Beast Boy slumped down into the couch feeling tired and exceedingly content. Next to him was Raven who seemed just as tired but she also had a wondrous smiled gracing her pale lips. He could only smile wider as he took her hand into his own and squeezed it lovingly.

He was a married man now at the age of eighteen. Married to the most beautiful being in the galaxy as far as he was concerned.

It was still hot in Jump City.

It was still ridiculously hot.

It was about 4 o'clock in the afternoon now. He and Raven had just finished eating the African delicacy he had put a lot of effort into making between their intense love making sessions and impromptu marriage. The other Titans were still struggling to function despite the fact that it had cooled down a fair bit since earlier that day, they were all sprawled out on the couch together.

Robin was still in just his boxers and his mask, still in a little shock after Starfire had dragged the information about Beast Boys and Ravens disappearance out of them. Starfire herself was lying next to her boyfriend still in the smallest bikini imaginable. Cyborg was on the other end of the couch with a content smile adorning his large half metallic face, he was still happy for his friends.

Raven and Beast Boy were leaning against each other happily with their hands intertwined smiling contently. Raven was in a pair of very tight and very short black bed shorts and a dark blue tank top that she had rolled up to end just below her breasts. Beast Boy was just in a pair of red and black surf shorts. Both of them were proudly displaying their new bite marks; the symbols of their marriage.

Beast Boy couldn't help but wish he could put a ring on her finger as well; make it legal and not just a demon/animal technicality.

He paused in his thought process. Why couldn't he?

"Rae I need to go out for a bit but I'll be back in an hour or so." He said warmly before placing a loving kiss on her lips. He stood to leave but Raven was very reluctant to release his hand from her own.

"Can I not come with you?" She asked quietly.

Beast Boy smiled. "Trust me, you'll like what I'm gonna do but I want it to be a surprise."

"Ok." She whispered, before reluctantly releasing his hand.

Cyborg watched as the green teen moved towards the door of the common room. "Hold up BB I'll drive you." He called as he stood up and walked through the doors of the common room letting them swish shut behind him.

"You sure Cy?" Beast Boy asked nervously as he continued to walk towards the towers garage.

"You're an idiot, you know that right?" Cyborg stated with a smirk.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Beast Boy nearly shouted defensively.

"You need a witness you dumb ass, you can't just get marriage papers and walk off." The metal teen chastised caringly.

"Oh…" Beast Boy said quietly. "How did you know that was what I was going to do?"

"I know you BB; I know that you're a hopeless romantic and such."

"Ah." Beast Boy acknowledged.

"Also it's a fairly long distance between the Civil office and the ring shop, and you wouldn't make it on foot before it closed."

Beast Boy looked incredulously at his best friend. "Ok can you read minds or something like that?"

Cyborg chuckled. "Nah BB, like I said I just know you."


At law breaking speeds Cyborg drove his 'baby' through the very empty sun baked streets of Jump City. What should have been at least a twenty minute drive to the Civil Office only took about eight minutes. Beast Boy was quickly seen by one of the few workers who had struggled into the office through the record breaking and slightly suspicious heat wave. Beast Boy signed the papers that were placed before him, as did Cyborg when the worker stated he would be an adequate witness.

After that, with Beast Boy clutching the papers as if they were his only reason to live, they made their way back to the T car. Once again Cyborg sped through the city breaking every road law that had ever existed until they reached a rather pricy jewellers which was one of the very few shops open in the currently desolate city.

"Damn BB these are expensive!" Cyborg bellowed in awe as he watched the green teen purchase two gold wedding bands. "You sure you can afford these?"

Beast Boy chuckled. "No worries dude." He said nonchalantly as he paid the disgruntled and sweaty looking clerk.

With that done and Beast Boy smiling like an idiot they dashed back into the air conditioned T car and made their way back to the tower.

"It's all over." Cyborg said in mock depression. "I'm losing my best buddy."

Beast Boy couldn't help but laugh a bit. "Never again to spend countless hours on the game station, never again to argue over meat vs tofu and never again to play a rousing game of stankball!"

"Don't even joke about those things!" Cyborg shouted loudly whilst chuckling heartily.

"I'm not dying dude, no worries my friend!" Beast Boy cheerfully consoled his best friend.

All the way back Cyborg was considering the plausibility of buying himself a puppy… or maybe he could build his own… one that could play video games and stankball and maybe even argue about meat and tofu!


"Hey Rae I've got something for ya!" Beast Boy said happily as he and the metal man entered the common room.

The empath who had been quietly sulking on the couch like a wounded house cat since the two Titans had left perked up instantly as she heard their arrival. She flashed a warm smile at the green teen.

Beast Boy made his way over to her and kissed her softly before holding the papers before her. "Sign these and it's not just a technicality but legal as well." He said softly into her ear.

