. You can keep it." Sally said with a smile on her face.

            "You sure?"

            "Yep. Now come on lets go." Sally said then the three of them walked out of the hospital to Sally's blue Ford Explorer. Sally started the vehicle, pulled out of the hospital's parking lot, and started driving to Relena's house. After about 15 minutes they stopped at a mansion. "We're here." Sally said getting out of the vehicle. Serena and Hotaru got out of the vehicle and stood behind Sally in aw at the place they were going to be staying.

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