Raven studied the papers with a stupefied but a happy grin plastered onto her usually stoic face. She read through the document carefully and smiled when she saw the shape shifters signature, the metal man's signature as the first witness and the civil clerk's signature to prove it was genuine.

Starfire watched with puppy dog eyes and even Robin watched on with a pleasured grin adorning his features. Cyborg stood behind the scene with a video camera and small tear in his human eye.

Raven snatched the pen from the green man's hand and quickly but carefully signed her own name before turning to Starfire. "Star will you be my witness?"

Starfire squealed with joy and dashed towards the dark empath, still in the ridiculously skimpy bikini. "I would be most honoured friends!" She shouted joyously as she wrote down her own signature.

Once it was done Cyborg snatched the papers from Raven who frowned at her older brother's brash actions. Cyborg scanned the document with his electronic eye and emailed the copy back to the Civil office before handing the document back to the empath and declaring loudly and proudly. "It's sent, congratulations its official Mrs Logan!" He said the last part directly to the demoness who felt herself inwardly beam at the name.

"Congratulations you two!" Robin stated confidently as he rose from the couch to shake Beast Boy's hand and hug Raven.

"We must do the celebrating yes?" Starfire asked merrily.

"Of course!" Robin uncharacteristically answered for her. "This is the first ever Titans marriage, it's a damn big deal."

"One last thing." Beast Boy interrupted as he reached into his shorts pocket and pulled out the two glistening wedding bands. Starfire 'oohed' as she marvelled the precious jewellery. Robin smirked at how sweet the green teen could be. Raven stared in amazement as her new husband slipped the ring onto her previously 'naked' ring finger. She watched as it glistened in the intense sunlight before Beast Boy handed her the other ring for her to do the same. She copied the action with a warm smile on her face, carefully sliding the ring onto his finger; attempting to control her shaking hands but not doing too well.

"Wow…" Starfire stated dreamily as she watched the scene unfold. Robin suddenly felt incredibly nervous as he watched his girlfriend stare at the scene before them, he was worried he was about to faint again. "On Tameran it is forbidden to marry before the age of 24 unless it is an arranged marriage." She said with a frown. Robin with expert execution quietly released a sigh of relief.

Beast Boy and Raven continued to stare longingly into each other's eyes before the closed the gap between them with a loving kiss.

"How will we celebrate?" Starfire asked cheerfully.

"It'll have to wait for tomorrow, we're gonna need time to organise something." Cyborg answered thoughtfully. Starfire pouted at the thought of having to wait a whole day to celebrate with her friends.

"Besides we should sort our sleeping arrangements." Raven added with a slight blush adorning her cheeks. "I refuse to sleep in a separate room to my husband."

Beast Boy smiled at her. "Actually I was thinking about that." The green teen responded. "I know how much your room means to you so I figured you could move into my room if you wanted to and then you could keep your room as a meditation place or something."

Raven smiled at his thoughtfulness. "But I'm not sleeping in a bunk bed Gar."

The green man chuckled. "I know that, but my bottom bunk is a double bed so we could stay there until I got a proper bed or something." He answered happily.

Raven paused and thought for a second. "Gar my room does mean a lot to me… but you mean more." Raven said, still blushing. Beast Boys eyes sparkled as she spoke. "My room already has a queen sized bed and an en suite bathroom which yours doesn't. All you'd need to do is move some of your stuff into my room and it'd be done."

"You sure Rae?" Beast Boy asked sincerely. Raven answered with a sweet kiss before rising from the couch and leading her new husband to their rooms.

Cyborg smiled as he watched them leave. "It's good to see this finally happening." He said happily.

"Agreed!" Starfire shouted cheerfully.

"We all saw it coming but when I woke up this morning I never would have believed you if you told me it was happening today." Robin added with a grin.


A few hours later Cyborg, Robin and Starfire were making their way through the tower towards Ravens room. It had been about three hours since they had last seen the newlyweds and were going to see if they needed any help in moving their stuff.

They accidently almost missed Ravens door as they didn't recognise the new name etched onto her door. Instead of saying 'Raven' it read 'Logan's'. They knocked on the door gingerly, worried they may be disturbing a… 'Intimate' moment between the two but the door slid open allowing them all access.

The first thing they noticed was that the curtains had been opened wide which must have been a first for the room, showering it in the suns warm glow. Beast Boys book shelf had been moved in and placed next to Ravens own book shelf keeping his comic books and surprisingly thick zoology text books away from Ravens own novels and spell books. Beast Boys TV had been set up on the wall opposite the large queen sized bed so that the couple could watch TV or movies from the comfort of their bed and even Beast Boys rather large stereo had been shuffled neatly into one of the corners of the room.

Beast Boy and Raven were laying comfortably on the bed together watching 'Armageddon' with Bruce Willis on the TV.

"That was quick." Cyborg commented as he slowly made his way into the bedroom.

"It surprising how fast things can get done with a little magic and a gorilla's strength." Raven replied lazily from within the arms of the green man.

Cyborg chuckled warmly. "I like the name plate on the door as well." He commented.

Robin interrupted in his leader mode. "But if someone gets into the tower and see's the nameplate it wouldn't be hard to figure out who you are."

"And that would affect us how?" Beast Boy asked cheekily. Robin cocked a brow at the green man which caused him to chuckle. "Dude we're the only Logan's in the world, who's it gonna affect if someone find's out who we are?" Raven allowed herself a small smile when he referred to them as the Logan's.

Robin had no answer to give. He smiled in recognition that Beast Boy had a point.

"This is most glorious!" Starfire shouted for the umpteenth thousandth time that afternoon. "We must inform our friends immediately!"

"Uh really?" Raven asked, suddenly feeling self-conscious. She wasn't ashamed of her situation even if they may have been 'too young' by some standards but what she was worried about was being the centre of attention… she really didn't like that.

"Of course!" Cyborg bellowed merrily. "Name a single Titan who isn't going to jump for joy when they hear?"

"They may not believe it at first…" Beast Boy stated wearily from the bed.

The three standing Titans looked at him with confused looks on their faces before something clicked inside Cyborgs head.

"Oh I get what you mean, you two where the only ones who didn't see this coming!" Cyborg mused with a loud belly laugh. Beast Boy and Raven looked at him confused.

"I doubt anyone outside the tower could have possibly guessed." Raven stated flatly causing everyone but Beast Boy to laugh.

"Friends Bumblebee, Kole and Argent had a bet on to see when you two would get married and I believe that friend Argent has one!" Starfire said happily which caused the newlyweds to gawk stupidly at her.

"Speedy said you'd knock her up before you married her so I'm not entirely sure if he won or lost…" Cyborg added thoughtfully. Raven blushed hard at that particular statement considering there was a very real chance she could in fact be pregnant…

"Yeah but Aqualad and Jericho said they'd probably skip dating so they definitely won." Robin added.

"Ok ok we get it!" Beast Boy yelled with a slightly humorous tone underlying his voice. "Perhaps we should have asked which Titans didn't see it coming…"

"Well we're not entirely sure what Mas y Menos said-"

"I WAS JOKING!" Beast Boy yelled at the metal Titan.


"Well done love!" Argent cheered from the other end of the video call. Beast Boy and Raven had been forced to sit down and call every single Titan in the world to tell them. Argent was the last one to inform thankfully. "We all saw it coming!"

"We know…" The newlyweds whined in perfect unison.

Argent giggled. "I'm guessing you've heard that a few times today huh?"

"Like you wouldn't believe…" Raven intoned wearily, she was definitely ready to crawl into bed with her new husband and sleep for a very long time now.

After they had finished the call with Argent the two weary teens stood up and were just about ready to head to their room when Cyborg interrupted them yet again. "Yo BB shouldn't you call your parents as well?"

Raven blanched, she was sure that was a call she never wanted to be a part of.

"Maybe tomorrow Cy, we should really prepare ourselves for something like that." He said jokingly.

"Friend Beast Boy would your adoptive parents not approve of friend Raven?" Starfire asked innocently, Robin and Cyborg were silently wishing they had been fast enough to slap their hands around the mouth of the alien princess.

Raven looked down, she wasn't sure she wanted to hear this answer.

"Nah it's nothing like that Star, I'm sure my mum and Rae would get on like a house on fire." Beast Boy clarified, his tone dripped of honesty.

"Why would your mother wish to set a house on fire?"

"It's an expression Star, it means they'd get on really well." Cyborg added.

"I do not understand… But please friend, if that is the case then why are you hesitant?"

Beast Boy paused for a second before answering. "I'm really happy with the way everything went down, I couldn't think of a better way to promise myself to the woman I love but you see… Mento has always been real strict with my teachings to ignore my animal side… I'm not sure if he'd approve if he found out."

The four Titans looked at the sullen face of the green eighteen year old. Raven took his hand in hers and smiled warmly as he looked at her. He returned the smile and even kissed her nose sweetly.

The moment wasn't meant to last however as the towers crime alert blared throughout the building.

"Who would be out in temperature like this?" Cyborg complained as Robin dashed over to the computer console.

"Adonis is attacking the butchers in central Jump!" Robin declared loudly.

"And that's a bad thing?" Beast Boy asked smirking which earned him a nudge in the ribs from his wife.

Cyborg was on the verge of breaking down. "NOOOO! THE EVIL!"

"Titans, GO!" Robin shouted as he ran for the door.

"WAIT!" Raven yelled loudly causing everyone to turn and look at her. "Shouldn't we get dressed first?"

"Oh yeah… good call Raven." Robin answered, feeling like a fool. "Titans get changed, then GO!"

"I'm ok like this right?" Beast Boy called down the hall after everyone else.

"If we have to suffer then so do you." Raven answered as she dragged him towards their room.